How To Destroy Summer Buck Habitat

One of the best ways to attract more bucks and build a great herd during the Fall, is to get rid of your Summer buck habitat. Here is how to create a summer buck makeover so that you can attract the oldest bucks in the neighborhood at the RIGHT time of the year, and not the wrong…

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Now I want to talk about how to destroy A summer Buck hot spot because I talk About all the time that Where they're at during the summer large Basically large Bachelor groups of Mature box they're probably not going to Be in the fall you know just real quick They need high overstory and shade they Need good airflow Away from the bugs down on the swampland And then they need summer food so a lot Of times that summer food is not there During the fall and then at the same Time they need a completely different Type of cover they need to be done on Those swamps that are bug infested During the summer time they need to be In the thick cover that's right over Here in Bedding areas that we made During the fall but they can't live There during the summer because they Crash their velvet in there there's a Pain associated with it they just can't Rip that velvet apart going through the Cover that they would prefer in the fall During the summer so bottom line is we Want to convert areas It's interesting this area right here in 2020 when we bought the land and we were So excited to hunt it we had some Incredible pictures right in this area And along its entire stretch we have an Area back here called Buck corner Dylan Shares often a bachelor group of bucks

That were just incredible some of our Oldest box and they it was a big one Dylan I don't know I was there 10 8. Yeah quite a few coming through it's Pretty cool Um but bottom line is we're excited we Saw them but then I I thought at the Same time you know dang it if they're Here during the summer they're probably Not here in the fall now one of those That happened to be the biggest one Kermit I ended up killing them I killed Him later in the fall he was more of a Homebody here The bottom line is We had the conditions here for open Timber summer food sources no food plots And so that all set up for summer food Open over story and shade perfect summer Conditions so we're trying to destroy That We don't care whether you're at during The summer around here box does doesn't Really matter in fact I'd prefer If you could draw it up perfectly that All those deer would be on someone Else's land in the summer consuming all Their forages food Living there and then for that we have The perfect fall property and then we Invite those deer back in the fall Starting with their annual Whitetail Shift that I talk about starting September and October that's when you

Want those bucks start moving back on Your property and then a few dozen fonts We don't want the entire Dole fawn fan The group system and heard out in this Area on our property all summer because Then they'll just be here all fall we Want dolls and fawns here but we want That balancing point where it allows us To get the most number of mature bucks They're not displaced by a bunch of does So bottom line what have we done here Well right here I'm standing in a Three-quarter acre food plot expansion I mean heck looking at right now it Might even be an acre it's a long ways Over there and then up to the top you Can see our old switchgrass silhouetted Against the sky up there that was the Edge of the food plot before you see We're almost 35 yards below that 40 Yards to this Edge It's 100 yards to the end of this plot Where we expanded it I took an area That was somewhat mature if you kind of Look over here you can get a flavor of What it used to be like down into here You can see the trail down here pretty Open for summertime so bucks had the Privilege of coming back here on a flat Air condition All that wind coming off the the fields They could sit back here with some good Airflow or up high no bugs because it's

Not swampy and they could just lazily Live out their summer days in this Location instead we ripped it all up you See it's dirt right now we have corn Planted on the outside over here this Will be a green plot but we're not Playing until August I could care less About feeding the deer during the summer Time we don't need to it doesn't help Their health Just hurts us more than helps us And so Food right here big dirt patch now where They used to bed That'll give us more food in the fall And then behind Dylan back here I've Spent a lot of time creating bedding Area and cutting cutting several tanks Of Chainsaw gas but didn't stop there You go on the other side of the blade Plot that's where Tyler shot his buck or Hunt winner for Camp kicking bear Charity event that we have every that we Host every year On the other side of that power line Over there I've run several tanks of Chainsaw gas cutting a bedding area Right there too and that's another area They live during the summer time there's A series of benches that go down I Completely turned that summertime Bedding location into a fall and winter Hot spot in fact that's where we found Berry sheds this year Berry should be an

Incredible six-year-old bucklet this Year he was an incredible five-year-old Last year I really like to run into them Going into the season he's probably my Number one target box I really hope I Get to see him the bottom line is Fall betting over there from Summer Betting took summer betting right here Converted it to fall betting took summer Betting right here converted it to a Food plot And then when we head this way More food plot right up here in this Edge right here instead of just open Field cover and as we continue on big Patch of switch grass that allows us to Hide movements another water hole about 400 yards away from here another 100 Yards this this side we have rabbit Huts Around here Cutting below Buck corner Cutting right below it cutting all the Way down the bottom So with a lot of cutting we've converted What was primarily summer batting Habitat into fall We've utilized Open Spaces created more Space so we could have more fall food What does that do to our summer Buck Pictures Makes them go down the tubes If I didn't know any better I'd look at It like wow you know we're doing some Bad things here

If you're taking cover and making major Improvements to high quality fall food High quality bedding cover and you're Doing it and the ways we talk about on This channel where you're still Exercising a good amount of depth to Cover you're not accessing the spooking Through those deer when you hunt in the Fall Then when you lose box during the summer You lose the village visibility of those Yeah switch grass in that power line Right now used to be open they could Browse out there in the summertime We've completely turned this 7 800 yard Edge right here into all fall food cover Switch grass edging And what does that equal it means that By destroying Good summer Buck habitat we're Maximizing our entire property Towards the fall you build buckards During the fall you build deer heads During the fall that's when you can Actually help their health you can give Them great food before winter time great Food when they get out of the winter Time you give them a place with high Quality brows all fall and winter which Is what they need during their betting Hours thick stem count cover Mold and shape the herd the way you want You give yourself a lot of power and Control

And that's when you know you're doing a Good job think about destroying your Best summer Buck habitat so you produce Exceptional fall and winter Buck habitat Which helps your overall herd and oh by The way It helps you have a great hunt this fall Because we're not hunting these in the Summertime so really important to focus On the fall and if you do it right You'll find that you might not see a lot Of bucks during the summer and that's A-OK because your property and your hunt Will be graded By what happens in October November December January And not the rest of the year hey folks I Really appreciate you watching and I Want to invite you to check out our main Website I'm gonna miss all these but we have Seed to offer hats articles web classes Books consultations and even a new Podcast I think we have 17 podcasts out There right now for you to listen to so We have a lot to offer most of all if You don't want to buy anything I'm going To keep offering free videos free Articles we have over 600 articles on The site and most of all thank you very Much for watching reading listening Being a part of whitetail habitat Solutions if you want to check this Stuff out awesome links are in the


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