How To Strategically Set Up A Treestand

Setting up a treestand properly takes a lot of strategy, so that you can get the shot off without a deer ever knowing you are there. Here is how to set up a treestand with a proven strategy that has worked for decades…

I wanted to talk about a tree stand Setup strategy and how to set up a tree Stand and go beyond the basics obviously You want to stay safe let me go through The steps that we take and and part of It's your ability to get a shot off That's what a lot of people don't Realize you're setting up a tree stand We'll talk about why we would face it a Certain way but we want to get a shot Off you know if you're inexperienced Hunter you're not going to get your shot Off a certain percentage of the time Because you're going to Spook the deer With a bow when you're trying to pull That bull back when you're trying to Grab your bow and I want to make sure That we move your head a bunch of years Couple decades of experience so that you Don't spook deer when you're in your Stands now deer gets downwind of yeah You're going to spook them but they Should never spook because they see you See you move hear you hear you scrape Against a tree And to me there's some principles that You need to follow when you set up a Tree stand to make sure that you don't Smoke deer so spook proof tree stand Setup rules we'll talk about first I Want to get into What we're doing we're using high Quality ladders we want these Pre-installed already here we want the

Stand already in place we have a bedding Area there we have a bedding area down There about 70 yards away we have Bedding area over there we're just off To the edge in a cruising spot Water hole over there food plot up there So we're in a location where we can Sneak in here and hunt in fact we can Come right down here really good access To get in here nice and clean we have a Switchgrass bank up top where there's no Deer bedding so we can get in and out of Here pretty good morning or afternoon What we can't do is Spook deer when we Get in here and we're in the tree and we Want to get a shot so we're putting the Ladder right here We also use a Lifeline from hunter Safety My bow rope that's really critical I Don't know if you've ever had to climb Up a tree without a bow rope but it's Pretty bad Jack from family traditions The owner he includes these with all the Stands these are incredibly built 20 Foot ladders and that's about all all The height I go nowadays people ask me That all the time and used to be you Would use 14 steps you screwed into a Tree I think you had 40 setups at one Time but we'd use 14 steps that get us Up about 24 to 25 feet even with my Stubby legs and looking back it was just Kind of high you know we really didn't

Need to be that high my shot is right Down here And I am a right-handed shooter so we Have this Lifeline it'll get us up Safely we're getting up there When I get up there the shot is down Here I hope you notice I'm climbing up The back side of the tree so if there Are any deer that are out here if I go Slow these stands are quiet they don't Make any noise you can't make any noise You can't scrape the side of the spark You can't sit here and put on a bunch of Gear get dressed you got to get here get Up that stand so you don't spook any Deer that's a big part of it a lot of a Lot of hunts are ruined before the hunt Even begins because of the noise and the Commotion made at the base of the stand Plus I want to come in here I don't even Want to touch down here I want to touch Up here and start climbing That puts my hand print that might be There for several hours the deer can Smell way above their nose So if they happen to come through here They're not going to smell me coming Into here they're not going to smell me Five hours after I was here and that's Very important we want to clean this Trail all the way in and out so we're Not leaving a scent signature when I get To the stand I'm climbing up the back Side of the tree from where I expect my

Shot I'm right-handed That means I want the stand Positioned like this up here And this is so critical I have a bow hanger up there The bow hangs right in front of my face All I have to do is I use hand warmer Tubes if it's cold I literally have to Take my hand out of the hand rubber tube One's on the bow one's on the release String about right here And I can literally take that off Pull back and shoot key the majority of My dear I shoot sitting down That's why I have this facing here for Right-handed shooter I want to stand This one has webbing seat it's all USA Steel rolled steel rolled steel Construction so it has a foot rest has a 300 pound t-screw that holds a stand in Place has rubber coated chains holding The platform up it's all steel Construction so it's quiet aluminum is Very pingy so when I'm up there all I Have to do is when that deer is walking By on this logging Trail down below I Just pull back and shoot critical to Shoot sitting down if you're standing You move your whole body when you look Around when you hear a sound behind you Instead of sitting there like this and Just looking slowly behind you A lot of times you turn your body it's Just Instinct unfortunately

