How To Hunt All Phases Of The Rut

There is an incredible amount of amazing opportunities when you learn how to hunt ALL phases of the rut!

I want this to be a short tutorial of How to hunt the entire white tail rut And a lot of people think of the rut as Just say seven to9 days of opportunity When really there's about 3 weeks the Problem is a lot of people don't know When the rut begins what phase they're In and how to hunt in each face we're Just going to go through this really Quick if you want a huge more Comprehensive approach to hunting the Entire rut check out my rut web class It's really important to do so that'll Guide you from A to Z and really put you On the road map to success for each and Every rut going forward first of all the Pre rut this is one I focus on mornings Again the pre-ot I've mentioned this in Other videos lately the pre-ot begins When you see bucks on their feet midm Morning to midnoon if those giant bucks Are around their feet the rut hasn't Begun sure bucks rub and scrape all October long they pester do they leave Lots of sign that doesn't mean and all Of a sudden they might be very active at Night but until they're active during The daylight hours the pre-ot hasn't Begun and that'll happen within a day Two days every single year we see that Happening the 22nd to the 24th every Single year in this area that might be The 1 if of November if you're in West Virginia Kentucky if you're over to

Oklahoma over into Virginia if you're in Pennsylvania that might be the 5th the 1st the 28th somewhere around there New York might be that 28th time might be The 25th time frame but rest assured by The time you see this it's happening so The pre-rut is the time I hit the Morning stands they're not really active All day in fact an all day sit is not Appropriate for the preut it just Happens for the first 5 six seven days You really want to focus on these Morning hunt opportunities next to Bedding areas think bedding bedding Bedding and make sure when you get into Your stand you're not walking through Food to get there in the morning because You're just going to Spook deer out and Ruin your bedding area set try to get on The back side of bedding the downwind Side and not in the batting area just Running that outside edge the rut Lockdown you know a lot of times in the Pre- Rut mature Buck especially are very Active they're leaving a lot of sign Down the ground and that might be why You're not experiencing the start of the Pre-ot because you don't now have a lot Of older bucks in your area that Explains why your friend your buddy 10 Miles away says yeah it's on and you're Not seeing something but rest assured It's already begun and it starts at the Same time every single year there's been

Times I've seen people wait till November 8th and they're saying well the Rut hasn't started yet no they' just Missed it they've missed rutting Activity warmth suppresses running Activity but bottom line if you don't Have older bucks in here you're not Going to see it the Bucks are ready to Breed the Dos are not coming into estris Yet great weather cold temperatures all Rut will push bucks or feet that's why The roller coaster of opportunity begins With a pre-rut and extends all the way Throughout the rut because if you have Warm days it'll suppress movement bucks And do will still be breeding but it's Going to be after dark they're still Going to breed at the same times where You see a lot of daylight activity is When that temperature drops on the back Side of the front think of deer that Have been suppressed because of high Winds thunderstorms lightning heat Snowstorms hail and then when it breaks And it's steering the rut wow watch out They're all over the place like I said These dos aren't necessarily ready to Breed yet but those older bucks are Ready to actually demonstrate and Express runting activity but at some Point it's exponential growth no Do's One or two do's and then all of a sudden A whole bunch of do on that front side Of the rut and then it Peaks and then

Comes back down again this is that area Of the end of the preot that enters into The lockdown phase it's a time where Every Buck has a dough lots of Dos are Coming into estrus and that's when they Actually go hit them don't follow your State agency's government agencies for When the rot is coming in because Different states tabulate when the rot Actually takes place compared to other States even counties in some areas look At Georgia the ruts all over the map Down there because they each have their Own individual ways of looking at when The rut Begins States like pen Pennsylvania for Example don't really look at the second Rut they just look at it all as a Primary rut it's the same rut and when That takes place that means the Secondary rut 15 or 20 % of do that are Actually bred compared to the 70 80% in That first primary rut or Peak rut phase It actually pulls that average date out Later into the month of November so you Look at it and say wow it's not Happening until November 15th or 20th When really that's about over by that Time for the peak rut the problem is They're tabulating in the peak the uh Second rut and that pulls back the Average date of conception as far as the The overall average you look at county Lines state lines especially where at

Kentucky Ohio can be drastically Different just across the state line of When rutting Behavior actually takes Place well we know the deer don't know About any kind of state line the problem Is is that one state tabulates when the Rut comes in versus another bottom line Is when you see all this activity taking Place you see bucks on their feet Between 10:00 a.m. and 2: p.m. you know The pre- ruts begun and you know that Within a few days those dos are going to Come into heat that takes place early November around here in southeast Minnesota Southwest Wisconsin it can Seem like it's a ghost town you have Long sits in that case I might sit in an All day stand at that point you're Sitting between food and bedding or on Beding if I'm sitting bedding then I Want to flip around to food in the Afternoon you're almost following those Doe's like you do in the post R but Bottom line it's a long day because Bucks aren't necessarily on their feet All day they're just trying to breed the Do the doler with and again every Buck Has a do so why would they move around And if you're hunting in areas with lots Of do's compared to Buck because you've Over managed your property you have a Lot of summer food sources you have a Dough Factory then you're going to see See even less movement cuz there's so

Many Do's Buck don't need to move very Far to find a new one folks it's time For the rut and that means you need to Check out my rut web class it'll help You navigate the entire rot but more Importantly quiet cat is one of our Important partners and through that Partnership they've offered to clients People that contact us an incredible Discount And opportunity to buy a new quiet cat Look for an email that you can contact And the contact information in the Description but I really want to pass That off to you um we don't do that very Often but I want to make sure you guys Don't miss out if you're looking and in The market for new quiat Peak rut this Is all day quality hunts you don't know Where they're going to be I like to hunt That perfect EXA movement between Bedding and feeding it's kind of Interesting you look at that barbell Movement you look at their bedding area And you look at that food source preot And sometimes part of the rut lockdown That movement are buckes all over the Beding areas but then they're kind of Going straight to food the difference is In the peak rut look at they're making Lots of movements around that food Source yeah they might be moving in Between a lot in certain funnel areas That's where I want to sit in that

