How To Scout Now For Fall Big Bucks

Here is how to use a summer cold front to reveal buck movements that can be counted on for your Fall deer hunting success!

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I don't know how many of you really like To watch during during the summer time It's crazy because on the channel As we get closer to hunting season the Amount of views and the amount of Subscribers are actually engaging and Watching Just exponentially increase and so in The off season I say off season maybe More like January February March April May it goes Down June kind of levels off and it Starts going back up again in July and It just launches the end of September And October And so it makes you wonder how many People are actually really into their Deer hunting during the summer time but I think you should really pay attention To what's going on in the summertime With the mature box and they'll tell you A lot you know for one just for starters Mature box where they're at during the Summer time and where they choose to Spend their summer months typically is Not where they're at during the fall It's really enjoyable to watch that Because then you learn about Buck Behavior learn about what's good habitat To hunt what's bad habitat to hunt and It might be great habitat for July or August but that doesn't mean it's good Habitat in fact to choose the opposite For the fall but also watching deer deer

In the summer it could be watching them On trail cameras it could be like us We're watching on trail cameras and We're going for summer rides and and Looking around but bottom line is what Happens during the summer if you pay Attention can pay big dividends to your Hunter in the fall and really I'm Talking about today when it comes to Cold front hunting and hunting cold Fronts and watching deer that moved During cold fronts even during the Summertime the same principles the same Ingredients that cause bucks to be on Their feet moving more or at least Moving more during daylight maybe they Don't even move more in a 24-hour period I think that's what's bad about a lot of Science so show that while bucks didn't Move during that cold front anymore well They just moved more during daylight and As Hunters that's what we care about We don't care how much they move overall During the day we just want to know when They're going to be on their feet in Front of our tree stand during daylight And shooting hours that's what actually Matters so when it comes to summer Months it's crazy because it's about two Weeks ago we had a flurry of really good Bucks I think it was four or five bucks Or at least four years old to six years Old and they moved within about a 24-hour period in the evening and in the

Mornings because we had a major cold Front it was actually High 40s around 50 During the summer time that's pretty Cold around here like last night I think It was 64. tonight it's supposed to be In the 60s supposed to be 85 to 90 97 Later this week Terrible Weather I can't Stand it the bottom line is we don't get To see very many big bucks on our Cameras either we had one in the middle Of the night last night which was kind Of cool right in front of a blind Hitting a mock scrape coming out of a Bedding area but he didn't choose to Move until the middle of the night he Was probably laying back there not doing Much either the bottom line is is those Same weather Ingredients that moved here during the Summer well moved here during the fall There are people out there that say that Weather doesn't move Deer or cause deer To move that couldn't be further from The truth just look at the Extremes in Anything Say it's a hundred degrees In October Traditionally 65. it's going to slow the Movement considerably in fact if it's During the rut it'll push deer to breed Or rot during the night they'll still Rot they'll still breed but they're Going to do it at night when it's cooler Blizzard let's look at the other extreme

High winds lots of snow we aren't going To move we've all seen that heavy Thunderstorms extreme weather lightning Pounding rain hail deer don't move They really don't high high winds they Don't move much now they might move to Get out of the Wind That's where some studies show that deer Move a little bit more when it gets Windier but they're moving out of the Wind they're areas with hills they're Going to get on the Lee side that's why Hunting in the Lee's side of a ridge System during high winds is an Incredible opportunity for you when we See the weather changing during the Summer time Those same principles that put back on Their feet During July August September we'll put Bucks on their feet in October November December well it's end of July and I Hope most of you by this point in the Year have been able to check out our Food plot seed company whs Wildlife Blends we've had clients and customers In almost 50 states by now and the cool Thing is you know I don't like you to Pay shipping if you don't have to we're Not going to have a giant dealer Network That's not the way we are we built a Business on experience and providing Good information and quality products People ordered online but if you live in

The southeast Minnesota Southwest Wisconsin area Nelson agricenter out of Viroqua and Prairie Du schoeners our Only dealer in the country I don't know If that's the way it'll be in the future But they're very important to us because People in this region can actually Travel to them whether you're in Northeast Iowa or Northwest Illinois and Pick up that seed without shipping so Give them a call check them out and Check out the food plot company check Out the website if you haven't done so Already and I really appreciate you guys Giving us a look for your food plot plan Needs this season What to look for I look for hot weather right like right Now like we have the opportunity to go Out and look for deer tonight Dylan's filming here for two days We have the opportunity to go out Tonight and what's the high supposed to Be today though 90. 93 I think yeah that Sucks so that the potential of big bucks Being on their feet out in the daylight When we drive around look for them is Very low now next week it gets down into The low 80s so at some point in there There's going to be a big change I'm Looking for a change when the weather Drops eight to ten degrees or more when You get some volatility of weather let's Say we have an extreme thunderstorms

