Giant Piebald Buck With A Bow! | Illinois Rut Hunt

Kurt’s hunting season takes a quick turn as an elusive 6-year-old Piebald buck makes its way toward his stand.

All right guys well as you can hear in The Background I'm hunting relatively close To the road Today that's because I've got a really Nice buck that some of you guys might Recognize uh it's a buck that I call hex And for the past I think three years That I've got history with him he's been A six pointer I found his first shed um Actually kind of up on the ridge behind Me here um I think it was 3 years ago And I was like yeah this a pretty big Six-pointer and then the following year He showed up on camera and I was like This is a giant six-pointer and he was Big then and he's still real big now Unfortunately he went from being a Typical six to last year he was like a Typical eight he had a kind of inside Point on one side and then he had like a I call it a drop TI it's more of a crab Claw at the end of his main beam but um He's got that same crab crab claw again This year so he's technically a seven But he is a monster deer he's old he's Big if you guys know me I don't really Care all too much about score and stuff Like that I love these big old unique Bully bucks so needless to say I'm going In after him I think he's betting off in This uh creek bottom behind me here so It's backed right up against the road so It's nice because all this road noise

Covers a lot of noise on my behalf but The issue I'm going to run into tonight I think is if I get relatively close to Where he beds at I might not be hearing him coming so he Might catch me off Guard all right all set up and In pretty cool spot I've actually never Hunted on this side of the ridge Before For For Another nice [ __ ] think there's one B Yeah my goodness what the heck is going On unfortunately I'm out of camera L yeah That buck just chased her right under Me it is absolute chaos in it right now This is the most unbelievable set I've Had all right guys good afternoon this Morning was a little little slow little Cold half my body was filled with snow The other half was not this side might Be wind burnt this side is not so my Game plan today was to not stay on top Of the ridge where I Get pummeled By Snow and wind and instead get down below In the bottom got a bunch of big food Plots down here this is a spot where the Turkeys a lot of times will pitch down Into and it also ends up being a very Good fall plot for white tails so got a

Couple rack fuel food plots down here Hopefully old big chungus we'll see the Decoy tonight and uh want to come in for A fight so got a little bit of snow Flurries the sun's kind of peeking out Of the clouds so I'm going to hurry up Quit talking start carrying all this Stuff down and find a tree to climb into For the evening So Is All right Uh That's a big de Pointer For Don't go up there hill come on That was Exciting it's a really nice T pointer That got a couple years that history Shuts off Of really really pretty Dear good morning my fellow Sleep-deprived November Hunters it is Only the 3rd of November and I feel like I haven't slept in a month but it is Early and and we're heading into the Stand this morning a spot that I've Hunted a handful of times but it's Always been in the evening here so today Will be my first morning hunt kind of a Risky risky entry in here this morning I Used to always Park way down in the Bottom and walk my way up into here but

I always bump deer like crazy out of These fields there's no other way to Access it other than keep the truck on The driveway and kind of pull past the Fields until you get into the woods and Then go So never tried this with any luck it'll Work I'm hoping that the odds of bumping The deer out of the field was still Probably pretty high I didn't see any Actually which I don't know if that's a Good or a bad sign but um either way I Feel like a vehicle scaring a deer is a Little less intrusive than a loud Walking Sasquatch with 50 PBS of gear on His back and a bow over her shoulder So you got to do what you got to do Sometimes you get a little cre in your Entries and exits so today I'm going to Make my way in and hope for the best so Here we go and I might take a quick Snooze while on the stand cuz I am Tired got a B Runing right Under Well that was an exciting start in the Morning can hear up down there still That was Just like a Snort I was trying to get his attention With the grunt but he couldn't even hear Me he's running like a chicken with his Head cut Off so let's hope he works his way back Yeah yeah

Gosh come on Buddy I'll be shocked if he leaves his Dough But B just hoping that he he definitely Hur My grunts at St Weis so I'm just hoping That he leaves her eventually if she's Not onot comes up here to check me Out Sh All right Well that was a very exciting morning Um I've got these Do's beded still down Below me but I'm going to try to sneak Out of the tree without busting them so I've got a wedding this weekend uh gonna Go do that get that out of the way and Then I'm coming back we're g to do some More hunting this week So hopefully big old Buck start to work In the script but until then B on her Die and don't get married in November Hex just came by bumping a To and I don't know where he came from She came right by in 15 Yard all of a sudden he right Here Dear Diary it's the evening of November 6th and there's a 50% chance you can't Even hear me speaking because it's so Windy but thankfully for the wind it Does not feel like I'm sitting out in

