How to TUNE 101 with MFJJ

ElkShape Podcast Josh Jones MFJJ: How to TUNE – Check out our breakdown on how to get a really good basic tune and how to dope in your fixed broadheads! #elkshape #abt #archery


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Cheers elkshay podcast mfjj at my house How you doing I'm fantastic how you doing you look Good how old are you now 44. your Birthday was in May yep just uh just Last month Getting old man ah it's weird how like I Don't know I'm not I'm 42 in August and I would say that as soon as soon as I Turned 30 I'd gotten married we started Having kids It's been a blur yeah but I remember my 20s like it was just man I'm not old I'm Never gonna get old Um and I'm sure someone who's 50 or 60 Listening right now is like just you Waiting little [ __ ] yeah but no it Seems like um like this spring It's gone and I feel like it just got Here yeah and I don't even I'm not even Looking forward to summer I would prefer Another good month of like oh yeah low 70s high 60s with some rain storms the Last couple days we've actually had that It's been amazing Frost you know keep it Going well this uh high 80s at the Beginning of May man we went from do you Remember how nice October was here oh God yeah and then November one we got Snow yep which is great like to have Snow in late season for hunting for Hunting but then it was just winter Until it wasn't and then we did kind of Skipped spring again so I don't like

These I like the Four Seasons that's why We're here yeah and it sure doesn't seem Like we get four anymore it does Definitely seem like we have a very Short spring if it even exists at all And our stupid Long Winter anymore or Sometimes we get like good cold weather And then it warms up for like a month And then it gets cold again which is Kind of weird so it like dissolves a Good portion of the Fall I just our Winters seem to be getting a lot longer Or at least it feels that way maybe Maybe I agree and neither one of us I Ski a little for the kids yeah I don't Own a snowmobile Um winners are rough we make a lot of Content with you in the winter yeah We've got a lot of downtime and we're Standing around a shop and going what Can we talk about but um I did I do have Tracks for one of my utvs and that's Been fun oh yeah that's been a good time But do they have multiple TVs beat the Crap well let's talk about your Playground for a second and I wish I had Visuals to support this but like when You go to Spokane Valley archery and I'm Going to call it post D-Day sure okay It's when life started over for the Better there is like a legit fishing Boat like made for for like bow fishing Yeah with the lights yeah and on a Trailer yeah there's a giant flatbed

With all this cool stuff for your Property development up north like water Tanks and some 3D Targets this is all Off memory just the other day yep There's several e-bike entertainment Options whether it's an actual e-bike or E-m motorcycle like several there is a Dirt bike in the back that's a WR 450 That looks like a pretty good one yeah You won't buy it if it had electric Start and then that's why I don't want It There's a couple there's a golf cart There's uh the four-wheelers there's Utvs Um there's a really big uh camper fifth Wheel Um what did I miss Um I think you covered all of it oh There's a four-wheeler yeah there's a Four-wheeler there's an enclosed cargo Trailer there's a short four-wheeler Trailer I need to sell that uh there's a Heavy duty short trailer that I use for Hauling like feed or whatnot which it's About the size of a four-wheeler but It's got one ton axles and you can Really pull some weight on it put a Metal deck on it yeah I got a lot of Toys I like my toys that's uh definitely A hobby Um and then you go up the house there's A slingshot you know those are fun Um my my Ram is still there I need to

Sell it I got to get that sold but you Haven't sold your RAM yet no I actually Just oh I have a dump trailer too and an Excavator so the dump trailer Is like the best purchase I am in the Market my dad brought one over and I'm Like dude dad that I mean it was so nice I'm like what are we talking and he's Like 10K But I'm in the market you do they work They're so nice I I've just got to move A bunch of dirt around so so your RAM is A 2500 it's 2500 it's a 13 it's a mega Cab long bed with uh fifth wheel setup And uh camper package setups got the Strap Downs all that stuff or anything You want to do with it Um but it was a conversion so it's two Frames welded together to make a long Bed mega cab because you can't buy one Of those so it's got an eight foot bed And a mega cab motor's been rebuilt Transmission's been rebuilt it's got a New turbo in it it's tuned and the Tuning is now perfect everything about It's good and it's 10 years old now so It's time to move on to something else It only has like 110 000 original miles My motor had to get rebuilt because the Uh There's a grid plate heater in them and There's a bolt on one side and somehow The solenoid got stuck open and it Melted the bolt and it went down to the

Motor melted the boltable head off and That bolt head went down into a cylinder So we tore it apart rebuilt it put a Small cam in it When that happened it was still running Wow yeah it was still running it was Making I had that trailer that you Talked about it's got all the stuff for My property on it I was I had that Hooked on and was driving it to the Property when I pull I made it to Sullivan and Sprague the Harbor Freight Right there and like the last Quarter mile before I got to there I Heard So I pulled over parked it called my Mechanic had him listen to it and he's Like yeah you need to go back and park It and disconnect it and bring it down To my shop like you're not and I was Able to drive it there but yeah there Was a And and for a little while like it Stopped making the noise and then it Would start again well it was the piece Of metal bouncing around in the cylinder And there's places where it would make Noise in places where it wouldn't so I Had to redo that Um the transmissions and those things Are garbage so I was like well if I'm Going to rebuild the motor I'm going to Replace the transmission and bulletproof Could you grab an Allison and bring it

Into the possibly but I had a shop in Town that's really good but Transmissions just make it bulletproof Oh Jake's transmission [ __ ] the bet on His RAM and my favorite truck I've ever Owned still to this day is a 13 Ram 2500. it wasn't a long bed because like You just said they don't exist but dude You need a long bed and a Crewmax Couldn't uh couldn't keep that truck out Of the mechanics and I do a lot of Wrenching but I'm sorry man the third Front end in less than a year that's Terrible and then the two water pumps Went out and that was under warranty Like that was a recall and what else I Had a couple leaky pinions and I will Say though I've never we had a 33 foot Camper trailer and when that thing was Behind the truck I didn't even know it Was there yeah like that is truly the Most raw torque I've ever had and I had It tuned and all that it was lifted it Looked good but I sold it because I was Tired of like breaking down yeah I think The biggest issue with those which I Don't typically take that truck in the Mountains is the front end so heavy that All your suspension gets jacked and You're running gear gets jacked it's not Really designed to be bouncing around Without much weight in the front of the Motor but yeah I I pulled uh 14 000 Pound fifth wheel with mine and the only

Time you knew it was back there was when You started moving because it took a Little bit to get you moving but once You remove it it was like you put your Foot down and it just take off and now You have a you have a I have a 2022 long bed uh Crew Cab Chevy It's a Chevy it's a Chevy uh what they Call a High Country yeah the High Country package they had um some dude Some rich dude in Montana that owned a Construction company had bought it while He was waiting for his fort so he had it For six months put a six inch lift on it 35 inch 20 on 22s Um the in control airbags motorized Steps all the stuff you'd want to add to It right full leather so much thousands That you don't have to spend I added the Receipts for it it was eleven thousand Dollars into that truck that he bought For 87. yep Um and they sold it to me for 82. I Bought a Tundra with five thousand miles On it brand new off the lot in 15. It's funny I bought one a little before That but and I wrote a check because it Was a business I was buying it for my Business and I kind of felt like a Baller right that thing was like 45 out The door only eight years ago yeah What's a brand new tenders are now like 70k yeah which is so dumb what happened To the truck prices

Um I think it's the American dollar Versus the Japanese money more than Anything but Um it was there were shortages and lots Of them yeah that's still right uh there Were shortages and lots of them and when That happened the used Market went up And then coincidingly the new market Went up again to try to offset the Prices because people were paying new Price for used vehicles yeah it's like Well if they're willing to pay a new Price for a used vehicle we should Probably raise the price of a new Vehicle and here we are now granted They're putting more electronics and More features and more crap in a truck But it's not double and yeah I don't Know but our money's worth about so I'll Be holding on to the vehicles that I Have right now which is probably smart But it hurts because I really wanted to Uh I I don't know I wanted to get an Incognito vehicle for hunting because I Have a YouTube channel like you and People have seen all my vehicles and on Instagram and I I mean I understand but Like literally I'm going to give you an example yes two Days ago I made a story after I hung out With you I went and scouted and it was About a two-hour drive right and it was A spot I had found many years ago and

It's public and honestly when it comes To deer hunting and I'll say this Publicly I'd rather hunt privately sure I'd rather hunt private property well Yeah I don't you don't have the concern Of somebody finding your spot in room I Can't control other Hunters I can't Control other people and that's the main Thing so like yeah this spot looks good And I bet you there's elk and it's Washington so it's like there might be An Elkhart in there I wouldn't scouted The [ __ ] out of it after I left and Pulled all the ticks off my body from Your Archer range and then I I scattered The [ __ ] out of it dude I put out a cell Cam a regular cam I found a couple sheds And I found like I covered I found some Other guys stands in there and of course They were like like right by the road Yeah where you would think and anyways Long story longer is um I made a little Story and then I kind of did a little Screenshot of it on on X but I blurred Out majority of it yeah four people so That's what you mean said you're right Here aren't you and I was like I quit like you like I literally like I Work with Onyx I was trying to do a Thing for Onyx sure and because I used The [ __ ] out of Onyx there's a very it's Not worth the tool I'm just gonna like Yeah I'm only gonna make stuff in post On a computer where I can do like a

