How High Should Your Treestand Be? #deerhunting #deerhunter #deerhabitat

A lot of folks ask how high should your Tree stand be We have tree stands on the Property from 10 to 25t this is a Special one right here because I shot b A six-year-old out of it and it's only 10t in the air the point is the height Should be determined by where your cover Is at if you have to put it really high And that get you out of the cover and Above the cover for example here the Higher we go up in that tree the more We're silhouetted the more deer can see Us down in the woods down here so so you Might be low you might have to get Higher to get up into that cover most of Our stands are hang on right around 18 Ladder stands at 17 some of are ladder Stands at 13 and in the case of this one Behind me again it's only 10 ft in the Air but that's where the cover is and That's your answer to how high your tree Stand should be when you hunt

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