Jacuzzi because it's approximately 70° in November but I'm making my way back in to that Bedding area that I had the encounter With hex this morning I'm tired of Seeing that deer where it's too dark for Me to film and too fast for me to even React so hopefully tonight he pushes her Out of this clear cut and back up to Me during daylight and gives me an Opportunity I'm going through this Milo Field right now and as you can See it is eaten alive So that tells me there's a lot of deer In here which I saw several does and Fawns and at this time of year when You're hunting bucks you got to be Hunting do because that's what the Bucks Are doing so I'm diving back into the Same bedding area just with the wind how It's switching tonight I might swap Across the trail to the other side we'll See what I end up doing but um I just Hope I can get in here without busting Anything that is an Ang Large Deer I you smoke Byb Down oh my God oh my gosh guys I freaking did It oh my Goodness got back

Up oh my God Yes oh my Goodness my freaking Limb Fractured Oh my Gosh I just killed a monster Buck guys oh my Gosh I heard that crack and I wondered What the heck happened so the other Day I actually made a boneh head Freaking move and I hooked my backpack And my bow together and let the bow down And it smacked the ground pretty dang Hard I burned my hands up real freaking Bad and uh and I noticed there was a Small little fracture on the top of my Limb oh my gosh that deer is one that I Have been After for four years I think I have History with that Deer four years I've had history with That buck I've known him since he was a Two-year-old And I used to get pictures of him at the Far south end of this Farm and every year we'd get pictures We' get pictures somebody would get Close to shooting him and they wouldn't Get him today one of the guys saw him All the way at the far west southwest Side of the property at Least at least 3/4 of a mile from here

In a straight line and that was to the South and here he comes from the north And he was coming right for this scrape And and I thought why not just shoot him Right here and I drew back and uh I Heard my limb pop and so did he and he Stopped and you'll see in the footage he Was literally in line with this tree and I had to miss the tree by like a half of An inch and he was staring right at me And I thought I'm going to tuck it in There he's dead 80 yards Away I cannot believe it that buck is One of the coolest freaking bucks on the Farm There goes a dough or Something there's a big buck right here Another big one another big One That's the initial impact I don't Know just like a good 3D Target set up He right behind pry much and I did my First 3D shoot this year uh up in Wisconsin and all that practice paid off Because it was exactly that I don't see The arrow so I don't know if that's Still in them I guess we'll have to oh No never mind there it is Okay so there's your Arrow looks Good the new uh meat free from Nap been waiting for that one to come Into stock that's the first one with That all right let's go find

Him there he Is we are good he stayed exactly where He want done Oh Man boy oh my Goodness look at that oh he sff to the Board what a freaking Beast that tree stopped him from sliding Down into the Canyon unfreaking real guys look at that He sliding down going to say he's Sliding off the cliff I'm going to have To get him up on top of the hill so you Guys can get a better look at him but There he is that is piebald the four and A half 5 and a half year journey of Chasing this deer is finally over so Unbelievable let's go get him up and get A better look does it does not get old Either all right guys well here he is The Legacy buck that we call piebald That I was fortunate enough to harvest Last night talk about an unbelievable Day it's been a crazy season for me I've Had Buck encounter after Buck encounter And unfortunately nothing within Shooting range I had hex yesterday Morning chase a d now for the second Time this season uh the big six-pointer That we've been chasing after come under Me before camera light and after camera Light on two occasions and I haven't Even got video of the deer so of course That's all that goes and then yesterday

Got a text from one of the guys in the Group saying that this Buck was 3/4 of a Mile to the far south side of the Property and an hour and a half later Here he comes from the north rolling Through the dough bedding area tongue Hanging out looking for some doze so That is the beauty of November that's What we all live for it's what we all Hate about November 2 because you can be In the game for 30 seconds and next Thing you know the buck that you're After is a mile away on the next next Door property so a few weeks ago I made The mistake of putting my bow and my Backpack on my bow string together and When I set that down to the ground way Too much weight for my paracord to Handle and it burned right through my Hands I tried to hang on as tight as I Could and the bow and the backpack hit The ground pretty darn hard and so I Shot the bow the next couple days Everything seemed to be doing all right Well then a couple days later I had Looked at my bow and I discovered a Small little chip up on the limb and I Looked at it and was like unbelievable When I dropped it sure enough I hit a Steel steak on a fence post right below My stand so here we are now um couple Weeks later I'd shot the bow several Times and I thought to myself well I Don't want to take my bow to the repair

