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WHY This Makes You Better at Archery || Quantify Your Game
We’re back at the local archery range and taking our buddy Tyler through his first Baseline Test. Tyler runs the @ELKSHAPEGEAR channel!

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That guy man every time we're here I Thought it was Josh Jones that was never Cool to me when I was in high school Like and it still isn't cool so kill Some monsters this year Dan and Tyler And Jeff we got brick stall Pro GTX 11 Leona light altitude GTX 11 Leonia 3 9 And2 D Leonia 3 11 and only stipulation Is you guys got to wear them today while We shoot and see if it makes you better At archery it will dude I'm wearing the Sleepers these Summit twos are the Coziest sucks to leave your truck unlock Drew howardson yeah check out Drew's Truck oh SN I need to steal one of These this is the perfect way to Breaking crispy boots by walking in the Puddles of spoken Valley Archery no it's a new color Pro GTX Which I haven't tried I hav only tried The mountain GTX like north side hilling I like That welcome to the Baseline test um Numero Uno for Tyler denim host of your Elk shaped gear channel the man the myth The legend he's my hunting partner uh Tyler what bow are you shooting today a V3x 33 yes with a qad MX2 rest you have A ooh a triple stack triple stack on a Hogar yep very nice and you're shooting Ultas four Mills Ultra four Mills with The outsert that comes with what vein Cuz you have a lot of things here I've Got a plethora of

Veins I see DCA Max Hunters I think got Almost all of them do you know which one You're going to go with today uh I'm Going to use the Max Hunter mostly cuz That's closest to what my sight tape is For Okay and this Baseline is your Baseline We're just going to follow I might I'm Going to shoot too but you call the shot You got to get 20 targets under your Belt we're going to score it and this is Your Baseline you got to come back and Um beat it I mean put up a good Score usually shot number one somewhere In here you about your first Shot uh I felt fine but it hit a bit Left I have no idea All right sh this is your Course Tyler why you got to make these shots so Far this are long shots man I got 60 Okay this is nerve-wracking having your Every shot freaking documented and Calculated and Quantified it's on a Roll all right let's go score him glad I Hit foam you stopped so I guess you're Going to let me score them that's fine I'll give myself a 12 and I'll give you a five boom Ultra Five oh no I don't want this whole thing That is booby trapped Tyler you pull uh Five and a 10 10 for Dan five for Tyler this is booby freaking Trapped D did you just get called out

Yeah I did TC Tim Connor former producer Tim he just said hey and he had his Camera poting at me he's like hey Dan How about a shoot off okay I feel like If we do one on his channel we should I'll use my target bow I just built and Uh maybe we'll do one outside like Compound like hunting bows or something Like that so okay uphill and I got a new Trick I'm going to tell you guys I think It's legit I'm not even Playing Okay Tyler you pick the next one okay Should I tell the new trick I'll tell You I'll tell you guys now while you're Recording so a lot of times when you Have your binoculars and you're shooting 3D you can zoom in nice and tight and See the Rings why are you listening Tyler okay get on your rock this Actually would work right here for this Target right here I'm going to do it Right here for you so I'm going to look At this freaking Bobcat thing it's I Can't see the Rings right here and it's Probably 37 38 yards I go in here and I Focus in and I can see where the actual 12 ring is and then I'm going to to make My binoculars make it pretty fuzzy but Now I know where to stare at the Bobcat Where I can't see all the individual Lines but I know where the areas I'm Looking does that make sense have you Ever heard about that no it was two

Weeks ago I heard that tip and I was Like that's silly and I tried it I'm Telling you comment below if you've Heard that Before that a really good shot Tyler for How that's a kind of a nasty little shot I almost didn't range it I was just Guessing yeah get it's ugly real quick 35 all right let's go score him it's a Great shot man my goodness 125 on to the Next this is the hardest Target to score That's why I wasn't pumped when you were Like let's shoot both of them I'm like Okay why do I get a shoot first every Time this is your Baseline I've already Been in the hot seat twice this where You're supposed to F normally yeah yeah You thought you thought it was up there No T always makes me shoot this no this Is more or less where you're supposed to This here he goes folks I don't know Which Target he's shooting at do You little hot still trying to figure Out my Sal dang this is actually a really cool Shot good shot dude Okay Tyler next one I wanted to say something on video the Other day I was like man your Bow's loud It's vibrating whatever now yours was we Figured it out and then a couple videos Back it was a baseline mine was Vibrating and I said oh I don't want to Talk about it and it was like oh his Lift vibrates no I lost my temper and I

Punched my bow this is true and after I Punched it it started rattling these Microphones are literally 1 in from the Bow put a mic up to your bow and shoot It's going to sound a little louder I Think this is the quietest Matthews I've Ever Owned and that's why I have a wrist Ling Last one Tyler in the shade I missed the Sun that's damn good Tyler that feel good little high little High that's a 10 all right let's go score them Dan's killing it Today see he still hasn't dropped out of An eight let's have a squat contest a Deadlift contest a rowing contest a bike Did you do 24 24.2 no I hurt my back the Other day with you deadlifting remember I'm going to have to wait till Monday But I did do some rowing intervals Today oh shoot I told you it was a good Shot and he goes oh it's high it is high High 12 see hi that's a 12 that's a 10 hey I'll give you one of Those great shot man can you give me two Really good 12 Rings here been trying to Do that all day Jeff that look like a good Shot think it's a little high you shot It just so you know what we're actually Supposed to shoot is a thousand times Easier from where Dan has me shoot every Single time oh dude this is Tyler's deal

