HUGE Whitetail Rut Weather Alert #deerhunting #bowhuntingwhitetails

This is a giant whitetail rut weather alert! Make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible deer hunting opportunity…

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My fellow white do rut Hunters you can't Miss this giant weather event that's Taking place this week I've already shot A couple nice bucks in the last 10 days On weather events and so this is Happening smack dab in the peak rut for A lot of you I'm looking at 10 degree Temperature drops from today till Tomorrow rain in the middle of the week And then 30s by Saturday so we're Dropping from 57 20° temp temp drop over Five or six days look for that forecast In your area it'll be a little bit later Especially as we head we head to the East and really this is rut's last harra Because a rut will really be winding Down by 11th 12th 13th for a lot of us In the Upper Midwest you still have till The 25th of November more in the middle Of the country and boy down in the South Just go hunt hunt on these cold weather Days it really puts bucks on their feet During daylight and that's what we're Looking for as Rod Hunters don't miss Out hit the woods right now

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