Shop during Prime Time November and sure Enough I drove Drew back on this buck And if you pay attention closely you can Hear the limb actually delaminate Thankfully structurally it's still fine It was just a paint that chipped up in The air but in the moment I had no idea What happened all I knew is that the Buck stopped looked directly at me I Looked up and down my bow to make sure That my arrow was still on the rest cuz I just heard the snap I didn't quite Know EX exactly what was going on and uh Once I realized the buck was staring Straight into my soul I thought I better Make this count or else he's going to be Gone and out of my life and a mile away From here and uh I settled in and I knew There was a sapling right over his front Shoulder so I had to tuck it right in Front of that sapling and uh heart Punched him I mean it could not have Gone any better so he ran 50 yards piled Up and then I got the big hunting crew Together of all the guys and we went and Recovered him last night so unbelievable Able story unbelievable end to a buck That I've got trail cam photos of since 2019 as a 2 and 1 halfy old deer so in This area this Buck has been a Frequenter of many trail cameras I've Seen him on Facebook with people asking What's this white patch going on on this Deer's shoulder so I was the lucky guy

To harvest this beautiful 6 and 1 halfy Old deer and uh now I get to not only Finance a home mortgage but I also got To finance another pedestal mount for This guy so really looking forward to That and I'm looking forward to some More November hunting guys so if you're Not in a tree get out there and as Always bow hunter Die well there's nothing better than Watching the white tail assassin himself Jer if you don't know his real name is Jer but anyhow it's Kurt Listen Justin I Don't know what else to say I mean this Guy from the day that we met him the guy Can shoot big bucks and he's extremely Good at It yeah Kurt's a better Deer Hunter than I am there's there's no doubt about it He's good at what he does listen Kurt Knows how to hunt he knows how to read The sign he knows how to get out there And get it done he's super fast he's Super efficient with that I think all he Only hits them when they're big misses The little one in Kentucky this year I'm Glad that you said that and I didn't say That I every time I look at you I feel Like I'm looking at myself I mean know Like today I wore my glasses today it's Weird I was giving my eyeballs a little New hat too a new bone or dieye hat you Got on got a new hat for sale go I like You just copied me completely you're

Just trying to be me it is kind of fun Being Todd for a day being Todd for a Day tell you what folks I don't know do You say that I feel like you don't say That Todd never says folks I do not say Folks all right enough talking about Kurt's hunt it was fun hunt I hope you Guys enjoyed it I want you to comment Below if you you want me to comment I am Telling the people that have made it to This far into the show to comment the Hardcore Viewers to comment whether or not you Want to see us doing more of this or Less of this more dressing alike should We dress alike on every episode being Together in the studio talking we're Constantly thinking about how to mix Things up how to make things better We're talking about some rebranding Ideas we're talking about all different Kinds of things for 2024 um even looking to get some new Additional staff which we will talk About in a later episode or maybe later So if you think you should be seen on This stff you could be seeing on this Show or if you think you have what it Takes some skills to be a part of our Team make sure you reach out to us and Let us know but let's move forward to Right now ask the experts with PJ ask The experts ask the experts with PJ Riley our question for today comes from

Dennis kudron probably mispronouncing That but Dennis asks I'm dead on at 30 Yards consistently while on the ground I Get in the tree and shoot and my arrow Will hit 2 in to the left every time my Bubble is level no canting what is going On it's a great question let's see what PJ's got got for Us okay guys great question today I am Glad someone asked about this because This illustrates a point we've talked About before so Bow Hunter says he's Dead on at 30 yards consistently Standing from the ground then when he Goes up into the tree he's consistently Hitting 2 in to the left now he says That his level isn't an issue issue his Bow you know he's got the level in this Middle when he's up in the tree stand He's wondering what's going on all right So we should start by saying there could Be a number of issues here but what this Screams to me is that his third axis is Off so when you have a site there are Three there there are three axis Adjustments and basically what you're Trying to do is to get this site Perfectly level obviously if it's not You're going to lean one one way or the Other this guy says that his level is in The middle but he could still be leaning The bow to get that so where does the Third axis come in so as you can see This bow is perfectly vertical I've got

