Here Is When The 2nd Rut Begins

The 2nd Rut is very real, and is also a very important time to hunt that serious, experienced mature buck hunters don’t miss out on! Here is when the 2nd rut begins and how to hunt it…

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Well when would the second rut begin Well first off you have to believe in The second rut and this is a really Unfortunate thing when folks don't Believe in the second rut and I think That that comes from sometimes State Wildlife Game biologist because in their Training in their schooling they'll look At that they just look at all one big Rut they don't look at the primary rut Is here second rut is here and then the Potential if for third rut is here over Our timeline they're just taking that Entire timeline and hitting an average And what that does is instead of having The primary rut here here third R let's Say this was the let's just throw some Numbers out there let's say this was the 10th of November 10th of December 10th Of January what it does is if you combine All those together even if the second Rut is 15% and the third rut is f the 5% Of all those dos that are being bred Does it make sense s that's going to Skew this Average by 15 to 20% overall the wrong Direction so what it's going to say is Instead of once you figure in these Numbers right here and I'm not going to Do the math for you but bottom line is If this is the 10th of November that's a 10th of December instead of it showing The peak rout is the 10th of November

It's going to show that it's the 18th of November the 16th the 15th I'll throw Everything off Everything not all State game Departments do that or look at the rut That way but not every State Game Department looks at the rut the same Across the entire country it's very Different I've seen the actual rut map Data because through huntwise we Calculated out for every area ZIP code When the rut begins when the pre-rut Begins when the rut lockdown takes place The peak rut the post rut All those different time periods for Everybody so that they could actually be Helped with hey the rut's going on in Your area this is what you should be Doing right now during the prer rot this Is why you should be hunting all day now And only mornings a different time very Helpful but in that they tabulated every State Department's rut data and I'm not Kidding from one state to the next Across the borderline it was a shotgun Approach completely different be Completely different from Ohio to Michigan let alone Eastern Ohio versus Western Pennsylvania then you get into Georgia it was almost by County it was Like someone took a bunch of colors and Threw it on the map it doesn't take Place drastically differ across County Road 59 that separates two counties just

Because there's a road doesn't does that Make sense is state line so what it Tells you is that you know these game Departments here's a state Line This one is showing this color this One's showing another color and Literally the state line is you know 50 Ft from each other and they're different By two weeks how could that happen it Happens because they tabulate data Differently so that can really screw Things up when you look at Scientifically one's what if well There's no second rut it's because some Game departments and then a lot of times Because these game departments follow The laws they follow the rules they Follow the regulations they they follow In line they do what they're supposed to It's completely different with like a John aoga who studied deer he has over 100 peer-reviewed articles most in the Country ever but those guys up there That's they did they just sat around and Studied deer and they and they basically Look for things to peer review they'd Sit there and think you know in deep Snow in the deer yards when there's 240 In of snow how much insulation would That snow provide and and how would that Contribute to lack of energy loss so When the snow is deeper compared to when You had a light snow year but it had Cold temperatures they'd sit around at

Coffee and think about that hey can we Peer review that that's how that worked They they weren't independent thinkers I Mean they were independent thinkers they Were independent thinking group and uh Aoga L verm there's a Frederick that Worked with them too and you can look up A lot of their deer research but a lot Of State game departments aren't like That they they get in and they say this Is what you do don't think just do and That's some of the problems we have and So you have to think and I don't care if You believe in it or not that's on you There's a lot of opportunity to hunt so If you don't believe in it you're just Hurting yourself and that's on you you Know we want people coming to the Channel That want to look for better Information they want to help themselves They want to have a great hunt they want To have predictable success and that's What we're here to help you do if we're Not helping you for not teaching you Then what good is are the videos useless Information so we are independent Thinkers and so when it comes to the Second rut it's real if you don't Believe in it you're only hurting Yourself and there's reasons not to Believe in it because if you look at Again some of the state department data It really throw throws things off Drastically and I've looked at all that

