How Create and Hunt A Buck Bedding Area

Scouting, creating and hunting a buck bedding area can lead to one of the most successfully rewarding hunts of your life. Here is how I rely on creating the opportunity for buck bedding areas, and then use those areas for successful morning buck hunts during the rut….

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Now one of my favorite things to do on Private land is create a buck bedding Area and a totally different on public Land you're trying to find those buck Batting areas and when you're working With even a few hundred acres or 40 Acres 20 acres You can't often say well just leave the Habitat the way it is bucks are going to Bed here you know again on public land You can use tens tens of thousands of Acres and you go find it you find food Sources that are consistent During Certain times of the year during October November December whatever it might be And then you find the bedding areas that Relate to that and does and then by the Time you get back a little ways you'll Find Buck bedding areas and that's Public land private land you want to Sandwich that concept into small areas Especially in a location like this where We want to have doe bedding near distant Food sources whether you're down below Or up high and that creates an area like This for mature Buck betting this way we Have a food source it's about 150 yards Away and it gets bigger after that for About a half mile bigger food sources Right down below major food source Distant that way food source we start Getting an area like this where there's Food sources in the distance up high and Down below but we don't have anything

Right here what does that equal equals An opportunity for buck bedding those Doors and fawns family groups will bed Closer to those food sources I call it Layered bedding and then once you get Back in here deep and remote in these Locations where four or five hundred Yards away from major food sources then You get the buck betting opportunity so Then what do you do well there's a Couple different types of cuttings that We've used in this location to increase The value for box to bed here now if It's all open Timber Those bucks don't have any kind of Thermal protection they don't have that Hardwood browse regeneration that they Demand during the daylight hours so in This case right here on this side of the Ridge it's south facing And so we've chosen to create big holes In the canopy when you see those clouds Right there you see another pocket right Over here We've chosen to create those big holes So that right down here in here we get a Ton of sunlight in here so over about a Half acre three quarter acre area We get a lot of sunlight coming to the Ground and we're increasing regeneration Which equals browse your feet five times In a 24 hour period so that means those Pocket cuttings are going to produce Brows during the daylight hours where

Deer demand that browse and Hardware Degeneration Briar shrub tips we left a Lot of Oak so there's Acorn production Which is a complement to the Brows it Can't be the browse itself because it's Limited during the deer season we want Bucks to bed here for the entire season That means it'll be consistent we can Plan out because we have a stand about 150 yards that way and 100 yards this Way So we want to consistently plan on box Betting in here We also screened off this Edge right out Here going towards the field you have About an acre and a half of switch grass Where you see the side by side up there So we're really confining a corner in Here Where Buckskin bat it's already Interrupt but we have a lot going on With this food plot and many more I Can't wait to plant this check out what We're planting on whs Wildlife Blends All 12 of our Blends are out you can Order bulk seed buckwheat and Rye check It out we have a new website click on Seed on the white It'll take you right to the the new Blend site appreciate you for checking It out and taking the time to watch us We were talking about creating a buck Betting area and hunting and I'll get to The hunting part here in a second and

This will relate to whether you're Finding a bedding area on public land or You're creating it on private land we've Chose to create these Pockets right here So we get sunlight to the ground Increase regeneration so Bucks have Something to munch on during the Daylight they require that they have to Have that doesn't mean you have to have Quality food we don't have to have apple Trees out here in theory a buck could Get out of a bad feed on some fruit Trees never leave during daylight you Wouldn't have to he'd have quality food We don't want quality food I don't want A little food plot back here in this Location because food just places Buck Bedding Food attracts does and fawns we build a Food plot back here we might have a dome Fawn back here for a family group that's Here every day and Bucks won't bed there Believe It or Not bucks aren't attracted To does and fawns especially in their Bedding areas all the time So we haven't finished just by creating These Pockets right here now back over Here we have Popple Aspen Popple regeneration you get about 7 000 shoots per acre So in this location We're not completing a Timber Harvest Here to find someone to cut in To cut out about 30 Popple here and

About 30 Popple down there We're not going to find someone to do That and find a logger we don't have Enough appreciable Timber value out here It's a little bit different when you Have a logger coming in because then you Can say do this tear do that there We'll create a buck bedding here General Timber stand Improvement somewhere else This is an area right here where we want Buck bedding we want a bedding area so In this case with this Aspen we're not Removing it What that means is it's going to scatter Everywhere So someone that works with me Joel who's A a pro Timber cutter you know I've cut On 25 30 days for clients in one year That doesn't make me a pro Joel is the Type of person that's caught on power Lines 250 days a year just in one year And so his ability to get trees to go Where they're not supposed to go is Phenomenal he's a true Pro so we took All the timber here pushed it that way That allows the sunlight from the field Edge to come in then we took all the Popple back here Cut it that way that allows for another Pocket of sunlight right here so Different type of cutting where we're Taking this timber that's really high Stem count per acre we're throwing a lot That way now what's great about this