Massive gaussian blur on the backdrop Because so guys people are really smart And I always need to be reminded of that So back to my truck I need an incognito Truck I'm telling you like mid-2000s Crew cab Tacoma yeah go anywhere do Anything with it you can lock your stuff Inside the car without any kind of issue As much gear as you need and there's a Ton of them floating around yeah but Yeah and then never ever ever ever ever Have it on video anywhere never ever so They just don't know if you've been over Your buddy's house I was thinking like Buying a Subaru like Forester or Something and putting a lot of like I didn't know you transitioned [Laughter] Slide [Laughter] Oh oatmeal and uh yoga pads and all that Yeah yoga mat in the back if you looked In and there's a couple stickers my Buddy uh my buddy Dave uh put out signs Uh when he was camping in one spot one Year that was hunting that was about uh Gay pride and something else like a Couple like positive like nobody'd come Around and say that was a bunch of gay Dudes oh it's a great idea oh genius I Think that is pretty sharp that's pretty Freaking smart man I don't we're already In like you know tricky Waters right now Well you know but you know back in the

Day Evans used to had a bunch of wall Tents and when he was hunting public Land in Idaho he'd go up to the entire Drainage and make like eight camps and Make it look like there was eight Different groups of people camping in The drainage and they were all his There's a sales rep that you work with That does that too yeah you probably Heard it from Dan originally yeah I bet Yeah and hey It's legal yeah it's clever it just how Badly you want to hunt I've been [ __ ] By it yeah I've been like the guy that I'm talking about yeah fooled me yeah And he told me and I was like You can't get mad you gotta tip your hot Tub that's a lot of work I really Thought there was eight guys back here Yeah and how badly do you want to you Know have your area stay yours and yeah You know keep it keep other people out Of it and you gotta I mean I don't have That kind of time I don't know how people can dedicate That kind of time to that and I don't Know but let's talk about a few other Little Advanced like what other Advanced Tactics can you do for public land so When you talk to other Hunters on public Land I generally try not to have a Conversation with anybody Um I actually wear a face mask most of The time just um just because I don't

Really want to stop and talk or whatever And what else do I do I do you wear like A I'm a I got a face mask or a camo face Mask like an n95 that's actually a Really good idea I'm actually gonna Carry a mask in 95 a Karen mask a Karen Mask or Kevin if I see anybody I'm going To put it on and I'll be like hey how's It going no handshakes fist bumps only Yeah and just As somebody that's in the woods would Never want to talk I've met amazing People while hunting but I will say it Is probably a waste of time to sit there And lie to each other because I'm not Gonna tell you what I really know sure And you're not gonna tell me what you Really know and that's probably best Well but plus being a public figure Everybody automatically assumes wherever You are must be the best place to hunt Um that does not that does not mean that At all no you're frequently moving Around a lot because you think this area Is going to be good you go in there and Try to figure out it's not you go Somewhere else somebody sees you located There and will like hunt there for the Next five years because this must be the Best place yeah you have a one Particular truck that cannot you cannot Take honey now I can to my private Property yeah because nobody can go There it's a sick what year is that yeah

It's a 92 Toyota with a uh a Four-cylinder uh Cummins in it lifted Straight axle it's like really lifted Yeah well you had to to clear the motor Like because when she straight axled the Front the straight axle had to go down Like where is it by the way it's out in Front of the house oh okay yeah it's uh It's gotten an electrical draw on it Somewhere that's like something's not Turning off uh so if I don't leave it Hooked onto a trickle it'll in four days The batteries will be dead that's not Good yeah and I forgot to do it once and It crushed who did the wrap on that uh The place in uh between Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene yeah they do like most of Them in the country I guess they have Like a massive they did my truck yeah They do a great job which by the way I Don't want to say I did pull off Majority of the decals on my truck which Is probably smart yeah I mean you're I Mean your your truck stands out which is You know I don't I've thought about doing that but at the Same time I don't want to do that you Know it's just like not right my Attention to yourself which is kind of Why I uh I'm hoping that nobody really Notices my dad's truck yeah that I that I bought when he passed away from my mom Yep and I'll probably take that a lot Because it it's not doesn't stand out as

Much it's totally low-key right it is Gas mileage is terrible and it uh it it Stood up to a car accident I got in when We bought the tundra I quit worrying About gas prices you just have to ignore You just have to take it on the chin Yeah that thing that five seven sucks Um all right Josh is here guys backstory For those that don't know Josh I'm at Josh I we figured it out at one point But somewhere around 0304 I bought a bow From him my first real bow my Big Boy Bow I'm my first bow purchase was I Think an archery or pawn shop I can't I Don't it yeah was it a pawn shop I think It was it wasn't really an archery shop But it was in Deer Park And I didn't know yes anything well no There was an archery shop in Deer Park And there was a pawn shop that sold Archery stuff in Deer Park okay and I Don't I think it was an archery shop but I've been a white cell plus then I went In there I don't even remember exactly What happened I just went in there and Bought a Martin cougar yeah and then I Actually went in there again and bought My data bow for Father's Day Um Martin Pantera and we used you know The old Easton XX uh xx75 yeah 75s and uh on had a Walmart type Target and we had 10 acres And we just shot in our property with Handheld uh with indexes and we put tree

Stands up on our property and we hunted Elk we hunted Oak really hard And I remember you know there was a Couple things that influenced me but it Was magazines that were like the Hoyt Marketing really got me and I was like I Did 2000s I really want to buy a Hoyt Well it worked and I went I did research And I figured out there was an archery Shop in like a legit one so I went to Yours and I bought one from you And the rest is history I was in the Hunting industry probably like in 06 Really like kind of cemented in got an Article a column and bow hunter Um that's not a big deal by the way but Like that's what it was to me it was an Honor back then that was a pretty big Deal to know anybody that did and so I Would come in and I was a little Pretentious in the fact that I would not Let any of your slappies touch my stuff From the word go I was like I will only Deal with Josh well he's with the Customer I will wait until he's done it Could be a while I was like I don't care And that's kind of how our relationship Starters I I recognize immediately this Guy's a freaking Wizard and it went from There now when did I finally get you to Come on screen to do YouTube I know it Took years of prying oh you know I Actually went back and tried to look and Figure it out like how long have I

Actually shown up on your Channel It's been more than seven years I'm Pretty sure somewhere in that vicinity When I first started being willing maybe Six seven something like that and how Many years did it take of prying oh like A decade like I I was like Dan I don't Have time and the reality of it was I Didn't think it would help anybody Because I didn't I didn't see it you Know I didn't see how I only knew my own area right and I and There was a lot of knowledge in my area And largely because I'd been there for a Long time and tried to educate people And taught people in the area and I'm Sure there were some other people as Well that contributed to that but I mean That was the most consistent longest Tenured thing in the area so I have to Kind of take a little bit of credit for It but Um I didn't see how making a YouTube Video was going to help anybody Honestly yeah I just I just didn't and I Didn't have a compelling argument and I Was like I don't have the time man what Am I doing and I actually helped to be Completely honest I did it to shut you up Because you wouldn't leave me alone I was like Dan I like you it's fun it's A good time this is a waste of my time So I picked my least needed time in a

Week yep I remember Wednesday at 8 A.M Between 8 AM and 9 A.M that's what you Gave me an hour and then somehow I got You to do it again like I got to do it a Regular schedule well when you did your First Camp was when I became convinced It was actually valuable yeah before That because I hadn't had a lot of Interaction with people out of the area Right and everybody on that camp was not From here there was like one guy from Here that was the furthest reaching Camp We've ever done that was a very large Eye-opener for me and the lack of Knowledge and information available to a Lot of different people now granted I'm Sure there's there's probably areas that Have a lot of good information a lot of Good knowledge and maybe they don't show Up to something like that but there is Way more that don't than do Yeah my response has been that by far I've now visited Double-digit archery shops in the Country doing the camps Um There's something special you got going On at Spokane Valley archery uh I hadn't Been there in a months and I went out And shot just the other day I was like God dang this is like a stroke of Gratitude hit me I was like this is the Coolest little archery shop in the world Because it's not like in town but it's

Not far and it has this how many acres 3D course uh the whole facility is on 13 Acres and the archery range is probably On the 3D course is probably on nine of It or yeah eight or nine of it and it's So good it's so good it's gonna be a lot Better well I'm excited for that and I'm Also excited for that I um get to write You a check for a lot of money to get my First Standing full size elf Target I Could buy one cheaper at an attack used But like it's a hassle it's a gamble I Was like thank you for I don't want to Throw into the bus but I might have Gotten a better price by buying it Through you or from you we'll just leave It at that but I'm excited to have that Yeah Um and with you upgrading the targets And all the targets are in really good Shape right now I just shot the course There wasn't any like even the Moose the Iconic moonshot We need to replace the core soon but It's still every uh every Target on that Course has a core coming to cool so I'm Not getting rid of any of the targets And I'm doubling up again Giant box Um smooth on is a company that does like Repair kits for 3dr trucks oh is that The one that you use for that I saw that Little uh I did a video you did we did It wrong yeah I made it so dense that I

