June Deer Hunting Fails

One of the greatest June deer hunting fails is also one of the greatest Fall deer hunting fails. Relying on Summer trail cam data to pinpoint the movements of a Fall hunting hotspot can doom your hunt before it ever begins…

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Well my favorite out of the monthly deer Chores because that's a positive thing You're checking these things off the List every single month and that gets us Into the hunting season well prepared And getting us a lot further ahead than If we weren't keeping track but Certainly when you're chipping away at These things every single month they can Really lead to a lot of success this Fall and it doesn't matter I mean even Even public land hunting if you're on Your public land game and you're really Searching out things so for example You're always looking for fall hot spots On public land you're looking for old Rubs old scrapes old sign old clusters Assign historical sign You're looking at convergence of habitat Funnels inside corners of swamps you're Looking at areas around the big Wetland Areas but you're looking at areas where Yeah there's a lot There's a lot of habitat here that can Tell a story of why a deer should be Here you're going out there finding that Old signing can really put you in the Path To uh success this fall but you're Taking that in small steps you're not Going and doing this all out in one day You're a little bit here a little bit There and I find consistent small Jabs At scouting public land or private land

Habitat management well you're going to Be way further ahead than trying to do It all in one weekend it's going to give You a different perspective a fresh Perspective every time you go out on Public land and just like on private Land this consistent checking off the Box is a really good thing and to me That's all fun because you're Accomplishing things you're putting a Lot of hard work into it but at the same Time there are failures along the way And I've learned and found a lot of Success by learning from other people's Failures I was always the type that when I was getting into something I'd ask This person I thought was an expert this Person that person this person look at Their accomplishments look at where Their background is and boy you'd start To find a common theme from the people That knew something and the people that Didn't and I want you to learn from the People that didn't know something when It comes to the monthly deer fail I'm Sharing these things with you because I Don't want you to feel like I have or a Lot of other folks have and do every Single month And so I want to keep you on the Straight and narrow and it's easier for Me to find a bunch of positive deer Chore stuff to do each month and fail so We only came up with three failures for

June but these are ones to really keep Your eye on and I'm going to talk about This one we've made videos on this Recently but too much Reliance on summer Trail cam info use you where you find Them today they are not tomorrow when it Comes to mature box here in the Summertime their habitat completely Changes unlike those that need thick Cover and adequate food all year long Bucks need great food depending on the Season they need the best food they can Find and that'll change seasonally and Then they need drastically different Cover from Summer to fall they need open Air floor Cool canopy overhead Hardwoods during The summer months and then they need Something they can crash their hardened Antlers through high stem count lots of Hardwood regeneration Briars thick cover Thick screening cover side cover that's What they need during the fall they Can't live there during the summer with Their velvet they can't crash their Velvet through that so a completely Different habitat and that's why summer Trail cameras are big Liars when it Comes to letting you know that'll let You know a big box might be in the area If you find them but is it going to be a Mile what I find especially in ag Country these bucks will live about a Mile mile and a half away during the

Fall than they do during the summer Months and that's a pretty tried and True distance that we see mature bucks We get to know and where they're living From fall To Summer every single year about a mile Mile and a half so where they're living In the summer they're not living in the Fall not to say they won't come back During the run a lot of times they might Come back for a day or two the bottom Line is where they're at in the summer They're not during the fall and so if You're getting summer trail cam pictures That doesn't paint a very Potentially High success rate potential For the fall hunting season so really be Very wary about building and planning Your hunt around summer trail cam photos A box that probably won't be there During the summer if they're there or During the fall if they are they're in The summer and that kind of goes along With summertime Buck bedding well I know People have gone down to the Shawnee National Forest 65 000 acres and they're Looking for buck beds trying to find Where a Buck's bedded during the summer Months Where he's at right now who cares where He's at right now That's not where he's at in summertime Betting June July again it's completely Different habitat

Now if we're talking a posted size Stamped Posted stamp sized hardwoods in the Middle of a bunch of AG in Iowa or Illinois well that buck might be back There during the fall because it's the Only place he can bet it's the only form A cover he has so he might use that as That Universal cover the entire year but That's a rare exception to the rule of The bed here during the summer they bet Somewhere else completely different During the fall but you have to look at They need completely different habitat They need High stem count covered in a Thick cover and they need side cover Regeneration they need that Woody brows During The fall and they don't even need that During the summer time They're just consuming large portions of Green succulent crops during the summer Months and uh and then they're moving to Their fall haunts somewhere else so Summertime Buck bedding who cares for That in the summer that doesn't have Anything to do 95 of the time where They're going to be at in the fall so Don't focus on that again Focus if You're scouting during the summer time Focus on historical sign look up maps And and funnels areas where different Habitats meet each other and look at and Say you know what there's a reason a

Mature box should be here during the Fall and then go back that up with Verification of old sign look at Historical rub sign meaning that there's Been rubs you can tell over a 10 12 15 Year period in this location and then There's a good chance they'll be back Even if they're not there during the Summer and finally summer soil Builders People are buying soil Builder products For their food plots during the summer Time to build up their soil and a Company will have 18 20 22 seeds in a Mix and advertise it does all this well Every one of those piece pieces of seed Isn't growing in every area of the plot Now if they have sunflowers sorghum Brassicas rape a lot of times they're Just throwing seeds there and throwing Seeds in there and talking about what They do But it's only in that little small area And the problem is like some have great Crop to bring minerals to the surface But the deer eat it down to the ground So that's not a factor sorghum takes Years to break down for a summer soil Builder when you have 18 20 seeds in the Mix you're throwing a lot of bad seeds In there for one you want fine organic Matter We have a summer soil Builder it's a Little bit different where we only have Buckwheat we have tilled radish just a

Little bit we have very light oats we Have medium red clover we want to till This under we want something that is Very fine organic matter has vetch in it We want to till this under put fine Organic matter in let it break down and Then plant your fall crop and so a lot Of times we're not using A really high organic matter like you Could have sorghum that's eight feet Tall 10 feet tall 12 feet tall during The summer and that's a very bad thing Because it takes years to break down and Takes nutrients to break that down You're actually pulling nutrients out of The soil And hurting your food plots by doing so So be very wary of companies that offer 15 seeds 20 seeds we offer five four in A summer soil Builder because you want Fine organic matter you want to be a low Lush crop you want to not take over the Landscape you want to be able to till it Under easily and add a lot of nutrients In the fall you want to hold soil Moisture you want the deer not to eat it That much it's medium red clover is Least attractive Clover out of the bunch Buckwheat's not very attractive except In high deer density areas and if you're Using a 20 seed summer soil Builder it's Going to be down with the dirt anyways So try to have something like this That's why I use that should start to

Carpet it cleans we want to till that Under until it into the soil and replant In the fall something that is aggressive But deer don't necessarily like at that High of a level that's what you want Something fine organic matter called a Kitchen sink plan we don't offer those At whs Wildlife plans so be very wary When you're looking at companies that Have that during the summer time and you Can question everything else they have After that because if they're doing Something like that during the summer That's actually bad for your soil not a Good product it's just sucking your Dollars out then what else are they Offering to so those are three failures During the during the June months a lot Of people are getting into right now and I hope you guys avoid doing so be very Wary of those three things whether it's Your hunting planting your scouting your Trail cam pictures or even trying to Improve your summer soil but something Is not improving your summer soil really Be very wary and focus on those June Deer trolls that's what I like to focus On I ignore this kind of stuff and just Move on and check things off the list of Getting things done and you'll be on Track for a great deer hunt herd Management And habitat management property It's fall now I don't know if you've

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