How To Bowhunt The Peak Rut

There is a set of strategies that you need to carry in your mental hunting day pack, to make sure that you get the most out of your Peak Rut experience. Here is your entire guide for hunting the Peak Rut…

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I hope you guys know there's lots of Phases to the rot and what we've talked About so far is a pre-ot the rot lock Down but boy the peak rut Peak it's a Center of the rut time but it's also a Center of hunting activity time and each Phase of the rut needs to be hunted a Little bit differently and it's Important for you to understand what Phase you're in and why so you know how To hunt I want to talk about Peak rut Right here peak of daylight movement This a little bit different too you can Get really confused if you look at some Of the states and how they tabulate when The rud is coming in when or do are Coming into estris because you go out And you'll find in a state will say well You know Peak rud is the 12th or 14th of November and you don't realize that they Tabulate maybe in their second rut with Their primary rut they all look at as One rut and so that actually takes 20% Of your doze combines them with the First 80% of the dose that are coming in Or 70% what those numbers are and it Makes it look like the rut begins later Because you're taking this group back Here you're not separate operating those And she'll look at it like boy it's Saying the 13th of November 14th and I Haven't seen any running activity now Part of that is pressure a lot of guys Are hitting the woods a lot of hunters

Are going out they're taking the rut Cations and they're pounding the woods Hard a lot of times especially the last 3 or four days of their rut they're Really pulling a ha Mary and trying to Hit it hard and spooking out the deer Her well those big bucks turn nocturnal They can do that by weather hot weather Windy weather Stormy Weather that'll Push running Behavior towards that night And after dark they might move the exact Same amount of time in a 24-hour period They're just moving more under the cover Of darkness and they'll certainly do That with more pressure too or they'll Leave your area altogether so you need To look at this is the peak of daylight Movement time and we'll talk about I can Give you some generalities uh Tennessee For example that might be more the 15th Of November Kentucky similar Kansas Similar more in the first week of November 10 days in nov November by the Time you get to the 10th 11th 12th up Here in southeast Minnesota Southwest Wisconsin Southern Michigan it's really Dwindling and you look say well Peak Breeding date is no look at Peak Activity if you're going out for an all Day rut hunt on the 13th of November Around here might be a really long set Unless something special and unique is Going on folks it's time for the rut and That means you need to check out my rut

Web class it'll help you navigate the Entire rut but more importantly quiet Cat is one of our important partners and Through that partnership they've offered To clients people that contact us an Incredible discount and opportunity to Buy a new quiet cat look for an email That you can contact and the contact Information in the description but I Really want to pass that off to you um We don't do that very often but I want To make sure you guys don't miss out if You're looking and in the market for new Quiat 7th 8th 10th right around there Just incredible time fourth 5th 3rd I Mean we had great activity I shot my Buck on October 30th in Wisconsin and that that can be an Incredible time on October 28th here in Uh Minnesota really good time Dylan 31st Second no wait November 2nd was yours y Yeah yeah so October 30th 31st there's a Huge activity in Wisconsin Halloween Right around in that time in activity Dylan shot his on the 2 I shot mine on The 30th and the 28th 31st right around 27th something like that but bottom line Is that's when you start getting that Pre pre-rut activity get a little bit of Rut lock down and then it really Explodes that's the time we're talking About right now and that's the time you Can shoot deer any time of the day and What's interesting about that is a.m.