Shot my first arrows into it and I Couldn't get them out I totally forgot I Was gonna show up with a replacement Core for you because I have a bunch of Them at the shop and I was like dude These are cheap what are you doing okay So anyways I talked to the guys you Really gotta do it like if you do it out When it's really hot it'll expand way More if you do it cool in a basement It'll get very dense I did the ladder Anyways I don't have a bunch of targets To replace and I have a giant box of That stuff You should take that from me and use it It is awesome and it's um visually like That reel got 130 000 views in a couple Days I know I yeah I almost didn't even Put it as a reel Um so the visuals of mixing the stuff oh Yeah no instructions I watched it it was Really cool so I have a name big box Take that off my hands and if you need To replace anything and do it Outside actually when it's hot it's hot Yeah yeah you're supposed to do it in a Warm environment but it's great stuff And it's like how about I give you a Replacement core for the one you checked Yeah how's that then I could cut out and Get my uh expensive uh Iron Will Components out of the middle of it oh Did you lose Parts oh yeah oh no oh geez I want to talk to Josh about tuning you

Guys are all watching and listening Because most of you should know Josh We've basically done stuff together for A long time and we've been friends Forever and uh I will say this Josh has Always had my back he's the kind of guy I'm not gonna make you cry on this one But I do want to say publicly thank you I was telling my wife this I was like I Bet you about Josh all the time I he Drives me nuts but he's like a Stepbrother we're like I all that Whatever happens doesn't really matter At the end of the day I can look at our History and you've always given the Shirt off your back to me and the best Example is I cut my string possibly with A Broadhead right before a hunt with a Bow that was for Proving Grounds with Matthews so it's a bow that you can't Really like can't replace it I call Josh With very short notice and he's like I'll stop what I'm doing I'll make you a Hand make you a string not the cable but A string for you and I and I just Remember I was like I'm never gonna Forget this I and I'm not like dude you Stopped everything to help me and you've Always done that you've always helped me Given me any gear I needed or whatever And and yeah so I'm happy to see your Success you've killed it in the last Three years I would say Actually I think it's only been two two

Okay it's been two talk about that Growth because It is humbling and I know you don't plan On talk about it but it is inspiring and Maybe look back now kind of like wow Here's a couple of clues that led to This here's some decisions I made that Turned out to be pretty good and if You're willing Maybe here's a couple Decisions I made that we're done to I Mean you're killing it Well um I guess I'd start by you know I Watched a few YouTube videos before we Started doing this I think the first Three years I refuse to watch one if you Remember you need to go watch this one It was really good I'm not watching it Down yeah you need to comment I'm not Reading it I don't care I'm not looking At it yeah this is this is this is do You remember this is not important I Don't care there was there was one could You please please please just comment Back on this one it's like no I told you I'm not looking at it I'm not doing it I Don't want any involvement in it if it Helps great I want nothing to do with it I hate social media I wanted so much not To do it and I think the reality of it Coming off as authentic and real as it Is is because I don't want to do it I feel like I have to because I don't Think it's a lot of it's not being done Right and that's where my my own channel

Came to be as far as looking at products Because obviously you you have products You can talk about products you can't And I can talk about whatever I want Because I have zero sponsorships and Will not take money from anybody period They might send me stuff to test or play With or give away that's fine but There's no obligation with you then all Four worms like you might not like what I have to say true and we might not do Be friends after this and that's fine But I'm just going to be honest and Necessarily and that builds trust with The audience it builds trust and I've Had a couple of people like waffle over It and I'm like look understand I'm Never gonna say everything's fantastic Because that's what's wrong with Everything that's out there every bit of Good that you see every bit of review That you see at least now maybe they're A little different but before it was all This is the best bow I have ever shot in My entire life and then a week later This is the best bow I have ever shot in My entire life it's like Well hold on a second that's [ __ ] Yeah that's not true so I was like how How can I like show this and not get in Trouble Because I mean I'm I sell all these Companies right yeah if I start talking [ __ ] they might go we don't want to sell

To you anymore yeah there's consequences There's real world consequences that Can't exist I just hope that my Account's large enough that they'll be Like uh yeah maybe the next review will Be good that's a good spot to be it's it Is like there's taking my business away Is a pretty damning thing for them so That was a calculated risk really it was Um but I I went I can't do this and not Be honest like there's no way I can't so I went okay well we can measure things We can test things in the environment They're supposed to be tested in but We're not going to test things in a Manner in which is unusable right so we We shot at the speeds that the shot at The weights and measurements that they Say they are yeah to get the speeds that They get but we used an actual Functional error rest and an actual String Loop which they don't to ensure That what we're getting is something That you can get at home like what I'm Testing you can achieve and they call That IBO speed uh yeah I think it's Called IBO anymore why do they why the Why is my language why the effre why Don't they like why the [ __ ] because They think the faster bow is going to Sell more than the slower bow And when you make a bow last year that Shot this and then the bow you come out With next year slower their sales go

Down yeah because one you can't sell the Guy who's chasing speed another bow if The next bow slower true and for a long Time speed really drove this injury Industry I think you're going to see That go away completely I don't think You're going to see a whole bunch of we Have the fastest ball on the planet blah Blah blah because well one they can't Really achieve much faster than they've Already got Without Really changing how A bow looks or functions does PSE still Kind of have the who had makes arguably Out of the main brand manufacturers so Don't include APA I don't even know who That is so no Canadian company okay who Makes the fastest bow like Um probably PSE yeah I know if you had To actually measure it but who also Makes the hardest polling bow PSE Because speed and difficulty of cycle Directly collate if you were at a graph Which I've had people ask you know what I've asked what do you want me to add to These videos right you want to draw a Curse they want to draw a curve in every Inch and I'm like I could do that but it Would probably take You know 15-20 minutes besides another 15-20 minutes to every Bow review of my Time to make Um which you know can you just say hey This was really stiff in the beginning That is what I say this was actually

Really easy that's what I say oh this Guy's full of [ __ ] that's the best Pulling bow I've ever shot blah blah Blah it's like what'd you compare it to How many bows have you pulled back in Your life million yeah so probably Should well yeah but there's there's Always going to be a Karen out there and It really doesn't matter what I do or How thoroughly I get there's still going To be some Cairns but I don't care I'm Doing a better job of not commenting Back to negative ones no the only kind Of negative one I commented back You saw and it wasn't negative it Actually made it funny and uh you'll see That video coming out That comment is why did you get to see It I don't have an only fans yeah darn It I do not so give me your three best Decisions you made in the last two years Like three decisions that may be looking Back are like catapulted you to where Just to give context your online sales Day to day is insane the amount of Inventory you're buying like your balls Are dangling out there bro like you're Putting a lot of capital up front and a Lot of Goodwill Um like what are three decisions in no Particular order that have helped you Well one was just dumb luck Um I was already doing the online game But it was with like Closeouts and

Things like that you know I had gotten I'd gotten to where most Major Brands Were calling me before they actually Bothered to try to release a closeout List that's true and they just call me Because you'd have some weird [ __ ] Anymore upstairs yeah and none of it was In the store like none of it was Visually downstairs it was all just hey There's this there's this whole thing of They've Like Quest bows or something that wasn't Quest was it uh no I just remember at One point you're like I got 300 of these Bows and I'm like I've never even heard Of those and you're like yeah I'm Selling them on eBay and online and yeah And they're going out the door yeah so You had good You had a good fundamental like know-how To sell stuff online well I made my Business the previous uh seven years Probably of growing my inventory but it Was mostly in that yeah so I still would Carry a lot of good products and uh more Inventory in a pro shop than anybody Else anywhere near me even had at that Time yeah not counting the closeout Stuff and some of the closeout stuff was Just really good products that were just Really good deals so we would put a few Things downstairs like hey this is a Really premium thing and it's 30 lower

Than it would normally be so hey let's It's a good deal to a customer we can Pass that on yeah some of the stuff was Just like ah this is a little [ __ ] We'll just sell it online and let the World decide if they like it or not and Not have it affect our local people but When Covet happened Shops didn't have inventory and I was Easily I mean Lancaster probably had More than me Simmons might have had more Than me there might have been three four Places in the country maybe five that Had more inventory in their possession Than me And if anybody remembers back then if They were in archery or not it was Really hard to get product Impossible and I had really large Um accounts with all these people yeah Like I had high credit high volume right And they're used to me buying a lot of Stuff So your average guy if like let's say He's dealing with arrest companies Buying ten thousand dollars in the rest A year he can't pick up the phone and Say I'll take 50 000. they won't sell Them to him it's like well your credit Line is 10. so unless you pay for this Up front we're not selling it to you Right well I had really deep lines so I Could go in and

So the let me back up number one good Decision was just dumb luck I happen to Have a lot of product when covet Happened and everybody ran out of Product and I subsequently sold almost Every single thing I had from that time That year which I frequently would have Stuff that I knew was going to take me a Couple years to move through yeah right So that was great that was good and then Once we got through the first couple of Weeks you know three four weeks and then We realized what was going on that there Was going to be some restrictions people Were gonna have to be socially distant That kind of thing you know realizing That and I'm like well you can't buy a Gun hardly at all because every gun got Sold like and I I had Distributors that Sell guns and I could go and look at What their inventory is and it was gone There's no ammo there's no guns there's No nothing so if you want to shoot Something you are going to be restricted To a bow and arrow if you hadn't already Bought what you wanted right and if you Had a gun you probably weren't shooting It for fun because you couldn't get ammo None right none so I looked at that and Went This is going to go for a long time As far as a demand in this sport so I Started dealing with every manufacturer That I would deal with on a regular

