How To Create True Wildlife Habitat Diversity

Is your goal to create true wildlife habitat diversity in your land? Would you like to have grouse, rabbits, pheasant and turkey nesting on your land? Maybe 1 or all 4 of those indicator species? Then this is how it’s done…

We are live episode 24 we don't have any Commercials to bring to you um with this Right now if you are listening to this On your favorite Podcast um what do you call that a Podcast app yeah Podcast medium regardless if you're Listening to us you can watch us on YouTube that also gives you appropriate B-roll when need it and I guess the only Advertisement we have is our Pure Wildlife Blends for our food plot seed Company please check it out today we're Going to Dive Right In and I I made a Diagram up there and Jen said I could Have been more creative can I see the Board okay so yeah I'd say they can see The board yeah it would just be a guess They can see it actually you know what I Should turn that camera up a little bit Yeah I think you should yeah here just a Second hold please so let's just keep it Going we don't need to start over hey LR Beams yeah that's uh one of our 5-year-olds he'll six this year Jen Found this L beams pretty cool and I Wish we had berries antlers with us They're up in the pole building but we Found Berry sheds too and the one is one Side's pretty amazing but this is pretty Heavy right we'll show it to you on the Next one so good job Jen yeah thank you I'm still working on trying to find the Trying to find the other side but he he

Sure is neat really heavy um his other Side is even more unique so very very Cool I hate to um jinx us but when we Find the other side we'll show you at Least I hope we do but real real neat Deer really looking forward to him this Year for you those of you that have Followed for a while we found venty Sheds from 2020 21 last picture we had Them was uh February of 21 and uh and Now we now we have them so uh Three-year-old sheds we found and they Are definitely venes with drop DS and There's no den bring those to you at Some point too hopefully uh Dylan can Show those in here which is more on me To get him the footage yeah so get to it Stch but you had said that you thought I Could be I don't know if you're just Saying that to mess with me cuz you're Always you know trying to make me feel Bad and hurt my feelings and stuff like That or if you're just are you talking About your artwork Picasso yes oh you Know the thing that I think you said it Should be more uh I would have churched It up a little bit maybe made yeah maybe Made the g a little Different what have slanted your te a Little bit more other than that looks Nice oh thanks yeah well you'd said it You thought I should have been more Creative well sometimes that's just with The letters yes just with the letters

Maybe different colors than letters this Is a this is a a topic that's near and Dear to gen's heart and everything we do I would say yeah pheasant rabbit turkey And it's it's kind of interesting Because you know I've been I've been Doing this for for long enough and you See it we see it but people will take Things I say and run with it no Different than a politician and they'll Say a a certain thing and then news Outlets run with it as if that was Gospel totally taken out of context that Happens over and over again and I've Been saying the same thing for decades So if people just look and see and one Of those is on Diversity And we we really like things on our Property what's your favorite animal That we manage for on the Property I got to say it's pheasant and Really I I have to well other than white Tail white tail takes number one but What you say outside of white tail Outside of white tail I'd say pheasant Uh rabbits are cool but I think pheasant They're you there's not a lot of places That you go where you have a good Pheasant habitat and we have that and It's something that we've been working So hard to do in the last few years so Now we hear him almost every day outside The house when we're on the property we

Hear him while we're in the house yeah Right that too I see him when I'm in the Office you know saw yesterday R across The driveway I saw another one here Behind the house uh over by the Herman On my way out from uh yeah from brush Hogen a beautiful male so I would say Pheasant is the most rewarding for me What about you I you know pheasant is The one where we call them indicator Species if you around here if you have Grous pheasant rabbit and turkey nesting Those are all indications that you have Good habitat that's the way I look at it So people love pheasant and to me I Guess what's part of it is people don't Understand why there are not pheasant Populations and that's what we're a big Thing about what we're talking about so When you get pheasant you're doing Something different than a lot of people Do that spend thousands and sometimes Tens of thousands of dollars to Doh and And try to accomplish and and most People out there doing it are not doing It effectively and there's a big fat Reason why yeah and so pheasant I think It's kind of one of those like yeah see I told you this is how you do it this is How you do it and so that Pheasant uh Gross y yes uh Sunday with Sunday that Was really cool and even Colin mentioned These are probably the only two grous in South uh Eastern Minnesota well the cool

