Life, The Good and Bad of the Hunting Industry and SEED|Talk Deer Podcast #18

Well this is it, our very first podcast recorded on video! We truly hope you enjoy this unique look into more of the personal side of all that is WHS. Here is episode 18 of Jeff and Friends Talk Deer…

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Okay this is episode 18 and it's been a Long time coming um actually several Months uh Jen wanted to keep this going Regularly and uh compared to our YouTube Videos and Instagram and other things We're doing it just uh it got pushed Aside and so what we decided to do a Little bit differently is you're Watching this on YouTube can listen to It on podcast but at the same time we're Going to do this and replace a video one Of our weekly videos um so this will be On Thursday for right now this the first One coming out Thursday if you guys have Not listened to a podcast it's we we Kind of roll strategy together with what We're doing a little bit of our personal Life and we'll eventually have some Guests too we have some guests that We've talked to and lined up but we want To kind of introduce this and get this Going forward first and uh maybe we'll Eventually get Dylan on here too so I Think that would be a good idea yeah I Like when Dylan's here so I think um Jen Let's get this first one rolling You can kind of see the topics up here And uh and you got to remember Jen's got Jokes I think that's my favorite topic Is it yeah do you have one ready I think So okay well wait I was going to say People suspense I know keep them Listening they're just waiting but uh so The first thing I wanted to talk about

You know personal stuff a lot of people See us and see what we do YouTube get Little glimpses Instagram uh for folks That don't follow on Instagram uh they Might not see our personal life because That's mostly you share it a little bit On Facebook I share very little on Facebook yeah most of it it's on Instagram I think so Instagram is Typically where we're at typically where We're sharing most everything but for People on YouTube they don't get to see That so personal life what's going on With you well we're having a baby y I Didn't know if you knew well another one Well second one yeah we're having a baby Doing the beginning of April so that's Exciting Yeah and we wanted to we wanted for our Kids to be two years apart and so Jack's Birthday is March 30th and uh Jen is March 25th and then it's close baby girl Can we say the name or should you hold That back oh maybe hold it back for one Episode Okay but uh I like I like naming you Know it's been kind of nice I have my Three older kids Autumn Jake and Sam and Uh they'll all be here this weekend but Um I like and we didn't do this the First round but with our two kids it's Been really nice naming them months Before they're born because you feel Like you have a connection with them

Already right so that's been really Enjoyable yeah you have your own dad Connection now yeah and so we have a Little girl coming and uh you can say The name the No No next next episode but Uh you know that's that's some of the Personal things that were we're going uh Going through a big one anyways uh yeah Yeah exciting one and uh we're we're Fortunate around here because Jen's Family is from around here so uh both Sets of moms and dads and brother sister And six nieces and nephew five nieces One nephew that way right everyone lives Close and my family's out here all the Time too my kids are out here all the Time in fact uh over the last 3 years They they come a lot is awesome we like That we enjoy it yeah and so Jen's got a Really good outdoor background and um Which includes hunting when you're young Girl uh 12 years old and uh gutting your First deer and almost all of your deer And uh your dad basically gave you a Knife and said here you go yeah I'm not Doing it for you yeah so you learn the The fast way the hard way the hard way Yeah and and then you're racing dirt Bike yep and so kind of that outdoor Background and one of the first things You did with a boys and this was going Back um a couple years or more yeah but You went to uh Supercross up in the Twin City oh yeah we didn't even tell Jeff

About it it was like the boys were just Like Hey Dad when we see you this Weekend he's like what do you mean when You see me this weekend that's what it Was we're like oh yeah we're doing stuff With Jen that or this weekend so I think I had a client on like Saturday you were Going up to the cities that day yeah Something we left Jeff at home yeah so I Uh it was kind of cool to uh see Jen Take that initiative and spend time with The boys and for that we have them out Here all the time they love I think they Love coming to see you and their little Brother like me I mean yeah might if I'm Here they they care if not then I mean Can you blame whatever but uh so that's In our personal life um very active in That a lot of people don't realize I go On my client trips and that has we're Trying to shrink that um maybe go to 60 65 clients this year I peaked at 125 in 2020 and I've been whittling that down So I can spend more time at home and With family but still that's a trip Usually every 10 months I mean for 10 Months out of the year and then like Yesterday Dylan and I were filming uh Videos for uh we Shot 14 videos both Shorts and long SS and for different Partners so that was a very full day I Think that's the most number we've ever Shot although the minutes weren't as Long but uh we got a lot of b-roll cut

Chainsaw some stuff in the woods and so Today we had an important meeting about A future product we hopefully we we can Announce to everybody sometime soon We'll find out we find out next week Right on Wednesday so we have already Known this by the time you guys watch This you know by the time people watch This so um but uh it's it's very busy You know we had a meeting with that at 1:00 today uh the seed company takes a Lot of Jen's time she runs that and then We have wer full-time employee also goes To clients Joe Kevin Dylan they go to Clients too and Jesse schedules all the Clients except for Joe uh she schedules Everybody else so uh Taran keeps track Of our numbers at YouTube and it really Takes a team it's sure and the team Keeps expanding yeah and uh really my Goal out of all of it is I want to Continue always go to Clients but I'd maybe like 40 does that Sound better that sounds okay like 30 40 Somewhere around there I mean it's nice To have you out of the house a little Bit but maybe not that much yeah and for Me the one place I learn and continually Learn you you learn doing it on your own That kind of stuff but you really get Outside of your box when you go to Clients and you've had the privilege of Doing that in the last year uh you went To clients this year in December and