Basis and I'd call them on Monday say What's your lead time And then I would increase my order more Than whatever their lead time was and I Did that so this was decision number two That was big I didn't hide into the fear Of this is kind of this whole thing is Going to come crashing down and fall Apart and I just need to survive my Business and not be stuck with a lot of Inventory so as the uh As the world changed and the demand went Up I already had orders in the system And most people didn't yeah so that put Me so far ahead of everybody else Because if you give manufacturer Programmed orders yeah they Automatically go into their book and They have to fulfill them so I have I Had one point had orders out 18 months With certain people yeah if their lead Time was bad I was going to give you 18 Months worth of orders so you were going To ship me Product I.E landslides yeah Perfect example yeah I still have a ton Of them and you still can't hardly find One somewhere no I get them regularly Constantly they're not as bad anymore They're only like two months okay but They were 14 months or 15 months at one Point I actually they they do business In a really weird way where they Wouldn't send you a partial order So if you ordered 10 things

They wouldn't send it until they had all 10 things so I called my rep and went Okay you are going to hate me but here's What I want you to do This is the product that I want and gave Them a list and I want it every two Weeks and I want each one of these Things on its own order yep I play the Game I gave him a million dollars worth Of orders and I think I crashed their System when he tried Daniel yeah because They could there were so many different Orders for me in there yep and so they Finally started going okay we'll we'll Send you partials I'm like look either You send me partials or I'm going to Give you individual orders for the items Because I don't care if you have one Thing or nine things I want the one Thing and the rep has this type those up That's how he makes it that's why I was Like you're gonna hate me dude and he's Like I dude I get it I want you to get Product because I get paid if you get Products so if you don't get product I Don't get paid either so I'll do it That's a stroke of Genius man that's Cool you just you gotta I had several Manufacturers that how they did business And how they what they did with your Orders I had to change how I order Things to fight how they were doing it To ensure that hey my order came up you Need to send me Product you can't just

Back burner it because it's 20 times Larger than the next guys or 40 times Larger than the next not cool no I mean We're still trying to operate business And my credit says I can have it I pay My bills on time I'm a large account With you you need to send me product Like period and there was there was a Couple companies that still wouldn't do It like they're like well we don't want So and so to you know struggle and Whatnot I'm like well but I'm struggling I have commitments I have obligations It's not like I'm living in a mansion Here I'm not making a crap ton of money And I have employees and buildings and Things that you get paid for so you can You can think you're benefiting this Small little guy right here but you're Hurting me yeah and I know you probably Feel like I can take it but either you Play fair or you don't and let me know What the rules are and I will adjust to Whatever your rules are I don't care What they are but you better abide by What they are in one particular company Did me dirty three times they give me The rules I put my orders in by the Rules and they didn't ship my order Three different times I was mad I was Hot mad like It's your life I based this off of what You told me to do right and then you Changed what you're doing and you only

Changed it for me it doesn't help that I Was trying to order like three quarters Of what they can make but it's like you Can't just do that either you got to Tell me how it is and so I stopped going Through them and actually went through Another channel to ensure that they Couldn't Deck with it but it's it's just The struggles that you face you know When and when you kind of a moving Target really I have pivoted so many Times in my life it's stupid like I was The anti-online and I was the anti Um low margin product guy like if it Didn't reach a certain margin I wouldn't Carry it like period I didn't care if Everybody walked in asking for it the Margin on it's garbage so I'm not going To put it on my wall I'll order it if You want it but I will not stuck it And I've gone from that to I don't care What the margin is I'll carry everything That's good yeah so you said luck slash Timing luck slash timing you said the Second one was Being more clever than everybody else Good purchasing practices purchasing Practices which I will I've already told You that before I think you're really Good at buying Um that you have to be lastly third one Oh god Um Early to bed early to rise work all day

Advertise marketing your marketing Stepped up quite a bit yeah yeah I'll Give you that well and I I I've always Had the work ethic too but it's been Like kicked up and here I think I Probably average 70 to 80 hours a week Since beginning covet stuff yeah and I Just haven't stopped because it's just Been continually going but yeah Um the one of the greatest things I Probably did was start my channel yeah It did I couldn't believe how much that Directly related back to my website Sales but it's a large portion of it and It is very smart to do yeah you really Especially if you can get some traction If you can get some traction to where The uh the algorithm shows your stuff Yeah more you're just you're getting Your exposure out to more people I don't Know if a local guy will benefit as much But I think YouTube even pays attention To the local people I think it does Person because everybody sees my stuff You're one Banger away from blowing up Your channel one Banger video like you You have the right thumbnail you have The right title something about it the Way it flows Um yeah I know Tim busted your balls to Do that channel for a long time he did He's pretty convincing too so but you're Also pretty hard-headed so it took a While but took a while it did uh it did

Work out well so it's another one of Those things I don't have so much time How is this going to be valuable well Look what you had to do you had to buy Stuff camera gears lights oh yeah hire Videographers editors teach yourself Um and then make time for it and then Make Studios and like if you look back I Bet in the last two years I bet you've spent I don't know how many Thousands of dollars on stuff yeah 20 Pretty easily it's a good investment Honestly there is an Roi it is it is no It was very it was very wise and very Smart now anymore if I'm like in the Last six months Somebody says you need that okay Something like go but You shoot up with mics that weren't Connected by wire or that you have Separate memory cards and actually Recorded it right back to the camera Boom a bottom the next day exactly 300 I Don't care how much there that's that Saves time I do the same thing with my Camera guys the other day Tyler was like Dude you need UV filters for all these Lenses I was like boop boop okay I'll be Here in two days like there's there's Certain things you just can't mess Around I wanted to ask you because I've Never asked this question before and It's maybe you know about it maybe you Don't so the Pittman Robinson act 20

Years and you've never asked me this Pitman Robinson Act What how does that work for you that Because you sell stuff that gets that Tax like 100 it's a lot like does your Mom does your mom does the books the Manufacturer pays it okay so how does That work so whenever somebody you were Paying it here's the no I do not have to Pay it the manufacturer has to pay it And so when you and it's and here's the How do I say this here's the really [ __ ] part okay it's on stuff made in The States but not made in the states It's not yeah that's that which is why So much of this stuff gets imported is Because it saves 11 to have it made Somewhere else At least that's the way it used to be I Don't know if they changed that but Regardless anybody who manufactures an Archery product pays an 11 excise tax to The government because they made an Archery product that goes into a fund to Fund public facilities ranges right so There's uh if you ever go to uh an Archery range that just looks stellar And it's free or something like that That's where that money came from gotcha Right it's it's intent or its purpose is To grow our trees uh places to do Archery I want to say it's in Grangeville or somewhere around there There's a really nice facility down

There and it's all money from that like Nobody built it somebody got grant money For it but that's where those dollars go And there's a ton of it like if you want To try to start an archery range or Something research urge that because There is free money For that purpose and that's where that Free money comes from it comes from an 11 Pays it I don't pay it I always thought You they were you're the tax collector I Thought but okay uh sales tax yeah Obviously but I thought maybe you're Collecting for the federal as well all Right that answers that okay uh I wanted To do this thing guys where we asked Josh To dumb it down now we might get in the Weeds but I promise to police this Towards after we check this box if I got A new bow I want to get it tuned can you dumb it Down step by step of what you need to do Are you talking build or just the tune Process Well you know let's start with the tune Process let's assume there's a rest Installed semi correctly to manufacture Spec let's assume there's some decent Strings on there are we assuming the Bose uh Wheeling tuned already and timed I don't think you can assume that okay All right so let's say the Bose bill

It's got like good quality strings on it Because if you don't put good quality Strings on it you're just going to redo This over and over and over so it's kind Of a waste of time and that is like the Most important thing I do not want you To skip over that guys I have literally Witnessed this like one thing Nick Fisher did teach me I'd never measured The to the thousands of serving on your Serving diameter and uh he showed me a Certain manufacturer that I had on my Boat and it was like don't smile you Know what I'm talking it was like 119 And he was telling me his sweet spot for Him was like 108 109 and Dan Evans is 109 and I'm like I gotta Reserve this String so anyways like yeah super Important and now remember there was a Few years there I'm not gonna say What Boat was but people will be able to Figure it out but that was Out Of Tune After every month I'd bring it and be Like Josh my bow is Out Of Tune strings Matter strings are probably the most Important thing you can put on your bow Which is why I emphasize it so much and You rock gas uh gas has been really good To us they uh they fulfill orders really Fast really well you want an award Actually stop uh well we were Top 10 dealer or something like that the First year and we didn't start till April sick man we're number one deal in

The country right now for gas boom That's cool they make good product That's not to say they're the only one That does there's so there's some really Good stuff out there yeah it's more um The materials they're using and if it Gets a good stretch on it before it gets Served which is what I always used to do When I built them I'd put them in a jig And leave them in there under stress for A long period of time which you can do On a small scale but it's kind of hard To do on a large scale but most of them Know which fiber materials give and Which and which ones don't And most of them are paying attention to That when they build it so if you build It with the right material you got a Really good likelihood of it not Stretching because if it stretches and It's noticeable right away they're going To get a phone call yeah and they got to Rebuild a set of strings and send a guy A new set of strings right that cost Them money so it's to their detriment It's beneficial to make a product that Doesn't stretch because it's most Notable anybody's aware of it anymore But yeah regardless like I said there's A lot of good companies out there put Good streams on your boat don't like I'd Rather spend that hundred and fifty Dollars or whatever you're paying for Them on that then a nicer site or a