Thing with that too is that uh And we told Colin we said well this is Just one spot on the land where we see Grous yeah so we had seen grous on the Back 67 and then by Jim's plot yep you'd seen Them over there and then I heard Drummond where we where we saw the ones On Sunday and I during hunting season Right you know remember I think I Counted that one night I was sitting in The stand I heard a drum like 13 times I Think yeah so like three main locations On the property we see gross um and so It's not just that we have a couple here And there we never planted any gross so It's kind of cool they're just here and It's because of all our cuting rabbits Are everywhere so it's kind of like yeah I think rabbits are cool I used to have Beagles and run them mhm but uh rabbits Are one of the easier ones to get yeah Out of those and then what about turkey P oh so we got to see we got to see p Last year like in person yeah and really For the first time in a few years would Would you agree with that yeah I I would I hadn't seen P before and it was itar Saw multiple times in different Locations right which is really cool too Yeah really neat we haven't seen uh Pheasant Chicks you're right we Haven't yeah so hopefully that hope this

Year hopefully we saw hens I mean we Have them they're they're just so spooky A lot of times you don't realize how Many feasant are there of course you Have to hear them I mean you'll hear Roosters but uh you know that's that's The thing you you have to know that uh You have to just take some faith that They're there but we hear roosters all The time and we hear roosters in how Many locations on the property six or Seven or eight they're scattered pretty Pretty good yeah no so which is Reflective of the cover we have they are Um so with that being said you know I Would say Feasant turkey p really close gross or They're all rabbits I guess they're just They're too easy I guess the what's Harder to you know grous if you go out And you have a lot of cuting hardwood Regeneration and uh you'll probably have Them mhm um I know some people that was In the up they ah the grous are down This year you know as a family they shot 152 last year and this year they've only Gotten 26 it's kind of like rabbits you know we Went out to one spot along the sceny Stretch and we had a great run we Actually shot three Snowshoe hairs and We had about seven dogs three or four Guys and uh we shot three we get back to The trucks this is only over after about

Two and a half hours somewhere around There great runs we had some long runs It was fun dogs did great we get back to The cars and vehicles and my friend said Hey uh I got to apologize um you know we Didn't have a really good hunt you know Last time we were here we shot 30 some And then the time before that and then We shot 15 and now we only shot three And he started to explain how these Rabbits they move from Island to island In the cover MH and and then you just Don't see me anymore and I'm like oh no They're all dead that's part of the Fluctuations in you know grous are down This year we we shot 150 some last year We only got 20 some this year well it's Because you shot so many stinking so That's difference too we're not sure Shooting pheasant yet shooting grous yet On the land if we feel like we have a Good population um especially with the Pheasant and rabbits we talk about we Can't wait for Jackson oh my gosh can You imagine him out there with uh he's Always going to want to be out there Always hunting for small game yeah he's Going to always want to be out there I Grew up pelan hunting rabbits so that's Kind of hopefully Jackson uses the same One yeah Sheridan 20 caliber pretty cool Jen got me one for Christmas uh couple Christmases ago and it was all the way From 1982 yeah I think so actually yeah

Which is when I mine was either 81 or 82 And someone stole it in college and so Jen knew that and she knew how much I Loved you know using that pellet and Learned how to shoot on it that pet gun Boxes and boxes 500 rounds at a time Shooting and so she got me those twoo Right the boxes should be good between You and Jackson hopefully you can Capitalize on something yeah and so I Mentioned uh we do things a little bit Differently and I I wrote up on on the Board here two illustrations good and Bad And I think people confuse diversity a Lot what's diversity mean to you big Picture-wise what's uh diversity mean to You Jen different things in the same Area so what do you mean by that all Mixed together no and like in a pot or Is it more it's more Structural um very much more structural I I I think your uh description Picasso On the board really talks about that um You know as far as switch grass Pollinator shrubs hardwood regen there's They're all used for different things You know the switch grass can be used as An escape cover you know whereas your Hardwood um regen can be really used for More of where they're going to be doing Their nesting habitat and yeah and gross Yeah you know for for a bunch of these Species uh that we're talking about now

Shrubs are a little bit different Because if you're planting everything in With a tractor and you you're not Throwing out scrubs at the same time You're seaing right so that's the Problem you have this 40 acre parcel Over over on the right and I've seen 40 Acres like this where there's a CRP mix Or a pheasant mix it has Forbes forages Various types of grass in it and and This is the latest in greatest CRP or Pheasant mix we're supposed to be great For wildlife pollinators Birds Butterflies bees great for maybe May June July through August September Everything dries out Dies and because that grass is not Structurally sound enough to stand up During the winter it falls over and There's no cover yeah and so someone Will say that mix is diverse that 40 Acre mix is diverse no it's all the same So it's a monoculture because it's all The same across the entire landscape and This is a concept that we need to get Through in this video that to me I Thought was critical enough to do a Video on this for our podcast because It's not only important for you to Understand but it's important for us and What we love to do mhm you know and all The stuff that we're you know that we're Doing on on the property especially to You know for the management of white

