Incredible Prime Rut Weather Alert!

For many of you, this giant weather alert is during the Peak Rut’s last hunting opportunity, so don’t miss out!

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Now are you getting sick of these uh Weather alerts I'm not because from September when our season opens uh early Part of September in both Wisconsin Minnesota all the way to the end of the Season I'm watching the weather and the Weather dictates where I hunt when I Hunt and what my expectations are the Entire year and I've been been just Doing this for the last few years the Last decade the last two decades this is Something I've followed since the early 90s literally I've mentioned this before Marine Weather Radio in the thumb area Of Michigan back in the '90s when I used To go up there all the time to really Plan my hunts around where I actually Chose to go sit because it was a good Weather event and there's a lot of Hunting going on right now uh with a lot Of gun Seasons taking place and so what I did is there's a giant weather Forecast great deer hunting forecast Coming down the pipe we use huntwise I Help develop huntcast and what's cool About that is we're constantly trying to Hone that in and improve it and I want To make sure you guys take advantage of I just mention really quick this isn't About huntcast huntwise but 25% off if You follow the link in the description For huntwise with the hunt cast the Huntcast is what I helped develop it's Not my app but it is my algorithm that

We infus in this we're constantly Changing that and trying to improve on It too this is you know cold weather and What I mean by cold weather rules is That cold weather dictates when deer Move during the daylight unfortunately There's scientists that look at deer Movement in general and they say well Deer Buck move about the same distance Or well isn't significantly a enough but What they don't record is daylight Movement and yes deer move at Dusk and Dawn more often than any other part of The day but it doesn't take much to get That buck on his feet during daylight And moving and during the rut it could Mean everything so on a 70 degree day in November in the Upper Midwest bucks Don't want to move so that much it Doesn't matter how great the rut is Doing if that temperature is 30° 25 35 40 they're going to move significantly More more right now we've even seen our Trail cameras and it's not just my Observations it's any observations Dylan's cameras have slowed down the Last 3 days we have almost 60 trail Cameras cell cameras in Wisconsin and Minnesota sounds like an awful lot but That's what we do for a living so is Watch deer and so for doing this for Years when the temperatures get above 50 55 the sightings go way down during the Daylight in fact they don't they're not

There that much during the during the Night either when we get really good Cold fronts when this comes through in July August in a cold front then it Drops from 90 to 70° during the day all Of a sudden you get a morning low and It's 48 instead of 68 or 72 you notice a Lot more deer movement in fact sometimes That's when we see our buck or when we Don't depending on the weather they'll Just move more again always goes back to Deer feed five times in a 24-hour period If they miss feedings or hungry if the Temperature drops they have to burn more Energy they have to consume carbs to Stay alive and to produce warmth produce Energy so when you have a cold front They get hit by misfeeding opportunities They get hit because the temperature Drops and then a lot of times like we're Coming up this week I'm looking at Michigan there's areas where it's Dropping uh we put picked up Hillsdale Michigan from Thursday to Saturday it's Dropping from 63 to 42° it's doing the Same around here from Thursday Friday to Saturday huge temperature drops that's What we're looking for when all that Takes place that means there's high Winds that means there volatility in the Weather could be hard rain hard snow Deer stressed all that noise stresses Out deer it makes them burn energy do You know in Minnesota back in the day

They rerouted Snow beile Trails because They found that that stress of Snows Going through deer yards would take days Of Life off a deer during a hard winter Because that snow bill goes by their Heart rate doubles and that burns energy So move the snow bile Trails now those Deer the people say well the deer just Stay right there it's no big deal it's Burning energy every time that snow bill Goes by and so on a hard winter where There's winter survival you know Concerns then it's really important to Understand that stress burns energy and That translates into your deer hunting Too so what happens when that front Clears it's cold they're hungry they Miss quality feeding opportunities and They've been stressed out they can't Wait to move put the Feed Bag on and That's why we talk about cold weather Rules all the time this is also rut's Last fling I'll see people online right Now say oh it's a rut lockdown no it's The 15th of November right now and that Means in the Upper Midwest the rut's Almost over when you go out Northeast Maybe you have another week but we are Talking about ruts last days considering The pre-rut started around the 20th of October you start seeing rutting Activity little box chasing lots of rubs And scrapes starting to explode then all Of a sudden there's an explosion of do's

Coming in into heat the end of October Early November and that's when the true Rut rut lockdown is in the Upper Midwest Early November all of a sudden four or 5 Days you you see some little ones Running around here you don't even see Doe's running around that much because They've been Shell Shocked from all the Chasing but those bucks are locked down With Doe's because there's enough coming Into heat then it's random after that It's random till it ends and so when you Have this warm weather and it's towards The end of the rut we see hardly Anything on our cameras doesn't matter If it's here Wisconsin Dylan's cameras Friends cameras we talk about it all the Time what's going on you see this no you It's not to say you don't have a flurry Of activity on a couple hot Do's in a Certain Hollow on someone's land we're Not talking about that we're talking About the big picture cuz the big Picture is what you hunt by plan by yeah We can go out into a random Hollow right Now on a given morning and have some Great activity but that's not consistent With everywhere in the region because Everywhere in the region is going to be The same it doesn't change from by County line state line so this is rut's Last fling and when you have a great Forecast like this this we're looking at Friday is our top day around here where