Nicer rest because the cheaper rest Probably isn't going to move the cheaper Site's probably not going to move I Guarantee a cheaper strings are going to Move fact you can't have crap move and Have a seat keep functioning so Assume we have good strings on there you Set your gear ideally I don't think this Is super critical but people will get Geeky about it measure your actual axle And your brace height and shorten our Lengthen these strings and cables till Those match Right start match the specs match the Specs of the manufacturer got you one It's always good to be able to go back And check it yeah because if they're Both stretching equally your timing will Still look right but it's actually Getting longer and it's changing some Things so that's a good starting point And then once you get the axle to actual Embrace and bracelet measurement correct Then you want to check timing and Orientate shorten or lengthen which you Should always shorten not lengthen Because these things are going to get Longer they're not going to get shorter Yeah so if you end up a tit shorter You're better off because it is going to Give a little bit at some point it just Hopefully gives equally so set your Timing at that point right and then Check your Wheeling

If you depending on what bow you have You may not check your Wheeling until You try to tune the bow now if you skip That step have your arrow rest 13 16 and Have your right spine arrow and shoot With your paper and you get a hole your Wheeling's probably good so when we pick The arrow the main thing to pick Regardless of all the upshot there is to Get a properly spined Arrow oh 100 and Not under spine under spine is the Dangerous okay overspined is kind of Safe like if you're on the verge or the Edge according to a chart of what you Should use probably go stiffer okay just To be safe yeah and then if you look at That stiffer arrow and go oh it's too Heavy then maybe look at a different Brand or a different product and get the GPI that you're looking for at an Appropriate spine but almost everybody In general nationally is probably Shooting too weak of an arrow if you Have a stiff enough Arrow it'll always Perform a weak Arrow will not now Ideally you want the optimum spine Because you're getting the most Efficiency for velocity for energy if You overspine an arrow and it weighs More you're losing velocity and getting A touch of energy but you're losing Velocity and you're in energy is based Off of spine it's not really based off Of physical weight it's based off of the

Appropriate Flex or energy transfer Based off of stiffness taking into Account how much front weight you have How much vein weight you have those Won't matter but getting the right spine Arrow is super important if you're on The edge don't go weak or go stiffer It's always going to work better you'll Never find somebody who went a little Stiffer and goes this just doesn't work As good that doesn't happen I've heard Maybe a little bit of like right hand Shooters having a two-step narrow go Slightly left a little bit or something If it's but how hard is it if it's like Way too stiff how hard is it to not make It stiff though you can manipulate Things got a little tip weight yeah There you go uh what's harder to make a Weak Arrow stiffer 100 really hard it's Way easier to make a stiff Arrow weaker 100 now you got all this stuff you've Maybe you haven't checked Wheeling yet But you definitely have in time you have A rest set up proper you have your Center Shot which is basically a 90 Degree angle right where the arrow is Coming out true most most If you have equal and opposite Eccentrics so the wheel above and the Wheel below and the cable track above And the cable track below are exactly The same then yes it will be level if They're not the same yeah it might not

Be level you might because when you draw That back the knock end based off of That orientation may change and where it Is back here is what matters just like Wheeling when you draw the bow back Where the wheels are pointed at each Other at draw is what matters on how It's going to tune not at rest right but Everybody's checking those at rest That's kind of important but so You can skip the Wheel Lane step and run It through paper and see if you get a Good hole To start if you don't get a good hole Don't move your arrow rest you need to Start manipulating your Wheeling based Off of the hole you get if you get a Point right tear you need to move your Cams to the right if you're a Right-handed person if you get a point Left here you need to move them towards The left so whichever way your point is Is the way you move the cams to try to Manipulate that out and I will have Minimum four part video series on Walking you through how much you move it And how much it changes a tear for this Type of bow that type of bow for Wheeling and how much shim is and I'm Doing uh a series of shimming and which Shims change how much so if you've got a You know a laser alignment if you're Using a small dog laser tool and you're Pointing at your cam and you see it

Moving this far over how much of a Change is it going to take to hopefully Get you pointed at the cam so you don't Have to sit there and do it like three Times I figured if I just went through And did a video with all of them and you Can see how much it moved each one it Would help you slow down narrow down how Much you need to change it so I'd like To watch that intimidated do the same Thing with Hoyt do the same thing with PSE just did the one with BowTech but Botex cheating because it's easy yeah Yeah so yeah that's those will all come Out in the next the nice thing about Wheeling or Cam orientation or whatever You guys want to call it from my Experience is like it's kind of a one And done type thing yeah you know like I've never had you have to redo Wheeling As long as you don't have fixed uh String Yokes you won't have to redo it Right unless and if you do have to redo It you might want to take a look at your Bearings oh yeah because the only way That moved is if you're bearing shifted Like the balls that's inside there That's everything's rotating on if one Of those pops and the balls shift then The cam can rotate but if you don't have A movable cable guard and that hasn't Changed out there's no way you're left To right changed okay unless you went From not torquing the bow to torquing

The piss out of the bow that's possible So yeah you adjust your Wheeling for Tune get a good hole and I don't mean a Kind of good hole like a perfect hole if You get a perfect hole and you have the Right spine Arrow your shaft or Broadhead are going to strike the arrow Pretty damn close to it okay and then From there if you're a Target shooter And you're shooting a Target setup and You're ever going to put a fixed blade Broadhead on the bow your shaft Make sure you've got your shaft weight Identical and weight on the back of the Arrow where the fletchings are just like You did with Nick that's exactly what You should do if you are a Target Shooter if you are a fixed blade bow Hunter and you are going to practice With your broadheads as you all should To ensure that they all shoot the same That is important I don't recommend shaft tuning in that Scenario because the Broadhead and the Shaft on a fixed blade Broadhead are Going to do the same thing so it's a Redundant step it's an extra step that You're going to do the exact same thing With and when you shoot a shaft let's Say it's crazy bad You're going to break that Arrow Whereas with with fixed blade or missed The whole Target honestly but your fixed Blade's still going to do the same thing

But something about having Fletching on The back of it won't allow the arrow to Keep going It'll like pull it back a Little bit so you don't snap your arrow Okay so that's part of why I say just go To the Broadhead because at least you Won't break your arrow From a fundamental standpoint of Shooting Um what's your thoughts on I'm just Doing this at you what if you Got this everything like you just said And you had six bear shafts with some Electrical tape or whatever on the back To match your flesh so the total Weight's the same and why would you have Six so you have a half a dozen okay okay You Fletch six you didn't Fletch six you Take those six that are on Fletch and You kind of stand there in your garage a Few meters away from the Target and you Shoot through paper and all you're Trying to do is check your continuity Your consistency of your arrows and then Once maybe you establish like twisting The knock a few times and you get those To be all pretty congruent then you know That you can do that repeatedly to see If you're actually like so you're Referring to knock tuning a knock tune Slash audit on your Technique Awesome oh okay because I think all this Bear Chef talk which I've never done a Lot of it I kind of like it but I don't

Love it you know what I mean I know how To skip to the end ask my wife I can Skip foreplay Um is it's cool but like I do think There's something said especially the Off season about like shooting close to Paper four plays are really important I'm a married man of 14 years I know This See um time for an audit yeah for the For the Target guys for anyone trying to Get better their game like I don't know Man I kind of like the idea of maybe They have if you can afford six bear Shafts to just leave as is and and they Are nocturned okay you're shooting You're in a slump shooting go shoot Through paper with the bear shaft maybe And you're both still tuned it's you Okay so From an audit standpoint just an audit Okay from an audit standpoint you can Take that same thing with your fletched Arrows and it will still show a Difference so you don't really need that 100 will sure if you if you're doing it Differently from my camp in California Right it was bad yeah so it'll still do It and it and it'll do it you'll still Get a variance in each let me explain That so like there was a dude and am I Gonna say his name I can't remember it But he literally shot like three shots It was Point left point right High tear

And then Josh was like give me that bow Then you shoot it it's like and I'm like This thing's so not tuned and then you Shoot it it's got a perfect Bullet Hole I was like okay bro You you literally have did three Completely different shots well his draw Length was way too long too and that's That's part of it when your draw lengths Long it's really hard to do it the same Yeah that's why draw length is so Important yeah if anything I'd rather it Be a tit short because you're shooting Angles and things like that and you'll Lose it so that's why it's so important Yeah so I guess we should probably come Back to You get a good Bullet Hole like a really Good Bullet Hole really good clean true Clean Target guys probably need to Torque tune and bear shaft tune or just Go to bear Um well yeah you probably want to talk To him because it's going to change what Your tear does yeah like at that point If you get a decent paper tear like it's Really looks really good looks really Clean and you're gonna torque tune then Do that and then go back and check your Paper maybe explain torque tune for Those that are new to it uh torqtune is The process of depending on whether You're using the site or the rest or Both you move the uh the arrow rest out

