Giant Illinois Buck with a Bow!

We’re wrapping up this season with one of the biggest bucks of the year. Thanks to trail camera intel fan favorite Clinton Fawcett finally catches up with his #1 target buck. You won’t believe what happens!

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I would think tonight I have as good as Chances I'm gonna have of getting him Shot yeah I don't know man I am nervous I know [Music] That we made it to the blind we are set Up I am a nervous wreck So this is the biggest deer I've ever Had the chance to H um anyway he was right here in front This morning in this corn I'm super Nervous Tonight um I don't know it just seemed Like the conditions are pretty good for One and to like a few things lined up Today at work where I thought we were Going to be super busy busy with the Brick Layers And we didn't end up being that way Unless it happened after I left so if it Did added and Jason I'm sorry but I was Able to get out here and Hunt So like I said in the truck this deer Was here this morning I almost hit him a Couple days ago with my truck about a Mile away from here and I just happened To text the guys and tell them today I'm Like yes deer comes through here at Night at like 11:00 he's Bing across the road where It's hard for me to Hunt and I just I'm just not going to Get him I think this deer's bed right

Down here on this Hillside in front of Us there's no Way he went very far being here at 8:30 Or at least I wouldn't think So I would think tonight I have as good As chances I'm going to have of getting Him Shot yeah I don't know man I am nervous I know that So I'm going to get off here get Everything ready make sure I've got all My stuff I shot my bow a bunch at the House everything's dialed in um I should Be a 40 yard shot under up here where I'm At I had this deer so close early season Not early but in October and I thought Like I just knew I was going to get him He was just right there 15 yards and I Didn't get him shot And I've just been waiting so here we go It's the day after Christmas and Uh we'll see what Happens there's had three more come out Down there too so it's only like 3:45 maybe 350 So things are are looking Good [Applause] Right For Okay Gosh darn It I think I'm falling

Low Go Hit him Low we're back here back to the spot it Has been 4 hours maybe 4 and a Half I don't know I'm not sure what to Think we're all split on decisions Chase Is here dor here Miller's here Ethan's Here I don't think we're going to find Them they're feeling a little more Confident the shot looks like the top of The blades probably up the broad EG goes In straight up and down we're probably Best case scenario 4 in above the Brisket looks like it goes right beside The leg which there is arteries there And then it blows on through and out the Other side now I did go find my arrow Once I got the blind I didn't film it There was a bunch of blood where the Arrow would come out so we're going to Start there ease down through 100 or 150 Yards and see what's there maybe we get Lucky and find him all I know is I'm Super nervous so we'll see what's Up going right where we thought we Were both Sides I know already open up He's walking Now he's opening up or walking really Slow or Something right here Right here he's he obviously flew down The hill running the blood was okay and

Then got a little Better now it's a lot better So we're going to go a little ways more See what we I I don't know I I don't Know I honestly don't know what I feel So we're just going to keep Those there Awesome just these guys made me leave Last night in the dark instead of Fighting this deer now they won't be Quiet anyway so we tracked this thing 660 yards last night lots of blood um we Knew we were pushing him he vetted three Times um we were trying to just push him Until we killed him uh he got over on The neighbors we had to leave him there Till we got permission this morning so Of course it started raining and snowing Middle of the night so we're not have Much of a trail but um where he Went we did the right thing by pushing Him because we got him pushed out of our Timber and over into this little draw Maybe we pushed him maybe we didn't Maybe he was already in front of us I Don't know but the deer never ran he was Walking the whole time so we're going to See obviously I hit something besides Meat right there where that Arrow went In and we're going to go over here and See if we can run into Him All right So we are down searching he wasn't

