How To Clear A Food Plot

There are many ways to clear a food plot the wrong way with a bulldozer and very few ways to clear a food plot the right way. Here is how you can make sure that you are on the right track with your own food plot creations this year…

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I wanted to talk about some critical Steps for clearing a food plot and we've Talked about different ways to create a Food plot using chemicals machinery and I really wanted to focus on machinery And especially on this plow right here This is a food plot we actually call it Gold rush because when you're installing That redneck over there last year we Kept digging down digging down digging Down Dante and I and when Jen came back Over she looked at and said man it looks Like you guys are digging for gold so Hence gold rush out here this is what we Call Gold Rush it was already a Beautiful plot it was basically started Back to about where Dylan is maybe 10 20 Feet and then back this way had some Trees mixed in it got rid of the trees Because those trees offer a lot of shade So we'll talk about number one when You're clearing food plots I don't like Leaving Big Trees out in the food plots Oaks dropping acorns changes makes your Soil very acidic Shades out growth so You can take a huge area of sunlight Rob That from the ground and it doesn't Matter what kind of forage you're Planting down there it'll suffer because It's not getting full sun exception is a Lone big giant apple tree like we have Right here Great for putting a trail camera on it We actually put trail cameras on there

That last year really enjoyed doing so But every Buck goes to that and hits That so that's that's an exception so For number one I like clearing the Entire plot you have those big favorite Oak trees maybe you have one or two if You have a lot more on the property then Think about getting rid of those that Will really help your food plot the Value of those food plots and the Additional acreage and not changing the Soil and always having to amend it it'll Be a lot better getting rid of that Oak Now sometimes you have one big beautiful One that's one thing but sometimes I go To a plot and it's almost one third or Half shaded because of the big trees That are out there that's a bad thing Another thing by size if you have one Every acre not a big deal two every acre But when you have 10 out there on a half Acre that's when it really becomes Extreme you really need to clear those Out now wind clearing this is critical And I want to really emphasize this Point I see this over and over again Where food plots are cleared and piles Are left when Road all way around the Food plot some food plot clearing Companies you'll even say well we'll Leave an opening here and an opening Over here and the deer just prayed right Through very very bad strategy because Older Buck becomes doesn't matter where

He's at some of the Fantasyland States Where there's not a lot of hunters then It can be a little bit different but When you get into most areas of the Country it doesn't matter if the oldest Buck in your neighborhood is a Two-year-old or a six-year-old they Don't like those obtrusive piles And what I see is in a lot of cases They'll completely avoid a food plot and I've seen them do that Had a client Moses name up north he had Piles all around his food plots for one Year you need to have a buck hit the Food plots in general it really took Pulling those piles away and opening the Edge up freely to the habitats the deer Felt they could come and go without These giant piles those piles of wood in The woods especially when you get into These northern areas are really Unnatural but even when you get in this Farmland areas piles to me piles of Timber piles of wood those big solid Shapes they mean Hunters they mean People it doesn't matter what it is but It's not natural in their normal habitat So think about that So having a nice clean Edge is so Critical you see you have to put the Timber somewhere so you see we chose Over on this end Where it's the opposite side of where We're hunting we chose to put a giant

Pile right there that's our biggest pie On the spot and then all the way around We have about 175 yards of free Edge Clean Edge until we get to our pile over Here we're actually moving that pile Because we want to take advantage of Taking that Timber and wood that's in The pile and stick it right in front of The blind then we're going to plant Switch grass in front of the pile we're Putting shrubs around the Blind and up Through that Timber so that'll make a Nice soft Edge over there same thing we Have screening switch grass we'll put in Front of there this season we're putting Switch grass all the way around this Edge in this case and that's a little Bit different let me mention real quick You don't want that switchgrass edge in A Northern setting where there's wolves Because a wolf can be on the other side Of the switchgrass 10 feet away and the Deer have no clue out there do you know That and then you'll find that they eat Out here in the middle they run from the Edge to here and that's because they Don't like that potential predation Right on that edge they just naturally Know that's a bad thing But we'll soften up that pile right There with some stretch grass and some Shrubs along that edge from Big Rock Trees make sure that that that fills in Nicely or already starts spraying for