And slowly move it back in until you see You deliberately torque the bow left You shoot one straight normal you torque It left you torque it right and you keep Moving the arrow rest in or out until Those hit as close to each other as Possible that's it on most modern Hunting boats that's going to be as far Forward as you can move your arrow rest Which is where I just typically put them To begin with on a hunting bow and then Your site if you have a dovetail on it You do the same thing you move it out And you slowly move it back in torquing Each time move it a click at a time Because it's got a little indents in it Until you can hit as close to the middle As possible and it does make a Difference yeah but once again as you Learned when you did it you moved your Site all the way in you moved your rest All the way yeah on a hunting bow yeah Target bow is different that's Definitely more than I actually had Never purposely torqued before and Nick Was like no more and more and I'm like Yeah this string is going to jump off The camera and that's the scary part of Doing it too and be careful well that's Why it needs to be a certain level of Person can you even do it the same but I Was blown away at how close those arrows Hit when we got it torque tuned yeah I Was like okay that makes sense for a

Hunting scenario when you're shooting Some weird off position and you feel That anxiety get rid of the arrow I do Think that would help bring in some Forgiveness Um okay so it might give a better reason To somebody who might disagree with the Fact that I said movie rest and as tight As you can your side as tight as you can Because it generally creates the least Amount of torque and variants yeah it Would prove it to you that it's probably Going to work so yeah do it knock Yourself out what about the um the guys That maybe aren't Target like what's Their next step after a perfect bullet Do they start addressing like we're Assuming that the second access has been Touched as far as leveling yourself yeah Yeah so there's depending on the type of Site you have should we just assume that It's a movable yeah slider rail I think Most people do that now so yeah pretty Much I think that's it's way more common Than not right so um you put your bow in A jig get your string square and level Yes all right depending on what tools You use to do that I make stuff for it There's a lot of stuff out there for it But get a level on your string and get The bow string squaring level yep and Then put a level on the rail of Removable site and move that rail till It's level

And then check the bubbles go in your Head of your site and move that to where It's level and then the only other thing Is third access on third access ideally You draw the bow back hold it downhill At an angle have a flat level on your Riser in a flat spot and then match Whatever the bubble on the Riser is Doing to the one in the scope head which Is when you see us draw back in the draw Board and holding an angle like we did The other day that's what we're Mimicking yeah and we also just showed That hand torque will also change that So yeah ideally you have a site that you Can make finite adjustments to in that And functionally shoot it in so go to an Uphill Target on a Dot and change your Bubble based off of whether it hits left And right until you're hitting the Middle of the target for uphills and Downhills it's really solid it's a Really good way to do it uh once again This is dictated by this person's Ability I still want to give Black Gold I'm not using their site I've used it a Lot I still want to give them a shout Out the system for best system for third Access like when I was and I love Dan Dan Evans probably listening to this hey Dan Um Yeah man I don't like having to loosen Two screws and tighten two other screws

And then shoot and hope that I made good Shots and then oh I didn't it went the Wrong way and now I gotta tighten the Top two and loosen the I mean well in All in all fairness his is easier than a Lot of other ones there are some that Are just figure it out they got great Engineers why can't you make them Anyways it's another Titan loosen system Yeah But they do I will say spot hog does Have that metal Wire yeah in the middle That's nice which really helps if you're In guys we're getting in the Wheats I Got a police test Um okay so we it's still red and we're At an hour we got a second axis figured Out where Um shooting third axis two third axis And I will say Every time I've given you my bow and You've done your new hack is what I'm Calling it where you put it in full draw And tilt it down and put the third axis Tool and you manually adjust it it's Kind of nice because I'm not involved a Human's not involved and it's been super Close every time and then You make a little like I have never had To adjust any of them that you've done And then this one recently that we just Did I'm trying to explain this proper so Help me it was within the it was within The lines but it wasn't dead center but

You hadn't touched it I hadn't touched It and so we hadn't done the third ax With the and I went out and shot it in Myself and fortunately at your range I Got a steep downhill and a steep uphill Oh and those targets are right next to Each other on purpose And keep shooting it so I shot my Downhills and I was trending right I Went and shot my uphills I was trending Left I made one tiny adjustment and shot And hit on the lines and I was like okay I'm in and so I was really curious to See how close it was to what you did Super close so that is a good hack that You have that's a good reason to go to SVA because I don't know does that yeah There's um I think I think I've seen it Uh one other time but uh not with that Tool because that's a tool I made but we Are working on manufacturing that tool I Think that would be great an integrated Draw board that pivots so you can pull a Bow back I can check those things it'll Be so Ideal Time Saver that actually Goes on to a last chance press because That's what most people have that's what We all have man yeah well there's a Couple out there that are the red one Thing that the oh that's the red one or Something well I haven't made that in Like five years uh ten years deadly Deadly okay so hold on let me talk about Dudley for a second hey John you don't

Listen to my podcast but I want to play A sound bite and I want to know if he Messaged me because I know he saw oh so He saw this story yeah I tagged him he Didn't comment and last time he texted Me he was kind of mad at me because I Made a little clip with Joel Turner kind Of making fun of the Silverback but it Was like literally just the release for Children yeah but it was just the clip He actually had great context it's a Great release and I love John but he I Got a text from him he wasn't happy About that Um so I'm gonna play the sound bite all Right Three we're gonna switch this guy here From the Silverback over the carter-wise Choice are you ready my friend ready We've got a really nice total archery Challenge shot over here you ready for This through the trees you're gonna Target downrange here's your new release I'll trade you okay thank you uh knock On all right so pull through The shot you ready okay focus pull Through pull through the shot draw your Bow pull through okay okay aim for that Back strap over there straight around We're gonna fire up the Traeger we're Gonna call Sharon you ready We're doing it buddy no tag suit tonight Squeeze your butt cheeks that's right Okay

Executing Through Come on baby baby that's not John Dudley No Yes Is a subscriber at Bear Camp the best Oh my God that was good you were you Thought I was done I did yeah when he Said shoot through the back straps fire On the Traeger we'll call Sharon squeeze Your butt cheeks So I tagged dud in that and like dude I Was like this is the best deadly Impersonation we got nothing but love For you yeah I think he's over like he's Probably offended but I thought that was Like you thought that was power how do You get that much in the public and be Offended like you can't you can't Survive if you get offended by stuff He's yeah I don't know if he sends him Or not but John I love you I thought That was like so that guy who did his Name's Justin is a huge fan of Dudley's Like he's been studying Dudley he shoots A PSE he has everything knock on yeah And he started talking like Dudley and I Was like dude I gotta film this this is So good that was incredible that's Incredible yeah that was incredible That's that that's at the YouTube video You'll have to watch but uh yeah that's The parrot hunt you didn't yeah I hadn't Well it came out today you didn't go on

And I'm kind of glad you didn't well my Passport didn't make it I was four days Late on my passport getting here so I Was like I could drive up here for two Days and by that time it was not good Anyway so I was like no I'm just gonna Stay I'm gonna stay here and and put the Nose back to the grindstone and keep Busting [ __ ] out you know I need to do That but so we were tuning we're tuning We've got the first second and third set Now you sighted in your bow to distance Make sure your distances are all good Talk about that and then quickly what What's the number like you prefer them To get 20 like perfect and then back out To 60 or so if you're ready if you're Using um If you're using like site tapes or Whatnot you know as far as you can Comfortably shoot the bow is going to Give you more accurate information but We're kind of skipping over something Here okay you get your 20 get everything Squared up and figure out where your 60 Yard is Right get 60. and then reset your P pipe To where that is the most optimal Comfortable position thank you and then Go back and refigure out where 20 is Because it ain't on 20 anymore because If you're set at 60 20 you're going to Be pushing into it pretty good 100 You're probably still touching the

String barely with your nose yep and That's to give you the most accurate Overall package yeah like my peep right Now is not the most fun to shoot at 20 And 30. mm-hmm but gosh dang anything Past 60 Yeah it's perfect so I'm willing to deal With that a little bit you know yeah I Mean you got to look at like 20 and 30. These are easy does it do I really have To do it perfect right or do I want it To be perfect farther on so yeah get Your peep set at 60 re-figure out which It's once you move that it's probably Gonna your 60s now probably gonna become 50. realistically you're probably gonna Lose about 10 yards off of what you were Shooting Get that set good got all your distances Everything's money Then for me I'd immediately shoot abroad At 20 yards once I'm recited and make Sure it's hitting where my field point Is okay and then if it's not you make Your adjustments for your rest for left To right typically up and down like if That thing's done right you're up and Down should never be different Are we going to redo the Broadhead Tuning video yeah I was thinking about That yesterday and I was like I'm gonna Put it out there if you live in the Spokane area I'm tired of being on the video okay and

Honestly my it's really loud right now So If you're a subscriber of either of our Channels or a listener of this product And you live in the quarterly and Spokane area you want to drive all the Way over here We're looking for somebody yeah I'm Looking for westsiders I'm looking for Somebody to bring over their bow their Fill points and their fix broadheads and You will leave with them all hitting Perfect and I hope that they're messed Up so that we can solve Because uh last year we made a video and We got a lot of criticism on it that we Said something wrong yeah I said it Backwards exactly yeah I've said it Backwards probably six times because my Brain so we're gonna do it proper yeah And the guys at just Love to hear that you're wrong and so You should surf that website anyways the Uh whoever it is that reach out I will Pick somebody you come over we're going To you're going to and I want to do it Not in August I want to do it in June or July should I just clarify where I was Wrong yeah let's well we're going into That step right now but I'm just saying Visually I want to bring all this to Life on the channel so whoever you are Come be can be featured on our channels And we will take you through Broadhead