Perfect ex of movement look at they're Making a lot more movement in the Afternoon before dark and they're making A lot of movement in the morning and They're moving in between midday that Gives you the opportunity for an all day Sit not on food and not in a bedding Area that might be 10 15% of your Potential stand locations most or either At bedding or food source post rut this One it's starting to wind down but the Old bucks still know the game is on and They still know they can move long Distances to find dos and find a Receptive dough they don't want to give Up some of those younger Bucks have been Beat down they're ready for the rut to Begin or to end and they've been wore Out but those mature Bucks have a lot of Energy big bodies and they're willing to Move great distances is when some of the Most fierce battles take place cuz it's Pretty easy during the pre-out to find a De it's pretty easy during the peak rut Lockdown obviously but when it gets in The post rut there's not a lot of do's Coming into estris in Wisconsin that'd Be the 13th 14th 16th 17th of November Michigan the same some areas of the South Kansas that might be the 22nd 25th Southern Ohio I've shot a nice buck the Monday before Thanksgiving I don't Remember if that was the 20th 21st Sometime around around there but was

Chasing dos it was still those last few Days of the rut follow do family Groups go to dough beding areas in the Morning go to dough beding areas in the Afternoon for food sources you don't Want to just sit back by a buck bedding Area you're looking for long distance Movements great funnels into either Dough bding areas between dough bding Areas or areas in the evening where dos Are moving to to feed you're looking for Trails on the way there that capture That bottom of the funnel of daylight Movement where lots of trails are Converging to one to go into a major Food source maybe there's a water hole There maybe there's a mock scrape or Something they're hitting bottom line is You're looking for buck that are Following do and that'll guide you to Success in the post rut and then we get To the second rut which happens about a Month after that rut lockdown phase so If the rut lock down is the first couple Days few days of November that means First few days of December is that Second rut and that's when 15 20% of the Dos are still going to be bred it's Still a significant amount how do you Hunt that well you hunt it just like you Would the peak rut not every Buck's Getting a dough at that point but the Older bucks that know the game are Laying down a bunch of rubs and scrapes

They all of a sudden open up again They're moving long distances for do and That could happen at any movement I love That exm movement but where I really Love hunting is going back to those Morning stands in Bedding areas and then Looking for those food source stands Really kind of hunting those dos again And hunting like I would in the peak rut And you don't see a lot of movement During the middle of the day there's Just not a lot of reward for that the Bucks are getting wore down and you can Look in between the post rut second run Let's say there's 10 days couple weeks There's hardly any movement at all That's when I focus on Hunting afternoon Food sources cuz those bucks want to Replenish they're just sitting around All day they don't move much in the Morning but once you get in the second Rut expect great morning movement again Dylan I shot nice buck he was filming it Was muzzle loader I think I said I had a Few days left to that season so sometime Early December jenet I just watched that The other day she had never seen that But it's a really cool hunt if you look Up secondary rut success spellout Secondary uh you'll find that on uh YouTube it was a really cool morning Hunt that Dylan and I had but bottom Line that's the number one missed Opportunity in the white tail Woods each

And every year is that second rut lot People don't believe in it because they Look at a state and they just say well It's just one big average of all the Ruts but there's a second rut and then There's also a third rut too so really Pay attention to that second rut don't Miss out again it's about a month after That rut lock down/ Peak rut phase you Can advance at like around here if the Rut lock down is the first few days in November last day of October typically And the peak rut really lasted hard till About the 10th 11th 12th and I'm talking About daylight activity that's when you See that daylight activity I think by The time you get to end of the rut the Bucks are worn out they're not moving Much during the day they found do that They're going to breed there's a lot of Hunting pressure in the woods and a lot Of bucks get suppressed into more Nocturnal rutting activity so I'm Talking about that daylight opportunity But you kind of look at that rut lock Down Peak rut so around here might be The last part of October all the way Till November 10th 11th 12th and you Fast forward a month and that's that Period of the second rut don't miss out This kind of a snapshot of what to do During all that time always hunt the Roller coaster of the weather look at The rut as a roller coaster of marathon

Opportunity not a Sprint you're not just Going in for for a weekend and that's Why I'd always suggest that instead of Taking a week off for rotation see if You can take three weekends in a row or 4 days off one extra day off but you get Four days four days four days you're Spreading out your risk spreading out Your reward you're limiting the pressure On your stand you're around your family More maybe your job your boss get to be At work a little bit more but you spread Out your opportunity for success and you Get to hunt each phase of the rut not Just the rut the the phase you happen to Take your vacation in which you might Not even know what uh phase of the rut Is at that time so I want to see you Navigate the entire Rod again check out The web class if you really want some Detailed information on that I think we Have about what 13 videos in that 12 Videos something like that of uh Detailed information of how to navigate Each and every rut this is a snapshot of It I know that can help you out you Don't have to buy anything this will Help you out this information have a Good time boy it comes fast Goes by fast and then it's done we have To wait another 350 days for it to Happen again or 340 days so don't miss Out learn how to enjoy and hunt the Entire rut and you'll be a better Hunter

For it this season and Beyond I Appreciate you guys watching the YouTube Channel but I don't know if everyone Knows everything that we have to offer Whether it's on white till habitats Website or whhs wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can check out I'm very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then make sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this isn't the End of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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