How To Hunt AFTER The Rut – is it seriously over?!

Yes, believe it or not the annual primary whitetail rut has come to a screeching halt in many areas, and is about to end very soon in others. However, there is still so much incredible deer hunting opportunity for you to find!HERE is how to hunt after the rut ends, wherever a whitetail roams…

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Now it's a really sad time of the year Because the rut's almost over um and a Lot of that has to do with daylight Activity one factor there's far fewer Deers deer or do coming into Asis but Then at the same time think of the Hunting pressure it's been applied to Most areas where you have lots of Rotations that have been filled gun Seasons are taking place and so it Really suppresses deer movement and Especially Buck movement mature Buck Movement during the daylight a lot of People are still waiting for the rut to Begin what that means is you don't have Mature Bock you don't have older Buck You don't have a large number of buck in Your area because the rut in the Upper Midwest is about to end when you get Down to Tennessee over to Virginia that Could be more towards the end of November that it's ending early December West Virginia Kentucky you know by the Time in Kentucky Southern Ohio by the Time you get into November 25th it's Really winding down kind of like it is Right now here on the 15th up north here It used to be nice because when I hunted Southern Ohio on public land a lot I Could leave here at right about this Time and it's right in that perfect Window for down in Ohio about 7 to 10 Days behind us but bottom line is it's Coming to conclusion and the hunt really

Really changes when it does and I'm Looking at bucks need to recover this is One of the primary focuses I want you Get this wrapped around your head where Boy you get a few warm days in here and Bucks don't move and yeah you get a cold Day and a hot dough that comes in and it Can really start another flurry but Really right now we're in we've had 60° Weather last couple days high winds There's hardly anything on the trail Cameras and a lot of dozens of trail Cameras across two states and Dillons Included so we're seeing a big slowdown These bucks been on the Move since October 20th October 25th really pushing Things a lot of times they lose 20% body Weight 25% fat and all of a sudden we're Getting into this time what do they want To do they want to recover so they sit Around all day and they don't do much They're trying to build energy reserves Back up especially when the winter is Coming just right around the corner Corner you have to understand that it's Really important bucks need to recover And that's why you really don't see a Lot of movement all of a sudden it just Dies and some people are saying well It's the rut lockdown no it's dead it's Really to a point the the rut lockdown Takes place when a high percentage of Bucks the highest percentage of buck for The entire primary rut are on Do's when

Does that happen well look at it that a Lot of Dos aren't in yet just starting In the pre-up all of sudden it launches Up somewhere in here on the way to the Peak of the rut a lot of Dos are coming In Bucks are ready they're waiting and Slammed they're all on Doze but after that even towards a peak And then the Decline then it's random do running Around bucks are on your Trail camos Running all over the place scrapes are Opened up then they're not very very Random and that's why you sit all day Peak rut could happen at any time but During the rut lockdown all the Bucks Are on doze you all of a sudden see this Little slow period if you're watching The rut watching your cameras a lot like We do then you get into the peak rut Could happen at any time and then all of A sudden it slows down again when it Slows down again it's not that they're In rut lockdown it's just that things Are really starting to slow down they're Actually starting to slow down maybe There's running activity that takes Place a nightm but bottom line is it's Slowing down and when that happens and It finally slows bucks sit around Conserve energy build energy and that Means not moving much and only hitting Afternoon food sources should you hunt Morning during that time and I'm saying

The last 10 days of November here in our Area now obviously we're going to hunt All day during gun season in in Wisconsin when it opens this Saturday Saturday before Thanksgiving we're Definitely going to be out there all day Hey we'll get right back to the video But I want to make sure you guys know About this up to 40% off first light for Their solitude food and Sanctuary Clothing which is outstanding these are The mid and late season clothing 30% off For the uh Catalyst which is more early Season and then a lot of the other stuff Is 20% off so giant Sal it's are biggest Of the Year Black Friday sale check the Link into my description to make sure You take advantage of that now back to The video but very quickly we changed From hunting rut gun season morning to Only afternoon food source movement Because they're already laying in and Around their bedding areas when you go In in the morning and you just have a Chance to spook them now one of a really Good tactic is you go in when he gets Into the secondary rut which is end of November early December and then we Start hunting mornings again especially If we know that bucks might be in a Certain area let's say they've been Shell Shocked by gun season they're Already down in their beding areas Before daylight we might move into an