Then over the summer you went to a few Yeah uh clients we now consider friends Uh fun how that works yeah those guys uh Came I think it was April when you were Out in Michigan yeah you're right um but Those guys uh Todd and Blake they came And and uh came out for the charity Event and I think they're coming again This year hope I think so yeah yeah and So that's always busy and we blend that With you know all this stuff going on And uh and then trying to get work done On the property right and seems like a Lot Dylan and I were out yesterday and One of the things we're doing right now A Lot is we're really uh reevaluating our Stand locations blinds from last year And where we could move and access Different roads coming in water holes And I was excited because Dylan and are Out filming but at the same time it's What do you think of this tree Dylan and I had a little disagreement on a tree Yesterday what do you think of that tree You know I didn't mind it I can I see Why Dylan doesn't like it as much you Know it not the perfect camera stand for Dylan and the deer at eye level so you Got to really be careful about all your You're like 4 feet above them you're Pretty much at eye level yeah with these Deers you got to be really careful about Where you're moving making sure that you

Pick um certain pockets of when when You're moving especially when you're bow Hunting you know you're making a Littleit more movement there when you're You know pulling your bow back but um It's good I like it I can appreciate why Dylan does not sure yeah I can too we Forgive you Dylan this time it's okay But I I feel like I find I side with Dylan a lot yeah I think you do I do I Think I side with him more than I side With you well and and you know part of That one of the reasons we have a mock Scrape at every stand location is Because For one when a deer comes in They're working the mo scrape they're Not paying attention to the camera Nearby but they're also not paying Attention to the Hunter and the tree no They're not and in this case we're going To have a water hole too so when we have A water hole Max scpe there's a lot of Keep the a lot to keep the attention of The deer in their focus other than watch Us us draw a bow and and shoot them so But that's what we're doing right now That's kind of um Dylan and I yesterday Was so nice it was what 50 degrees and Sunny blue sky and at the end of January Yeah it was January 30th no I think That's today 31st um no today's the 30th It was the 29th yesterday okay anyways Yeah but it's warm like abnormally warm For this time of year it's supposed to

Be like 50 this weekend they keep me Straight on the dates that's uh I need a Team you know for that and days and Everything but my gosh but no the uh It's crazy this time of year to have That so I told Dylan you know we we love Coming in here in the Whiteboard but you Know I did not want to go in here when We could be out there no you said that The first thing you said yesterday Morning was I don't want to film inside Well I could feel the warmth on my neck So nice yeah yeah it was it was awesome And so you know Dylan and I went around The property and and then I couldn't Wait to bring you out and show you some Of the things that we looked at and Discussed because it's kind of like Dylan and I do this when we're out in The field and the first thing I do is Hey babe bring me out there for approval And then of course Jackson we have a Little slim car seat that sits in the Middle in the back so he can go out he Loves it yeah what what's your favorite Setup that we've talked about so far This year um we have that one by Buck Corner y we've talked about changing the Bottom plot with the Culver moving the Timber so there's more of an opening There sure excuse me and then also uh 67 Point and then also 67 bottom on the Bottom scrape I mean not 67 bottom the Bottom scrape right out of all those I

Think I could narrow it down to two Which would be the 67 point and the Bottom scrape however if I did narrow it Between those two I think I would say The bottom scrape there's been so much Activity there for the last you know two And a half three years but we've never Been able to really get down down in There and hunt that so we're thinking About putting a redneck down there um Which will be a large task but if we can It'll be a perfect place for one it be Set up for bow and for gun and we would Have a waterf at water hole at 25 yards And the scrape Trail would be at 20 25 Y And it this would not be a stand that is A morning or afternoon this is an all Day set whether yeah when you get down There you're not you're not coming back Out and just you're not coming back out Pretty easy to get into right exactly It's deep down We have aad to get in there and it's It's close from the house I bet you we Could be sitting in the redneck within 15 minutes I would say so compared to a 40-minute walk up Valley sure right Which was which is horrible yeah but Down there you're you're in an intimate Part of the property that we really Haven't been in during any sort of any Sort of deer season except for the first Time you're on the property that's um Right around the place where you and

Dylan hunted the first time it is it's Crazy it'll be to think that we sat There for the first time in 20 20 that Was my first set was down there in a Ladder stand pretty invasive getting in Pretty invasive getting out we did okay Uh but part of that we relied on South Winds blowing up into the Steep draw Behind us sure and we we'll do the same Now and so kind of we're we're actually More in the draw yeah than we were last Time and so we blow it up into a Gorge Now once you get past that Gorge About I would say 100 yards from the Stand is where it gets into more deer Activity but we're hoping with the red That we'll be able to contain our a Little bit Yeah and with that we've Talked about this a lot um with clients Um but also you and I and Dylan and Probably several other people that with The containment of that redneck with our Scent if the winds aren't ideal are we Still going to sit there uh probably not Why probably not I just uh I feel like With the Rednecks it cuts down scent a Little bit sure um I don't know if it Cuts it down with the windows closed 80% 20% 50 I don't know but not enough or we Don't want to Spook you know I just I Don't want to risk it right and so and Part of that is we have a lot of other Options we do this isn't 40 acres and This is one of our go-to stands out of

Six and we're going to go down there Even when we design white tail Properties 40 40 acre paral usually has 11 or 12 stands mhm So and so that's your Favorite and And I know which one you're going to Pick well you're probably thinking the 67 point I am and and I believe that Will be we have to put a road to get in Which isn't much it's through an open Area already just to get in to put water In and then we have to put a road to Walk in which is a Switchback so we Already have half the Switchback yeah That goes from the bottom to the field Jared's got to C complete the rest back To the stand location the reason we want That is it's very steep so by having a Flat access and using the terrain and Going up slowly we'll walk a long ways In but we won't have a really steep Vertical climb except for the portion From the bottom up on the existing Trail Right existing Trail we'll plant in our Green Max traffic blend which is a mix Of four grasses fetch Clover and uh Birds foot tree foil so it's a it's a Cover that we can actually mow and gets Thick U but it doesn't get tall so we Don't leave a lot of scent and it's Quiet and when he cuts that road in We're going to be below grade even more As far as it's going to rise up the bank

