June Deer Hunting Chores

Are you on track with your monthly deer hunting chores? From waterholes to Ultimate No Till plantings to big summer bucks, this video will show you how to stay on track for this Fall. Here are your June Deer Hunting Chores…

You know I probably mentioned this Before on these uh monthly deer chores But what I'm talking about a lot of Times are what we have going on and um And that helps it too because that keeps It fresh from year to year because for Depending on the year For example in June's previous with a Lot of younger switchgrass then we're Mowing a lot again in June where this Year we're not mowing any Ingenuity mold Most of our switchgrass in May that was Young the older stuff we let go and then There's some areas of some weeds that Will spray with quinchloric here in the Month of June but we are not mowing Anymore and water holes we have all our Water holes installed now in in Minnesota we have a couple to to work Out in Wisconsin but other than that our Water holes are all installed now so We're not getting in those you know we Install them in may fill them in May They're already done which is a really Good thing so you know each year we Change a little bit but I'm trying to Base it off what I do so you guys can Keep up and bottom line is it'll give You a nice monthly if you ever never Watched these a to-do list to make sure That you're on target for a great haunt And great habitat going into this fall Because a lot of times you can't make This stuff up in August now especially

Out here we have we do so much and Largely the parcel the more you have to Do Uh that's a lot of people don't Understand you're better off doing the Work you need for 80 acres on 80 acres Than you are 300 acres because you have A lot of holes in your land you bought 300 acres but that doesn't help you be a Better deer hunter or help have a better Herd if you have a lot of open Timber And areas that are useless to deer and Wildlife in general because you don't Have the time or money to necessarily Take care of it so number one the Ultimate no-till ultimate no-till is a Process that came up with over 20 years Ago but I'm taking buckwheat and I'm Planting into it early August mid-august Late July And planting into it and I'm using that Buckwheat as a smother crop it's only Crop that really does a great job for Some other crop during the summer Meaning it totally and completely Shades Out the ground it also is a great fine Organic matter soil Builder I'll tell You the opposite of that has something Like sorghum great soil builder for Organic matter but it's not fine organic Matter it takes years to break down corn Great builder of organic matter and soil But it takes years to break down when You're breaking that down it takes lots

Of nutrients to do so so it actually is Taking from your soil as it's breaking Down And becoming part of the soil that makes Sense so buckwheat is fine organic Matter deteriorates quickly and it Creates a great crop that you can Actually smash over we use a packer Max We love our Packer Max in fact we're Getting a six foot one here pretty soon They're upgrading from four foot to six Foot we're supposed to get that anytime I can't wait pretty cool pretty cool Right though that's very cool way more Efficient way more 33 more efficient Yeah well and you look at it we have About 17 Acres of food plots here so We'll take it and then another three in Wisconsin so uh we'll enjoy that that Greater width but bottom line is Packer Max it's very efficient for us But ATV tires truck tires I wouldn't Advise it but you can smash buckwheat Down with it you just drive over it over And over again to smash it all down Where Rye you can't do that with Most any other sorghum you can't do that With any kind of grasses You can't just run over and smash it Over Buckwheat you could actually mow it'll Grow back bottom line is you can crimp It right over and mow it get rid of it And allows it to allows you to get seed

On the soil another thing too when You're putting 50 pounds per acre which Is right at what what I recommend you Have one stock every four or five inches That means there's a lot of open Bare Soil underneath that's full of moisture It's almost like a greenhouse effect to Where you can throw seed into it big Seeds peas beans oats Rye whatever it is Laid on that buckwheat over the top of It and it aged in directly aging Germination So I hope that makes sense whereas if it Was grass ride it's really hard to get That seed and soil that seed onto the Soil through all that thatch and debris And garbage so really makes a big Difference for what is the only crop That you can do this with we've tried it All unfortunately without using Expensive you know crimpers tractors Things like that so ultimate no-till Process for me I'm planting my buckwheat In mid-june and I expect to terminate That about five weeks later I have good Soil here I don't want that buckwheat to Get waste High I want to get thigh high Knee high so I can actually plant into It very easily with the bigger seeds Smash it all down follow up spray it With glyphosate kill it And then I follow up with a Brassica Spring if it's a little thick I weighed A week if it looks pretty good where I