When it's my deal I try to make them Stupid Dot Blake kit dot I've been saying Blake Kit on every Video I want everyone to know who Blake K is reading love him reading dot Blake K Blake kit was worried about Tyler's uh Tyler tell the folks what you're what You got cooking uh I don't know if I Want to say people are worried about the Durability of the outsert that comes on The ultra Aros So eventually I'm going To get around to tor testing them Someday I don't know when that's going To be I have a real job I have to go to Work so oh wow I don't uh I don't just Sit around and make YouTube videos all Day Tyler do you always shoot with your Glasses on no no you does it not make a Difference for you no I at least hunt With my with contacts gotcha uh the Contacts are slightly off because they Can't the only reason I have uh glasses Is because I have astigmatism in my eyes And so they they can correct it a lot More precise with glasses over Contacts Who that mountain line was 6.6 but it Doesn't even make sense to me because it Was way up the tree do you do you agree Oh yeah it like how the r from the naked Eye it looked like but you were only six You were only six yards from the tree Probably yeah no you were

Hot saw the saw that air uh antler move I know I think I naed the antler zero no We're through it into foam video because He has a real job and he just just toy Around at the house all day make you he Does have a real job where you show up To work and check a couple things on the Truck and make your coffee sit on the Couch get your Netflix show oh we got a Call there's a cat in the tree we got to Go go rescue the kitty and come back get A workout in check your Instagram do Some e oh we got a call Grandma fell Down can't get up head back yeah he's Right at least you got a better shot on Your second one really okay it was a Five as well still Five literally the same tour it's on Your screen to the right we'll we'll Bleep that out oh that's me hang on Eight N on to the Next Left oh oh Tyler you got a 10 I got a Eight and so 108 over Here 10 12 over here 12 and a 10 yep Yep 10 Eight girl that's me Mad I've seen You I I got it all worked out of me I Did that workout for a game and I'm just Like Tranquilo

26.6 Tyler's really challenging himself Today stretching out the Limits I just know the Dan sucks at the Short shots so is that even True I've heard that from multiple Sources exponential when you get even Closer oh almost touching the ground so Like if it was actually stood upright You have to really pay attention to how These things are standing yeah cuz we're A little ghetto over here spok Bell Arch We we kind of like kind of put them in The ground and they tilt it does affect What you can actually hit so I think They're when they put them in they're Fine it's just that the ground is so Soft out here 40 better shoot it for 36 it's a little hot looked like a great Shot to me I've never shot him out mine But I think that would do a good one why Are the vitals just hidden with that Crease dead Kitty I don't know if it's Ultra boy Ultra man sounds better and That should be like There Ultra man oh come On and's got it 10 I got to Eight Smoked It this shots Hard 10 and a Five it is it's really hard to see dang You Tyler I thought I was a 10 I got a Freaking eight eight aren't

Great 10 eight aren't great the 10 Dan nailed it on a 10 Ring Nice Shot 127 that's impressive Kentucky math Windage everything what is I mean that's Rude to say Kentucky windage Kentucky Math no offense if you're from Kentucky I'm not saying anything mean I'm just Yeah you know you know where the Kentucky windage came from though no It's from the Kentucky Sharpshooters in Like the Revolutionary war or something Like that but they would uh history Lesson so back when you had um open Sights you didn't have adjustments for Anything so Kentucky windage was you Held up and off of something it's not Because is because of the Sharpshooters That were usually from compliment not a Disc yes that's right see Yeah get nice 12 pull it out go ahead Let's just look at that oh yeah you Caught It here is still an Eight not my best day not my worst day I Shot pretty average I don't know my Score right now I'm going to guess Somewhere around 185 190 I had I feel Like I I still feel like a shot good how What do you think you got I have no idea Yeah it's out of it's out of 200 if you Shot all tens you'd get 200 points it's Way below that I had quite a few fives To start with and then I uh my sight Tapes off so well that's good that's why

You do the Baseline test to figure out Your sight tapes off before you go do Some local 3DS and before you go bear Hunting in less than a month folks That's really all I care about this is Not a target archery Channel this is not A competition archery Channel this is a Channel dedicated to inspiring you to Maybe like be the best version or aspire To be the best version the best hunter The best dad the best firefighter Captain best dude behind the lens just The best dude that you can be Archer's Cool it's a discipline and I'm excited Because we literally are all bear Hunting this year M and we might even Get to hunt quite a bit together which Would be cool and maybe one of you guys Will join me in this thing called Archery bear hunting super fun guys Appreciate you coming let us know your Baseline score have you done it yet We'll keep this series going Tyler's Going to make his sight tape adjustment He's going to come back out here shoot His course we'll capture it and we'll See if he can uh one up himself I think You can separations in the preparation We'll catch you on the next One Bo

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