LAST MINUTE PRE-HUNT TUNE – Dan and his lifelong friend Tyler are getting ready to go to Canada to hunt bears and they’re doing a last minute tune to get broadheads flying true! #elkshape #abt

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Friends welcome to the Oak shape YouTube Channel where we sell you hard work we Are getting ready to go to Canada egg we Got a subscriber Camp who is going my Dad for bringing Tyler Denham he's been On the channel before he's been a Childhood friend and I'm bringing Josh Jones because he's helped me so much With archery it's a way to give back and Put up with his Mohawk and shenanigans What am I taking on this hunt well I Have two bear Tags I'm gonna bring two Bows I'm gonna shoot hopefully a bear With each bow with a different setup Setup number one is the pro comps with The Hot Melt With The Iron Will Snyder Core system single bevel 125 solid with The Pro Comp 80 arrows out of my face 429 that has the qad integrate first Time running it starting to fall in love With it uh I'm also running the canyon Panda from Dan Evans that'll be on that Setup on my other phase 4 29 we have a Hamski Epsilon we have a HHA tetra4 Attached to a UV 3XL 3-pin technically 4 And I'm going to be using on that setup Rip tkos tipped with grim reaper Mechanical Pros so right now I got a Pack I got to get some hunting gear Together I got to make sure nothing goes In my bag that I can't get across the Canadian border you need a passport or An enhanced driver's license you need to Not have DUIs on your record and you

Need to have maybe proof with you of Where you're going and what you're up to We're gonna do all that hopefully we get Across the border we'll see you Saturday Morning when all the fellows come over To my house Park the rigs hop in my Truck and we hit the road Friends you guys remember Tyler Denham He's been on the channel a few times He's been my buddy I don't know since We're four or five years old anyways if You guys don't remember Tyler's been on The channel here and there he's going With us to Canada shoot some bears eh With all our subs we've got Subs coming It's going to be epic week he just Informed me that he needs to do some Things to his bow before we go and Practice shooting from a seated position Let's go check in with Tyler shall we Okay Why are you practicing them from a Seated position Things And just making sure my broadheads hit Where they're supposed to be right now What do you think of my new setup so I Don't have to hear about you have Neighbors behind you yeah it's it's good Yeah it's good how's the new to you Matthews excellent 3x Yup and how was uh firefighting last Night busy and what are these born

Primitives I just got these today and I'm very Impressed with the fit let's look at Your d loop Scott Some phrase on it that make me a little Nervous let's solve that today how was Getting your passport well Um I checked the Uh tracking number on it and it's Currently in Spokane and should arrive At my house tomorrow by 6 PM tell the Viewers what you had to do to get a pass So your passport expired passport Expired in February So I had to on Tuesday I flew to Seattle Took an Uber from the airport to the Passport office I bet that was expensive About 660 One Way yep sat in the Passport office forever uh finally got Up to the window paid an extra I was Supposed to be overnighted show up Tonight and hopefully it shows up Tomorrow yeah otherwise you're not going Pretty much Black Eagle Rampages uh 250 spine these Ones are the 001 is that VAP VAP yeah So when a bear hears that click it That's about the last sound they're ever Gonna hear Yeah it's a hear the click What release date is this True fire Seer I believe

Jake can't go on this trip his dad is Not in good health so prayers for his Dad you need to stay home be responsible Tyler's Gonna Fill In and we got my dad Going in mfjj we leave Saturday also Roll the turkey footage Dan I'm talking In third person doubled uh double down Today on turkeys and got it on footage Self filming and I use the Iron Will Single bevel Thank you [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] Thank you [Music] So what year is this 96 how long have You had it since 2004 and how many miles It's got 283 000 miles is Toyota the Best pretty much I bought it with 82 000 Miles so I've driven it 200. we're gonna check Tyler uh first We're gonna check your timing you're not Done We're gonna check the timing because Right now his broadheads are hitting low Left compared to fill Point impact I Just want to check his time I want to Have him shoot through paper he doesn't Have a bear shaft check a couple things And I know you guys are really into that So this is how it looks like oh I got a Letter here while you open this up I'll Read the letter

Hello Dan thanks again I appreciate you Taking the time to evaluate my paper Tuner I have been at Arch 300 since I Was 14. if you set the tension on all The screws correctly the paper should Pull down easy with one hand as you are Tuning your arrow it comes with 45 feet Of paper rolled into an arrow shaft Which and once it's gone you can slide a New roll and it's even got the little Indicators A perfect Bullet Hole so you don't have To go Google it all right tear a left Tear [Applause] So that the target's gonna drop down Right here giving us enough room for an Arrow to go through the paper into the Target and still have some room So Tyler's working on that and then I'm Gonna throw Tyler's bow in just the draw Board to see double check time before we Even shoot through paper bow is in time And this is not a vpa this is a tooth of The arrow no that's what do you have on Your website the S is uh oh Slick Trick The new Slick Trick huh SS It's not there Oh That's spinning really good you guys It's tough to tell on camera but in real Life that's wobbling Should be really really straight Okay about 484.

Um actually I'm making a bear shaft Heels are maxed out so they weigh a Little more than your average vein 483 And Tyler's arrows are all around 483 to 485 So remember how I told you you needed to Raise your rest a little bit okay so Tyler's loosening his cord his down cord To give him some freedom And then he's got that cracked on the Set screw and then he's got this knob Right here he's going to rotate to the Right and it should move it up probably What like a few clicks not very many So on this rest guys there's two set Screws for elevation Tyler's getting those cracked right now Doesn't take a lot of elbow grease just To get them cracked rest is bumped up How many clicks Ty I think just two okay Make a really good clean break for me Here's um here's the veins lying to Tyler saying oh your tune and then Here's the first bear shaft and then Here's the second bear shaft good thing About bear hunting in the spring is it Kind of forces the issue of you better Have your stuff tuned right yep Otherwise you'd be like everybody else Doing this in August That's way better now let's go shoot a Fill point with veins and a fill Point Without veins Broadhead but that's pretty close yeah

That's way better than it was and then Bear shaft the bump just rest up how Many clicks Three four three or four [Music] So guys he's bumped his rest up Somewhere between six to eight clicks Point of impact on both the bear shaft And the Fletch vein and then the Broadhead should be close to this all Right guys we got Tyler with the Broadhead at 30 yards post shop Shenanigans Let's get a new d-loop on there too While we're at it always makes me Nervous so that was frayed just enough For Tyler's like I don't like that so I Don't blame him about four and a quarter Puff Daddies So there's not is facing that way so Then this Knot's got to face us Tyler's gonna go double check everything And then finish up with a few shots Seated just to refresh his muscle memory And then we're headed to Canada Hopefully you guys enjoyed this quick Little tune video shout out to whoever you are thank you For that I think it's awesome we'll be Using it and uh appreciate you guys Catch on the next one

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