Tails if we're managing for white tails By creating edges we're also doing good Habitat management for turkeys uh Pheasant grous rabbits you know so they All kind of go and uh coincide to one But if we're managing habitat for white Tail then we get all the rest if we're Just managing habitat for rabbits and Making rabbit huts and you know doing Little things like that we're not doing Other habitat stuff for all the rest Right yeah so if we if we just try to Create rabbitat um which is a fun thing To do it is but we're missing out on Pheasant cover we're missing out on deer Cover and it's not necessarily exactly Related to Gross no and and so and it could be Somewhat Escape for grous and overhead Canopy Protection yeah you're missing a lot of Big pieces right and this is where People take things out of context where They'll talk about that I promote Planting a monoculture of switch grass And I do because you have to have solid Switch so that it actually has a chance To stay up during the winter time if you Dilute it with big blue stem little blue Stem Indian grass Forbes Forages it falls over so it provides Zero coverage but can you talk about why It falls over um because you're putting All those other grasses in it right and

Then so it's going to take that stem and Instead of it being thick a thicker stem Oh it becomes half the size right half The size half the diameter half the Height right and so at that point um it Well even if easier to fall down even if You switch crass should be planted at 6 To 8 pounds per acre because you want Thick full switch grass if you plant it At 4 pounds per acre it becomes so Diluted or 3 lb not all the time but a Lot of the time and and certainly as you Get closer to 3 lb 2 lb a lot of the Mixes have a pound pound and a half so It's just not enough to actually provide Cover for the for the winter time uh not Enough cover for deer not enough cover For wildlife so we recommend 8 pounds Per acre and uh and it's really Important that you have that solid Stand because if you have that just a Little bit of switch here and there for One thing a lot of times the taller Grass Shades don't kill Sure and uh and then when that happens Um you just don't have any other grass In there that's going to stand up to a Typical Northern Winter now some of those grass Blends Work well Down Missouri uh Kentucky West Virginia Tennessee because you don't get those Strong winners where it's going to blow

Down that grass sure but just because You add a bunch of grass together Doesn't mean it's is diverse it's just More grass that's like saying we need a Diverse Pine Plantation so we're mixing Red Pine White Pine Jack Pine Scotch Pine Norway Pine all together MH that's Somehow diversity no it's just more Pine It's just more Conifer it's in that same Conifer class that picture on the right You see all those different things mixed In one 40 acre field it's a Monoculture different over here we like Using a base form of cover The base form of cover uh switch grass Is so easy it can be established in two Years so how many of our fields we have So many fields that are 5 to 7 feet tall After two years yeah first year Sometimes 40 in 4 feet so people say no This takes time and it does not take Time um that structure of switch grass That base Cover that is a limiting factor for all Wildlife um is critical to have if you Don't have base cover then you don't Have wildlife and so people will say There's declining turkey populations Declining pheasant populations I even Heard someone blame it on herbicides in Fields because that leaves more trash in The fields if you if you uh don't use Herbicide and Therefore

Pheasants or turkey have more cover Because that's there or more garbage out In the fields the bottom line is if they Don't have cover during the winter time They're dead right they don't have any Place they need that escape cover from Those predators and and if you go back You know farming community in the 90s That I was a part of late 80s they were embarrassed if they had Weeds in their field they would actually Go out their in hand pull them and so if Other fields around the area didn't have Weeds they they looked at those fields Like uh and those are beautiful Fields I Wish ours were like those they felt Embarrassed right yeah that was a pride Thing and so it wasn't like in the 60s 7s they had trashy Fields They' Meticulously disc plow chisel plow over And over again that's why we lost so Much top soil but they had to set those Weeds back enough so that they had a Good crop the problem is is somewhere in The 80s 90s 2000s it start trending from Full fence rows to no fence rows if There is briers and weeds and garbage on The outside of a Woods those were all Taken right back to the hardwood timber Sometimes the hardwoods were even taken Out in favor of uh planting egg fields In their place so we lost all the edge