Data for all the states and uh it's very Very interesting and telling when you go From one state line to the next next one County line to the next and things are So drastically different when does the Second rut take place because it does Happen 100% certainty fact why does the Rut lockdown take place you hear about The rut lockdown why does it take place It takes place because there's a large Percentage of do coming into estris at The same time but that's not All think about it if that happened in The middle of the rut all of a sudden Bunch of do are well then you'd have Some bucks that are already on doe some That aren't you don't have this pile of Bucks waiting and so then you to Experience some rut because bucks are Coming off do two days from now they're With Do's for two or three days at a Time some are with do already some are Coming off Do's looking there there Wouldn't be a rut lockdown where you're Not seeing any movement so when does a When does the rut lockdown take place It's you have to understand this Dylan I Don't know if you can see this little White space over here so so let's say There's a trickle part you have the prer Which around here is like 20th of October 25th all of a sudden some dos Start coming in and then boy it ramps up To that traditional Peak rut right here

Sometime in here think about it hardly Any bucks are on Do's because hardly any Are coming into heat so you have all These bucks just waiting young and old Just waiting to breed a dough all of a Sudden it starts ramping up to an Exponential amount every day or coming In what does that do they means you have All these bucks that are waiting to Breed now you have a whole bunch of Dos Coming in even though it's not the peak And they're ready to breed when they're Ready to breed all of a sudden that Activity you saw around here on October 29th October 30th November 1st all of a Sudden bam scrapes aren't getting hit And every Buck is on a dough because a Bunch of does came in at once with that Ramp up of the peak rot and they're Willing ready able and just waiting for That time of year and that's why they're Not moving around much they're all in a Dough and takes 2 or 3 days the r Lockdown doesn't take that long but During that time if a buck is with a Dough and almost every Buck is with a Dough why are bucks searching for dos That are coming into heat they're with Them for 2 or 3 days when they get off That dough then they'll start looking For another one that's the peak rut Right here right here and then it starts Going down for the Post rut the middle Of the r is random box are coming box

Are going going and and do will be Missed then too but that rut town when You want to figure out when that and This is the beginning of the rut don't Think it's in the middle don't think It's at the end I saw people posting hey It's a rut lockdown it's November 18th In Michigan no that's called the end of The rut that's called the post rut That's called it's on the Downs slide It's going down fast really Fast look at like uh some of their data Up north in the up of Michigan which That was more of a tight window because The Fawns are born born early they die Cuz they're in snow if they're born late Their body sizes aren't big enough to Make it through the winter we're talking Wiers Munising averages 180 in of snow Marquette averages 175 Munising Elder County in the Northeast portion of the County you know how much averages snow 293 you know where shingleton is kind of Off to the side of Munising they average About 235 kiano pencil was 305 to 310 We're talking a lot of snow some people Think we get 100 inches of snow that's Not a lot of snow we're talking 200 to 300 Ines of snow very tight window that Fonds could be born so they're rut they Found that 85% of the do's 80% of the Do's right around there were bred within A week of about November 13th which Means by the November 20th it's going

Down quick really really fast because There's only a few do left and those are Yuzi Brad at that 15% rate during the Second route up there and those fonds Probably aren't going to make it Unfortunately they lose 50% of their Fonds and an average winner up there Average winner they'll lose up to 90% of Fonds in a bad winner and they'll take 50% of their yearlings out that same Winner too the bottom line is by the Time you get into that time period at The end of the rut it's you know November 18th in Michigan it's going Downhill fast and that's why a lot of The data is skewed with that second rut They just include it in the primary rut For all dos being bred they just have One average they don't show those three Peaks of first rut primary rut second Rut third rut which is there so if you Go 4 weeks after that rut lockdown which Is just just after the pre-rut it's when All of a sudden pre-rut is coming in Lots of rub scrapes that's when the most Rubbing scraping takes place a few dos Start coming in all of a sudden bam the Scrapes aren't being hit that's at the Beginning like around here that'd be November 1st November 2nd November 3rd 4th 5th we even did I I don't even know If I shared this with Dylan but we did a Little study this year and I put out Down all the tab I spent about two hours

