Huge Deer Blind Setup Tips

Strategically setting up a huge deer blind CAN be done without spooking out the local deer herd, and here is how…even for bow season!

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Now I want to talk about a big deer Blind setup and you know Dylan and I Joe Kevin Wes in the future when we go to Client properties one of the biggest Things Dylan I don't know how you feel But We have these giant blinds that are set Up on client properties and they're a Lot of work this one you could see this Was excavator work rocks Stones it's It's tough and the positioning is tough With it but there's a lot of effort that Goes into it some of them are sunken and Cemented telephone poles and I hate Telling clients I mean there's and the Thing is they know before we get there They say oh we got a deer blind you're Probably not going to like because they Know how important it is to access and Not spook deer when you go out and hunt And typically Dylan most of the time When you have a blind that is in a bad Spot would you say typically it's on a Food plot or or close all the time yeah There's a lot of times where you know I'll suggest moving a blind and it might Only be moving the blind 60 yards or so Definitely Giants are like really you're Going to make me move that blind 60 Yards like well you want to access this And hunt it that's what you got to do it Is something that's a it's a black and White I mean we if we were setting up Our own property we could never ever set

Up those blinds in a middle of a food Plot we're spoken deer so yeah for food Plot is a big one but hey these blinds Are fun to hunt off and a lot of us have Families we have Jackson he's 15 months Old they have older kids too we have Friends we like to sit with and so the Blinds are fun but their big investment It doesn't matter if you're going to the Store I remember back in the day in the Up of Michigan I built one that was four By six had a 30-year architectural Shingles it was treated had outdoor Carpeting on the inside it was beautiful Insulated and I want to say just Materials I had 1100 into it just Materials and I do all the work ladder Stairway to get in And uh and so it can be very expensive Even if you go cheap and do it yourself And so let alone buying a beautiful Redneck like this one behind us the Bottom line is is I want to see you get The most out of your blinds and so a lot Of times we go to a client property They're asking us okay I want some tree Stand recommendations but I I want to Get some nice rednecks I want to get Nice blind want to build a nice blind Where would you put it and so we're Always thinking about that this is a Typical spot I would like to see more Clients put one And we have some we have a few that I'm

Not saying you don't put them by a food Plot but we have a lot like where Tyler Shot his buck Last year Dante was Filming we have a bow shot nearby at the Water hole and then we can shoot out Across the food plot the food plot Doesn't even start for 67 60 or 70 yards It's fully encased in Brush between the Blind and the food plot we can get up And down the steps without spooking deer When we go to that blind so really cool Setup and that's kind of how I like Every time I'm setting up one of these Nice blinds making recommendations for Clients I want to see them get multi-use Out of it this is a multi-use location Right here let me go through a few of The steps that I would really like to Point out where we thought about this a Lot for one we're not sticking it in the Middle of the deer movement How's the elevation change right here And it might be a thick line of cover That you have it might be an inside Corner of a field where you're right on That AXA movement in the corner of a Field you're tucking the blind off the Side For one I always like sticking the blind Back in Timber somewhere you want Vertical Timber around it it's crazy how You get a blind back in vertical Timber Where you have big logs around it going Up to the sky 70 80 feet in the air it's

Crazy how you don't get that far away And that blind just disappears into the Woods when it's out on the edge of a Field it's silhouette it sticks out and Boy you know deer look at a trail cam Box on a tree they'll notice during Daylight how many of you had a mature Buck look at that back up get out of the Way and so for one this blind right here We have some giant Timber Shagbark Hickory oak oak we have some really good Trees around it that helps blend this in Now we also have a brush line right in Front of it that we shoot over to get Down to where the deer movement is we Have big vertical Timber behind us too So we have a lot of vertical Timber some Of the biggest trees are right next to The blind So that we can further hide that in fact When deer look at this from the approach Over here directly behind me and look up You can't even hardly see the blind Right now for us and we know it's there So it really hides to Deer just Blends Into the surrounding you might not think So but so different than putting it Right out in the open Now another thing down here we're Looking at a bench that's that natural Deer movement we can hardly see the Water hole until we actually get down to About this point right here but we can Just cut right down to the stairway get

