HOW TO HOT MELT ARROWS PROPER – Hey so admittedly, I have never used hot melt until this year… I’ve heard guys raving about it but never gave it a shot… NOW… I may never go back to glue! #elkshape #abt #archery

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[Music] Thank you [Music] All right guys we're setting up dance Tag arrows here real quick so we got to Throw in some 150 grain gluins just want To go over the procedure for putting Hot Melt in real quick so always always After you've cut your arrows to length Get narrow straightening device this is G5's new one pretty solid design get a Spin on the end of it you're just Squaring up the back of that Arrow make Sure it's nice and flat come in I like To chamfer the end of the shaft we're Going to clean the shaft This is a really cool tools Dan's got Here I'm going to guess this came from Bill and ironwell score the inside of The shaft we're going to take a little Bit of rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip here Go down inside this shaft this is Important because if you don't clean the Inside of the shaft your glue is going To go to all the debris that's inside of There instead of adhering to the shaft Use rubbing alcohol because it dries Really fast you don't need to use Acetone or lacquer thinner don't use Those abrasive chemicals until necessary All right so we're going to get in here Real quick and Hot Melt these points in Using Milwaukee heat gun here set of 350 Degrees this is the low temp Hot Melt

From Iron Wheel you get in here start Heating up the end of this point this is My first time using this method I Personally use a small pre-lit butane Torch so this will be my first time Experiencing this try to eat this Hot Melt up a little more in here There we go now we're starting to get Somewhere more is good here and a lot of Adhesives they tell you less is more not In this situation once you get as much On here as you possibly can Particularly towards the back of the Shaft because what can happen with hot With Hot Melt endpoints is all of the Glue will push up the shaft and then we End up with vibration In the back of the shaft [Laughter] Slide this on I'll pull it out once and I'm going to scoop that excess off and Stick it in the shaft again this is Because I want that stacked up on the Back of the point If the point gets too hot use a pair of Pliers I like a hard metal surface to Push on Like so And that's it you're gonna end up with a Nice little ring there let that cool let It dry off and then it just rolls off Like a rubber band once it's cooled down All right guys we're just cruising along Here putting points in Dan's arrows I'm

A big fan of the use of Hot Melt um you Know we sell a product called Max impact That's fantastic for doing glue and Bushings and points and stuff but a Hot Melt is just a really great adhesive to Use for your points because it allows You to index your point so you can index Your broadheads Um if you're trying to True your broad Heads up and you know they're spinning Out a little bit off you can reheat it a Little bit let you make adjustments to Make sure that your points your Broadheads are index are spinning really True really easily unlike some the use Of uh cyan acrylates or super glue style Adhesives and yes that that is going Against me a product that I sell that Works exceptionally well but I do like Hot Melt huge fan of hot melting now Had never done it until Those comp Pro Comp builds

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