You move your whole body they see you When you're standing up you're the Figure of a man standing up like this Wait it's got to be the most imposing Sight that a deer can see when you're Standing up like this I want my back Against a tree I want to be sitting down And I want to be just like this and I Want to be able to draw back and then I Can shoot from here All the way back to here about 180 Degrees just from a seated position now I've had to stand and shoot deer if I See him coming and they're up here for Some reason Then I'm going to stand when it when I Have the chance when their head gets Behind a tree and I'm going to take a Shot up top Turn stand up on the platform and turn Like this and shoot uphill I've had to Do that or Shoot around the tree like this shoot Back up there So you don't have to move much though And a lot of times like in the case of Shooting back at that angle if I'm Sitting down and I have a quiet quality Stand like our family traditions and I'm Just moving a little bit And I can still stay seated and take the Shot it's that dang right-handed shot For me as a right-handed Archer I have To stand up even for a gun and take that

Shot to the right a little bit different But even then I'm standing up slowly Quiet platform dead quiet stand and I'm Turning and taking that shot So safety is critical obviously you know That's where you use a lifeline I like The stand to be well less than 180 Degrees away from this ladder meaning I Don't want that ladder on the or that Stand on the back side for one It's easier to Spook deer because I have To move all the way around to get in the Front they're watching me get settled in The front as opposed to hiding in when That that stands angled on the side Right here I can step into that tree Stand very easily especially on a Smaller tree like this with a little bit More 120 degree angle as a spa or around The tree as opposed to 180 degrees Around the tree but I can from up there Step onto that platform and that's what We do a lot of times too we run our Ladder about two feet above the platform And that allows us to step right down Into that stand very easily and make it A lot safer I don't want to have to step Up from the top rung to get into my Stand Just don't need to do that and what you Find is when you're not hunting the same Stand every single day we're not hunting A bait pile right there where deer Coming in their wary that's just simply

A cruising Trail between bedding areas We could shoot at a buck all day long Here we have the potential to shoot at One especially during the rut he could Be cruising by at any time so with that Being said we can expect that shot Anytime here we'd expect this stand to Have great value We can shoot sitting down we can get in And out by climbing up the back side not Spooking deer but most of all when the Moment of truth comes we're not spoken Dear I haven't spooked a deer for years And years with a bowl and shooting a Deer with a bowl because you pull back When they get behind a tree over here You're already seated it takes so Minimal movement to pull back by staying In a seated position you're more in a Fetal position it keeps you warmer less Exposed to the elements stay more Comfortable for a long period of time so You're not fidgety you don't have to Move your whole body to look you just Look like this turn your head slightly You'll spook a lot less game and that's The name of the game and also that Doesn't mean you have to sacrifice Safety in any way get up there be Comfortable in the tree use some quality Products that are very very quiet and Using look at this thing is solid to the Tree we just set this about a month ago Before our charity event that we have

For kicking bear it's very very solid to The tree doesn't move that means you're Being quiet getting in it getting out of It and certainly while we're on stand so Again when the Moment of Truth arrives We can make the shot Now that's when the uh that's when the Air you know comes that's when you're Failure rate really shows it's kind of Like when you're inexperienced You know not everyone can make the shot We all have a failure rate even in the Most experienced bow hunter isn't going To make the best shot 100 of the time Maybe they may get 98 of time or 80. if You're new at Bowl hunting maybe you Make a good shot 70 of times 60 50 I Don't know what it is but getting to That point getting the shot off should Be 100 if you follow these tips setting Up your tree stands this fall and Beyond Hey folks I really appreciate you Watching and I want to invite you to Check out our main website Whitetailhabitat I'm going to miss all these but we have Seed to offer hats articles web classes Books consultations and even a new Podcast I think we have 17 podcasts out There right now for you to listen to so You have a lot to offer most of all if You don't want to buy anything I'm going To keep offering free videos free Articles we have over 600 articles on

The site and most of all thank you very Much for watching reading listening Being a part of white habitat Solutions If you want to check this stuff out Awesome links are in the description

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