Laying right where we hoped he'd be so We're all splitting up now but there Some big Terraces here Miller and I's Going to walk down these Terraces and Look and then go back up where we found Last Bud last night there he is there he Goes right there see him I Do hang on on hang On was that definitely Him I got Chase hey you just pushed him over the Hell we saw him yep stop coming right Back up to Us all right see You all right Guys we have uh Reconvened the BR Trail after lunch here With some dry Clothes we're all split up um Dad and Chase are down the draw looking down There I Actually got over here and ran back into Blood Uh it finally quit raining we've been Pushing this deer all morning we had to Shut the cameras off it was raining so Hard for quite a while but we've just Been running him pushing him and pushing Him that's the only thing you can do With a hit like this um it must be in The artery in the front leg I guess but There's just Blood I mean just as fast as you want to Walk through the woods there's blood can

See it down there by my Boot up through there So I don't know I hate to push him but I just Think there's just blood everywhere I Just think that's our only option I Don't think he's going to we're going to Get man there's another Giant it's just like that all right we Just got everybody back together we got Down here below where Dad and Chase Found the deer at Um I have not seen the deer yet so got Tyler's dad Leland my dad's on the Fourwheeler and we're all heading up Here we're go check him Out see Horns oh Bigger than I thought he was holy cow Dude oh Man oh my God P didn't even get It what a emotional roller Coaster that is a deer That's a big One Wow it's been a roller Coaster hunting this deer and Uh I I I should have I I thought man I Thought I had him in the bag two months Ago and he come to that Decoy and it Just Didn't didn't pan out and I've been Waiting and waiting and waiting for him

To come to the food And he just never would show up and I Got kind of whiny about it and Then once I sent out my whiny messages a Group text there he shows up on a hot Dough at 8:30 in the morning and uh I Slid in there last Night did not make a good shot I I Replayed it my mind last night I know What I did I he was 33 yards and I was Floating my 30 and 40 yard Pin and I did I was floating my 20 and 30 because I remember having the red pin Buried on him and my 40 is green and it Should have been on his belly and anyway I hit him low uh we'll look at that Later but anyway it's been A typical wild goose chase SL goat Roping slash turkey shoot I don't know But we've pushed him pushed him and Pushed him all night we jumped him this Morning kept pushing him through the Poring rain changed clothes drank coffee Got back after him at one point we Jumped him Literally 75 yards from the front door Of my House kept going and Just I can't thank everybody enough for Helping I've had Dad out here and Tyler And Matt and Chase and Ethan and my Neighbor Mike let me on this farm Neighbor Mark let me on his farm down There following him around and it takes

A uh definitely takes a community To make it happen but the Blood Trail Coming down through here is just Incredible Um we can talk about that later But that is just A absolute giant four-year-old white to All right guys well here we sit behind The reward for a long couple well not a Couple of days but let's just say a long Uh 20 hour period So you know we were in the woods earlier I didn't I've been kind of speechless With this whole thing I've had weird Crazy emotions with this deer I've had Weird emotions hunting him I wasn't Going to shoot him I was going to let Him go ear in the year then he come out And come to the decoy and I and then I Decided when he was coming I was going To shoot him and I just knew for sure it Was going to happen that night with the Way he was acting and it didn't so then I've just been waiting he's been gone For I don't know probably 6 weeks then He showed back up he was only there at Night then I was kind of written it off Cuz he I knew I was clear on the outside Edge of his home range that was the Problem right like I'm as far away from His home range as I could have got and I Had Christmas yesterday I had work Yesterday I just had a lot of stuff Going on I guess yeah it was yesterday

Had a lot of stuff going on and just Couldn't wasn't sure I was going to make It happen so I just had a ton of anxiety Over it but anyway anyway I was able to Get there I got in the blind got Everything set up I actually had Everything charged ready to go for once Was prepared 100% I should have known Things were going to go south from that Point cuz that is not me anybody that Knows me knows I'm never prepared all The way and I'm never 100% ready to go And I'm always late I'm never early I I Didn't think I even hit him with my Naked eye I thought I just clipped him So I watched the camera back realized I Hit him was fully expecting just go out There and get my arrow and there just to Be hair on it and a little bit of muscle Blood well when I got out there which I Didn't film with then the blood was like 10t long like a a spray and I thought There's no way I caught that artery in His front leg but maybe I did so usually I shoot a triple XX so a rear deploying And this year I'm shooting these new Ones they're a front deploy when it you Know it comes out on impact and I think That was a big deal on this deer I I Think that really helped me out so you Know as The Story Goes On we went out There found the blood headed down the Hill once he quit running after the Initial shot the blood trail was

