Key Ingredients For a New Great Stand Location

Right now is a great time to scout for a great new stand location! Here are 4 keys for finding the perfect stand location for next Fall…

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Now kind of a cool story uh sad at the Same time but Barry uh my big Target Buck that I was after towards the end of The season he dropped his antlers on uh Somewhere between December 18th and 19th So we had video with him morning of the 18th and then without him in the Afternoon daylight um and he's only 150 Yards away so Jen and I came out to shed Hunt the other day before the new year Which is crazy just looking for his Antlers and this is a spot that Dylan And I had discussed in the past and when I'm shed hunting my primary focus for Shed hunting is you know I want to spend My time out in the woods fruitfully and So I'm scouting and I find myself when I'm shed hunting looking around for Stand locations and access and bedding Areas and rubs and scrapes sometimes More than I am antlers so some people Are better shed Hunters than I am and That's probably one of the reasons why And so we get to this spot Dylan and I Have talked about this before and this Is an amazing spot because it has Several key ingredients for what I want To build in an incredible morning rut Stand and it's not just morning rut Stand opening day of gun Season maybe we find that there's a buck Back here on this Hillside he's getting Really good air flow during the Summertime he's still here cuz he's

Hitting the big food plot out there and I'm going to talk about a few key Factors that I like about this spot and Where we're going to eventually put the Stand and we're putting the stand right Up here in this Oak and now it's a Perfect tree for a stand and that's not The reason you ever pick out a stand Location ever ever in fact it can be Very very deceiving it can mislead you By just walking through the woods and That's a great stand and yeah we can Make it work we want to find the Location and then pick the best tree Available there happens to be a really Good one here but some key factors in This location and this is outside of the Fact this is a saddle right here there's Already rubs and scrapes here we're Going to add a mock scrape right here Which is actually over an existing Scrape this is an existing scrape right Here broke the branches off I happen to Have a Vine in the back of the side by Side with some rope camera and I'm going To hang that right here we have a tree Over here that's angling this way we're Going to put the camera on multitude X Of trails coming in this location Obviously we're not putting a St in a Spot where we don't think there's deer Movement there's great movement across The saddle this is a low Point low point In this Ridge that goes out Ridge

Actually gets higher towards the end up There and really Rocky the sign towards That end cuz it's so steep all around it There's just not much sign it really Diminishes so when we get into this area This is a spot we want to be we've Talked about in the past but aside from All that you know being a good spot what Makes this a good spot well starting out On the food plot here about 175 Ys away We have a 4 and 1/2 acre food plot it's Really big and what makes that food plot Put bucks back in this location is its Ability to hold doe in the bedding area That bedding area first starts because We have thick edge around that food Source and we're making it even better Because on the east side and west side Of that food plot we will cut the timber Let it fall into the brush an existing Brush we have really good brush Edge we Didn't take as much space as we could For that food plot we left an acre and a Half or two on either side of brush and Over grown brush so imagine the woods That are on the outside of that point We're going to fall it in so that then Sunlight can get into either side and Basically what we're doing is we're Expanding that brush Edge by taking out More mature Timber or older pole Timber That's not contributing to Habitat or Wildlife we're cutting that in and now We're get we already have grous in this

Area anyway so the grous Grouse cover Food and cover for white taals and Rabbits we already have great pheasants Over there turkey nesting so just all Creates to create that combination what That does those when we put that thick Edge around that food plot now it takes Do and might otherwise be beding 150 Yards back and it puts them right up Against that food source they feel Comfortable there we already have the Switchgrass edge we'll have that thick Brush line we already have brush over There there so by the time we get back Here then we have that buck beding now Second that dough Bing is critical I Want to make sure those dos aren't Bedding right here because then if the Dos are bedding here where's that buck Bedding I want to be on the back side of That buck bedding area so by placing Those dos back there then the bulk of The deer herd that might be in here in The morning when we come in before Daylight is well away from this location 150 yards away 100 yards away 125 yards Away if they're even bedding there in The first place so we have that great Edge that establishes and pulls deer Closer to that food source to bed in the Form of Dos and fawns that places bucks Back here which is great and then we Know bucks aren't out at that edge so We're really coming to that backside now

Access that's number three we have Really good access because we're not Accessing from the food plot we're Accessing behind Dylan right here drops Off considerably and we can actually Park because we have lower easement to Come into this spot we actually can park Right here here like if I shouted here Down at the truck they'd hear me very Easily just raising my voice a little Bit that's how close you can even hear The road going by the road noise going By this location so we're parking down The bottom down there it's it's a steep Walkin but we can come in the non dear Steeps side and get into this location And we want to have access we already Have Old Logging roads coming in here But we'll just clean those out so that We can back in here drive into this area Put water in a in a water hole Eventually and then we want that Dozer Road to angle down the side down here And it's only like 125 yard connection To our Lower Road and an angle so that We can come up we can walk in on a road Which means that even if we have our Greenmax traffic blend that's meant to Hold soil and be a soft cushion when you Walk it doesn't hold a lot of scent Because it doesn't get that tall so we Can mow that mow that road coming in Here have a really good road so we have Great access well away from the doze and