Up and we're really hidden until we get In the blind look out the window so Really good entrance exit even to get Into the blind you have the vertical Timber and then we're looking at the Deer movement down there we're not Sticking this in the middle we have Great open Timber up here So all are downwind when the wind is Going up into this area we can hunt in Fact because the hill system and that's Why I teach in the hills and thermals Web class is that when they when the Winds come over the top over here in the Morning they Circle right back uphill so We can hunt with morning winds Going This way towards the water hole down Below We can hunt with morning winds going This way and then we can hunt with Evening winds going this way so we can Hunt this with a lot of wins and that's One of the things I like to see too so Your approach Big Timber around it we're Watching to Define movement down there We have several different wind Advantages in a location like this Good Winds and then this bench system right Down here it's already a great deer Movement it's a bench system we have a Ditch right over there there's a Crossing there that Crossing matches up With this bench this bench continues

This way and it goes out to the corner Of our major switchgrass pollinator Blend food plot system that is about 250 Yards away so very very defined movement There's a purpose for deer to move Through here it's not just a random spot In the woods that's why we then added The water hole the water hole is Sweetening the movement not making the Movement it's not it's complementing the Movement that means it creates an even Stronger movement it pin points movement Precision Movement we can add the mock Scrape down there put a camera on it and See what comes through so we have good Access in and out for open Timber where You don't expect deer we're walking to The edge of movement not through the Edge of movement you know through the Edge of movement is no different than Putting a giant blind out in the middle Of the food plot we're not doing that We're walking to the edge of the Movement we have good access in and out We're using the lay of the land to hide Our movement we're using big trees to Hide the blind And then we're adding a water hole down There for a bow shot that water holds Only about 23 yards away so we're Setting up that bow shop but this is Also because of the lay of land and the Movement through here it's a great gun Stand so now I can get use bow stand

Just like where Tyler shot his buck Last Year great stand we've shot bucks with a Gun box with a bow out of that stand we Want to do the same here so we can pop Right into this blind have a great view For gun season and then oh by the way we Can hunt it all season long with a bow Right over the water hole so this is a Perfect type of setup for a big blind Again the opposite and what we cringe at When we go out to a client property is To see that big blind very visible right Out on the edge of a food plot or or on A food plot we go through great pains a Lot of our blinds have we use big rock Trees we put hybrid poplars hybrid Willows silky Willows around the blind We have switchgrass layers around the Blind we tuck them back in the timber or On the edge of the Timber so not Silhouetted they're on the top of a Shrub not 10 feet above the shrub where They stick out like a sore thumb they Look like part of the shrub going up so A lot of times you notice once you hide These in with Big Timber some shrubs Some trees your axis is good it's off of The movement deer really just don't pay Attention to them and that's the case we Found here we had deer hitting the water Hole down here over and over again and Then we add the blind here within Several days they're hitting the water Hole over and over again now it helps

There's a big drought right now we just Got some rain in the last 48 hours which Has been incredible the bottom line is This big old blind it's a six by eight Red neck you see the two-tier stairway It's fancy it's the only one that we Have out here on the property in Wisconsin or Minnesota we can't wait to Hunt it we can't wait to hunt with a Family it's close to the house I can Bring a friend down here we just sit for A couple hours more of a social spot for Us heck we probably will shoot some Podcasts out of here we thought about But bottom line is it's a big beautiful Blind and we want to get the most out of It but at the same time we can't put it In a spot where we're ruining not only The hunt but the land because if you Have a bad blind spot it doesn't just Affect 50 or 100 yards away it affects Hundreds of yards away because the deer Get used to they can't walk in front of That blind during the daylight without Hunting pressure being there or the Potential of hunting pressure being There and when that happens deer don't Go by there during the daylight maybe Does do maybe fawns but certainly not That older buck in the neighborhood And you want to always look at that Lowest hole in the bucket you don't want To have spots where you say okay on this Part of the property we're gonna just

Have fun we'll just go out anytime we Want and we'll put a blind out in the Middle food plot over there On the 100 acres that that side over There will be where it's more strategic Hunting known what happens on this side Affects that side too so you really want To make sure your all your setups are Covering the lowest hole in the bucket And that's really hunting pressure Management can you see a mature Buck Using this spot or not because if you Can't make some changes and I hope some Of these changes help you out for the Great investment that a big blind is and The years of enjoyment that you can have From buying a big beautiful blind That's well constructed well made and Something you can enjoy enjoy a lifetime Hey folks I really appreciate you Watching and I want to invite you to Check out our main website Whitetailhabitat I'm going to miss all these but we have Seed to offer hats articles web classes Books consultations and even a new Podcast I think we have 17 podcasts out There right now for you to listen to so We have a lot to offer most of all if You don't want to buy anything I'm going To keep offering free videos free Articles we have over 600 articles on The site and most of all thank you very Much for watching reading listening

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