Cover all the fence rows and therefore No cover and that's why there's no Pheasant populations or turkey there's No turkey someone asked me the other day They said what can you plant for food Plots that'll promote Birds nothing you Have to have the cover first that that Food that you plant for them that could Be a small sliver of a percentile it's Very small but if you don't have the Cover you're not going to have any of This and that's where like all the food Plots we plant out here that's not Giving us our Turkey population grous PE Rabbit pheasant at all it's purely that Cover and so the problem is again CRP Mix on the right there's no CRP mix out There that is going to give you good Cover especially in the North half of The country Northern 40% of the country Because if it lays down during the fall And Winter those critters have to go Somewhere and they just plain die they Don't have enough cover from Above rabbits need cover from above and So we're going to go through one each One of these really quick and I like to Take a field and Surround it switch now On the inside you could have switch Pockets of 50% then you want shrub Pockets you Could have early successional growth Which equals fors Forge is kind of like

A pollinator blend pollinator blend is Just more specific to that then on the Edge of the woods you have hardwood Regeneration we have a lot of our rabbit Huts right on the edge of the woods Where we use hinge Cuts over the top so Now you have switch grass pollinator Shrubs rabbit Huts hardwood regen briers And then finally the woods that's truly A soft Edge where it extends out 100 Yards 5050 yards not just food plot Hinge cut Hardwoods well and even too Not just on our food plots but we also On on our trail system that goes around That top Edge um majority of that is Switch grass on the edge as well along With um you know there's you've uh Extended that edge and you've you know Cut some aspin down in it as well um you Know a little Edge Feathering yeah yeah And So let's go through pheasant okay um we Plant a we have we say we have about 3 Miles of switch and that's about Accurate M it's really pretty so what's The saying with pheasant if they fly They die and so you need long lines Where they can run think Fen Row in the 80s 90s some the 2000s they could run Our fence rows in the woods we used to Hunt in the thumb it's a half mile to The woods and there's 120 acre a field On the right 160 egg field on the left That fence R was 20 ft wide and the

Areas had apple trees briers Vines Hardwood growth trees they get cut down Here and there but it was just a big Tangled mess we actually sat in in Blinds my dad shot his first deer Sitting in a Tangled Vine at a quarter Mile out that's pretty cool yeah it was Really Cool fence's gone now the three more Rows on each side or whatever it equaled Um times a half mile you're talking Another acre 2 Acres so you're talking Another 400 Bush or 300 a bushel of corn To a farmer which is quite a bit right So that's where all these fence rolls go And and so that's where those long lines That pheasants need to run and stay Alive are gone and that's that's a big Difference it's a huge difference and so You have to have that and that's what The switch grass Provides now the shrub Cover where did we see the gross the Other day in the Dogwood Yeah in our Standing great Dogwood yeah it was Pretty cool and we see a lot of our Pheasants run through there and when They start running you know they're not Going to fly no they just they know They're safe they can't be seen from Above no and they're and they they just Disappear you know they're fast but yeah Th those grout that we saw were super Super cool in there but yeah they

They're safe in there there's no Predators predators from above aren't Going to get them and that's where like Dear they're not hiding from PLS and Birds but gr are Fe rbit RAR rbit rabbits are so it's all Critical they have to have that that uh Vertical cover mhm and that canopy cover So you have the Escape cover for switch Then you have the winter cover which is In the form of the shrubs gray Dogwood Red oer dogwood the briers a hardwood Regen was it Fred no this is Beetle Ben Beetle Ben yeah Beetle Ben is going to Take a Ride he hit something he gone but um so You have that winter cover in the shrubs Because unlike this winter this winner Our switch grass stayed up all winter Very very strong uh some some of it 78t Tall lots and lots and lots of cover for Rabbits and uh always wonder I always Wonder what's in there you know when we Drive by or we drive through it Sometimes I'm like you're wondering Snake I am and I know they're not in There but I didn't show you something on Instagram I saw this morning oh good I Don't need to see it was two Rattlesnakes I don't know if they're Mating but they're standing up in the Blue bonnet field in the spring And they were like standing up going Other yeah where kind like

Tenee don't even do it don't do it keep Your hands to yourself remember the Rules that you learned in elementary School but yeah I always wonder what's In there you know there's obviously There's other creatures and stuff in There too but with switch grass we um We've hit on this and talked about this Before but even with Grouse You could Argue that they'll go in there during You know a heavy snow or something like That they'll go in there and burrow in There right mhm yeah so between the Switch grass and the shrubs that's Pretty good mhm but then the gr need Hardwood regeneration and that's where They fly through hard woods for their Escape growls typically aren't flying Across an open field like a pheasant Would be they're flying through the Woods through trees it's amazing they Just darkart shoot I so it's Overlapping the shrubs are used in Combination with the grass for the Pheasant the hardwood regen is used in Combination with the shrubs for the Grous mostly and then that hardwood Regen area is perfect for turkey nesting Right and P so it a lot of times we've Almost stepped on them they've been in The in the Briar hardwood regen kind of Between the shrubs and grasses and the Hardwoods you know that that Woody Edge Right there it's those peaceful moments

