How To Create Critical Deer and Wildlife Edge

Great habitat edge is critical for wildlife! However, creating the perfect edge for whitetails and wildlife populations takes a lot more than hinge cutting and cutting some trees down. This is how to truly create the perfect edge for all kinds of wildlife!

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You know one of the most important Things you can add to your white tail And Wildlife design in your property is Probably the most overlooked aspect of Creating great habitat think about it White tails are creatures of Edge and Within that edge a lot of other Wildlife Species live in fact we have pheasants Right out here grous right in the woods Both that combination right here in the Same spot and then this becomes Beautiful test uh turkey nesting habitat You know they say turkeys are on the de Flying across the country and I read an Article about that over the weekend Again they blame all different kinds of Things but just like feasant in this Area if they don't have habitat they Don't have Habitat to successfully raise The young and have successful nesting And turkey p then they're not going to Have turkeys in the area and so this Edge is not just for white tails it's For everything and I want to talk about Edge because there's programs even in The state of Wisconsin I've seen it Where they have like an edge Feathering Project and usually it's food plot woods And then they hinge cut a bunch of woods Or cut it down and then all of a sudden You have this hard Edge where it's food Plot just a tangled mass of cuting and Then Hardwoods to me that's a hard Edge Uh there's not a lot that lives in that

Uh turkeys for example they need the Grass Upland but then they need that Hardwood regeneration and briers for Successful nesting and then shrubs for Rabbits and so our soft Edge true soft Edge for white tails starts out soft it Starts out with switch grass you can see The switch grass planted last year we Had drought it was later in the season When it was planted and so I'm happy That we have a stand of switch grass Coming and what's really nice is we've Mowed this and we let it grow back and It's scattered and each one of these Clusters forms Into switch grass about this tall just One little seed and you can see where All these are at at it'll just thicken Right in we have switch grass going all The way down these little things right Here little sprigs of switch grass right Here all the way down to the edge so When this takes off next year we'll Expect a 6 to 7t wall we'll spray with This with simazine this isn't a Switchgrass video switchgrass is just Part of it we have a big food plot up Here it's actually 4 and A2 Acres the True temptation is to actually clear This right down to the woods we could Take a huge area in here we could add Another acre and a half to 2 Acres of Food but it's not all about the food There's so much more that goes into it

That's why we love our edge here on this Property we have the switch grass Edge Right here and then we go into the into The weeds right here and we have various Grasses Golden Rod but we start to get These gray Dogwood clusters too gray Dogwood is great for a rabbit hiding out Helps them escap Escape uh birds of prey From above it's great for pheasant and As we move down into here you can see Where we get into the woods and because This was probably pasture land at some Point there's actually a Terrace right Down you can see a white line so there's A Terrace there they actually probably Farm this at one point I'm sure there's Mixed uses throughout the decades in This location in fact this property was Owned by the same family since the 1860s so we bought the last piece which Was the woods it was 67 Acres right here Now we get down to this Edge we have the Grass We have shrubs Briers weeds and then we have that Woods Right there so I want to have hardwood Regeneration down there what's different When we don't have a food plot going We're all the way up to that wood Edge Right there then we don't have to drop The trees back and forth parallel to the Field Edge blocking the natural movement That deer like to take going back and Forth so we can go to those trees there

We have Birch we have Aspen we have Cherry we have maple we have Oak oak oak I'll leave an occasional Scattered Oak You can see some of the bigger ones Along the edge right here and I'll leave An occasional scattered one meaning one Every 2030 yards I don't want a wall Oak It does no doesn't do the wildlife any Good it doesn't do us any good I want The oak for diversity but they're never Going to be the habitat they're not a Good habitat alone and by any me is not Cover and it's not a good food source For the entire fall and winter winter Time is a lean time around here so Bottom line is I'll cut that Timber I'll Hinge cut some like the smaller diameter Non Aspen might even completely cut Cherry cherry maple Oak deer like eating That hardwood regeneration shrubs will Be released that are growing in between And then the Aspen that I cut that's the Next layer in if you can see all these Birch there's there's a couple large Mature Aspen in there just about 15 Yards 10 yards right around 20 30 fet Off the field I'll cut those and because We have the opening of the sunlight Right out here in the field they're all Leaning this way so it makes it very Nice cuts to be able to completely cut The Aspen and what happens is almost as High as that Aspen is and Tall it is That's about the length that those Aspen