So it'll protect us getting in in the Morning we can only get in there in the Morning and then we go out where do you Want to go out well I don't want to go Out at snake point but that's where We're going Jen hates snakes and so we Have a we have a place called snake Point because it's it's perfect rabbit Snaky yeah perfect rattlesnake Habitat so but um but that's kind of What we have going on here we also did Some Edge cut Um Jen you haven't even seen that um no Not yet can't wait to show you that and I'll do some more I'm going to go out There Jen won't let me cut by myself so The whole safety concern thing you know Yeah whatever but anyways uh no and Wes Is here maybe tomorrow U maybe Thursday Morning sure um I'll go out there and Finish that job on that side of the Point what what I'm doing though is I'm Cutting trees along the edge we already Have an edge that is anywhere from 30 Yards to 70 yards w wide before the food Plot mix of Briars gray dog wood and uh Various trees shrubs that are growing in So then I can drop that edge and drop Those trees perpendicular perpendicular To the edge straight into the field that Allows sunlight to go back into that Woods taking down a lot of those Exterior branches and then I'm leaving Enough room in between those cuting for

Deer to get in and out of the woods and Back up to the food plot so increasing Hardwood regeneration increasing the Width of the overall Edge and diversity So it has more of a mix from switch Grass up on the food plot to shrubs Bushes briers grasses weeds hardwood Regen some hinge Cuts some total cuts And then finally Hardwoods well and That's going to um excuse me that'll Increase that depth of cover too so Hopefully those doz and fawns will Closer closer to the um to the food Whereas your mature box hopefully and And that we've kind of had a problem With that area over there the last Couple years we had just haven't I think We figured it out we just haven't done Enough to um help that betting enough so I think by you doing a bunch of that Stuff um yeah it's like there's so many Other areas to work on we've done a lot Out there we have think of all the Switch grass and we cleared that food Plot in the first place we had to clear It uh going back with Dylan in in 20 21 uh it was just a field with brush and Briers and trees and we ran over the Trees and sprayed them we eventually cut Them down with the chainsaw Dante helped Us two years ago at Easter time remember That that was an entire Easter it was so Thick out there that when you're driving The tractor through with a brush hog

Like you can't see beyond a foot in Front of you so you have no idea what's There until you break through and you're Like yeah we made it it was wild and we Cleared it more and more we basically Cleared four and a half acres yeah for That food plot so we've done a lot we Have but it's just all these little Pieces and so these are some of the Remaining pieces is back there um that Morning stand on the Point and then um the switch grass will Come in this year yep that was a late Bloom last year CU we had so much Drought yeah so switch grass popped up In July mid July and when it stops Growing the end of August it did get About 2 feet yeah I was going to say About that I would say but we don't have A lot of weeds we don't at we weed Controlled that really well yeah so this Year it's going to explode we'll hit it With simazine before spring green up and We're going to frost seed um some Swiss Grass over over there too on the you Know on the power line side also right And and other than that we've been Changing uh trail cam batteries and Relocating trail cameras primarily for For shed antler hunting and to get Buck Patterns and to see what Buck survived Yeah that's been fun so what's your Favorite uh survival buck so far Oh which one are you most hoping would

Come in bu your stand as of right now oo Oo yeah he's a big wide eight point big Wide eight every time well or LL beams LL beams is so pretty he's got like These CH I know I just picked two but He's got these like chocolate horns with Like white tips and L beams will be six Next year yeah Will O will be five yeah What are yours uh well I was just going To ask you what about McFly I like McFly For next year I hope you know maybe He'll you know his uh flyer will be I Don't know bigger different I I he's a Big frame he is a huge frame and so I Wonder you know you just you're looking Forward to seeing what they turn into Next year what about newbie you said Pick one and I pick two I know but you Think of Newbie no newbie is going to be 180 plus next year 175 he's going to be A beautiful 5-year-old he look nice on The what about Junior I think the point That you're making is we got have a lot Of excitement coming in this fall so I'm Just I'm hearing you're you're hunting For L beams and oo and I get the rest I Mean that's is I would be happy with oo No I love big eight we the point is we Have as far as 5-year-olds next year We'll have oo the 5-year-olds old we Have oo L beams newbie yep um Junior y Probably be Barry if he makes it well Yeah hopefully he makes it what about uh Um what about pokey pokey we're not sure

If it's three or four I but he's just Skinny all the deer are so skinny right Now I know it's tough to say they hate Judging them during the summer and right Now Because yeah if shorty made it Isaac Would be huge uh shorty and Isaac would Both be five and six next year Isaac Would be six y so we have a lot of those Bucks that we gearing up towards and a Lot of the habitat M changes we're Looking at like well the one we were Talking about the bad tree I passed up Shorty walking right by there during Early November I'd love to repeat that Can you think of anything else we're Doing right now in this week oh I I even Took Jared around her heavy equipment Operator oh you did showed them all the Improvements we want to make all the Roads of Culvert uh water hole locations Water hole changes you guys are probably Out there for a good hour and a half Through EXC me yeah hour and a half Going through all that stuff we we've Had uh Joe Out he's helping us take care of uh some Of the coyotes on the property yeah he Already shot a big female Y which is Nice and hopefully he'll attack some More uh soon so we'd like to take out a Bunch of those we'll get a bunch of Raccoons raccoons too or Nest robbers Yeah definitely Nest robbers yeah