Tuning 101 and we will fix you up so let You shoot a Broadhead at 20. well first You need to ensure that you're brought It straight out of the arrow Like period it won't shoot wobbles like No wobbles like put it on a spinner and Make sure it's spinning like a top and Doesn't wobble or put it in the palm of Your hand V your fingers and blow on the Fletching you'll feel it moving if it's Not and guys I used to wonder like What's a wobble what's a knot It'll be really obvious it's pretty Noticeable it's pretty obvious so then We're talking right-handed shooter here Um so you shoot 20 yards and you brought It hits to the right of your field point You move your rest to the right not to The left I'm sorry I said it backwards Twice my bad internet whatever but yeah If you hit it if you brought it hits Right it's the same thing as a shaft Tune if your Broadhead hits right you Move your arrow rest slowly to the right And I mean slowly like like a click like Enough that your paper tear probably Wouldn't look any different like a click Or two clicks if you have to move it More than like four or five clicks your Spine's probably wrong Um if you've got a good tear And you everything seems to be flying Really good you shouldn't have to move More in four or five clicks I would

Probably start looking at okay hold on Maybe this is too weak of an arrow and If it's hitting left maybe it's too Stiff of an arrow which it's almost Never gonna hit left because it's really Hard to have too stiff of an arrow yep Right but what if it does end up hitting A combination of right and low Right I've seen that a lot so low if You're talking low which also low can be Weak too so right is weak and low is Weak without with a with a release and a Standard arrow rest without tension on It that makes sense so they'll hit right And low is usually weak so if you're Striking right and low commonly it's an Easy way to test that back your bow down Five or six pounds does the low ride go Away It's probably fine that's a really cool Suggestion it doesn't cost anything it's An easy check or you could pull your Fletchings off And Nick like a half inch off your arrow If you didn't want to like yeah oh yeah You could but that cost something yeah Right Justin limbo doesn't cost anything Just go right back on you cut a half Inch off your rail that Arrow's not half Inch shorter we can't fix that if you Decide that wasn't what it was because You could be getting a contact somewhere Something could be hitting somewhere That's making it kick that way whereas

If you just shoot A lighter weight you'll see it change Let's say you shoot at um 60 yards Um you shoot your Broadhead first left And right's money but it's about three Four inches low and your fill points Right in the bullseye that's happened to Me a lot do you bump the rest up ever so Slightly I would immediately go back and Check my timing okay I would immediately Go back and check my timing and then if I'm sure my timing is good and I would Check it in a draw board that has an Offset handle that mimics the actual Drop Distance between your hand and Where the arrow leaves so that Arrow Should be coming back straight with the Hand position low where some of the draw Boards out there drawing a straight line That's my draw board on my last chance Is it right nope oh your will be a half A twist out Okay yeah so if you look at the draw Board I have in my shop the handle is Offset and you actually have to move the Draw board for left to right and it's Offset by the distance in which your Hand would sit on the string because I Learned that like 10 12 years ago you'd Put it back in a Last Chance draw board And you deliberately set it a half a Twist out I knew I'd learned because When you pull it back when you pull it Back in your hands all of a sudden okay

It feels out but I just checked it it's Not well yeah it is it absolutely is Um so and then a lot of the really hard Aggressive cams it's hard to get them Perfectly timed Um with the new BowTech Target system Actually has a adjustment you can Readjust to the pegas the uh I'm trying to remember I think Black Eagle is actually making that one that McCarthy is talking about the timing one That you mentioned the other day oh yeah The Democracy timing little doodad yeah It's a little thing you put in your Cable you could just put some string Loop material in there if you wanted Something to change the these are like The Hourglass yeah yeah I think it's Pretty smart you know honestly I'm Probably gonna mess with those down the Road yeah well if you if you look at um Kind of slowly I've seen I've seen guys In the Target World with a piece of loop Material in the string and they're Trying to lengthen it a smaller or Shorten an entirely small amount enough That you can't You can't twit put a full twist in the String I would say guys watching if You're really trying to get an archery That's I think this is undeniable I Could be wrong tell me your thoughts but I just think if you really want to get Better at archery

Don't follow the bow Hunters follow the Target guys they're the Nerds that are Like yeah follow uh money's on the line Follow Tim Gillingham follow Paige Pierce she puts out so much good Information like incredibly good Information follow Dan McCarthy McCarthy Um when I when I was talking to you About the pushing on the end of The Arrow to figure out where your spine is Yeah I I figured that out and then two Days later Brian sent me a video of Dan McCarthy talking about it interesting Like [ __ ] yeah but nobody still makes a Tool so I'm gonna work on that but you Recheck your time if you're still in Time and your Broadhead is planing Hitting a little low then you move I Ideally you actually move your Loop Because it makes a bigger change but you Can move your arrows too I like the idea Of not moving the rest at all so let's Stick with that okay so if you're Hitting low you'd move your Loop down Make it hit higher and that was which is Weird because if you think about the the Decisions you make with your arrow rest That seem like the opposite of what it Should do with your left or right but You're up and down still holds true if You're hitting low you move your Loop Down if you're hitting High you move Your Loop up Nick Fisher was the first One to like put on a d-loop on my one of

My bows and not like cinch it down yeah He moved that thing a ton and I was like I didn't know that I was that day old When I learned that so that makes a lot Of sense Josh I mean yeah ideally Especially with like the qad integrates With Matthews which I'm trying one right Now by the way and I I A lot you will until the cord stretches On you when you're hunting we'll see I Hope that doesn't happen but 1360s off The rise of things built for and I don't Want to move it and then it sounds like There's all kinds of ways to not move Around some workarounds let's say you Didn't need to move it would you move it A click or two up if you're moving the IRS in that scenario and your arrows Hitting low your broadhead's getting low Your field point you would move the Arrow rest up that's the opposite of What the loop is Dan Evans makes the Site tape I'm talking about him Personally Where like inevitably a fixed Broadhead Will eventually plane right there's just No like solo mechanical and a mechanical Eventually so he is basically figured Out a way for himself to use a different Site tape for things that are going to Kill animals instead of fill points sure And it's just One on each side it's so slightly Different but it's just a little more

Stretched out it won't be that's a good Practice won't be different to like 80 Or 90 yards and then it'll get different Okay because of drag because there's More drag surface on a Broadhead than There is on a field point so when you Get that the other practice two years Ago the other practice that was last Year can I bring this up the other Practice is Um Iron Will spill points they create More drag which is Here I don't yeah they're bold so they Create more drag they're they're much More you're more likely to lose them at A Target they're a little harder to get Out of a Target because they hang up on The target but that's the purpose of it I'm sold on them is to create drag yeah Yeah if you're trying to decide in a Field point in a Broadhead and leave it Together that's a better bet that should Be your North Star if you're into bow Hunting Dude I'm learning some stuff from you Today this is cool okay the antelope do You want to talk about the antelope or Like like I can kind of talk let me just Say it was a ways away yes okay okay Josh shot on Antelope in Idaho Um it's the furthest shot I've heard of Anyone shooting an antelope I'll just Say that is that fair and safe sure Maybe I don't know a lot of people so

Maybe yeah maybe yeah maybe you haven't Heard a lot okay anyways for a shot that Far Um With an expandable Uh yeah I wasn't expandable still had to Account for the planing right yeah well I was sighted in with the broadheads Yeah I wasn't signing with field points I stopped shooting field points three Weeks prior and then you just kind of Sold and I rebuilt my tape for the feel For the broadheads only and I went over To my cousin's house three days a week Four days a week because one there's no Customers out there so I don't get Stopped and ask questions and whatnot While I'm trying to shoot my own stuff And two I can shoot out to 150 Um with and we'd drive a UTV and go pull The arrows and come back and I'm Standing in a shop so if it's rainy Windy whatever I can still practice and Get the Reps and now granted it's going To react down there and it's amazing how Little wind moves a lot at like 150. so The wind I'll show you this video Uh So I hit perfect right behind the Shoulder I was not aiming there you had About a 14 mile an hour wind that day And that was 120 yards do you know where Yeah I was aiming at the end of the Vitals yeah and you'll see my bow is

Like the framing of that I got lucky I Had it perfectly framed you if you look You'll see my bow is pointed at the Middle of the Moose body yeah and then The air goes out of frame and when the Air comes back in the frame it's way Over and it's dropping in so at 150 even In us it's stupid like when I shot that 300 yard shot with Tim All that was based on wind not it was Not that hard no like I think that's I'm Not that good archery it's easy you find Something to point out you shoot it and You'll move the target where the air Landed and then you just watch the wind Yeah and I just had to wait for it to Die down now The reason I'm talking about all this Guys and this is what I want you to get Takeaways is Do you think Josh it would be more If guys who love expandables and I've Killed stuff with expandables you love Expandables if guys you guys Took the route that we're talking about Of using fixed broadheads for this end Of foreplay process get it all perfect Using a fixed Broadhead and then if you Want to use expandable just Put it on wouldn't that be better than Just letting not really tuning you're Still tuning uh to a greater scale but Now you're buying another set of Broadheads just for a tuning purpose at