That to do so this whole area will be Rimmed and in switch grass so you're Clearing all the wood off of the fields And off of the uh and making sure you Have full sunlight to 90 95 of the plot You're also making sure this is not wind Road and piles all the way around to Seeing that over and over and over again Where a plot's been cleared poorly and Deer will avoid especially mature box With big piles and then also I want to Make sure that you take that extra step And so what a lot of times with those Food plots is you might have an acre and That equals six or seven piles around And off the edge That's the best way especially in a Timbered setting where you have to put Them somewhere and here in this case We're hidden on either side by hillsides But then also taking that extra step to Back blade and put your topsoil back in The land some of the food plots that I Cleared initially first of the bulldozer Back in 2099 2001 I spent the next Several years with a tooth bar on my Tractor bucket going into those piles as They decomposed and pulling that topsoil Back onto the food plot that's a step That can be completed easily with your Dozer operator just Feathering and back Blading that topsoil back across the Food plot and then being mindful in the First place when you're pushing those

Logs and stop and stumps off of the plot To lift that blade a little bit so You're not pushing as much soil with it This is not clearing a Basement Foundation if you're hiring someone to Do this make sure they have the Understanding to conserve topsoil not Clear like a foundation for a building Structure and that they actually Backblade the topsoil back onto the plot Make sure they don't create a really Hard obtrusive Edge And in this case right here we've Actually gone around and you can see Joel someone that works with us for Cutting this year it's been such a great Blessing to have someone like that along That's an expert but he cut all this Timber on the outside a lot of it was Leaning towards the food plot so he's The type of he's a True Timber Pro or You can cut it make it go the exact Opposite direction using ropes and Pulleys he's got a lot of skill but he Did that all the way around this plot so That's bringing more sunlight in it's Given us a hardwood regeneration line For turkey nesting also for deer bedding On the backside then we have that switch Grass around here so in the end we're Going to have a beautiful Staggered actual feathered Edge a Feathered Edge isn't food plot going to Hard cuttings going to Hardwoods

It's switchgrass Regeneration shrubs Briars hardwood Regeneration and then hardwood so you Have that staggered look in the end make Your food plots look pretty if you can Go out bring a knot and Hunter out here And look at and say wow this is a Beautiful field of green yeah the Fall Foliage around it you don't have these Big giant obtrusive piles that are Readily In your field of view Then a mature buck that comes down to The property from a long ways away he Doesn't have to spend months to get used To it during the daylight he comes and Looks at it for the first time and says Wow you know this is unobtrusive this Doesn't look like a hunting situation Doesn't look like piled even our redneck Over there is slightly tucked behind an Apple tree has trees behind it we're Gonna have brush in front of it we'll Have our screening blend this year we'll Have switchgrass coming in shrubs coming In and so we're doing a lot to stagger And feather that look so it really Doesn't stick out and it's not obtrusive Because They don't like big blinds sticking out They don't like piles sticking out and The prettier you make your food plot Edge and less obtrusive the more you'll Attract those mature Buck the oldest

Bucks in the neighborhood that otherwise Will look at a plot with a big room of Trees all around here and say you know What Something's not right here something Clicks inside their head which mature Bucks do mature being relative to your Area then they don't come out here During the daylight I want to see mature Box feeding out here in the daylight and What we plan is a different story out Here those are other videos but make Sure when you're clearing a food plot For this fall and a lot of you are doing So in May May is a great time to get This done and you can fully plant for The entire season and make sure you're Taking the time to make this food plot Pretty make sure you're maintaining your Top soil give it a soft Edge while You're at it on the outside And you'll be handsomely rewarded with Not only a great food plot that doesn't Have a lot of shade on it growing into The fall But a food plot that actually attracts The daylight wanderings and consistent Feedings of a mature Buck all hunting Season law now I don't know if you've Checked out our main website lately but we've Really had a lot going on including hats Books our web class and certainly our New seed company whs Wildlife Blends

When you click on seed on our site it'll Take you right to our brand new site for The seed company we have all 12 Blends Available so check it all out though I Encourage you I appreciate you checking It out whether you buy anything or not Really appreciate you visiting the site And seeing what's going on and continue To watch because we have big things Coming later this year

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