Get the seed on the soil then I'll Spread the brass at that time you want To make just you have to make sure your Seed gets on the soil but if your Buckwheat only gets to about thigh high That's a perfect height for being able To spread brass skin to it the big seeds And have that perfect marriage where you Get a great germination right Clover Plots Why clover in June well for one we want To have good volume going into the fall If we plant fall Clover we can do that With our fall cool season annuals Clover Is a base Clover comes back the Following year fills that space the Following year but if I want to have Clover on some small hunting pots which We do here about an acre and a half out Of 17.5 Acres we want little Clover Hunting plots That I want to plant that now with a Cover crop of 50 pounds of Oats per acre Like they do the Alfalfa around here you Want to mow that those oats out when Those oats are about 12 15 inches tall Which is about at six to eight weeks mow It out and then we're left with pure Clover so we're putting that Clover down And what we've done is because we're Planting this late we've been able to Get two Springs of 240 and Roundup in Those areas to completely eliminate all The weeds and the weeds will come back

In two months by then the clover will Have taken hold the oats are acting as a Nurse crop for any kind of drought During the summer time unless we get Extreme drought we'll have a nice thick Cover crop of clover Of attractive Clover plot going into the The hunting season so really look Forward to that At that time so great time to plant Clover because we've taken care of our Weeds we're using a cover crop and so When we get rain on Monday like we're Supposed to we'll see this time of year When it's been dry it's almost like you Need rain forecast for three days in a Row to get it for a half day But we'll see so we're doing that this Year blind installs this is a great time In June to get those blinds moved around We have big rock trees here and they're Actually we're placing hybrid Willows Hybrid poplars and silky Willows around Some of our rednecks from last year two Of them so we can get that growth around It's gonna be a giant Bush I can't wait To bring those to you next year because Some of them right now they're going to Be eight feet tall on some of the ones We did last year just in one year So you're not going to see us walk up And down these blinds and anyway we'll Be completely hidden and then the blind Itself would be completely hidden just

For deer looking at it so We're filling in a couple of those this Year Right now this month and then also Moving some of those rednecks and some Of the blinds that we have to get them Into place let vegetation grow around Let our screening our deer fence that we Sell on whs Wildlife plans take shape And take hold So it's a great time to get those in Place right now so they're well hidden By Fall so you can have a better hunt so A really good time as opposed to waiting Until August September and or November 14th like a lot of people in Michigan Before the gun season opener Quinn Clark Quinn Clark Is a great herbicide that kills a lot of Different types of weeds And this is a really good time to do so With the switchgrass we've mowed it in May now we're going to see what we have We'll see how that responds some areas You can already tell responding they're Just exploding the switchgrass is going To take over because now we've set the Weeds back the switchgrass is growing Faster the weeds at this time so now Two weeks from now it's going to be pure Switchgrass we'll just look at it'll be All switchgrass would be beautiful but There's other areas where we have Burdock and other forms of

Another one uh foxtail is a really bad One and that starts to take shape later So we'll see that by mid-june to end of June and that's when we'll spray Quinn Chloric on it For that first year switch grass meaning This is the second growing season it's Planted a year ago that'd be 4.5 to 6 Ounces per acre And we'll bump that up to six to eight Ounces per acre if it's more that Two-year-old switch grass or older but Bottom line is is that month where you Want to hit that take it out We want to get it out here pretty soon So when we have our charity event for Camp kicking bear on June 18th the Habitat day guys check that out I'll put A link in the description for that but I Urge you to check that out we still have Some open spots it's 350 per person Uh kids can come for free we already Have over 20 kids I think close to 30 Kids signed up for the event and so all The money we raised for that doesn't go To me or whs it goes to kicking bear Every cent and then plus some so we Donate a lot of our own money and time To make this happen let alone all the Money that you give and the people that Come and we have a hunt raffle 100 spots 100 a piece and that's for a three-day Hunt to the end of September we've had a Great time with those hunt winners the