Protecting our turkeys and pheasants Yeah we've been seeing lots of pheasant It's lots of gr too in multiple areas Pheasants and grow uh they keep Exploding population so it's been fun All that's good I want to I want to kind Of turn the tide a little bit and I want To get your experience because I've been In the hunting hunting industry now you Know full-time since 2010 M uh this is Actually my 20th year going to clients Sure so ' 05 was my first year this is Now 20 Seasons that I've been going to Clients um I first went to the ATA show Back in 95 I was a factory Pro shooter From Matthews back in the day in the Two actually late '90s uh early 2000s a little bit I am I am but I'm I Mean that's my exposure to the hunting Industry is going back a long time sure And you've been exposed to the hunting Industry because you were exposed Through Tac cam Ben Stern the reveal uh Group right there and actually using the Reveal cameras before they even came out Youve had all the we have tons of uh of The uh early run uh what am I saying Pre-production models yeah the Gen ones Yeah all the stuff that yeah and some of Them have different guts in them than What they sold them as um but we had the Pre-production models we have production Post and and so it was kind of Interesting with that I got to see those

For a couple years and action before I Made the switch uh from Exodus to reveal And I made it for a lot of different Reasons a lot of people don't understand That but um you know for one The Innovation is second to none sure um we Get to see all those all those little uh Decisions and processes along the way And the countdowns towards other Launches and you product and and with That you know Ben Stern has been a Friend for um a long time and he's been A friend of yours too for um a while now Too and it's I was telling someone just Within the last like couple months man It sure has been cool to you know watch Him through the years and progress that Company um of tactic cam so oh yeah been In his Partners it's been really good Yeah and so the hunting industry I have some thoughts on it and even just Talking about change changing Partnerships um the way the hunting Industry was in the past Is there's really not as a whole and I'm Not saying this with everybody but as a Whole there's not a lot of uh Loyalty and that can go both ways from Partnerships uh from manufacturer um or The uh actual Sponsored um hunting industry Personality whoever it is but um and That's kind of what We have tried to go against and we've

Gone some against some things with the Seed company too um Against the Grain But that's one thing you know I've Changed from Exodus to first uh to uh Reveal and then from cka to first light And I've used you know I'm on my fourth Year with first light um you know this This calendar year and then I was what Three years for or four years with Sitka Whatever it was and um so I've had a Good but those are the only two that we Switched um along the way uh what is What are your thoughts H industry and What you've seen and kind of some of the Trends you know over the years I can Think back in the beginning um you know I had a few friends that used a certain Company and just because they did I'm Like oh I'm going to didn't research What was better what was best that's Just what I used you know and Through being you know a hunter and Buying different products and looking at Different companies you also look at Social media you see you know these People that are like oh hey be on our Pro Staff or be our one of our staffers And promote our product and you get Either a product for free or a super Discount people just jump on that bandw And doesn't matter what it is they'll Sign up basically this is why I could be Beneficial to your staff and for Junk Yeah exactly for stuff that you don't

Even know about poor uh poor product uh Very poor craftsmanship poor quality Whatever it might be right so I think You I and I think this is probably and And this is my opinion is that your Younger people that are getting into the Hunting industry they don't have a lot Of money or when I say getting into the Hunting industry getting into hunting Alone they don't have a lot of money so If these companies are giving them any Sort of discount or anything like that All for all they have to do is sign up To be a field staff or whatever of Course they're going to do it you know So you see stuff like that and it's not It's not genuine it's just here's a Discount people get you get then you get To use products then you get to tell Your buddies that oh this is the best bu This and it's really not I think it's It's so different in the hunting Industry and talk about uh no scoring For experts what I mean for that about That is that so many people want to get Into the hunting industry that they're Quick to bash others that have been in The industry for decades And um you know just to make themselves Look better but they really don't have Any experience to back it up and there's No scoring for experts and what I mean By that is baseball if you're a hitting Coach someone can look at your lifetime

Average what you contributed to baseball Professional baseball and that Translates into maybe being a hitting Coach right and uh I don't know if a lot Of you uh remember I'm Detroit Tigers Fan Brandon in he was an incredible Third baseman incredible uh Fielding Statistics but his batting average Always hovered around 230 you know I Think something like that you know Really low but then you have a Tony Gwyn That was over 300 had the beautiful Swing and uh someone like a Kirby Pucket With Minnesota I'm dating myself again With these guys but the bottom line is People look at their stats and say yeah This makes sense they we should listen To them and even separating people Within the professional ranks sure so One person that batted 100 points on Average you know less than someone else Um that translates into golf um your Number of Victories I'm sure Motocross Uh you weren't considered a good Motocross or an actual quote influencer Unless you won yeah you had to win you Getting whole shots yeah and so you Winning determined your status and People could easily look at winning and And grade that in the hunting Industry people consider getting a Degree winning sure so we're going to Get a degree and we're going to be Experts now and they totally overlooked

The fact that experience rules roost That uh you're what you learned in a Book in class means absolutely nothing Uh when you're trying to give advice on Hunting what products to use like what We do setting up property clients Um and uh habitat designs well you can Also take that and if you're in the Hunting industry and you have your own TV show you're an expert but really There's and we won't get into detail About what hunting Shore or what not There's some there's some really good Ones out there and then there's some Other ones out there where you if well You've been closely involved with TV Shows yeah I mean you've you've seen That inside not through us but no Exactly and so you you see that someone Gets a free prod or they're just looking For somebody who's going to give them Money and hey we're going to use your Product and we're going to put it in These uh TV shows and and you know we'll Market this for you commercials whatever And you're in it and it gives you such a Terrible bad taste in your mouth that You're like this is garbage like and There's so many people out there that Watch it that you just want to like Basically how Dylan does it where Dylan Like came in today with the video and He's like oh hey guys sorry and you just Want to be like this stuff is a joke