That point you probably ought to just Use a shaft because they're going to do The same thing okay so you can you can Totally do it that scenario one thing we Did Miss over when we're talking about Premium Setups and trying to get this thing Dialed the difference between each arrow Is a lot of variant and you can get the Weight the same on each Arrow but they Still kind of deflect different and I Figured out ways to be able to tell Which way they're going to deflect However that will change as soon as you Fletch it so for those of you standing Out there for those of you standing out There knock tuning shafts because this Is the optimum per Performance and perfect setup Etc Um that doesn't work as soon as you Fletch it it's different so if you're Going to Nocturne you should be knock Tuning a fletched arrow not a shaft Because they do look different Arrow to Arrow you can do the exact same thing to Think that the fleshing is correcting The arrow at seven feet is foolish it Hasn't even had a chance to do anything That would make sense so and that's Actually a lot of the like high high Level guys that are shooting for Fletch That's more of the reason why they're Doing it because it's easier to Reorientate the arrow and not reflect

The arrow because there's more Orientation points you can pick which Arrows supposed to which Fletch is Supposed to point the right direction Because you have more of them so as You're tuning it and trying to find that Optimum point where it actually does Shoot exactly the same mind you they Don't have to look like a perfect hole At first they just need to look like the Same hole so they're flexing the same Each time after that's flesh to four Flush gives you more points of contact Okay I got a dozen Pro comps on the way You heard me ordering the Iron Wheel Components So I'm going to cut those arrows If I Fletch them first And glue and Hot Melt Are you saying to shoot through paper Shoot each one of them through paper uh Like seven to ten feet just right out of The bow it doesn't you don't have to be Far away from it talking 120 degree Rotation 90 degree 1 8 1 4. Um so I still really like three fletches Because I don't think they move as much I'm only three Fletch I'm gonna use a Hybrid HP here's the negative okay You're gonna have to reflect a bunch of Them So you Fletch them you turn it to where The the point the sorry you turn it to Where the the tear looks exactly the

Same okay and then if it so Fletch them All the same color Right got it so if you end up 120 you're Just using that one as your [ __ ] feather Instead of the other one not to Reflection if you end up Um 60 degrees in between the two to Where they're orientated guess what your Reflection that Arrow With the fletch's pointed the other way So I guess you're gonna say that really Slow for me so okay Um I I just have this idea of the [ __ ] Vein always being up for my setups Uh which is which is fine so if I rotate The knock on my three fletches that are All the same color it doesn't matter and I get a perfect Bullet Hole consistently I'm gonna take a silver Sharpie and Mark Where Where up is where up is up is and if one Of the fletches doesn't line up to be Your [ __ ] feather that's up you need to Refresh that Arrow to where they do and I can [ __ ] vein that one yes but by Putting the weight on the back of the Arrow like that and the way you twist Them and the way they orientation I'm Going to do that and here's why that's Not a big deal yeah I use the Arizona Easy Mini Max to the left it takes me One second to redo that now speaking of These and we're gonna probably have to End this podcast but the goat tough

Fletcher have you seen it I have not yet Watch the Youtube video Drop today uh I Gave that guy air time on that video Because I'm like This is insanely good okay it's I probably if you're into two degree Offsets not the crazies that we do this Would be a really good option but you Can't you can't do all your veins at Once sure you have to but just watch That text me when you see it whenever That happens let me know your thoughts Sure you're probably I can predict what You'll say you'd be like uh either You'll say so and so made that a version Of that 17 years ago it was called this or You'll be like oh I already thought of That What'd you see it on I'm saying what You're going to say no I understand that But what did you see it on I've never seen it in my life I saw it In real life the guy brought it to Camp Oh he had it with him yeah and we Fletched a few arrows right there and Then in there huh and it was really Impressive John so but you recorded it On your video Yeah it's on the YouTube video I gave it Hair time Once you pull it up and I'll Look at it okay and then you can have my Exact opinion and then I want to finish I want to finish yeah with if you want

To talk about any more Fletching devices Sure guys he knows what I'm talking About Okay not a bad idea Do you have options yeah yep I like that You're pushing down yeah so you're Applying pressure and holding it that's A good idea I mean the uh at first Thought it actually looks like uh an Arizona plastic one okay okay but it but It's different like the the thing that Holds the vein isn't actually a clamp it Just sets in it you push down on it That's that's not a bad idea and then he Served the little thing so there was no Slop on the knock you know But that guy's name's Craig he's a huge Fan of yours he calls you out a couple Times like for fun in the video uh he Was bummed you weren't there but he's a Great guy you would have loved him yeah Full nerd did you get the gist yeah no That's so the little spindle is a four Or a three yeah I I hadn't seen that Before I'll bring him in and the prices Are really fair like 45 retail I'm like That's a really honestly that's a pretty Good option for people sure so my dad Was like I'm buying one yeah that looks Like a good tool I mean it's It's along the same premise of what I'm Trying to make because I am making a Fletching jig it's not done yet but I Wanted to make it so simple you can't

[ __ ] it up yeah like and you can adjust It but there's different pieces for Changing how much it is but there's not Like this moving it back and forth to Get it where you like it there's Pre-built things I like that and you are Doing all of them at the same time not One at a time yeah in what I'm making And as far as the knock fitting tight in The receiver there's actually inserts For the size of Arrow What do you know thinking of a thing or Two when is it gonna be done dude ask Mark bovee he's been he's been [ __ ] With it for like two and a half months Maybe the issue is that the issue we're Making it perfect the issue we're having Is getting enough pressure on the vein That you don't have to hold it and it Holds itself that would be nice man That's that's the issue that's where We're at and then it's really close it's Really close but and if you have you had Two of them will it make it affordable So that you can buy three or four at a Time we're targeting a hundred because It's mostly metal it's not plastic so Give me a bundle price if I buy three or Whatever I love having multiple jigs When I'm doing a dozen yeah well the the Premise of the time it takes to load it The time it takes to set it up and the Time it takes to glue it you only need To because that's dry by the time you've

Finished doing the other yeah and there Will be a three Fletch or four Fletch Options how much patents does bitzenberg Have some burgers like 70 years old I Really doubt they have a valid patent And OMP made one looks just like it just Hasn't come out yet Not out of Pop metal that actually I'll Shave it all down the way it's supposed To be proper because I would take a look At omps before you waste your money just To make sure but it looks a lot like it I still don't have them I have a hundred Of left right and straight of each on Order yeah still haven't seen one yet They're saying July and I'm like guys You just missed the whole hunting window Oh that's terrible What did you show this thing in January For if you're not going to put it out Until July that's really surprising yeah Normally most manufacturers smart enough To know better are we going to ATA next Year or not Is ATA even even be there next year Like they've had two or three years in a Row where it was down a lot I don't like Down a lot but I I almost got talked Into it this year so I think it's Probably too far I have to do it if it's Still I might go this year this year I I Haven't been in a few yeah and I haven't Missed it but I do think it might be Smart especially for what you're doing

Just to to get hands on um guys we gotta Go Josh got other things to do uh Josh's Channel I always get this wrong I'm Gonna link it right there yeah and I'm Also going to put a link right there to Sub his channel I'm gonna put a link Right here to set up my channel if you Are here and lurking and not subscribing Please all you do is subscribe it's no Sweat off your eyebrows just do it and We need them it helps make more content It's really important guys subscribe Please leave a bad comment or two yeah Leave me a shitty comment I love them Tell Josh to quit wearing a mohawk he's 44 years old or you would do it if you Could and you know it oh nice pardon Advice Josh for guys who um watched this Far and found it interesting Advice life advice Inspirational motivational Philosophical oh man killing me make Sure your stuff's perfect Don't spend the extra money on gear if Your gear that you have hasn't been set Perfectly to begin with learn how to Work on your own stuff because it's only Going to make you better don't be afraid Of it and I am trying to put out as much Different how-to stuff so you're not Afraid to do it you need to work on your Own stuff it doesn't mean you're not Going to go into the shop and ask for Help you've learned how to work on your

Own stuff you're still constantly Constantly ask for help yeah it's a Process and I still see you as much I Mean it's not that different yeah right Eventually maybe you get to the point That you don't need me but you've Probably put 30 people out there that Still do because you were learning to do It yourself and that's the point that a Shop needs to take into account having Somebody work on their own stuff is Going to get more people in the sport at The end of the day we need more people In the sport that's the only way it's Going to survive in the hunting end of Things if we don't have more people Hunting when they vote on stuff there's Not enough voices voting our way more we Need more involvement that's being more Confident in what you're doing I.E Working on your own stuff nothing more Valuable than working on your own stuff In my opinion Um My partying advice is from the last Podcast Josh did with me which was been Over a year ago and that is call your Dad if he's still alive Call him today tell them you love them No matter what um I'm gonna do that Right now call my dad have him talk to Him all week let him know Josh lost his Father and um watch that podcast we'll Link at the very end here that's a

Really cool emotional podcast I'm glad We did it on video mode so check that Out get to know Josh subscribe to Channels separations in the preparation We'll catch you on the next one foreign

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