Incredible Deer Waterholes | WHEN Do Deer Need? #deerhabitat #deerhunting #deerwaterholes

Talk about the importance of water in The white tail world now a lot of people Wonder when to put a water hole in as Long as deer are bedding dry and moving To dry food sources in the afternoon a Water hole is very appropriate they Don't want to go 100 yards backwards Because you have a big swamp there and Then repeat that and go back towards the Food source so those are the conditions But what we've learned especially this Winter we did not have normal winter Weather till very late when the snow hit When it was super cold they hit this Heated water hole that we have right Here very hard one of the times that Deer need water they need water during Late October it seems they start hitting Really hard the rut and during the Middle of winter when they just have Snow and it's really Frozen there aren't A lot of water sources we're very Fortunate to have this heated water here We have the redneck right up here we run Electricity down to this and it's been a Huge hit with a local deer herd

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