Like none of this stuff is even don't Buy this garbage that these people are Talking about all they the only reason That they're using it is because they're Getting it for free or they're going and They're pitching some you know look at My YouTube channel or this is going to Be on TV for everybody to see it and We're going to pitch your product well Something I learned a long time ago Was um you're not going to be successful In the hunting industry and until you Can tell manufacturers as far as getting Partnerships and and Sponsorship call it partnership that Sounds better but um you're not can be Successful with partnership unless you Could show this perspective manufacturer That you want to work with that you've Already done something you're already There so if your whole game is telling Them what you're going to do and what Your channel what your audience what Your reach will be uh what your Influence will be then uh you're going To strike out and so it's one of those Things that you need to get a whole Bunch of experience and experience is What rules that's what your score is and When it comes to if you want to give Advice on shooting mature Buck you Better be able to do it on your own y on In different states and on public land Uh you know around the country and and

You better do it for 10 15 years and More and once you have that experience Level now you can actually teach someone What to do because even on habitat Improvement if you learn this in a Classroom but you don't have the Practical application of actually going Out in the field and living it yourself Then how can you teach a client how to Do it because you can't just look at 10 Rules for managing property and then you Just go out it has to be years and years And so the the people that work with us They adhere to the white habitat Solutions Concepts the concepts that I Coined and wrote about in 2012 and uh I Wrote that book because more as these Are my ideas these These are the this is The way I look at property I wrote that When I was 4 2 years old lots of Experience and and frankly I didn't like People copying it I wanted to put it in Writing in that book these are my ideas And that's why I came out with a 14 2014 Food plot book my mature success by Design in 2015 my weather algorithm and Weather hunting book 2018 because I like Putting that stuff down CU now on all These people that that haven't done Anything look at and say and copy this Stuff you can always go back and say say That's where that originated no one was Talking about this online and even the Mock scrapes you know that's copied

Often by people and it's flattering Because uh I know where originated right Now hunting industry let's say person Walks up to you and says you know my son Or daughter wants to get in the hunting Industry what would you tell them Don't I'm just kidding I watch you I Watch Dylan and you two are genuine in And I'm not just saying that because I Have to but it's just like with the Amount of work that just the two of you Put in to continue that to be genuine in What you do and teaching but you still Learn along the way the entire time and It's not yeah you never stop learning no You don't and you're not just uh ever Chasing the almighty dollar however you Have that experience underneath your Belt and you continue to teach people as Does Dylan you know um Dylan's a little Younger than you a lot younger than you Um and it's fun asking Dylan questions That I don't know because when I ask him I know he is going to tell me one to the Best of his ability but two he already Had the experience in doing it so it's I Guess I would tell somebody if you're Going to do it like don't start a Business I Mean I don't even I don't even know so Here's the thing like you you'd want to Almost I want to different around I was Banking for eight and a half years I had My appraisal appraisal business for

11 uh the last uh 5 years of my Appraisal business I had my white tail Business so they overlapped someone's Into it don't think you're going to get Out of school and start getting the hry Right Instead plan on working for someone else And never stop learning yeah do an Internship when I yeah Dylan did one Yeah and then the uh I think I hunted Out of state state in Pennsylvania for The first time in 1993 I was 23 years Old started hunting public and private Land when I was 16 and so that gave me Bought my first parcel in 95 didn't have Any money didn't even have a house at The time you know but bought my first uh First year hunting parel and you know That was my passion in love but even Then I wasn't ready it didn't matter how Much experience I had from 2016 to Buying my first parcel it wasn't until Uh I was 35 years old in 2005 that I Started my my actual weight till Business so it was after a lot of Experience I say once you started once You started that 05 you had already gone Through a lot of self-taught on your own And a lot of trial that's what I'm Saying and a lot of trial and error so You you can't go to school for this you You can have a wildlife management Degree that's great that potentially Would be helpful um in some aspects but

You need to have years and time You know underneath your belt in the Woods and experiencing things that Eventually you want to talk about and be Credible with yeah and that's what in The hunting industry you know there's no Measurement for experience level and There should be there's no way to do That um there's no way to keep score Everyone's an expert in the hunting Industry everyone and so they're quick To bash other people and they wouldn't Have done that other than they think They're going to have a career so they They look at it like well you know you Know I'm the expert they're they're not The expert Um you know lot people say well you know I'm going to start this business and I'm Not going to compete with you I I don't Really care if you compete with me You're you have no experience and you Can start the business and there's Plenty of room for everybody the problem Is there's not a lot of experts and so Uh there's very very few at the top of The pyramid that um do their own craft Whether you believe in the way they do It or not they're established and it Takes many many years for someone else To be established in that and do that And you'll find it's a long road but it Can be done it's just a lot of work I You know part of building the business

Is I've written five books I've written Over 600 white tail strategy articles For myself on my own channels of of Distribution a website and then uh we in The 12 1300 I think 1300 videos now uh Let alone going to over 1500 clients so You continually continually learn those Notes and videos are like taking notes Myself of what I've learned and then Putting it on paper and then teaching Other people and so just those articles Videos just it's constant you have to Put your name out there and it'll takes Years and that's why I'd always Encourage someone to learn how to write Learn how to speak uh learn marketing Background uh just on your own uh you Know YouTube things uh Google things uh How to get 100,000 views in a video how To get 10,000 how to get 10,000 follower Subscribers you find the same good Information out there over and over Again by by people that have a score People that have you know that are Experienced and so kind of all that lead You know the experience in the Background of what goes into whs and all We do yeah and so you know what Experience level goes into the seed and Pure Wildlife Blends uh we change the Name to Pure Wildlife Blends why Jen put you on the spot oh my Gosh it's a cool name you know we wanted It to be a standalone it still has