Fantastic it went as fast as you wanted To walk it everywhere we went that night We we walked two probably 200 yards and We found where we thought we jumped in We had found three beds they were older We thought we jumped him out of this one And at that point we were all arguing With each other about well we need to Let him set all night we need to not go After him not push him well I've had a Lot of experience with this in my life With the guys I've never made this shot Before but I know people that have and The whole key to it is is you got to Push them because it's a it's a low vein Or artery hit in their leg when they're Beded down it doesn't bleed when they're Up walking they bleed like a stuck hog So we pushed him as much as I could get The guys let me push him they started Not even following me anymore on the Blood trail because they knew we were Doing the wrong thing I knew I was right I knew they were wrong anyway they made Me stop the biggest mistake we made that Night was I didn't call my neighbors Before I went looking for the deer cuz He was 600 yard from the property line Well he went over on my neighbor marks Which I knew without a doubt mark would Let me go but I did not want to go Without asking him because he would not Ever go on us without asking me first so We had to back out well we thought he'd

Be laying there in that draw the next Morning I got a hold of Mark we went in There well it started pouring down rain All night it was a train wreck we get in There and as you can see Matt and I Doing an interview and he just pops up 200 yd away across the hill so that Point we decided we need to go there and See what he was doing see where he was At when we got up there in the pouring Down rain there's blood as soon as he Took off out of that bed there was blood Blood across the muddy field everywhere A lot of that's not on film cuz it was Absolutely pouring so we trailed him Probably two or 300 yards that time and We had him he was right across from my House we got on him in there still Pouring down Rain um he gets up and gets away from us So now we're on the blood again and then That's where you get back into my Interview there while I'm trailing him Through the woods I mean the blood was Incredible but the the thing to learn Here is every shot's different and if You hit one in the body cavity you need To always almost always back out and let Them lay overnight and give them time But on a shot like this where it's just A a vein hit or an artery hit you know We could tell any better down there Wasn't much blood it was sealing it off But there is times where you just have

To push them unfortunately I mean you Can't let the deer lay out there and Suffer you can't quit falling the deer When there's blood just because you Think well he's not going to die from it And we did our due diligence and pushed Through them we we went on two neighbors Both of them let us go um Rector gritted Or not gritted it but did it on uh Hunt Stand last night it was 1.5 miles total Um where Dad and Chase found the deer so You know just a a wild season for me Lots of emotions yesterday lots of Emotions being busy at work and just Trying to decide what to do with this Deer and you know I just can't thank Everybody enough for helping me out from The guys to my family to the neighbors To just everybody you know being on the Same page most of the time and and Anytime you get a great area anywhere Around that has great deer hunting it Always involves great neighbors so That's just something to learn so I Guess from this hunt to end my season You know good learning experience from The shot sometimes you just have to go And go get them sometimes bad shots Happen and uh it pays off to have good Neighbors so anyway we still got a few Weeks left I after Dad and Chase found Him yesterday I guess I owe Dad a deer So we got to go try to find something For Dad to get after anyway enough with

