How To Plant Logging Trails – Or NOT

Planting your logging trails with a delicious food source seems like a great thing to do however, let the food plotter beware! While there is a reason to plant your logging trails, you likely shouldn’t plant them with what you think….

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They get the question all the time of uh Do you plant your logging trails and if You do the math It makes sense it uh it's somewhat Common sense to say well if you plant Your logging trails and you have 10 000 Feet of logging trails and they're an Average of eight feet wide you're Approaching 80 000 square feet and it's Almost two acres so you can get a lot More food on the property and think well For the Health of the deer herd And from where I'm Woody and For putting more food on your uh on your Property then that makes a lot of sense The problem is I don't see you plant or Improve anything unless it makes Absolute Sense on your entire property For the way you want to move Deer around The property so we come to a trail like This Water hole right back here we have a Stand location but then this Trail Extends through this bedding area down Below for quite a ways 200 yards 300 Yards we're getting a lot of sunlight Down in here because we've cut down a Lot for beddinger a lot of box elder and You can see some of our cuttings back Here where we've had to cut through rugs And so very thick area and one would Think well why not just plant that for 200 yards back there the problem is in a

Location like this and it's a lot of Other areas we could have a deer that Feeds around the corner we have a giant Buck he gets out of his bed and then he Just feeds on that logging Trail Until Dark we never get to see them over here At a water hole in Stand location so We're going to plant this logging Trail What we're going to do with what we call A green Max traffic blend and what That's for is for lots of people track Traffic lots of deer traffic you can see Right now on down here the soil is Pretty freshly exposed not holding Together there's a lot of uh Shady Weeds that are growing in here and what We want to do in this location is we Want to plant something that's going to Hold the soil something we can mow Something that'll bring a deer and they Can just follow out of this logging Trail right to the to stand location but Something that's not a forage where they Sit back there for a half hour moving 50 Yards because there's so much forage Value so what we choose like I say all The time in in food plots we don't want Rye grass we don't want grasses so what Does this mixture have it has rye grass Has Kentucky Bluegrass has a couple Different other grass seeds in it has a Little bit bird's foot truthful the hold The soil it has a small amount of thatch

And it has one Clover just a white Dutch Clover and the whole idea behind that is We want something that holds the soil And then we can mow we want something That offers green on a forged value it's A two out of ten instead of an eight out Of 10 like clover Or a 10 out of 10 like another green Combination of food So I don't want a deer again around the Corner feeding right there and not Exposing to itself to our stand location Right here now another reason you don't Want to plant your logging Trails most Of them is if you're actually accessing On that trail to get to a stand location Last thing you want to do is put a high Forage value food at your boots so that You're spooking deer that are foraging On that on the way in or out of your Stand so that's something you don't want To do so you have a couple places you Don't want to around the corner in a Bedding area like this we don't want the Deer to hold up and not feed and then Also there's a lot of logging trails That just lead to Nowhere that only do a Tree stand they might even lead straight From the middle of your property to your Edge And that creates this giant line where Deer just go on and off your property Hey thanks for watching the video and We'll be right back but this is very

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Forward to seeing you there So there's three areas coming from the Middle coming out going to a neighbors There's no stand location So when I plant something I want it Directly to relate to a stand location And even coming from the middle going Out now you're teaching deer to run Perpendicular to your borders instead of Paralleling so if it's inside going to Out or vice versa you're pushing deer on And off your property that's a very bad Thing so if it's an exterior logging Trail meaning exterior 30 40 yards into The property it's a connection between Stand locations sand locations that are Based on bedding feeding water holes Mock scrapes You're really trying to set those Features and really wrap them together And hold them in place that's where I Might consider Actually planting a logging trail with Some type of food source and clover Might be decent for that now the problem Is with a lot of logging Trails or a lot Of trails in general that are for deer They get a little bit narrow and there's Too much shade there you're not going to Allow anything to grow so that's another Consideration where if it's Shady if it If you need Shady seeds to actually Plant it then it's probably not going to Be appreciable enough to even grow so

We're planting a lot of our logging Trails and something to hold soil Something we can mow like our green Max Traffic we're using that a lot we use That around our water holes like behind Me so you don't want to plant locations That are going straight on and off your Borders you don't want to plant Locations where deer can hide around the Corner and just keep feeding on a Quality plot or a quality Trail plot and You don't want to plant in a location That you're actually walking on to get To stands so what does that tell you Well that area that might have been two Acres that you're planting logging Trails for food you'll find that a lot Of times an acre and a half of that or a Large portion of that is really Inappropriate for you to plant food on You're not gaining that much you think Wow two acres of food spread out over The entire property you know I heard of A Texas game manager one time they had Planted about 20 percent of a few Thousand acres into food plots their Kill ratio went down drastically this Was back 30 years ago why did that Happen because a buck could step out From anywhere bedding area anywhere on The property within 100 yards to get a Food source that meant they didn't have To travel to get the quality food Sources that meant that they didn't have

To move that meant that they were around A corner in a bedding area feeding not Going to 100 stand locations that meant That Hunters were walking by food Sources and spooking out those food Sources so there's a lot of reasons to Not plant the bulkier logging trails and Unless it's going to another stand Location between bedding areas between Water holes and food sources and vice Versa and all those habitat features Then I'm not going to plant these Logging trails and neither should you And again that's why we're planting a Low forage mixture here we just want Something we can mow something that will Deer will come out on that trail and They'll follow it because they're not Stopping and feeding that's another Thing just a side note we don't want to Make 50 mock scrapes through here Thinking well more mock scrapes is going To attract more deer they're just going To sit around that corner and not Actually move because they have mock Scrapes there's too many informed to hit In theory and even this one right back Here this is an interesting one it's in A perfect location This natural Vine hanging down right Here Perfect height perfect size but we have Our water hole over there we have our Bow stand this ends up about 40 yards

Away a 40 yard shot so what does that Mean for this fall this will be gone Because just like We don't want a mock scrape in a Location that's going to bring deer away From our bow stand we don't want a water Hole in a location that's going to bring Deer away from our Bowl stands we don't Want a food source And that would be the bulkier logging Trails in a location they'll either set Us up for failure because we're spooking Deer that are feeding on it or it's Placing deer on and off our property or It's placing them around the corner in a Location we can't even get a good look At them while we're hunting and it holds Them there till dark we don't get a Chance at them so I hope that answers Your questions while planning logging Logging trails and hey this is coming From a seed company food plot seed Company whs Wildlife Blends if I wanted To sell seed and I was dishonest I'd Tell you yeah plant all your logging Trails really important to do so with This high quality forage instead I'm Telling you that if anything you plant Uh perennial on there that you can Maintain for years and there's a low Cost very low cost per acre I'm not Going to have you keep replanting every Year something that you don't need and Uh and that's something coming from

Someone that does this and hunts this Stuff and I want to make sure that You're getting good advice when it comes To creating habitat improvements that Take a lot of time and money on your Land for this fall now I don't know if Checked out our main website lately but we've Really had a lot going on including hats Books our web class and certainly our New seed company whs Wildlife Blends When you click on seed on our site it'll Take you right to our brand new site for The seed company we have all 12 Blends Available so check it all out though I Encourage you I appreciate you checking It out whether you buy anything or not Really appreciate you visiting the site And seeing what's going on and continue To watch because we have big things Coming later this year

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