That you're walking through the wood Shed hunting or morale hunting and it's Quiet and nice and all of a sudden it's Just Like oh it's like a dinos taken off I've Been up to 3 4T away from one I can't Believe it they're just there they blend In you don't even see them they don't Move until the last second yeah you Don't even see them but um they need That edge cover and then rabbits rabbits Need rabbits will take it all and that's Why I think that if you have a couple of Those you know I I have an illustration Up here we have switch grass then we Have pollinator and hardwood reg or uh Pollinator and early successional growth Areas and then we have shrubs and red And then the hardwood region you have Those Layers that's diversity because if you Don't have the strength of each one of Those together the length of the switch The pockets of the shrubs the pockets And lengths of the pollinator blend next To that cover the hardwood regen Edge if You don't have each one of those in Large Format and separate from the other ones Then each one dilutes it for example Hardwood regeneration Shades out switch Grass Shrubs and briers and so each one of These uh switch grass can out compete

The pollinator Blends it's taller Shades It out Completely and and so you want to Separate all this and when you have that Separation big picture you actually have Diversity yeah you know and when it's Separated too the girl side of me and Hopefully Dylan can show some of this Just below the house we we have switch Grass and pollinator and really nice Edge and it's all separated rabbit Huts Too it's all separated and then the in The summer time and in the fall it's Just beautiful you know and you can see Those you know those different layers And and it's really pretty however you Know that what it's doing is working With all the habitat that we have just Around the house in its strength yes so If you mix that switch those switchgrass Lines we have out here for one no Screening so then the deer that are on The inside can see out you you can see In it Spooks them and so by not having That nice strong edge of switch you're Pushing the deer further back I'll give An illustration CRP field uh in Wisconsin where I hunted for a long time There was uh about 42 Acres of CRP and We'd have some incredible bedding areas That were just inside the woods in the Top of a hollow off the side of a point Where there's a bench just 10 yards in Or 20 yards

In they mowed that CRP in August and so By the time I got into hunting season Only grew about a foot tall what did That do those deer that were sitting Next to that CRP that was about 3 feet Tall 3 and A2 it doesn't have to be that High to Be an Effective screen when it's 42 Acres you know we're not just talking About 10t of CRP or 20 feet or 30 we're Talking about 100 feet or more of CRP Well then deer can bed behind that into The woods but then when it's mowed all Down which you're supp to do then the Deer now go 100 yards into the woods 150 Yards of the woods so when we have a Mile and a half Edge and you're taking 150 yards you're not you're not just Losing 10 acres 20 acres you're using Losing dozens of Acres or more to where You could have actually held deer and Held Wildlife and uh and that's where that Switchcraft 6 seven feet tall and you Can get away with a lot less you know it Doesn't have to be 80 ft wide to hide Something behind it um even then if it Gets all flattened then middle of January February if the critters were Relying on that cover then they're gone They're they're either out of the area Or they're dead right and when it comes To Pheasant Grouse rabbits they don't Just migrate somewhere else they just

Stay there get picked off by predators And die yeah and so that's where that Switch grass gives you that hard Edge it Doesn't have to be that wide we talk About if it's hiding deer from deer or Critters from each other you want more Like 6 to8 feet like on the inside of a Food plot the outside of a food plot Where people might walk by if it's a hi Traic people area we might want 50 ft Wide sure if it's a general traffic area Where you're walking 200 fet away and There's a switch grass barrier I might Want it to be more like 15 ft wide 20 ft Wide something how wide do you think it Is on the top of the 67 up there by the By the power power lines I would say That is uh would you say it's 15 yard Probably including where we're going to Plant the new stuff this year well That's another uh 10 that's another uh 15 so we'll probably have about uh 80 to 90 ft of switch and and we'll have that On either side of our tunnel now I was Able to run run by Barry last year and He had no idea you were there I got out Of the redneck he was in the corn I ran Down 200 yards through the tunnel of Switch got into the into a chair you Were able to do that because that's a Higher traffic area and it's so open a Shot missed but you know that was the End of that story and and Jen found the Sheds right by where I missed you're