It's going to be a 20° temperature drop Sunny skies and it is going to be Beautiful out for hunting and our opener Of Wisconsin is on Saturday so it's a Last archery Harrah to get out Jen's Looking for one more good sit I don't Think there's going to be any difference Between Thursday and Friday other than There's a giant change in the weather so I want to I wanted to get out on Friday Morning in Wisconsin and have a great Sit maybe she'll sit in Minnesota Tomorrow night whether bottom line is It's happening and when you get into Hillsdale Michigan rut or the gun season Openers today on the 15th and what you See in Michigan even know there's still Breeding taking place random it's on the Backside there's a lot of lack of Activity due to a ton of hunters used to Be over 800,000 hunters in Michigan Heading to the woods during opening day Of gun season well obviously that Suppresses daylight movement so when Does runting take place after dark and Those mature bucks don't recover quickly If they've been shell shock and spooked They tend not to come out during the Daylight in those same locations it's Just the way it works so it can really Push the running activity even though There might still be some left under the Cover of darkness and that's why we Always talk about hunting unpressured

Food sources unpressured land don't Pressure your food sources your food Source are the key doesn't matter if It's on public or private land you spook Those out why are those deer even Bedding nearby to relate to that that's Why they come in in the middle of the Night it's not because they're waiting 300 yard away to get in there it's Because they had to travel a mile to get There that's how far they're pushed away So when it comes to rut's last fling you Got to get out there but right now we're Changing rot last fling like I talked About Jen going out hunting Thursday or Friday morning awesome time to go we Find the deer in the cool of the day They're moving around a lot more we get A lot more sightings middle of the day Not so much unless they're being pushed And then we get a little flurry in the Afternoon for a couple hours the bottom Line is morning hunt hunting during the Rot pretty soon even on Saturday we're Going to hunt all day we'll sit all day In some stands and Jen's actually going To change stands for an afternoon set From morning to afternoon she'll just go Straight to straight there we have a Route plan for her to get there bottom Line is though we're really starting Other than opening day of gun season Maybe the second day we're starting to Focus on afternoon hunting as of Sunday

This week Monday because the rut is Virtually over we're not going out in The morning we're not spooking deer that Have hold up on our land especially in Wisconsin where we have a lot of hunters Around they're pushing movement onto our Property the worst thing we could do is Go there in the morning and they're Already bedded down they're already There again they're not moving around The morning we spook them so we're Changing our Focus from light access Afternoon exterior food source hunting From rut morning hunting that's that Transition right now hunting food Sources we're going to be doing that Hunting food sources not hunting Mornings until the second rut which is Coming Up early December end of November about 1 month after that r lock down the rut Lockdown tells you a lot of Dos are Coming in Bucks are all locked up in Do's that means some Do's are being Missed after that it's random they're Coming in they're going bucks are Finding them they're not they're Cruising along going back and forth that Depends on sex ratios how many dos you Have in the area there's a lot of do's Bucks will stay away if there's too few Dos they won't be there so you have to Have that balance there's always a great Number of Dos you want that given number

Of balance where once you get to that That that'll give you the most bucks per Day if you leave everything alone don't Spook them too much once you go over That the number of bucks goes down so There's that happy medium of good good Dough numbers but bottom line is we're Really looking at that food source Movement coming up as early as Sunday Monday for certain and then we'll hunt That second rut which is about a month After the rut lockdown when a lot of do Are coming in and Bucks are locked up on Them that's the most predictable time When bucks are on Do's that rut lockdown Cuz so many are coming into heat like I Said after that's random depends on Where they're going how many do are in The area but you can bet we'll go back To hunting some morning sets when we get Into end of November early December when We see those scrapes open up that's when You know when we see scrapes open up Then we know we see scraping activity on Our trail cameras we know the uh the Second rot has taking place why we have All these cameras we like to get to know Deer individual deer we like to see the Signs of the rot and say yeah this makes Sense this makes sense that's why it's Very rigid pre-rut rut lockdown Peak rut Post rut secondary rut we can see all That taking place and we've seen it for Decades so we really enjoy seeing that

And then it helps you hunt once you once You accept the fact of when the rut Starts the same time every year and you See this all happening and lining up Then you can look at it like man when That weather hits on Thursday I know the Hunting is going to be outstanding some Of you can't take hunting off or time Off work on a whim but still slant your Hunting towards the best days of the Weather and always remember the cold Weather rules there's a lot of reasons Why It puts bucks on their feet during the Daylight once you understand that you Understand how the rut and everything Fits together when you should be hunting The rut when you should be hunting late Season food sources then you're going to Put meat on your table every year and You're going to have consistent success On the oldest bucks in the neighborhood Because a lot of people don't follow This be the 3% or the 5% or that Actually doesn't spook deer hunts by the Weather and you expect Su success you Demand it and you get to experience it Every single year I appreciate you guys Watching the YouTube channel but I don't Know if everyone knows everything that We have to offer whether it's on white Habitat Website or whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can check out

I'm very active in Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on white habitats Everything white tail strategy of course We have hats on there and then make sure To check us out on Instagram again but Lots of stuff to offer we're always Coming out with new things and this Isn't the end of it we have more things Coming soon make sure to check us out

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