Area where there's a random food source Clearcut cuting apple trees still Holding acorns daytime food s small food Plot even a water hole that might be Open cuz it's warmer weather we get into Those locations and wait right next to Those bedding areas where a buck can Come over not spooking out the bedding Area getting in you can almost go in There at Daybreak sit down and wait till Mid morning when it warms up and you Expect those deer to move but until that Time this last 10 days 2 weeks of November in our area and that area that Might be the last week of November first Week of December for you kind of looking From that rut lockdown period fast Forward about a month and that's when Your second rut takes place which around Here is early December end of November You're just going from the rut lock D Forward very systematic way to approach A rut and when you should be hunting Where and once you've done that and You've done it for decades and you see The same stuff and you're seeing it all Over the place which is what I Do then it gives you a really good Comfort because you know when to hunt Where at what time morning afternoons Evening so right now we're hunting as Soon as the rut ends we're hunting Almost purely food source movement Because there's a great chance you'll

Spook deer in the morning and until the Secondary rut then we're flipping back And hunting some of our favorite rut Stands and we're focusing on food food Food very very critical because right Now not only are food source supplies Shrinking but food source Supplies that haven't been overrun by Hunters are far far and few between so It's very critical they understand Unpressured food sources next to good Cover attract a lot of bucks from the Area because that's truly the 3% 5% of All deer hunting Parcels doesn't matter If it's public land or private land that Attract mature bucks from a long way Away Bucks have five six times the home Range that a do family group does they Go they'll go find that food but it's Not just the food it's unpressured food And when you add those two together There's not a lot left because people Have over hund their food sources Especially food plots on private land Big clearcuts adjacent to roads on Public land and all those areas have Been Overrun so you have to find it's better To find adequate food not the best but Adequate food that's still standing That's Unpressured than to find great food That's been highly pressured this time Of year look for that combination now if

You can find great food on pressure like We try to develop on private lands Awesome that's a key and that's a key Towards this period where there's really Not much going on bucks are recovering And don't think that the rut still Hasn't begun in your area especially the North third of the country it's coming To a conclusion Michigan by the time gun Season rolls around November 15th not Only you're already on the decline but Slam 850,000 Hunters Into the Woods at The same time let alone Wisconsin just a Few days later and boy all of a sudden It looks like there's no rut taking Place and it's not only that there is Not much rut left there's a lot of Nighttime movement suppressed and Created by a lot of hunters and ing the Woods so learn how to hunt not only During the rut that's easy go sit on a a Nice funnel in between uh bedding areas Food sources kind of get that perfect Exm movement hunt the weather hunt cold Fronts and you'll be in position every Year to have great bucks go by but when It gets into this later time of the year You really have to hunt and watch out For that weather because again deer feed Five times in a 24-hour period when they Miss feedings and big fronts go through And there's a lot of stress and they're Burning energy to stay alive they can't Wait to feed on the back side of that

Front yeah there's a little bit of Feeding on the front side but you can Really count on on the back side five 10 Times more than the front side of a Front so really hunt the back side of That front look for feeding deer hunt Those afternoons and evenings and you Too I this te beer of time can be slow There's so many H hunters in the October LW that's a common time to complain About lack of deer sighing but it's Really common if you're still hunting Towards this period after the rut Because nothing's moving deer are Focusing on only the afternoon just Slight movement bucks are usually Betting fairly close to the food sources But not in between do and the food Source so look for those areas that hold Could potentially hold deer H in those Food sources and you can beat this Period of time which is more important To beat than the October LW there's Still some deer around and then there's Good news just about 10 days 2 weeks After this takes place the secondary rot Is around look for it plan on this Entire structure and you have a Successful hunt this year and Beyond

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