Welcome scared him so bad I put Jackson's cup next to him I let you walk Up to him first well technically second Actually I drove up it was nice to see Him laying there it was thank you yeah You're welcome thanks bab yeah um but Anyways that switch grass there because There's a big a field there's people out In that a field there's other Hunters we Wanted that to be even wider so we found Out we own another acre into the a field There and we're going to take it and Plant it and switch uh we don't want Deer there um we already have lots of Shrubs in that area now on the inside of The food plot it's about 12 feet all the Way around it's one spread or width yeah All the way around and then so on the The hard Edge where we have access That's all switch and then it's like a Big V it's a point so that switch all The way around or that food plot all the Way around will have 12et on the other Two sides out to the point and then on The sides of those we're cutting the Woods to feather those into to the early Successional growth of Oaks red cedar Briars golden rods grasses and then you Have that the switch and some of those Areas are 100 ft wide or more 150 ft Wide 50 yards wide or more gray Dogwood Yeah there's there's so much diversity In there yeah so imagine having the Hardwood regen Edge where we're tipping

The hardwood into the field letting Sunlight get into it from both sides and Then uh we're getting hardwood regen There and then all that diversity then Switch then food yeah we so and and we Already have a bunch of pheasant back There I was going to say everything We've been talking about it's all there Yeah we're seeing M multiple roosters a Lot of times at a time yeah super cool When Dylan and I were turkey hunting Back there last year we uh you don't Want to see deer when you turkey hunt But it's fine when you do and we had This uh we had this Tom coming up this Trail we were sitting on and then we Have this you know do and fawn coming Down and they're making eye contact with Each other and I need that turkey to Come up and that that turkey got spooked By that deer so it was like you don't Want to see deer and then all of a Sudden you're seeing deer and here we Are and yeah whatever it's fine yeah That's we had a nice hunt though that's All that matters we just run into tons Of wildlife we do and that's the whole Point of uh this episode and the whole Point you know we go I I said I've been To 1,600 clients where get pushing Around there and um over this is my 20th Season going to clients around 26 states Around the country you know that but uh I've seen many CRP fields and many

Pheasant fields that were specifically Planted native grass blends to have Pheasant pheasants planted they all die And the cover is not working and we're Out there we have to answer why why is This not working it's not something we Prescribed but we have to answer and Figure out why it's not working well When you figured out dozens of times Over years on multiple properties you See the same things happening over and Over again that's why when people online They'll say oh you got to do with this Way and it differs from what I say they Don't have a lot of experience they Haven't been to over a th Parcels or, 1500 Parcels they don't have the luxury Of having Dylan Joe Kevin and Wes go to Properties times another 200 250 a year It'll go to over 300 this year we hear We get lots of feedback we're learning On Everyone I challenge you to find one Group in the entire country that goes More properties than we do so when I Talk about Experience that really matters when you Go look at these properties when you Come and it comes to CRP and Indian Grass and and native grass fields and There I'm standing 12 15 years ago in a In a big blue stem field in Minnesota And it's dead of winter and it's flat And they're sell me yeah this is the big

Blue stem field and it's native grass Field and and you can't even see any Grass cuz cuz just all snow like well Where are the Pheasant you know we we Don't have any you know like they told Us this would be good for wildlife well It's good for some summer purch ing Birds and butterflies and bees if There's some pollinator in there some Mice some mice but and I'm in another Property in Minnesota this is going back About 6 years 5 years and it's a whole 20 acre bottom that's in CRP not even not even a mouse and They're wondering you know we we were Told this is good for wildlife and it's It's a big dead area on our field or our Property and we have to answer to that And you see the same consistency over And over and over again yeah to the Point where it's pretty easy if you Don't have staining cover during the Fall if you don't and winter and if you Don't have those strengths of each of Each area by itself yeah that switch Grass fields was Monoculture that pollinator area is a Monoculture that shrub area is a Monoculture and that hardwood regen Layer is a monoculture even if there's Different Hardwoods different shrubs Different pollinators and even if There's different switch grass varieties In there it's all a

Monoculture by itself but when you Combine it with those other pieces now It's actually true big picture diversity When it's all planted in one field and It comes out of a planter behind a Tractor that's not Diversity that's a big giant Monoculture where cover dies and it's Done and you have to look at it too in The summertime the summertime is not our Limiting cover now it could be in Pheasant country where you have open a Fields with no fence rows and there's no Actual cover from above those Hawks Don't care if it's wintertime or if it's Summertime if they can see those little Critters they're going to go down and Pick them off owls Hawks Eagles whatever It might be Birds of Prey so we kind of Take offense to some of this stuff um It's just people are they you look very Narrow-minded you know say that this is Because it comes out of this machine it Was this blend this is CRP this pheasant Mix it was sold to me it's the latest Andred she paid a lot of money fed Clients one of my favorite clients in Michigan that I've been to several times His he planted specifically and I don't Remember it was 15 Acres or or 20 acres It was at least 10 but it was uh it was A lot of Acres $600 an acre to plant and 10 years later there's zero pheasant Zero rabbits in it and he's he's

