It was EMBARRASSING || 3D Results

It was EMBARRASSING || 3D Results – It pains me to show this but I am rusty at shooting 3D and I get exposed on a MAJOR tuning issue that could effect anyone not paying attention.

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Sucking okay guys so today I'm going to Shoot the Spokan Valley archery course And I'm going to try to like say what I'm shooting how the distance and score It for you guys to create a Baseline and Then my goal is to come out once a week Every week and add that segment into Whatever video we're making so you can See if I'm getting any better at uh what I'm I'm just trying to get better and I Like to measure and manage and then I Also have the shot Sense on which tells Me that I got a lot of work to Do it's a Dot let's go shoot this course first Shot is a Sasquatch at 69 yards and We're going to shoot this every time at 69 when we come back week over Week we got ourselves a 10 Barely I was totally looking at this This but we're a little left so we got a 10 and I don't have to keep score cuz It's on camera moving on here we go all Right this is a uphill shot 33 yards Dark hallway it looks like a bobcat I've Never shot a bobcat before in real life Or on a 3D Target so I kind of had to It's tough to see the 11 [Applause] Ring might be a little low we'll See Uphill I did not aim there we'll have to Keep an eye on my uphill shots and see If they're trending right for third axis

But that's a five it's a small 11 but I'm surprised I really felt like I made A good shot all right moving on you got To forget about that on to the next all Right this next shot is 70 yards Rocky Mountain Big Horn downhill if I was Trending right uphill I might be Trending left downhill we'll see is just Make a good Shot 44 this is good man I need this I am Chipping the rust Off my backyard's flat and I have the Same 3D targets and I shoot them at the Same distances this is Good Rocky 8 the 10's right there lots Of eights Today we got a eight we're to the right Of the 10 my left and rights haven't Been great see if I can kind of get it Dialed here and make some good shots so This is the beded elk it's a hallway Shot uh it does slope from right to left So you do kind of want to cam in as you Draw keep pulling uh beted elk are tough 59 Ys so we got an Eight it's not where I was aiming but I've been pretty inconsistent left and Right Height's been decent now that I'm Kind of adding a yard so sight tape Means a little tweak it's okay got to Figure out what we need to fix next two Shots we got a caribou and a Mountain

Goat here we go we go mountain goat 57 We've kind of been right last couple Shots let's see if I can let's really Focus in on that Bubble shot felt Great still a little right from where it Impacted I'm going to go I'm going to Click didn't want to do this one two Three next Caribou that looks kind of Chip shyish 42 vitals Quick Check of okay go up the Leg and slightly over got It little low but I like the high uh Left and right that would looked good And corrected it's Low this is very Humbling Oh this would be an easy 10 and I missed It definitely be able to beat this score There's another Eight oh right we missed the 10 we got Another Eight Levi Morgan you're not in Trouble next turkey Over got It there we go all Right Eight eight okay we got the uh Fox it is Definitely quartering away so makes the 10 Ring even smaller I just ranged at 37 I'm going to shoot it for 40 based on The last few shots So still shot Low okay we got a leopard at 44 yeah I'm

Shooting it for 49 Eight I Suck our hands are cold we got a Dinosaur 58 Yards okay we have another little Dinosaur I don't even see a ten ring on This dinosaur it's a little stegosaurus 46 I was at draw a long time on that one I was fighting the demons that were Saying hey this is taking a long time And I was like hey shut up keep pulling JT be proud I don't know if that impact My last shot on that leopard I thought Was money and it was an Eight all Right freaking Eight no way yeah that's a 10 and that's 11 and you got to hug that I you can't See the rings with even your binoculars Felt like that was a good Shot this is probably another one that's Not close to the it's probably low Oh that is an eight cuz this is your 10 Just missed so I've only shot one 10 Today this is uh Humbling we're not done yet though I'm Going to start lighting it up yeah you Are we're going to shoot the mountain Line and then whatever Mountain line is Trying to kill 56 57 I can't tell some game species 56 57

My vision sucks I can't even see a ring But we'll make Do okay let's go score Him and we got a 10 on the mountain Line and a 10 on this deer Mrs moose About 95 we got the old moose at 125 All right guys so it's January 22nd Going to finish up all uphill Bears only Got a hand full of tens I'll be honest I Think I actually feel like I'm shooting Really well my pen has been buried for The most part it's not floating a bunch Execution has been good equipment wise Before we came out here I told Josh I Was trending right and he's like yeah Have you checked your levels I said yes I think my rail or the first axis is off Can you confirm and he did and he's like I told you not to run the HHA cuz they Haven't made it so you can adjust that So when I put a string level on here and I put a hamsky Jin 2 level the the Gen 2 Does not read level the bubbles left and I have no way of adjusting that first Rail so this is all I needed today to Know like that hey I love this setup but It's not going to work for me so I'm Going to have to go back to either Putting the scope on a black gold I Don't know yet honestly guys I don't Know yet but I need archery site Manufacturers to make the the rail

Adjustment that needs to be standard cuz I'm never going to be able to get this Bow to shoot straight at extended Distances so and just make good shots And get this score sheet Finalized not bad it's probably Hopefully at least an eight next up We'll go 81 uphill shots suck for me but not Today Isis Oh we hit Foone that's actually a really good shot Left and right is just hot and then we Got last shot of the day oh I'm not Getting a range 82 there's two bears up There I'm aiming for the one on the left It head's hidden behind the other bear But you got vitals and it's getting dark Here we go come on Daniel all Right That's a Five this thing's almost falling Over oh buddy we got an Eight first off look at this target Almost falling Over and we cut the Lion we got a 10 and then we got to Shoot this course and get a score And I hate showing you guys that I am Not amazing but it's the truth I'm just Like you trying to get better I'm going To get my Baseline score next week we're

Coming back I'm going to bring Jeffrey He's going to shoot the course as well And get his Baseline and I'm going to Shoot every shot we just did we're going To redo I'm going to get a better score I'm going to come back with my first Axis dialed I don't think it'll be the HHA I want to keep this scope we'll see What I do I'll go to the lab I'll Tinker Always be tinkering we'll catch you on The next one

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