Everything to do with white tail habitat Solutions but we wanted it to have its Own name its own identity um and so That's why we changed that and what About our seed and it truly is pure and We wanted PE and we want to continue to Go down that path of teaching people Truly about pure seed Blends no Coatings No Junk in there a truly pure blend and That was the reason we changed that name Right and you know and that's that's Part of it you know I I feel a little Bit more free to talk about you know our Past experience with seed you know we I Really worked hard to establish myself In the food plot industry and learn About this and started experimenting Back in 99 98 and and even wrote in Quality white tales that was my first Article right there it says March of 2004 I wrote a a lot of articles for Quality white tals and at that time you Couldn't just write you know the the Magazine articles that I wrote for Quality wise details I Couldn't um I could get in anywhere if I Wrote an article for Michigan outdoors For example it probably wouldn't get Into quality white tals um they demanded A certain level of oh boy not only Experience but you had to have good Information that could be backed by Science and that's both good and bad Sure um it it limits uh someone if

They're only going to look at science They're never going to learn so you have To test and experience uh John ooga Taught me that a long time ago those Experiences of all that testing that I Went through and writing about it and That went in to help uh someone else Start a seed industry and the mixes the Names everything and um at some point You know we talked to this this company And we wanted to we told them a year in Advance we want to start our own Seed Company um we want them to be our Wholesaler our distribution and we Talked about that we got pricing it Seemed outrageously high for example the Pricing they gave to us was about the Same as the pricing on their website for The same thing we ended up having to Charge $10 more than what we thought was The national average because the prices Were so high we had a lot of problems in Distribution um you know purchase orders That were sent out to clients 10 days Late 7 days late 5 days late um even Though we gave immediate payment there's No plus 30 days or net 60 net It was immediate uh get an invoice on a Saturday make get make sure they have a Check on Monday uh thousands of dollars Uh gave heads up on when this would come Out my goal was to make for them to make A few dollars off everything we sold and Then start doing that for other people

Right and uh do well for themselves uh When it came down to it we found that That seed we could buy from the same Places they were buying it from for Onethird the price and that was a huge Slap in the face yes in fact we were Sitting at lacrosse seed was one of the Ones we interviewed Deer Creek was Another we were sitting with lacrosse Seed and they they gave us the price we In their boardroom and and uh they gave Us the price And I remember looking at it and it was Uh I looked at I said this this per Price pound is it's more expensive than We're paying right now and they said no That's for the whole half acre of seed And it was one3 we all know what that Sinking feeling is in your stomach and You're a truly just kind of a slap in The face and you're just like felt sick To my stomach actually for sure it's Just you wanted to you wanted to puke And it wasn't because of the money it And it was purely just because you just Felt totally taken advantage of well and Along with that which was really cool is When we made that switch and last year Actually blew up and came out with our 11 12 Blends we have now we have 15 16 Blends seeds we sell and to the nice Thing about that is um Wes is the one That chips out that seed mainly I help a Little bit but it's typically Weston and

He's shipping out that those all that Seed the same day or that next day so Anybody who orders that they're getting Their seed iMed and if he if someone Emails or calls about seed Wes is the Guy he responds to everybody agendas uh Some people too um unfortunately I Couldn't have any other part of the Business business if I did that um no You do answer a lot of questions from me Right that filter through but but all That being said when we were able to Switch suppliers which we've been loyal To because that wholesaler moved to Another company and we went with them Because we like work he sat with us at The kitchen table went over all the Blends he's done projections for us he Did projections for us this year two he Breaks on every seed it wasn't Projections like you're going to make Extra dollars more it was I think your SE I think your sales are going to go up 32.4% this year right that was about the Number yeah I think it's like down to The like super micro percentage and You're like okay and he tells us why he Goes over every blend but what what was Cool about that is we were able to lower Our prices right so I remember like our Braska blend we had to price at$ 4950 And people said you you're trying to rob People hey we we were Tak making a Terrible uh nut profit margin on that

That was well below standing standards For the industry to even stay in Business or have an employee or anything Um to run a company Uh but we were able to not only improve Our profit margin but cut our cost to The consumer from 4950 for a half acre Of Braska to 3750 right this year I Don't know if it'll go up to 3950 it Depends on what's going on with the Market our cost is going up a little bit Um as in everywhere in fact our our Wholesaler told us that our costs will Keep going up because we don't want Coated seed right so coated seed means That you can fit 7 lbs of seed in in a 10 lb bag and so the cost to everybody's Lower and we don't want coated junk seed If we want if it's 10 lb of clover it's 10 lb of clover we don't want s lbs with A bunch of lime in there to fill space And fool people because and because They're making more coated seeds these Days it costs us more to have uncoated Seeds that's crazy and that's why we Change the name to Pure Wildlife plants And even in nebras they're starting to Coat Brasa seeds we found out this year And there's absolutely zero need for it There's nothing good if anyone tells you It has to be coded for this this Improved germ rates it doesn't um you Know we all need tons of lime per acre You know not 3 PBS on a bag how many