The the food plot that's up there we can Sneak into this spot and get into the Location so access is awesome coming in This Location now also wind direction and This is pretty cool and we get into that Stand right there this way is east Ridgel line is back that way towards the Food plot that's East that's West Because the point is only 20 yards wide Up here we can sit up top there and blow Our scent like we're getting Westerly Winds right now it's just going to blow Right off that top in the morning we Don't expect deer the further get out to This point anyway so if we have directly East winds blowing that way west winds Blowing that way we're covered I think We can even get away with W West Southwest blowing at this angle and east Southeast blowing this way then anything East West Northwest Northeast and Anything North we can hunt this so that Gives us over 180° of wind direction that we can come Into here so we have that edge to keep The do and fonds up there we have the do And Fs betting in that location we have Great access and then we have great wind And then finally we're always looking For those morning rut stand gun season Opener stands maybe muzzle or opener Later where we have an open water source And so this makes it great to put one of

Our tubs in this location and you start To think well where's water we have a Spring down the bottom over here it's About 250 yards down and the deer that Are cruising around up in these tops People say well I have good water source On the property it's never a good idea To have great water sources on your Property that creates diversity which is Good but it also if you have a lot of Water all over the property it makes it So that a water hole isn't of any value Cuz deer can go anywhere for water Instead these deer are not going to go All the way down to the bottom to get Into that spring and come all the way Back up so the water hole that's here The water hole that's 500 yard that way The water holes that are 7 800 yards on The other side of the draws here 600 Yards away they're all in play because Deer are not going to go from these top Edges where all the food is at and all The do and all the bedding and go all The way down the bottom and there's Bucks that bed down there but they're Not bedding right near that water and That's our only water source around here So perfect spot for a water hole I like To put a water hole where we can hunt Morning and then afternoon what's really Nice we're getting West Northwest winds We don't have a lot of deer down in this Steep face down towards the truck so

Perfect afternoon west wind northwest That's somewhere a predominant best rut Hunting opportunities for wind direction So this creates in this location Not only a great rut stand morning hunt Which those are some of my most Preferred stands that we that we have Creates an early season opportunity if There's Buck beding back here on this Ridge they want that cool air flow They're going right out to food over Here the a fields are in distant beyond That alphaalpha so we're right in that Wheelhouse for buck betting maybe in the Early season during the rut opening day Of gun season might sneak back here for Dear muzzle oder and at the same time if We're back in here for a morning hunt Really great opportunity to sit all day For bucks that are cruising during the Rut coming back to water betting off to The side coming to this water going out To food coming from the food to here It's not that far away we have some Spots like that that are make great all Day and afternoon sets and who knows we Might try getting up that steep face to Get in here in the afternoon knowing We're not going to Spook deer but Definitely we could sit here till 11:12 1:00 and walk right down that steep face Not going back into our new road that We'll add and this creates the perfect Setup and that's why I love scouting

Right at the season ends now we just Happen to get this little inch of snow Or whatever it is and that kind of Messes things up especially for finding Berries antlers but that scrape was There we had three scrapes in this Location there's old rubs all around I Love old historical sign on Big Trees as Much as I do fresh sign from this year Because it shows a history of bucks not Just bucks here in one location in this Stand location not only has all the Ingredients for a great sit a great rut Hunt great mornings afternoon sets but Who knows maybe we'll even find Berry Sheds around here so when we're walking In and out we're definitely looking for Them I just kind of Bumm that we have That snow over it right now but bottom Line is when you're out shed hunting When you're out scouting this is the Perfect time of the year to scout right After the season ends our season ended 3 Days ago so really great to get out here Right now poke around and you can bet There's a stand location we can't wait To set up let alone hunt and then now Dylan and I are going to add a mock Scrape to this and uh get out of the Woods and shoot some more videos so Can't wait for this entire setup to be Done and looking at it gets me excited And fired up for next season and I can't Wait to bring it to you this fall I

Appreciate you guys watching the YouTube Channel but I don't know if everyone Knows everything that we have to offer Whether it's on white to habitats or website or whs wildlife Life Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can check out I'm very Active on Instagram putting strategies On there photos of what we do every day Uh much more active there than Facebook But our seed web classes books clients Articles I have over 600 articles on wh Habitats everything whail Strategy of course we have hats on there And then make sure to check us out on Instagram again but lots of stuff to Offer we're always coming out with new Things and this isn't the end of it we Have more things coming soon make sure To check us out

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