Will start to grow in the shoots out Into the field so what we'll have is Once we get to those Aspen back there They would be the key Aspen is Incredible cover for grous for nesting Turkeys food for deer brows for deer Cover for deer and my goal is to expand That Woods out into here so that we have The switchgrass edge the the shrub Grasses Briars and then hardwood Regeneration and then finally getting Back into the hardwoods now then deer That are back there they could actually Bed within the woods they have Regeneration all around them they have The cover up here next to the food Source and we'll get Doe's to bed right Down there where otherwise we would Stand right here we could look in they Could look out to the field that's very Stressful to them even if there's deer Out here they don't like it that's Creating a true soft edge around your Food sources maybe on the edge of your Land where it me eats egg we have about 3 Mi of Edge on this land because it's So irregular going in and around the Farm and egg fields that are in this Location so we have about 3 miles of Switch grass on the inside we could add A rabbit a rabbit hut down here where We'll hinge cut the trees and drop trees Over those three pallets get rabbits to Live in those locations so between the

Rabbit hut cuting the switch grass the Regeneration of the shrubs and what's Cool about these shrubs out here is we Can mow them down if they start to get Tall there trees growing in them we Don't want we can mow them we can spot Spray but we can maintain this Edge as Grass shrubs weeds briers hardwood Regeneration and finally hardwoods for Many years to come and that's an edge That's an edge not just switchgrass Hardwoods or hinge Cuts tree falls that Are parallel and keep deer from going Back and forth and in and out all these Trees that we caught are going to fall Perpendicular to the the field and away From the field Edge and now deer can go Back and forth in between them they can Use them turkey going to escape through Them rabbits will live under them and so Between the hinge cuts of the smaller Hardwood species that are non Aspen and Then the complete cut of the Aspen Probably some cherry too maybe even some Of the Birch we're going to get a ton of Regeneration in this area that'll Actually take place next year and Because we've dropped the trees back out Here any of the grasses that are living Out here that'll come up through those Tree branches will be more sturdy going Into the fall and winter at the same Time it'll offer great cover for All the Little Critters that are out here so

That's an actual soft Edge and if you go Up here back up to the the switch grass Edge we're going back up to that switch Grass Edge right here in our Edge in Total depending on where we're at along This Edge is going to be anywhere from 30 yard to 70 yards deep that'll all be Edge and it'll be all white tails and Wildlife cover it be a ton of diversity And that's what it takes to start not Only building a great food source but Offering bedding regeneration daytime Browse for not only deer but all Wildlife species it all starts with this Edge that'll put Doe's beding closer We're going to make this Edge all the Way around this point it's about 300 to 400 yards of edge if I had to guess it's Actually let me add it up here we're Probably about anywhere from 400 to 500 Yards Edge in this location all the way Around this point Dro ring trees into That brush the same formula all the way Around we even got some red cedar over Here some other clusters of uh of Oak Coming In we'll Place those dos up close to This because they'll have sufficient Cover and brows to hide and and Munch on All day long and then that means back on This point where we just are adding Another stand location that we can Access from the backside will really be A backside Buck beding area where we're

Coming up into that we have bucks Betting between us and the field and Do's be betting between that buck and The field doesn't matter the direction That's the way it always lays out you Have this nice Edge then you have those Bock and so it's not just setting Setting it all up for deer hunting but It does it's setting up setting it up For all Wildlife to enjoy and uh and I Think you'll enjoy it too we enjoy Coming out here and see all the bird Tracks that are in the corn Dylan and I Were just getting out of side by side And her a rooster right behind Us Jen and I were out walking looking For Barry sheds he already shed on December 18th or 19 is crazy he's Wounded that's why but we saw two grous Right over in the corner so to have Grous pheasants turkey nesting and great Deer habitat all at once with a bunch of Rabbits thrown in it's the perfect Indication that we're doing a good job And this is right this is something That's very important for you to add and A lot of people gloss over so add it to Your deer property this year create this Edge and while you're at it if it's on Public land go try to find it cuz where You find all this Edge and diversity Taking place you're going to find a lot Of wildlife including white tails and It's not only a great sign on public

Land but certainly you need to build it On your own private land this offseason I appreciate you guys watching the YouTube channel but I don't know if Everyone knows everything that we have To offer whether it's on white to Habitats or website or Whhs wildlife lens our Seed Company also Instagram you can check out I'm very Active on Instagram putting strategies On there photos of what we do every day Uh much more active there than Facebook But our seed web classes books clients Articles I have over 600 articles on wh Habitats everything whail Strategy of course we have hats on there And then make sure to check us out on Instagram again but lots of stuff to Offer we're always coming out with new Things and this isn't the end of it we Have more things is coming soon make Sure to check us out

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