Last two years we look forward to this Third year too and um all that money That ten thousand goes straight to Kicking bear so it's a big event check That out that's a big thing we have Doing in June I in in June I should have Added that right here but um we want Everything looking pretty for that event And you can bet we'll do our best and Quinn Clark's part of that we want those Weeds out of those switchgrass plots Deer trail cams what I mean by that is This isn't turkey cams this isn't antler Cams we want to see what antlers are Left in the winter time What turkeys are around and toms and Where this is by the end of June you Should be able to identify mature bucks On your property from the year before And again I talk about all the time we Have video out too that that's one of The checkups on your land Is you should have very very few random Bucks that you get pictures of I've heard people say well you could Have 50 random bucks in your property Every year that's expected no that's not A poorly managed property if you manage Your property well Then you're going to have Deer that you recognize to at least 90 95 especially those older box so if you Look at it say well man I don't I don't Recognize a lot of these bucks for

Random Buck pictures that's not a really Good thing Because if that's the case you're Spooking deer off you don't have that Property that attracts deer for the Entire fall probably because they're Spooked off your stands aren't working For your camera locations so it's not Working all together for you but when it Comes to June this is the time we get All of our cameras our entire arsenal of Reveals out to let us know where the Deer at what the Bucks are looking at What they're growing to this year we Have some four five and six year old Bucks we can't wait to see what they Look like because they make big jumps During those years they turn into some Monsters so we can't wait to see what They look like the bottom line is we're Getting them out right now in June this Is finally where it almost feels like You're getting into the part of the Season because they change so much Really by the end of June do you realize There's only about six weeks of antler Growth left right now about August 10th August 12th August 15th somewhere on There so when you get to the end of June It's almost over for antler growth Considering the entire year only six Weeks so really crazy when you think About it Tree stands I put a big question mark on

That why because we have a lot of stuff To do in June so I'm working on my tree Stands last you know we worked on water Holes we've mowed switch grass we've Killed our food plots we sprayed food Plots early with simzine our water holes Are full we have four new water holes Installed we've already put cameras out We have mock scrapes that we've created New ones Dylan I just worked one on Today with a new camera set up we've Expanded food plots We've done so much on the land and I Know I'm missing a whole lot but bottom Line is Oh we're installing circles Right now with big rock trees Of diversity Pockets there's just a lot We've done this year and uh and we have A lot to do in June so if we have time Towards the end of June we'll start Working on a tree stands but that might End up being a July thing which it often Is we're often working on tree stands in July and it's hot and buggy it's muggy It's not a great time to be working on Stands but it's a good time as it Relates to every other chore because you Can work on those stands in July get Them established cut some stuff by the Time you get into late September and October those deer none the wiser so no Reason to rush that chore when you have All these other chores to do that take Place and take priority before that

And finally as Dylan reminded all of us And myself To shoot your bow June is great time to Start getting familiar with the bow And shoot it heavily through July August September and then into the deer season And not starting in September to do so So it's really good to start early you Know that's one thing if you're shooting A lot of leagues and you're shooting off Season you're shooting January February March April May June I used to do that All the time for years and years and Years But when you start shooting your bow in June And you start really shooting three or Four times a week you'll feel great by The time you get to hunting season so Don't miss out on that don't feel like You're have a lack of confidence going Into hunting season you can build that Confidence right now it really starts Right now so hope you guys are on track For June we are that's why I'm not sure On those tree stands so I'd like to get Some of those done in June but July Especially Watch for those ants I haven't noticed This with the reveal cameras but some Trail cameras if you have Mike holes the Ants can get in the camera and destroy Your cameras we would always put a strip Of duct tape to cover up the mic holes

We don't have to worry about that with Our reveal cameras that I've seen in any Way yet but uh bottom line is a great Time for ants too so make sure you take Precautions for that for your trail Cameras great time to really start Thinking about the deer season I know We're getting excited about certain Setups we have brand new water hole Setups the switchgrass we have for Screening now that's actually going to Be full and seven eight feet tall this Year We can't wait I hope you guys can't I'm Actually starting to get excited for the Season when I think about we are start Talking about Harvest goals what we want To shoot this year and when and uh Because right around the corner it Literally is right around the corner Especially when you think the end of June bucks only have six weeks of antler Growth left it's really getting close And I hope you guys are on track for This fall now I don't know if you've Checked out our main website lately Whitetailubattetsolutions.com but we've Really had a lot going on including hats Books our web class and certainly our New seed company whs Wildlife Blends When you click on seed on our site it'll Take you right to our brand new site for The seed company we have all 12 Blends Available so check it all out though I

Encourage you I appreciate you checking It out whether you buy anything or not Really appreciate you visiting the site And seeing what's going on and continue To watch because we have big things Coming later this year

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