June Deer Hunting Tip

Tips for deer hunting never stop no matter what month it is, and June is no exception. Here are important treestand setup strategies that you can use right now in June, to help make the most out of your Fall deer hunting efforts…

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Now it's time for our June deer hunting Tip of the month and I want to offer Tips that directly relate to deer Hunting every month of the year because There's always something that could be Done and when it gets to June time we're Really talking about tree stand Maintenance tree stand setup and I think Along with that I wanted to discuss when You clear your shooting lanes and a big Strategy behind that that's something I Always teach and preach and what I've Seen throughout the years is I feel like Deer have about a three to four week Window of forgiveness what I mean by That is you intrude you go into their Area and it takes about three to four Weeks for them to forget about it to Move on and I would say you could slant That more to four to five weeks the Mature buck and two or three with a dull Mature dough that are a little bit less Wary and not as pressure sensitive as a Mature Buck bottom line is you have a Little time we'll relate that to what You do with your tree stands here in a Second but I'm looking at that a lot of People are really clamoring with things To do during the summertime it doesn't Matter if it's personal deer buys Planting in the spring there's a lot to Do we look at may as our Whitetail water Hole month where we installed four water Holes we got them all filled we've had

Cameras on them they're doing really Well and we can't wait to hunt them but That's the timing I looked for that Because I want those to fill on their Own of course we're getting no rain Right now it's drought the bottom line Is the deer can get used to them we can Plant around them we get a really good Green our green Max blend coming in it's Not a forage it's for traffic you want To hold that soils a lot of grass in it And uh different varieties of plants to Build to hold the soil the bottom line Is we can do all that in may get it done When it comes to what you do with your Tree stands I think a lot of people Really rush and try to get this stuff Done too early in the season and now There's there's certain tree stand Setups that I believe you have to put in Early an example of that would be tree Stands you need a lot of cutting in so If you take that cutting and you make it In September early September and you Have a bowl open on October 1st those Mature box will come by they'll see that Tree down they'll see what the brown Leaves and if they're not used to that Area see they're just shifting over to Your property which is a good sign of a Good property then uh they'll look at That that down Timber and I think they Can be wary of that I really do I've Seen that I've seen on trail cameras

So certain tree stands we have a lot to Cut I'd rather see you do that early June July but when it comes to a lot of Tree sand setups and I'm using this one As an example here we can afford to push The envelope get a lot of other things Done even our fall planting where we're Planting a lot in August for the fall Labor Day that a lot of times becomes it Comes before our last minute tree stand Setups and cuttings so I use this as an Example we have a tree stand right over Here It's in a red cedar pretty easy to put In we just hollowed that out we can see This in here well really the Intersection here is we have cut bedding Area here we use that stand location Because this was the best spot for an Old water hole we took the water hole Out and so that stand location that's Kind of pinned over to this side We can move up to a better location And we'll have a shot right here where Dylan is still at the old water hole but We'll also be able to shoot over here we Don't need an exact shot at the water Hole which if we put the water hole There in the past we would have had to Cut a big large trunk off this Oak back Here a white oak and we didn't want to Do that now this is out of the pitcher We can still shoot them here we can Shoot them there we have plenty of shots

Here but when you look up here you can See the trunk of the water the White Oak Back in there it's only like 15 yards Away we have a little bit of vegetation To clear up at stand level which we'll Be able to do with a pole saw but when It comes out here this shot is wide open When we come over here on this side This shot right here Is wide open We have a window right here We can maybe take one tree down right Here But the trunk is only about 20 yards Back there so we'll take this tree out a Lot of times what I'll do if I'm using a Hand saw or something like that I'll saw It I'll hold up here I grab it I throw It downhill but bottom line is we can Put this tree stand we can move it Anytime during the summer all the way up To that That all important weeks of forgiveness Time so if we plan on hunting this spot In mid-september then I'd want to make These improvements before mid-august if I don't plan bound hunting here till the Rut If I look at like okay this is a morning Rut stand which it is Then maybe I make these improvements Early September with the thought that We're not even hunting out here for Another six seven weeks towards the end

Of October bottom line is we have a lot To do right now We have a big charity event tomorrow That we're planning for or Sunday so a Lot of workers coming in tomorrow and Volunteers which is awesome we have a Lot of help been really working hard on The property with water holes plantings Switch grass So much has been done even got some Turkey hunting in there not much not as Much as I'd like to we have already gone Fishing in Canada too So we have a busy lifestyle and what That means is The priority of working on a tree stands Contrary to what a lot of people might Think you look at like well we got to Get out there in June July make these Improvements before we get in We don't have to do that right now we Still have Work to do we can push this off we still Have a lot of time and that's my June Deer hunting tip a lot of people want to Get out to work on their tree stands Right away Maintain them and then what happens is When you do that in June there's still a Lot of growth left so you go in there You're first set in October now there's A big Branch growing up or especially Box elder some of those plants Hickory That grow very prolifically you come

Back and they're they're cutting up a Shot I don't know how many of you I've Done it before where I used to carry my Saw Hand saw and I actually attach it to my Bow rope and flick it over to a branch That I wanted to catch and try to pull Down all while I'm sitting there in that First set for the year in that stand Location not a good recipe for Success When you're doing that so I really like To focus on later is better when it Comes to stand maintenance for clearing Out shooting lanes and I think if you Take that approach then you can help Maximize and balance the time that you Need to spend doing other priorities Earlier in the summer mid-summer and You'll have plenty of time because You're not really like in an area like This a lot of hardwood settings You almost have all the shooting Lanes Already you're right on the outside edge Of that cover So in that case still lots of time to go Get some of these other priorities done First and I believe that that'll really Coincide with You know it could because a lot of this Stuff it's not How much work you spend it's when you Look at work that's why we have our Monthly deer chores and we look at we Need to do this this month this this

This to keep up and if you're trying to Cram everything in a one time you don't Keep up and at the same time you might Even hurt your hunting you know there's Opportunity now Always consider those weeks of Forgiveness but you have plenty of time To get your stands in think about that Go into this work season basically Before hunting season with a lot of Confidence that you're doing it at the Right time you'll be rewarded this fall Hey folks I really appreciate you Watching and I want to invite you to Check out our main website Whitetailhabitat solutions.com I'm going to miss all these but we have Seed to offer hats articles web classes Books consultations and even a new Podcast I think we have 17 podcasts out There right now for you to listen to so We have a lot to offer most of all if You don't want to buy anything I'm going To keep offering free videos free Articles we have over 600 articles on The site and uh most of all thank you Very much for watching reading listening Being a part of white habitat Solutions If you want to check this stuff out Awesome links are in the description

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