The talking I'm sure Miller's back there He's groaning he's getting tired Zar is Going to be mad cuz the windmill Squeaking in the background and we got To go clean a deer so until we see you Next time both want to die well if we're Ending the season Justin getting ready For season 15 what better way to end it On a bigger Buck than either one of us Have shot thanks for the reminder in Many years possibly ever thanks for the Reminder buddy uh man interesting hunt Right I think as as a whole you know It's one of those things and sometimes I Almost feel bad for Clinton because it's Like you know after you've killed Feeling bad for Clinton yeah after You've killed a bunch of big deer over The years it's almost like there's an Expectation of that that you kind of Have to continue to live up to every Year that's why I never kill big ones I Set the standard low nobody expects a Whole lot from me when you're Clint like People expect a lot from you you know And and like it or not you know that Pressure is kind of always there you Feel that right whether it's from the Viewers whether it's your family friends Whether it's you know the the other guys On the team well you're the big buck Killer yeah you're the guy that kills The big you're the guy you know so it's Like it's true you know sometimes it's

Nice to not have all of that pressure And you know in Clint's case you know Everything worked out exactly the way he Anticipated it to work out the deer came Out I'm going to argue with that just a Little bit I'm going to say all the way Up until the shot right I mean the hunt Itself like that's this is one of the Rare cases where having cell camera Data led him to that animal for sure he Probably wouldn't have hunted that night He was super busy at work he had other Things going on it's right around the Holidays but all of a sudden boom cell Camera picture at you know 9 10:00 in The morning you know late seona that Buck is close he is not going far before He lays down so you know he's around you Know the chances are high as Clinton Said he was nervous he goes in there and Everything's going as planned plenty of Daylight the deer comes out he's calm He's feeding it's just everything you Could want until the arrow is released You know and then you go from that Highest of highs to just that immediate Lowest of lows of like oh man you know It's just we've all been there and that Like that feeling is just the worst Feeling in the world I think as a bow Hunter well Justin you're 100% right I Mean anyone that cares about what we do And is passionate about what we do that Is 100% the feeling for sure and and and

It's a feeling that people like me and You and our team members have to live And live with because we are documenting All the stuff we are putting all this Stuff out there to the world and you Know what there's plenty of times you See you know keyboard Warriors and People posting pictures of the deer and You know there's a whole story about That Harvest but you never see that when You just see the photograph you could See the photo of somebody with a big Buck and have zero idea what the the Story behind it is so yeah I mean it Takes some courage to to put your you Know failures or your subpar Performances out there you know for the World to to micro analyze everything That you did and sit back and judge you Um but you know in his case you know Thankfully enough it turned out well They were able to recover the animal you Know and this is one of those cases and I think Clint did a pretty good job of Explaining it like not all hits are Created equal so we talk about you know One and doubt back out yes I think That's the majority rule especially if You've got a shot that's further back I Think when you start looking at those Shots that are forward or low or the Ones where you're like this isn't in the Cavity it's not in you know the pawnch Gut area this is a muscle meat hit but

Obviously there was enough blood for a Long enough period of time where you Knew that like hey we got a vein we got An artery there's something that's Bleeding and the only way we're going to Get this deer is to continue to push it Yeah you know and that's what they did In this particular case so and this is One of those things I think you learn From years of experience you know for The younger the younger people watching This you know they've probably heard us And other people beat that you know when And doubt back out phrase into their Head that it's like y sometimes you Don't know when is the right time to Push and when is the right time to wait I think that comes with experience that Does come with experience and you know Not just yourself but maybe the people You surround yourself with totally you Know in Clint's case he's there with all You know all his friends his family you Know they got I don't know how many guys Out there looking for this animal and They'd had enough experience between all Of them to make the right decision and In this case you know keep pushing that Deer force it to bleed and you know as Fate would have it I feel like in my Case that it wouldn't have ended that Way but in Clint's case it ends with you Know his dad of all people finding the Finding the deer and you know they get

To call hey we got him you know and it Was cool they waited for him to get There and walk up on the deer and it was A heck of an animal um so I mean what What a you know it's not perfect in in The in the sense of if it's the perfect Shot and the deer dies on camera I think Tyler rector's h But it is perfect in the sense that like The adventure that those guys went on And the camaraderie that they built During that day of being out there like I get it it wasn't the perfect shot but That experience like that's something Those guys will remember that they'll Cherish you know I I think back to my Youth and some of my best memories and Experiences were doing those types of Things going on the wild goose chase With my buddies my dad whoever you know And when there is a happy ending to it Like I don't know it's just uh it's just one Of those things you're always G to You're always going to remember For Better or For Worse I the only thing I Want to talk about just for a few Seconds is an unhappy ending real quick Not that we want to end on a on a downer Here but when you first started talking Justin after you watched this hunt you Know there's that lost footage piece Component that I just want to bring up Because you and I saw it you know