Tons of lime do you need per acre um it Depends you know mine in the up uh was Anywhere from four to five tons per acre Initially and so that was times 8 and 1 Half acres and then I did it again and Then another pound 3 years after that so On average what do you think people are Doing like is it like I would say it boy It's it's off it's all over the place CU Some people don't need any sure I would Say an average the average would be ton And a half to two tons per acre just on Average sure okay so that was my point So you need more than just what's coated On that tiny little seed three pounds in A bag basically what Jeff is saying is That when you weigh that bag you're wear You're weighing you know that Co that Coating and so you're actually getting Less seed so when they say it plants a Half an acre 4 PBS plants a half or it Really doesn't because you're not Getting 4 lbs of seed no you're getting Uh 3 point whatever right however most People say that their food plots are Bigger than they are so that's what a Lot of the seed industry is going off of Hunter's always uh more is better right Right I have an acre but really they're Planting right a half acre you know so Nobody realizes that they're not never Getting enough seed because they Actually are planting less than what They say it was painful you know uh

Going through that seed process it was Switching it was horrible it was Sleepless nights and um you felt sick to Your stomach and not because you're Doing anything wrong but again because You felt taking advantage or I don't Even know what to say it was I don't uh Used and abused I don't really know it Was it was frustrating so it was a Learning experience having our own Company um and actually then we hired Wes yeah and uh even you you were out Boxing seed till 2 3 in the morning we Hours in the morning yeah before West And then Wes and his kids have come to Help and um but anyways that's that's a Journey that we took with the seed Company this year we're expanding our Line we have a spring uh seaing of Clover it has an annual Rye in it and That's for a cover crop that dies later And so um it's more of a cover crop Built into it you can't we didn't want To offer like an oat cuz an oat is a Really big seed and uh doesn't mix well With a perennial so we have our spring Perennial uh that's different than our Fall perennial our Brasa and clover Blend is changed to reflect our Pure Clover blend that we have well pure Clover meaning all perineal mhm uh Clover Cher birds for tree fall and Alfalfa and in our Braska like we talked About in the past the strategy with that

Is we take out the big bulbs to very High percentage anyways uh so that they Don't take up space for the uh the Spring uh Uh perennial that's coming in after you Plant it in the fall those brascas Die Another thing too those those turn-ups Die and rot M that takes up space Imagine a softball where no Clover is Going to grow but what does grow there In the middle of summer weeds so not Only do you limit the amount of clover That can actually come into the plot but Then you promote weed growth in those Rotting out husks too so anyways there's A lot of that that goes that takes me Back into the early 2000s and all the Experimentation phases and then mixing And adding and things like that so um You know bottom line a long process and Kind of goes back to that hunting Industry thing uh you know whether it's Seed Companies um whether it's someone trying To promote themselves YouTube channel uh Speak there's a lot of white boy board Copies which is kind of cool I I've Heard of people even doing the same Topic within a few days which is I don't Really care um um because if you don't Know the actual depth and you didn't Actually live this stuff on your own it Sounds silly when you try to convey it To someone else when you've never lived

It or known it and again the hunting Industry is kind of weird with that now That being said one of the things we When we go to the ATA um we love to do is our dinners yeah And uh we're doing that because we like Spending time with good people in the Hunting industry yeah and uh getting Good people together with good people Yeah and that's kind of our goal is we Appreciate these people at XYZ company Lacrosse boots or um huntwise whoever it Might be Jack Turner from Family Traditions at all our dinners and we're At all his but yeah we kind of like that Guy yeah so he's a close friend of ours But um bottom line is we want good People like Jen said to meet good people And uh and I I like that uh that's one Of my favorite things to do and that's Why I don't I just I hope the ATA Continues um that's something and you See this in the hunting industry where People don't change their Ways and uh it could be marketing um it Could be the structure of an Organization but they don't change and They get left behind and I've seen People like that at a retail level and I've seen people like that with Companies that were on top and then they Go away and so that's why we want to Change things and offer you know this Podcast actually see a little bit

Personal side uh we have a commitment Dylan and I shot six shorts yesterday I Really want to put three shorts out a Week uh two at the least and so we're we Have that commitment so we need to Change and be flexible but that's really Common in the hunting industry in the ATA show has been one of my favorites First time I went back was I think in 96 and uh back in the day quick story And you got to meet April Carter uh April and Jerry Carter Carter releases Um I Ed back in the day cuz I was a Target shooter and it was around that Time it was the show was in Indie it was My first show I didn't have a lot of Money to spend I was 26 years old um you Had really no money to spend be H well Let's let's say I had like $80 for the Weekend for food and that was it so I Didn't have a lot of money and they Wanted to go to St Elmo Steakhouse and Uh and it was a my friend the late Jim Marl uh I really love him to death wish He was still here um out of Mount Clem And Rochester he had a shop there Started shooting for Jim in '92 so going Back a long ways but uh Tom Breen Rich Was probably there late Tom Breen Rich Another very close shooting friend uh These names from Michigan it's crazy a Lot of uh strong you know ties with Those people and uh and there's probably A couple other people and I'm I hate to

Leave people out but uh we were all Going to dinner at St Elmos uh steakhous And April and Jerry were coming along I Don't know who invited who but I'm Looking at them menu before we went in And I couldn't really afford the shrimp Cocktail just the shrimp cocktail and Let alone get a drink so I'm looking at Like you know a drink meaning a cocacola And uh the shrimp cocktail water and how Am I going to leave a tip I still need To eat something tomorrow like even if It's just fast food I'm like looking at My money and it just didn't add up and I Was really stressing out about it and um And of course there's all these Industry people there I was trying to Get on the Matthews Pro Staff back in The day it was herb and Mike Jordan Phil McCoy Larry Weir you know they were on Matthew staff that's going back a long Ways um Derek Phillips might have been On staff he eventually bet was a shoot Staff coordinator I don't think he was Then but bottom line is um it was almost Kind of embarrassing and so I got to Tell the story to April at the ATA and I Told her that all of a sudden Jerry Spoke up and said hey you guys I got This I got the check dinner's on me and Man my heart was just like oh my gosh my Stomach just returned to my chest and I I felt you know kind of elated and I Told April that story and she said