Wondering why it's cuz there's no solid Switch in that grass it's all diluted M There's no cover that's what we again we See it over and over again he was build A planting of diversity but until he Actually put in Conifer Pockets had early successional growth of Shrubs Briar came in and he offered that Solid Switch he didn't have true diversity Because you need to celebrate each one Of those as a whole which is what we Love to do Now what do you like managing the most Out of the we have diversity Pockets Switch grass Pockets a rabbit huts and Of course a hardwood regen you're not Cutting with a chainsaw I I Jen doesn't Like me using a chainsaw so if she can Limit me I'm limiting her she's not Using one at all I no she can use one on The trails thought about getting a Smaller soft for I think one of the most Rewarding is I Two planning switch grass most rewarding And then to that hard red hardwood Region there is a few places on the Property where you cut last year that we That we've walked uh I don't want to say It's spring yet but I'm going to say It's spring uh this year for for shed Hunting and it's been really neat to see That hardwood regen as oh my gosh They're just they're everywhere or where

Colin and I walked the other day um you Know on the edge below a bunch of those Food plots there it's just incredible How how thick it was in there you know So you you know you're doing all the Right things for you know the white tail Habitat when you're doing that stuff Everything else is going to come into Play for all these you know other Species that we're talking about but two We're doing everything that we can to Create uh better Land Management for Those species and and just in the last Couple weeks we've seen a fox that we Haven't seen in a very long time and we Had a Fisher on the property and those Are all really neat that's fine those Are all really neat animals to see so What that tells us is that we're doing a Lot of things correctly and yeah even if A Fisher or a fox is a predator that's Okay we're going to have a lot of Turkeys we're going to have pheasant we Have food for these predators to eat so If we have good pheasant we have have Lots of chipmunks squirrels rabbits Grous pheasant turkeys turkey p we're GNA have predat and it's not that we're Trying to create food for Predators we Rather now we shot uh we've had four Coyotes killed on the land this year and We're going to work on the raccoons here Pretty soon but you know bottom line is Um more Predators they're here because

We're doing a good job and so if you Guys are creating lots of Wildlife and You're creating a great property you're Going to have lots of predators and that Kind of brings up the final point of all Of this know what's interesting if you Put white tails on a bullseye in the Middle that's going to Encompass the Better you job you do with white taals White tals are creatures of Edge and Diversity true Edge and diversity this Field you know what the edge is the mile Border around that 40 acre chunk that's The only Edge whatever habitat that's Meeting on the outside that's Edge That's it terrible wildlife proper Terrible white tail property Edge is This the entire edge of that switch Grass the entire edge of that early Successional growth pollinator pocket Area shrubs hardwood regen those are all True edges you can't plant those all in One and have it be Edge that's just a monoculture I hope That makes sense and that brings us back To again white tails that's all Encompassing so if you do a great job With white tails that's all we talk About D and I talk about and Dylan might Have been the one that brought up that Name indicator but um pheasant Grouse Rabbit turkey p turkey Nesting that's uh those are the limiting Factors you know that's uh cover those

Are the indicator species if you have Those then you're going to have a great White tail parcel and we talked about Pheasant we talked about rabbits we Talked about turkey one thing everyone Thinks well turkey roosting trees Strutting areas that's not what actually Builds a turkey population And Es C last we saw those they just dive into The switch grass yeah they disappear and All of a sudden they're out the other End they they find a way to Tunnel Through there and they get away from Predators that way they got away from us That way yeah but it's was really need To see them makes us know that we're Doing the things right so don't fall Into the Trap that planting everything In one spot together and I'll use the CRP mixes pheasant mixes as a prime Example of that that you're somehow Planting diversity because you have four Grasses in there and eight Forbes and Forages that's not diversity if it's all Mixed and that's just what your field is Terrible M you want solid blocks of the Things that are Forbes and forges Separate grass separate cover is grass If the grass has fallen down during the During the winter find a better grass And that's where we plant switch grass Because anywhere you plant it it's going To stand up uh even to the worst Winters