Looking through all our trail cam photos That we save we save all the good stuff All the HD we're running about 60 Cameras between Minnesota and Wisconsin Of cell cameras we save all the best Buck videos and pictures video for Dylan Pictures for us I use them in thumbnails But then all those videos we save every One of them and Dylan uses them that's We put in all our that's we get these Beautiful HD pictures from reveal we're Running a lot of cameras we were very Diligent at batteries and so I went back And looked at about the October 18th all The way through it was around at that Time November 12th 13th somewhere around There and I looked at the number of Videos that we got every single Day and then I correlated that with that Entire pre-rut rut lockdown and it was Amazing you see that ramp up the 20th 25th of October go down for the rut Lockdown and then it was really random In there you know big big numbers Towards the 6th 7th 8th 12th those were Some of the biggest numbers and then They went down after that and you could Just see it you can see preot rut Lockdown and it went back up for the Peak rout and then start going down the Post rut and then it went up and down And guess what we threw in the Temperatures you know out our top 5 days Of that entire

Time averaged 10° less than our worst 5 Days 57 degre daytime High versus 47° so very temperature variant too not Only could you correlate that with Temperature and then we're going to take It one step further and we're going to Look at the number of daytime versus Night time and we'll have some charts And numbers for you towards the end of Uh December on that because it was a Kind of cool thing to look at a bottom Line is you can see this if you just Look at throw a bunch of cameras out in Two states and cover a lot a lot of area And you can see what happens the bottom Line is you figure out that rut lockdown Which is right around that time fast Forward about four weeks and that's when Your second rut should start taking Place with a thought that that's when Do's are missed because all these bucks Are already on Do's a lot of Dos are Coming in heat and then after that it's Fairly random so you have that ramp up It goes into that time period and then It's over again and so by the time we Get in November 20th November 18th November or December 20th 18th 17th Around us it's starting to go way down Again but we have a good 10 days in here And that correlates with our muzzle Order fact Jen shot a beautiful Buck Last night with Jackson in the blind Making tons of noise we'll have a video

Coming out about that probably a couple Of them it was a really cool mommy hunt She was I've had Jackson out twice she's Had Jackson out twice and I can say and Jen would admit too Jack acts a lot Worse with Mommy get away with more with Mommy and as far as bounding pounding on The blind everything and she had all the Windows closed up it was steamy in there The windows were fogged up she had to Open a window to shoot and she got got a Shot off beautiful shot and uh recovered The buck this morning it was pretty Awesome and the bottom line is his tarso Glands were stained dark we found open Scrapes in the woods and it's that time Of year and we found open scrapes in the Woods and it just snowed yesterday Morning so really we only had about 24 Hours of no no snow to where when we saw Fresh scrapes they happened in a 24-hour Period and they're just happening right Now we saw Barry this morning on the Prow six-year-old with a toe injury so He's limping bad that was at like 8:34 a.m. so he was out hour and a half After daylight on the prow in a spot Where he's 200 yards away from his core Area he's probably circling back there I Think he's just looking for do Unless he was just looking for another Bite to eat or something but he was over The the big food plat and around the Edge and just walking so um we saw

Junior out like that uh yesterday he was Out there yesterday afternoon and he was Feeding out there yesterday we saw doe Running on the food plot back there Yesterday uh Jake and I could watch it Across the valley we were hunting that Food plop we could see it in the Distance Jen had uh this butt come up And it was right with uh four Do's um And feeding out there so he was with Those Doe's feeding and probably one of Them was one of them was entering Estus A lot of times younger dear and that's Another thing too so when those mothers First come into heat which would be in This ramp up or up the peak then those Those young Doe's those fawns and Sometimes even yearling do they'll come In about four weeks after that and and That's a biological thing too so depends On how many young dos are in your area But they're coming in pretty soon here And we've had a little bit where those Box settle down relax a little bit kind Of replenish that's why they when it When the rut dies there's nothing going On except them going to food sources in The afternoon evening and even then They'll wait till after dark I'd bury The other night sit out at a water hole Licking the water hole for 45 minutes I Thought for sure he'd come out it was 4:18 and at 501 was the last video I had Of him he wasn't there at 506 I got the

