How To Hang A Whitetail Rut Stand – NOW

Right now is a GREAT time to set an outstanding whitetail rut stand for this season! Here is why, when and where to set up and hunt the perfect rut stand for this deer season…

Now we all dream of that monster buck Walking by a rut stand and You know let's face it a lot of us were Going in Haphazard End of October setting up and uh and and Really you know trying when I think There's a lot better approach to that And that is really planning your rut Sets right now and we talk about another Video planning your erotication and how To use three weekends instead of uh week Off to really maximize your time of Field and give you a lot higher chance At success for a mature Buck especially At Target box but bottom line is when it Comes to hanging a rut stand these are Some of the ingredients you need to hang A stand right now leave it alone come Back and have a great hunt during the Rut this fall first thing I want to look At and one of the major ingredients That's not on a food source now I need To back up a lot of your unfortunately Really excited because you just put a Nice blind a nice stand right on a right On a food plot And if it's a big enough food plot where It's attracting a lot of deer at the Time in the morning and afternoon when You're trying to get in and out then It's a bad rut stand because you need to Be able to go in back door entrance get Into a really nice spot in the woods in

The morning and sit sometimes whether It's the morning or all day and have a Great hunt if it's on food you're Already spooking deer when you get in There now if it's on a small hunting Plot and you have big food plots several Hundred yards away that might be a Different story but that's more the Exception than the rule so right off the Bat if it's on a food source probably Not the best rut hunting spot between Food and bedding or between bedding and Bedding So what I like to see is you have an Interior spot a corner a point where you Think that deer especially a box is Going to bed or does and fawns then over Here is another bedding area and you Have that constriction in between it Could be an inside corner of a field Where you have a field that actually Dylan you can see that but Fields right Here Woods all around out here And that creates an inside corner right Here what that does is box will cruise That corner back and forth and it makes An X of movement that acts of movement If it's between you have bedding you're In the distance betting your distance This field is grassy field something Just Low cover you can slip in and out That can be an exceptional Rod hunting Spot

Between bedding areas Instead of sitting on the food source Food plot you're sitting between there In the bedding area that makes it kind Of nice too because deer will focus Coming from that food source let's say You're 100 200 yards away in the morning And then going back to that food source In the afternoon so we'll give you a Good all-day hunt potentially sometimes Between bedding areas backside of Bedding Exceptional morning hunt but then those Deer are leaving that location and going Back to food so the closer it gets dark The less likely they are to see actual Box cruising Still a great run-on though because I'm Focusing on the morning Think about that stand location where You're at Where does it connect to bedding areas Especially known Buck bedding areas Can you imagine a mature buck Now don't think of a rut craze Buck Think of a buck that's actually being Stealthy a mature old monster In that stand location you're at can you Imagine him leaving his most secure Bedding area and coming all the way to Your stand location and having secure Travel the entire way meaning he's not Crossing Open Fields open Hardwoods Roads

Back side of someone's house he actually Has secure travel where he can feel Comfortable going from point A to point B that's another test of a great rut Stand Non-food access And not only you're not sitting on a Food plot but I don't want to go past a Giant food plot to get to my stand for a Morning hunt you know I keep saying Morning you know morning Sith the next Point I probably shot about 70 percent of my Mature Buck my oldest box If I had to look at my top 35 40 bucks They're going to be in the morning Uh seventy percent of the time even Though I only sit about 25 percent of The time On a morning stand location and that's Why it's so critical to develop those Morning spots bucks move around about Three times more in the morning hours Than they do the afternoon hours so it Creates a great opportunity for you to Get a good look at a cruising monster During the morning and that's why I Prioritize that and that's why it's Really hard To go through a Giant Food Source in the Morning those box deer herd in general Are already there so a lot of times You're spooking out your hunt before it Even begins so really try to pick a

Stand location where you can go well Around a big food source and get into in Between bedding in between food and Bedding put yourself in that position Where You can imagine a buck going through And then finally at the end you take That spot and you can sweeten it with a Water hole mock scrape or both I always Use a mock scrape in a location but if It's an area where I don't have water Another stand within three or four Hundred yards It's an area that features dry movement Between bedding between food and bedding That's a perfect spot for a water hole Even if you have water 100 yards away Because that's not in the movement so Consider looking for a sweetener if You're on public land try to find that Sweetener whether it's a scrape or maybe A natural water hole that you can hone Over and then finally when you're Setting this stand up right now June July You're setting it to leave over cut Meaning you're making larger openings These are some tips that Dylan brought In we were talking about this at the end Make sure you install hangers right now For your bow for your gear whatever You're doing making sure when you slip In you can be ultra quiet and then of Course your safety line that's all

Installed right now so that when you Sneak in there now you set this up I Have a lot of stands I've set up Anywhere from May to July And then I'm not going back to that Stand until the rut to actually hunt it And that's the first time I go back in There some dark morning it's cold really Cold you know that's where I talk about Right here in that morning set I'm Waiting for that first nice cold it Might be that first Frosty morning in The North End of October might be your First time it's in the 30s 40s down South my bottom line is you're picking That time Where it's cold you're going in the Morning it's already a pre-hung stand You don't want to use a climber in a Situation like that you don't want to Have a lot of gear that you're monkeying Around with Unless you're on public land maybe you Do that but if you're all set up on Private land you're sneaking in hangers Are there ready to go And you're put yourself in a position to Hunt and harvest a giant mature Buck This rut and you're planning for it in June or July using these ingredients try It out that's what I do almost every Year we're always looking for that next Great morning rut stand I think you can Find it now set up and it'll pay off big

Time When you enter that stand during a Frosty cold toe numbing morning this Fall hey folks I really appreciate you Watching and I want to invite you to Check out our main website Whitetailhabitat I'm going to miss all these but we have Seed to offer hats articles web classes Books consultations and even a new Podcast I think we have 17 podcasts out There right now for you to listen to so We have a lot to offer most of all if You don't want to buy anything I'm going To keep offering free videos free Articles we have over 600 articles on The site and uh most of all thank you Very much for watching reading listening Being a part of white habitat Solutions If you want to check this stuff out Awesome links are in the description

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