Clinton was lucky enough to be in a tree Stand and have this Buck come right up To a decoy I saw the footage I mean he Filmed it on his phone and Unfortunately whatever happened you got To love technology sometimes it acts up And we and the footage was lost but I Saw the footage with my own eyes yeah I Mean we have the video that he took on His phone but I mean seeing Oh My Gosh Seeing that buck come up and getting Close to that Decoy and then freaking Out at the last minute and taking off You know was just wow I mean you want to Talk about the ultimate hunt well and he Was this close to pulling it off like o Yeah still wins in the end though yeah I Mean and deer to a certain degree like You can you can watch their body Language as they're approaching a decoy And when you get one that's usually you Know he's licking his lips he's doing Kind of that sideways walk you know he's Bristled up like he is locked in on that Thing and as the hunter you're like dude Here we go like this is it this is Exactly the behavior that I'm looking For he's committed to that Decoy it's All but over with you know and he had The deer at like I think under 15 yard Right there and just wasn't the right Angle and he's waiting and all of a Sudden that deer for whatever reason Whether he caught a whiff of something

Didn't like something he saw it doesn't Matter what it was he went from like Ready to fight to just boom and it was Weird because he didn't leave he didn't Like blow out of the county he only ran Like 200 yards maybe less and stopped And then just was feeding out in the Field it was a very weird thing but yeah I mean in Clinton's mind it was like it Was a done deal and that was I think Late October that was right before I had Gotten down there to to hunt and uh yeah I mean it is what it is and to be able To get a second chance you know two Months later that's after the gun Seasons I mean just yeah that just a lot Of times that just doesn't happen and I Mean and you know a lot of times as bow Hunters when you start pulling out those Decoys right like you know you're Looking for this elevated experience You're looking to do something different I did it this year and a couple of times You know with that one big buck that I Was chasing I know that near the end of The season you were pulling out a decoy And you were using a decoy a little bit More I remember you sending me that one Photo I think you had like I I don't Want to misquote us was it like three or Four different little bucks come up There it's like where's the I use my Decoy a lot this year I just I have a Personal goal I want to kill a buck over

A decoy at some point in my life and I Keep saying I can't kill one over a Decoy if I don't put the decoy out true So I used it a lot this year but it did Bite me in the ass cuz I had one of the Bucks that I was looking for was Probably a mid 140s 10-pointer um I had Him do exactly what I thought he was Going to do all of a sudden when I look Up here he comes I'm like sweet the Decoy is 15 yards he sees that Decoy and He was like uh-uh literally turned Around and trot it off the other Direction so I was like gosh dang it he Was coming my way too like whether he Would have made it there or not who Knows um but I mean with decoys like They can be hit or miss right but like I Said you can't kill one over a decoy if You don't put it out so I'm not I'm not Stopping I got the same goal you got so I'm going to keep trying too but you Know with that being said the will most Likely be the last hunt of the Season We've got a bunch of the last buck hunt Yeah we'll probably do a d whack fest Video here coming up because who doesn't Like watching a bunch of those get shots I think we need to put the footage up There so let's go ahead and make sure That we follow through on that until Next time Justin which will hopefully Not be too long we want to bring you up To date so in the next show we're going

To bring you up to date what we've been Up to because although there hasn't been A lot of shows we have been awfully busy This year absolutely so we will see you Guys next time right here on bow hunter Die right good morning and welcome to The show it uh continues here so we Jumped him uh what's up red I'm finding Whitly stuff oh I need a coat very good Coat cut take Two

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