A level on the string one on the sight Arm and we can see our bubble in the Scope housing itself so this bow is Perfectly vertical this is how you'd be Shooting it uh if you're standing on Flat ground now we're going to up in the Tree stand so this one becomes Irrelevant and I want you to watch this Level on the sight arm that's our Constant nothing's changing there it is Always going to be that's going to be Your guide to tell you what is truly Level and when I come forward like I'm Taking a shot down from a tree stand and I get my bubble in the middle on the Sight arm I come into the scope my Bubble is all the way to the left So you can see that my third axis is off And when the bubble is all the way to The left what's the fix you have to lean The bow to the left remember the guy Said his shots were hitting two Ines Left well if he leans the bow to the Left now the level is in the middle so He can be you know you're aiming down You're not really sure what is actually Level you're using your bubble in your Scope to tell you what's level so he Could be canting the bow to the left to Compensate to get his bubble in the Middle and then his shots are going to Go to the left so easy fix when you're Leveling your site when you're putting a New sight on a bow what you want to do

Is you want to get your bow in this Position and then if you have a third Axis adjustment you would adjust your Third axis using your guide level you Know your constant uh so that you know What actually is level adjust your scope To match that and then whether you shoot Up or down you know that your bubble is Going to be true all right well thank You to PJ and this this right here is Why we keep PJ around because you and I Would absolutely not have known that Answer see we get to learn something too I I have a feeling that PJ might have Went and asked the technical expertise Experts at linkter Archery dude that's what I'm saying Happen fair enough so we're giving PJ More credit than deserves why you're Saying I'm just throwing that out there Fair enough well thank you to PJ and Whoever the smart people behind PJ are Actually answering the questions at Lancaster Archery next up last thing for This episode we're going to jump into Trophy photos brought to you by the fine Folks at 10-point Crossbows let's take a look now Brandon Essel Craig Schneider Oakley Fisk Oliver Shriver Vincent Truer Weston Dietrich congratulations to Everybody we had some fine bucks this

Week some big big suckers graph wow I Know right they're giving me a little Bit of rack Envy Oakley Fisk with a fine Buck up there Wisconsin probably related To Carlton Fisk if I had to Guess well let's do it differently this Week instead of worrying about the Quality of the photo and I know this is Out of character so now we're going to Like the guys that make the good photos This is completely they finally made it Into a show and Todd's changing the Rules on them we are changing the Rules to this what Buck would you want To shoot here right now if you could Shoot that will be winner number one by You and I'll shoot the number just to Make you mad okay so you're saying you Would shoot is that your true statement Right now no but I would what Buck would Justin Zar want to shoot if he could Choose one right Now there's a lot of good bucks in there There is I just can't get past the photo Part of it though right this is about What Buck would you want to shoot Justin Let's stick with the Program we're gonna make Paul work Harder I like Brandon Brandon's Buck he just looks like an older deer Big head yeah big tall rack I know Something about it he probably doesn't Score as high as some of those other Deer but I just I like that buck uh me

Too so unfortunately there will not be Two winners this week because Brandon Was my answer as well so heck of a deer Yeah I mean Craig and Vincent probably Bigger bucks right I mean look at Vincent vinc is huge Vin a Big but I don't know something about That Brandon buck that I love that gets Me right here Todd in the heart but we Got to say a shout out to little Weston That's his first deer he's ever killed When that photo came in I clicked on the Email and opened it up and I was like Hell yeah that was like my first thought That went through my head like look at That photo look at that kid like you'll Never be that happy again in your life Do that kid is right there whacking that Number with a crossbow dude I Love's Coming for our jobs one day is what i' Have to say so congrats to Weston and to Everybody so uh yeah that's all we've Got for this week's episode of bow Hunter die guys make sure you tune in Next week we have more exciting action Brando what do we got who do we got next What's coming up spolum spolum killing Todd's number one hit Lister and we're Going to have to mix things up graph is Still crying about that Brand's going to Be mad cuz you're just going to be Scratching the microphone here Where's Your microphone shoulder why is it there Um what a weird guy Todd is yes we got a

Big buck coming up on the next episode Right Todd's number one hit luster goes Down it Did all right guys thanks for tuning in We'll see you next week bow on or Die Need the H hands Today

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