But that shouldn't be your only habitat You should have the shrubs early Successional growth generation we add The rabbit Huts every time we make a Rabbit hut it's probably 30 40t wide 20 Ft deep yeah and we have all the regen It's great escape cover for grous Edge Habitat Escape cover and nesting habitat For turkey uh Escape cover for um Pheasant and it's establishing a really Good regen wall where deer can bet on The back side of it and it brings them Closer to the edge and maximizes your Acres on the inside of the woods so Which brings you full circle back to White tail right depth of Cover yeah and I and I I apologize about You know for that guys because a lot of Times I talk about white tails white Tails white tails we're Thinking GRS rabbits turkey p but um Again it's kind of like a lot of the Strategies we do are directly white tail Related that oh by the way increase Incredible Wildlife populations you know Why there's a diminishing supply of Turkeys across the country it's not Because of Herbicide it's not because there's Chemicals in the ground it's because There's a loss of cover there's a loss Of actually people doing it right to Create that Upland setting with the Hardwood regen Edge going into Hardwoods

That turkey need for nesting and Escape Cover for p pheasant same thing pheasant Populations have gone down because of The lack of cover when you provide the Cover and I just say that because when You provide the cover they're there that Client in Michigan he sat down he had Seven roof se he could hear the one Evening and so he could hear all this on His property where for 10 years he Didn't have anything because he didn't Have the cover and so add the cover and From what I'm seeing over and over again They come you know maybe compared to Years past instead of 10 15 feasant Living in a in a patch maybe before you Had 30 I really don't know but the Bottom line is you can get them back and You can have them on your property if You have those long lines of movement With switch and uh and the rabbits like I said are the easy one gross you have Hardwood regen we you know my friend was Out on Sunday why don't you cut this Aspen down I'm like well that's we're Saving that block for seven eight years From now so that we can have this block Cut now this block cut then this block Cut 15 years from now and you always Have that that regen and growth for for Grous which oh by the way deer love for Cover and uh browse so there's always a Plan there's always a plan can you add Anything no I can't mine is blank no I

Mean other than the Jen's got jokes well We'll do that really quick and I want to Say one thing this is episode 24 and as far as video there's only been About five or six um episode 24 a week From Saturday Jen goes in to have Lily Our daughter she'll be induced on uh March 30th so We are really pumped and that's coming Down to the wire so it sure is if you Guys are on episode 25 now that means Two days from now if you happen to catch 25 um is uh when Lily's coming and so It's right down to the thick of things You're doing a great job babe she was Out she found Berry sheds um on Sunday Um Yesterday I was spraying and you were Brush hogging and we're like going all The way back where it takes 15 minutes To drive back there um she was on the Tractor bouncing around getting bracks And Hicks and her Bell's getting tight She's so close she doing my best yeah Just a pass the time but um and I'm not Saying I I force her to do all this she Loves doing it and so she works uh with The seed company and overseeing West Wes Is our seed manager you know we have Lots of little pieces that help keep the Whole machine running but uh Jen's an Intrical part and she doesn't slow down And I imagine you'll slow down after but We were just talking about on the side

By side Jackson was on the side by side Within two days I think so two days After we got back from the hospital he's Out at maybe the day I don't know it was Within three days at the most she was Turkey hun in three weeks with him in The blind with me too so uh uh we'll We'll still do our wait till stuff and We'll still be shooting these but uh It's coming soon and Jen's got jokes um Do you have a really good and we skipped The mailbag just skip that you know for Right now cuz we went over some of these Comments you know people what can you Plant for Birds uh cover not food plot Thinking more cover cover cover cover Cover very important but deer if you Want big buck you got to have the cover Good regen cover and you have to have Food plots on private land or someone Else the food PLT program 2 miles away Is going to suck them all the way sure Is today's video but anyways uh back to Jen's got jokes this really isn't a joke Today I'm going to go back to our Conversation we were having with Autumn Jeff's oldest Daughter her her uh Jeff has these Zingers that just come to him and I Haven't quite figured out how he can Think so fast on his feet cuz I cannot However we're talking to her and she was Telling us that stupid in my head well Her and her uh uh fiance were shopping

This weekend at Menards and they were There to buy lattice for I would imagine Their house and their deck and anyways And I think uh I don't think she so much Has got we're we were shopping for Lattice for our house and Jeff looked at Me and he Goes you know the perfect type of house That goes with Lattice and I go what else what what Babe Ranch ranch goes with lettuce and I Found that to be incredibly dumb but Incredibly funny and even Autumn went oh Boy and this is why we're perfect for Each other yeah she loves this stuff she Can't get enough right right yeah just Keep them coming babe okay thank you Guys for watching really appreciate it Uh again reminder we're really fired up About this stuff think about what true Diversity is it can't come in a bag it Comes by separating the powers of each One of those pieces you can separate Red Cedar for switch grass different types Of shrubs small growth trees Briar regen Golden Rod but it has to be separate Pieces and you'll find true diversity

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