I Tested For 3 Months! NEW QAD MX2 is On Steroids!

The NEW QAD MX2 is On Steroids! – Dan gives a review on the NEW QAD MX2 after testing it out all fall! #ABT #elkshape

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Welcome to the channel thanks for coming Along what we're doing today is going Over the qad MX2 this is like the old Rest but on steroids I want to break it Down for you guys and kind of show you Why I switched to qad here we go I got a Prototype got to test it all fall guys I Think Burger buttons there they might be On their way out literally because with The integrate system which you can only Get through qad basically I think There's 10 bow manufacturers now that Accept that are on board with the Program so I don't know if I'll ever go Back because the teeny tiny size of this Rest ounces we're talking ounces it's Not blocky it's like have a purpose for Every ounce on your bow and this kind of Checks that box so just as durable Strong but yet quite a significant Difference in the size and the fit and So the system is pretty awesome if you Want to see the full installation check Out our in-depth bow build video with The new lift we really broke it down but Basically all it is is a little hash Mark on here you're going to take this Cover off line up this hash mark with Your Riser boom your 1316 off the Riser Per manufacturer spec which is awesome Then you can screw your case back on get This installed on your cable setting the Time is so incredibly easy you're going To loosen a small Allen and then you're

Going to just put it in a drawboard and You're going to have this thing to be Fully erect oh about an inch before the Stops hit it's really easy super user Friendly and if I'm confusing you just Watch our index B build video it'll take Care of you I'll link it at the end new Is that so it is more rugged and it's Going to resist that wear and tear I Mean I pounded mine through the brush The other thing is that 7075 aluminum Super durable full capture and you can it and stock which is awesome you Can't really do that with the last rest I ran there was no way to have it in up Position and stock it only came up when The bow got pulled back that's kind of The downfall those limb driven um and I Like limb driven don't get it Twisted But I'm just saying like when I'm Stocking a Muer or an analou or an elk I Can easily just flip this up and I'm Already have that Arrow good to go which Is awesome especially when you're Crawling especially when you're on your Knees and things like that you can Change out the dampening to any color You want there's a lot of color options Here I'm going to give this rest to my Buddy Tyler he wanted red so we took out The stock gray and just put those in a Little Pro tip is use a little soapy Water to help get those in and I'll drop A little um a little guide here that you

Can see right now do it in that order Start from the bottom work your way up Takes 2 seconds I recommend doing all This before you install uh we have Changed out why the rest is installed It's just a little trickier also it's Going to come with the little quieting Dampeners here that you can put over the Top I would do that before you start Tuning just so it is what it is and it's Set up and you have another little Dampener that goes under here so they Thought of it all it's super quiet full Containment holds on to the arrow as Long as possible and then if you are Making a stock and it not doesn't Workout you can just do that get your Arrow off the string and put it back in Your quiver and continue on your way It's quiet it's vibration free it's Sleek and they really like I'll give qad Some major credit here when they worked With Matthews originally to bring an Integration to the rest and no longer Rely on a burger button I feel like you Have precision and then Matthews has the Bridge lock where you can bring the Sight out of the Riser the bridge lock You can use the stabilizers if you want You can really start bringing everything In you add the Low Pro twopiece or one Piece everything is bringing closer and These small little things add up to Awesome performance so check out the MX2

I wanted to let you guys know hey I I've Been a pretty strong advocate for limb Driven rest but ultimately for my style Of Oak hunting being able to have full Containment and be able to your Arrow while you're stocking huge I like It MX2 it's on steroids go check it out Yellow blue pink Ambush green purple White black green maroon or red orange And almost like Granite this one's going On Tyler we're going to open this up so we Have this guy and these two guys right Here so these dudes right here are going To go in Here you know I had to heat shrink tube This last year when I ran their previous Model the MX the MX2 you're not going to Have to heat shrink this rubber Dampening is going to really quiet it up These are beveled so this one and this One are specific so it's not like Universal so make sure you match it up When your eyeball and your packaging That you put the right piece in and It'll fit like a glove so Tyler's going To be able to run that is pretty slick And it's really quiet guys it does make A significant difference and it's all The little things that you've grown to Love where you take this piece off and You got this white line right here and You will mark it up with this Indentation right here and that's going

To put you automatically 1316 off the Riser you are square you are two Manufacturer Speck and then obviously The micro adjust is unmatched then You'll just tighten that bolt down on This cap and you are good to go I mean That is a small footprint for a rest and It is cable driven right and so you'll Have to make sure your time's right but I've put thousands of arrows to this new Bow and haven't had an issue and the Biggest thing for me besides the full Capture is being able to click up and Make stocks with that Arrow knock that's Something you're not going to be able to Do with like a limb driven rest or Whatever that's just not how they work And then the micros are huge so you have Your little adjustment right here to Move this left or right if you were to Although I would rather do you know Shims Top Hat basically caming to move The string if you're tuning and if you Don't know what I'm talking about Disregard but the micro adjust just the One click at a time left or right is Huge and then for your elevation you Take the plate off and use that knob Maybe you're being really super nitpicky Which I respect and you just want to Bump that rest ever so slightly up or Down and these micro justs are awesome For that final Broadhead tune which is Super important to me especially if

You're shooting fixed broadheads and Then if you want you can knock it back Down it's a No Nonsense awesome design That I've been critical of the past but The MX2 is basically like on performance Enhancing drugs it's on steroids and It's quieter you don't have to do Anything like heat shrink like I had Done in the past good job qad is for Your non- shelf side Burger button and Just push that in there now this is for Tyler's bow so I'm not going to do that But mine my Matthews one is gray let's Go ahead and take those out show you Guys what that looks like all right guys So we threw the white in super easy to Take out customize to whatever Vibe You're looking for if you're wondering What the other piece is for you can put On the n shelf side Burger button cover That up if you want but it's definitely A huge upgrade which is awesome and then So for tyers that I'm sending him home With we're going to um get him his cap And his bolt so this is just kind of Goes over the top once you've gotten Your rest lined up perfectly also has The indicator when Tyler comes over next Time we'll set up his timing and get him Swapped out and have him try this and See if he likes it better I didn't think I would but I absolutely sold on it I Think it makes a lot of sense for eling Especially when you're setting the time

A little Pro tip is if you you want this To be all the way up like that not at 80 But all the way up 90° when your draw stops are about oh I'd say within an inch of coming to a Full stop that's when you want that to Pop all up super easy to set in a Drawboard user friendly look how light This thing is man it weighs nothing it Takes up hardly any room and it brings Everything super close get it integrated I guarantee the bow you shoot most Likely you can use the integrate with it And get rid of the burger button qad Hitting out of the park with MX2 go Ahead and check it out this what I'll be Running in 2024 thanks for watching guys

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