Middle of the day p.m I want to see a Score the day what I mean by that is if You're sitting in a bedding area uh Stand all day that's a morning St that's A really good stand but if you're Sitting in it all day those deer are Going towards food sources in the Afternoon so you're not getting a very Good score in the middle of the day or The afternoon at the same time if you're Sitting in a transition area which is a Great midday stand then what about the Morning what about in the Afternoon at the same time you're Sitting in food all day might be great In the afternoon but terrible in the Morning in fact you might go into it in The morning and spook deer out so look At am I in a really good morning stand And I'm not saying to sit in three Stands usually you can sit maybe you're Sitting closer to food but it's a really Thick funnel there's really good brush Cover bushes grasses Briars it's an area Where you could say man a buck could be Here during daylight all day and so but It's closer to food and so you're Catching deer that are actually coming Through you're catching that movement as They're going to food sources so it Represents a great midday stand you Might go into it 11:00 12:00 and sit There all the way until dark because You'll get deer that are moving through

That area and transitioning through that Area to food maybe sit in a morning area Like that where it's a great bedding Area morning cover but it's a little bit Further away from food really good thick Cover you can imagine a buck being there At noon but at some point at noon one or Two you get out of there great midday Spot and then you're just transferring Over to a different stand that relates To food in that movement then you look At it score each set look at it as a 10 Out of 10 it's a great betting area Stand everything's perfect good wind 10 Out of 10 but sometime during the day You're going to get a really bad score Whether it's midday because you're too Far away from food it's too far at the End of the bedding area window meaning Deer might come all the way back to bed To at you but if you don't see them by 10 11:00 they're just not there so you Need to go move into that transition Area on the way to food and that'll give You a better score for Midday and Afternoon so think about it is this a Good morning stand is this a good midday Day score it yeah I think this is a 10 Out of 10 because a lot of people are Sitting in really bad dud zero out of 10 Or 1 out of 10 or two out of 10 mornings Or afternoons when they should be Sitting in another stand and you're Really wasting a lot of time during a

Very valuable Time of the Season you Don't want to waste opportunity sure You're out in the woods it's pretty out But always think about it am I getting The best score for my day because again They can move at any time of the day and That's really important and finally I'm Going to leave you with this you still Have to be smart it's amazing how many People really hunt very hard and very Smart in October when the season opens They look at it even they look at it Correctly they say well the the uh The Season's a marathon not a Sprint and I'm Going to play it very safe but then when It gets to the rut they just throw all Caution to the wind they sit in stands With your scent blowing into bedding Areas and this is not the time for that Again score the day make sure you're Making smart decisions and it'll really Pay off in the end for you meaning you Might have a great stand you can't wait To sit in but the wind's a little bit Bad sit in another one you have a great Stand you can't wait to sit in but it's Really bad weather and there's a good Day good weather tomorrow or the next Day just wait sit somewhere else go to Another property always look at it that The peak rut is a valuable time to be in The woods and yes anything can happen Any time but you still have to play it Smart you still have to score the day

And understand that your Peak rot and Your Peak rot of daylight movement might Be different than someone else's in Another State and at the same time Always think that man is this when I'm Actually seeing a lot of deer in the Woods at this time we can say that uh I Talked about Kansas might be more midt Or mid November I've looked at Ohio I've Gone go around here and then I go to Southeast Ohio to hunt on public land I've gone down there and shot a really Nice buck on Monday before Thanksgiving At a time where the woods was dead up Here and when it gets dead think about These bucks people think the rut lasts For a month or two it doesn't think About those deer they're creatures just Like a lot of other animals out in the Woods they can't run and lose body fat For 5 weeks at a time just keep running Running running people even say well Midday is the best time to be in the Woods well sometimes it is but if They're running all morning and they Just ran all night at some point they're Laying up they can't just keep running 24/7 they do not do that they still need To rest they still need to relax and a Lot of times that's the middle of the Day even during the peot they take Little little naps here and there but at Some point it stops when it does it Stops hard and that's when you start

Getting into the postr period you're Really focus on food source and but now Is the time to focus on am bedding Midday transition areas and of course Those afternoon food sources make smart Decisions and you'll get the most out of Your Peak rut this season and Beyond I Appreciate you guys watching the YouTube Channel but I don't know if everyone Knows everything that we have to offer Whether it's on white til habitats Website or whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can check out I'm very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then make sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this isn't the End of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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