Pop-up breaks down quickly So we expect deer to be able to move Through these logs and tops here once it Breaks down a little bit but bottom line Is you get seven thousand shoots per Acre here so this is all hidden pretty Quickly and it's all food great spot for Grouse great spot for rabbits great spot On the edge back the out on the outside Out there for turkey nesting and really Increasing our Turkey population so it's A it's a big picture all around Here we're pocket cutting more random Cuttings to allow sunlight to come in Here direct cutting where we're piling Timber this way piling Timber this way And then it'll even about a 15 yard Gap Through here and this is where it gets Into the hunting aspect of it so it took A long time to get there We have a reveal on the tray right here That allows to watch this area We have water hole 150 yards that way And we have another stand about 100 Yards this way so we can hunt around This without actually getting in here The most of the time we come in those For evening hunts and not spook Something up here that's sitting here All day long Waiting to start to move and go to a Food source in the afternoon The reveal camera will tell us what's Going on here you can see we put the

Reveal camera on a white oak it's a lot Wider wider than the camera We've chose to put this camera it's About five and a half feet high right Here And that gets out of the the visual line Of a deer and then there's a lot of Brush on the side here would help which Helps break up the profile so this Camera is very well hidden the deer Won't have any clue it's there this cord Over left ear will freely move back and Forth through here And then with the branches above we'll Be able to hang a nice long Vine they'll Come right down here for a mock scrape So we can watch every movement on the Top of this Ridge or going side to side Through this opening that leads to the Other stand location All summer and into the fall long and Especially during the follow along That's where it's critical the honey Aspect now this is an area where because There's no food we can get in here well Before daylight and get into a stand Location the wind going that way drops Right off it's a northwest wind that's Our north wind northwest winds right off The top here it's our great hunting Season winds where the temperature Changes yeah that big cold front warning You slip in here and then we have this Big beautiful Oak

Right here where we can put a stand Right up above We can walk right down this Trail get in Here Or right in the back side of the bedding Area we expect bedding to take place all Throughout this area and then we can Blow our scent off the ridge completely In the morning hours and make sure that We can sit here until early afternoon And not spook deer now the beauty of Sitting in a spot like this is we can Look around and see where deer are at if We want to get out at 11 o'clock or one O'clock in the afternoon We can see where deer are at in this Location and then make our exit quick And get out of here when we see the Coast is clear whether we're getting out 11 noon or one really good outstanding Morning location that we've made better By creating an actual Buck bedding area In this location Add the reveal to watch everything That's happening here we don't expect a Lot of use during the summer time Because there's going to be a lot of Thick regeneration bucks don't want to Smash their velvet into that But this is how we've set up this entire Area to not only have this morning stand Location right here that'll be really Easy to sneak into but also an afternoon Evening slash morning stand water hole

Over there this stand over here it's at The top of a steep ditch that goes Downward deer cross along that top So we have a stand over there stand down There this one in the morning we can Hunt any wind in this location morning And evening with those three stand Locations The Water Hole the pinched Movement over here the bedding area Stand for Pure mornings We've got this corner really well Covered now the switchgrass helps out There And this is what you try to do during uh Public land morning bedding area hunt You know if you're seeing that you have Food sources in the distance could even Be bait piles in some states but you're Getting back into the remote Corners it Doesn't matter if it's a High Ridge or a Low area low valley if the food's up top Those bucks will bed down low if the Food's on the bottom the bed up high Like in this case or to the side like in This case so we have double food sources To throw deer back into this location But you're still trying to find those Food sources recognize within a quarter Mile half mile 200 yards whatever might Be Where those bucks could potentially bad And then you're looking at a path of Least resistance get on this downwind Edge of the bending source which be

Right here Sneaking in here in the morning hours Getting up that tree and see what Happens can scout it find it on public Land look for those details of dough Bedding food source and then Buck Bedding Food doze box in that order or in this Case some private land actually crate it And wait for them to come but you can Bet we can't wait to not only get Pitchers here in video HD video with the Reveal as the months pass leading into The season but also to finally take a Set when we can do so probably I would Imagine unless we're getting some good Intel back here it's going to be a late October crispy toe numbing morning it's Going to be a hot spot on a cool morning To see some mature bucks and we can't Wait it takes a lot of detail and Preparation for a spot like this where You put in a lot of boot time on public Land or you creating them private land But the weight will be worth all the Hard work whether scouting boot time or Actually some physical work getting this Installed when it comes time for that Magical morning this fall now I don't Know if you've checked out our main Website lately but we've Really had a lot going on including hats Books our web class and certainly our

New seed company whs Wildlife Blends When you click on seed on our site it'll Take you right to our brand new site for The seed company we have all 12 Blends Available so check it all out though I Encourage you I appreciate you checking It out whether you buy anything or not Really appreciate you visiting the site And seeing what's going on and continue To watch because we have big things Coming later this year

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