Hail Wind come through Lots of lightning After that calms and clears and the Temperature drops You're going to find great movement That's the same conditions you look for During the during the fall too and During the deer season even during the Winter time now sometimes the Blizzard's Coming through or big storms gyro feet On the front side that's that you know Easterly wind Northeast winds not Terrible winds it's seven eight degrees Cooler than it was the evening before And here on their feet but deer even With the same barometric pressure they Know whether they could be out in the Middle of the fields feeding or if They're going to get caught out in the Middle of the fields during a big Blizzard because they don't do that when There's a giant blizzard coming through They're not out feeding how many times You ever seen that where there's snow Coming down it's three or four inches of Wet snow it's kind of calm it's around 30 not very windy and the fields are Full of deer they know that they could Be out in those fields they're not going To get caught doesn't matter if the Barometric pressure is the same they Know by wind speed moisture direction of Wind they're out there 365 so they know Any change in those conditions they know

How to read those conditions they're Probably just something they feel but They definitely don't have a barometric Pressure meter in their head and that's Why you don't follow barometric pressure You don't follow the Moon Now the moon might make deer feed more At night which makes them bed down more In the first feeding the day which be Your early morning they feed five times In 24 hour periods so if they feed Heavily in one or two Of those feedings they're going to feed Lighter on the next one hope that makes Sense just like you arrive we have a big Thanksgiving meal we usually don't do it Again at 10 o'clock at night that'll Create some feeding binges but deer are Going to still react during daylight More if it's cool or not so you could Have a great quote great moving phase Whatever that is and if it's super hot Windy temperatures that doesn't mean Deer are going to be out I've seen People waste a lot of vacation days on That in the past right moon chart said It's good to go so let's take a day off They don't see anything because it's hot And windy in the middle of October same With barometric pressure you could have All the skies clear It's cold Temperature just dropped 15 degrees but Because another front is coming in two

Days shows pressure low and a lot of Deer barometers will show that it's not A good time For deer to move because the pressure is Low Instead if you just look at those Conditions you have clearing Skies Clearing storms and cold weather it's Time to go out and hunt deer going to be On their feet no matter if the pressure Is low or high you can't miss those days That algorithm I wrote for outdoor life In 2016 a long time ago it seems like Now for the November rut issue and I Talked about the importance of Temperature change wind speed change the Importance of consistency When you have the same stable Temperatures it doesn't matter if it's All 50 around 50 degrees all around 60 All around 70 it's all relative when it Drops 15 degrees deer notice a Difference especially when it's been Calm for five days or more deer just Understand boy they get lulled into this Pattern all of a sudden the weather Changes it wakes them up something Happens You think about it when major weather Goes through the misfeedings they feed Five times in 24 hour periods they're Not going out in the big fields when It's super windy super hot extreme Weather thunder lightning Blizzard snow

Hail sleet whatever it might be their Missing feedings That means they need to replenish that Energy they're burning energy because They're sitting and there's a lot of Stress commotion noise in the woods and They're just sitting there they're not Out at their quality food sources There's a lot of stress cold a lot of Times zapping more energy out of them So they can't wait to put the feedback On and start moving when you add that to The rut it really explodes things and That's why we wrote that algorithm when We infused it into hunt cast through Hunt wise so I urge you to check hunt Wise out it's only hunt cast out there That really predicts what really happens With the weather and how it puts deer on Their feet so something you can trust I Have a lot of people to compare that to Other hunt cast type features and Products and apps and they'll always Switch over to hunt wise if they're Comparing the two to that hunt cast Feature it's very very important they'll Put deer in the feed I hope you guys Check that out So what does that mean Follow the trail cameras trail cameras Will show you you know I urge you to Look at when did you get your favorite Trail cameras four years ago check out The weather then check out Weather

Underground it's a way that you can look Up historical weather patterns even to The day great grandpa shot a giant buck In 1972. go check out the weather find Out you know it's one thing if they're Just driving deer and pushing deer Around or if it's coming into a bait Pilot at night but it's just cruising Conditions rutting deer You shot a big one eight years ago check Out the weather that day check out what It did the few days prior what the wind Speeds change to I'm not talking calm Wind you want to see a change in wind it Could have been 32 miles an hour now It's 18 miles an hour you're going to Recognize that change they'll be on Their feet more they're just suppressed Because of high winds that change you'll Put on her feet watch the trail cameras Can learn a lot like your favorite buck Pictures there's a lot of there's been Studies in the past but there's a lot of During hunting season especially in the Upper half of the country upper third of The country you don't see a lot of Mature Buck movement during daylight if The temperatures are above 50 to 55 Degrees you might see that same pattern Too we see that too So check that out just check your trail Cameras what's really cool about that The date the time the weather you can See everything

But you can really look at these apps And look at historical data and follow Those Trends so what does that mean Don't Scout are we not going to go Around look out tonight and look the Fields and relax no we're going to still Go out we enjoy doing that it's fun to Go on a evening cruise with a family my Little boy Jackson loves being out there Looking for deer sitting with us looking Around we go on the back dirt roads Around here it's a fun family activity To do together not telling you not to Hunting you know maybe that's your time Off still go when it's bad weather of Course if that's your only time you have But try to slant your best stands to the Best weather Follow something like hunt cast I really Predict when to get out there watch for Those weather patterns right now during The summer the habitat patterns too And they'll tell you where to find or Not find big bucks in the fall There's a lot of reason for that learn When To hit your best stands this fall by Watching the weather and a lot of those Clues can be given to you right now During the summer months

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