Is This The Best Turkey Hunting Spot EVER?

Johnny Herrmann is at it again up in Wisconsin, as he heads over to maybe the best Turkey hunting spot EVER!

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Well good evening Kids it's about time for me to start Hunting Turkeys so it is May 9th Tuesday May 9th And my first season starts tomorrow Morning it's like everybody's been Turkey hunting for quite a while already And I have not so um it might be a good Thing it might be a bad thing we're not Going to find out till tomorrow but I Have had some stealth cams out for the Past couple of weeks and uh you guys Have seen me hunt my what I call my Roost spot um so I'm going to start out My morning tomorrow morning at the Roost Spot I'm doing my interview tonight so I Don't have to do it at 3:00 a.m. Tomorrow morning so I'm going to see you Guys from a blind hopefully we're going To have a bunch of goers above us and uh Maybe we'll get one shot right off the Roost tomorrow morning who knows but uh Stay tuned more coming Tomorrow Str A You For C No Oh Hey how about that kids Wow what a show my God this is such a good spot I mean it's

Such a spuck I almost feel guilty Shooting birds here but you know it Doesn't always work like that um most of The time these birds that are all Roosted here pitch up to the top of that Hill and I can't hunt up There so Um boy but when they get down in this Bottom It's it's game on right let's go take a Peek at our bird hopefully we got a big Old Boss Well good morning kids wow and what a Great morning it has been um May 10th first day of Wisconsin's fourth Turkey season my first tag here in Wisconsin and uh talk about getting it Done right off the roost my God I had a fabulous morning I mean there Was Toms in here and hens in Here and the Uh the decoys did their did their job Man these avens I I put that uh that Jake right on that that laying hen and I Mean these Toms are looking down at it From the tree right and they just Cannot resist coming down there and Beating up that Jake so the only thing Uh I had to do was uh keep singing Faucet's patient song in my head just uh Let him let him come in let him commit Get some good footage let him beat up The decoy and then uh shoot him in the

Neck how beautiful is it to shoot them High like that and just watch them drop Right in the old decoys watch the other Birds beat them up for 15 20 minutes so Anyways uh yeah it's a it's a beautiful Thing I'm busy with my mole business so This is going to be great I'm going to Be able to get back to work maybe sneak Out and uh sit in the blind with my dad My son-in-law um do some filming of of Their hunts um I do have a another tag Next week so week five starts next Wednesday and I'm assuming that I'll do Some hunting again uh um next week So I guess uh nothing more to say I hope You guys enjoyed the footage it was About as good as a turkey hunt can get So uh and next time bow hunter Die cherish I have this turkey at this Spot that I'm calling Butterball because It is you know everybody looks at Turkey Pictures you know Tom pictures and They're all strutted out right and it's Like you can't tell if it's a big Tom or A little Tom bodywise whatever when They're Strutting so this this Tom comes Strolling in front of my camera all the Time And not strutting and he has got a Breast on him that's just huge like I Would love to shoot that bird this Morning just to see how much he weighs But

Again first decoy first first bird that Wants to come into the decoys and start Beating up my Decoys we're going to run an arrow Through him So let's just hope it's butter ball So last Wednesday I had this uh Aven Jake right on the back of a laying hen With a Another hen off to the side and uh Worked obviously very Good um last so let's see when did Saturday I went out with my Son-in-law and we did the same setup With the decoys and had two Toms come in And beat up on the decoy again and then One of them got his head blown Off and so I thought hey why not put That Jake on a sitting hen a laying Hen with that other hen off to the side So that's what we're doing again I it's It's worked uh twice this week already Let's see if it can work a third Time Yeah Sh He Be And That is how to have a turkey season kids My God What time is It it

Is 620 oh my God and that's Butterball man no doubt About it did you see how big that bird Is my God That thing is Huge oh man was he fired up at that that Jake I mean I never seen one kind of do That uh that deer thing where they kind Of come in sideways like that but I mean He started about 15 ft before that that Jake and you knew that thing was getting Beat Up I probably could have let him beat on it For a while but it's Like man oh Man what a beautiful deal and a and Again it's like I I shot that one last Wednesday Straight on and uh man it just feels Good with the pins on on on a bird Straight on for me and so that was my Thought this morning as well is let's Let's just let him get straight on And uh drove her right through the old Boiler Room there um might have messed Up a little bit of breast meat sorry Pops but uh anyways we got our second Bird second archery bird of the season Third bird of the season and uh that's Going to be it man I'm out of Tags H what a beautiful beautiful season That is a big bird kids

Wow 6:20 this morning this is that bird That I really wanted to kill it's funny That Uh you know we don't normally Target Turkeys but this this uh I called him Butterball he'd waddle through here Every once in a While and I had some Intel of him coming Out here early like 6:30 and 7 a.m. this Last week so I figured I might have a Crack at him this morning and he did not Disappoint I had those two deer that Were messing with me they were trying to Figure out what was going on in that Blind a and I thought a lot of times They'll start blowing at you and it it Screws stuff up and then when they were Hanging out at the blind there I heard This turkey gobble back in the woods and I wanted to call to him but I didn't Want to Move so anyways I did and the deer Didn't spook and the turkey came out and He did the old sideways uh Shuffle up to The decoy and started beating on it uh Obviously got drawn back um took a nice Quartering Tumi shot and just pounded it Through the the vital so I can't wait to Get this thing on the old hme scale and See how much he weighs this is going to Be a big big bird this is an older bird He's got good Spurs big beard like I Said he's a heavy bird too so You know it's it's a kind of a shame I

Got the new phase 4 Matthew sitting There waiting to get shot this is Probably going to be the last time I Hunt with this Matthews vx3 but boy I Tell you What me and this vx3 have shot some some Great animals made some beautiful shots So I'm going to miss this bow that's for Sure my favorite bow of all time by Far so anyways another turkey season in The books a successful one at that so It's uh on to summer food plots and Getting ready for deer season so I hope You guys enjoyed these hunts as much as I enjoyed hunting Them bow hunter Die let's see what it Says Says 25 even Here 25 Even wow that is a big bird I'll uh Leave the rambling Interview to uh start our hunt fingers Crossed fingers crossed everyone fingers Crossed young Grasshopper

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