Heck out of there and got away and he Was back at that water hole at 7:08 but That's near his food source and so he he Was waiting till probably well after Dark to go get that but we get a little Ruddy in the second rut he'll be back Out maybe tonight when I go hunt Mornings and evenings great time to hunt Morning by bedding areas when you know Scrapes are open you know when they're Actively in that second rut go find your Favorite bedding area stand sit on the Downwind side don't go through food in The morning and and wait and see what Happens also afternoon food source Movement incredible and so I'm watching That tonight I'm getting closer to his Bedding hopefully getting him before he Gets out to the food source if it is After dark maybe I'll get a Glimpse at Him but bottom line is great evening Hunting great morning hunt but we don't See a lot of midday movement like they Do during the peak rut those bucks are Ready they're strong they're running all Over there it's almost like they're Recovering right now and oh by the way There's a second rut so they're going to Rut in the morning you're going to rut In the afternoon when you get in the Midday a lot of times you don't see that Traditional all day movement so you Really are at Advantage if you hunt Morning and evening in morning and

Evening spots meaning evening afternoon And food source movement morning and Bedding area try not to confuse it to You don't want to go into a food source Spot in the morning and spook them out At the same time you don't want to go Into a bedding area in the afternoon and Spook out a deer that's already there That's been there all day so on the flip Side you can always get into a bedding Area in the morning before they get There and then you can see you're you Have the advantage of being there for Hours before you get out of your stand So there's no deer here I'm getting out Of here and it's a lot safer when you go In the afternoon you have no idea you Don't know where they're at you don't Want just move through and you have a Tendency to spook them going into those Bedding areas in the afternoon a high Tendency it's why not so much during the Midday you have to believe in the second Rut look at once you believe it you Understand when it happens then make Your plan to hunt those morning bedding Areas when you know those scrapes and Rubs are opening back up and you see Rubbing activity or ring activity hunt Those afternoon food source movement Especially concentrations of do and then Kind of forget about midday movement Always remember it's about 4 weeks after That lock down that lockdown takes that

The takes that place at that ramp up I Hope that makes sense to you when the Rut's beginning it's just starting to Ramp up a lot of bucks are on those Right then just fast forward about 4 Weeks and then enjoy that 10day period The second rut rarely ever takes place For two weeks at a time 10 days it's a Little bit shorter and uh believe in it Hunt it and what's cool about that if You believe in the system of rut Management that we talk about that's why I have a rut web class we go through all These pieces it's I describe it greatly In my all weather white tail book too But bottom line is if you believe in This it's something you can take to the Bank with you and plan your hunts around Every single season that follows and That makes it very easy for you you know What's going on during the season you Know what plans to do you know whether To hunt afternoon SS mornings or both Midday it gives you a plan that you can Count on for decades to come and you can Watch your success rate go through the Roof and be consistent when it comes to Hunting the rut and heck hunting the Entire season all season long I Appreciate you guys watching the YouTube Channel but I don't know if everyone Knows everything that we have to offer Whether it's on white habitat our website or whhs

Wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can check out I'm very Active on Instagram putting strategies On there photos of what we do every day Uh much more active there than Facebook But our seed web classes books clients Articles I over 600 articles on whail Habitats everything whail Strategy of course we have hats on there And then make sure to check us out on Instagram again but lots of stuff to Offer we're always coming out with new Things and this isn't the end of it we Have more things coming soon make sure To check us out

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