That's so funny cuz Jerry hardly ever Offered to pay that was that was one of The few times so she remembered that Yeah that he did that and I certainly Remember it and uh so I wanted to thank Her at the ATA I haven't seen her for 20 Years years at least 25 years and so Part of return in the favor and it's not That we choose people we don't think Have the money it's the bottom line is We want to have to dinner with good People for them to meet good people Because there's incredible people in the Hunting industry and you find if you Keep your nose clean and you're loyal Then that goes a long ways uh and Believe it or not it's very very small Yes very very small isn't that crazy CU Jen's on a lot of our you know you're on A lot of our meetings that we have zoom And it's crazy how someone will say yeah I worked for this Optics company and I'd Tried to talk to them or talk to them And they worked here and then this Person's working with them now and I Used to work for that person in the Industry and they all um my I've been Consistent but as far as employees of These companies a lot of times are just Trading Places because they're good People and they just exactly they get Gobbled up if they let go here they go Here uh long Josh Hillard was that one Of our dinners he works for tether we we

Might work with him on public land this Year but yeah we don't even work with Tether but we want tether there because Josh and uh Taylor Chamberlain are great People I know them and then Rob got to Sit in in place of Taylor with Josh we Had an awesome time really Co story but Josh Hillard is an incredible person he Was an ATA or ATA who's um qdma back When it was a qdma he was a regional Then he worked for first light and then He got gobbled up by tethered Immediately when he left first light and So but then you talk about that someone Like that Rob kid he what a story he Professional skateboard professional Skateboard around the world wanted to Get into the hunting Industry literally I mean they told him No they to right they told well you can Be an intern but we don't hire for me Right well you can be an intern so he And when the intern program is over he Was 38 years old right when the intern Program is over we don't hire you like This is just like a learning thing so he Told his entire family unpaid internship Hey when I'm done I'm going to be able To you know work for this company if They like me fully knowing that they do Not hire Interns went in there quit his job was An intern for free worked his butt off And at the end of The Internship they

Offered him a job and that's an example Of what's opposite of a lot of the youth Nowadays is he was willing to work his Rear end off he was obviously in a Position where he could work for no Money and only his spouse knew or his Girlfriend yeah but she well but she Didn't know she didn't even know that They that he wasn't going to get offered A job at the end yeah so basically he Just took a huge R believed in himself Right I would imagine he's a bit cocky But you know what the the thing is Though after having dinner with him I Like I can't wait to see him again I Know I like but there was there there's A difference between being too cocky he Had the enough he had arrogance and Confidence and when you have a good Blend of those rock and roll right and He had that Perfect Blend he's a special Person I hope he stays in the hunting Industry because he'll have he'll be Able to write his own way you know in The hunting industry and do a great job So again good people with good people And uh and there's so many good people In the hunting industry one of the People one of the groups I want to Mention um that you've been you've been To two meetings with them now um redneck Yeah and Danny little you got to meet Danny little and then Jeff Bergman uh From Providence Russ who's one of the

Founders whatever at um Redneck Blinds Uh just such good people genuine and and Danny is a person that so he's the type I met with him like 2016 he was a client Of mine and he said he said I want to Sponsor you I didn't have any monetary Sponsors he said I want to sponsor you I Want you to give me a Media Kit so I Said sure okay I'll do that and uh so Then I went back and looked what a Media Kit was I didn't even know so Google Didn't even exist I I had to ask Dylan Cuz he uh he helped me with that and Basically telling someone what you're Worth and uh and them having to agree so He was he was more of a fatherly figure And he really helped me with that and It's always meant a lot and um and you Know still to this day I think it was Four or five years ago a lot of people Go into these meetings they either don't Have a contract they don't have a Partnership they're hoping to get it or They're wondering if they're going to Stay and and Danny even told me one time He's like I want to I want to see your Numbers I want to see harder numbers so He's talk me all along the way this is Going back many years show me your Numbers sure show me why you're worth This and so basically show me your score In the industry exactly and uh so I can Remember one meeting I was going to I Was actually pretty nervous and I think

It would have been 2018 and Um maybe 2017 but it was right around There and right away uh it was it was Actually the January of 2018 but right Away he said hey I want to let you know You know this is right I'm already Nervous going into the meeting you know He's at that time a partner for a few Years love Danny and love Redneck Blinds And uh right away um this is what a good Person in the industry does he says Right away hey I just want to let you Know before the meeting we want to keep You you know this this is uh this isn't About you leave or everything just you Know we want we want you to stay with Redneck and then this year yeah one of The first things he said well he came Over to shook your hand just said hey I Want you to know I'm really proud of you Yeah you know so it's the when you have Guys like that say that are just like so Genuine in the industry yeah um some Give so much right and you just you not I'm not talking about giving for Partnerships I'm talking about giving to The unfortunate he has a a really big Heart for the homeless really good Charity that he gives oh my gosh he Gives so much uh Redne and homeless you know in general Yeah employee owned company now so uh Anyways we get off find these little

Tang but that's that's the thing we talk About some of the bad in the hunting Industry but by aligning yourself with These good people it was funny uh Jeremy Told me from Deer girl uh Jeremy Flynn He told me in 2016 um he said be very careful who you Take sponsorships from who you partner With because those Partnerships and the Companies you align yourself with give You a reputation of good bad Andi Forever um forever so if you're Constantly just chasing the dollar and Working with cheap companies that comes Through in the perception of people Exactly for you and so you know that Being said the hunting industry our Pure Wild Day plans we only want quality and Uh and we're in a position like with Partnerships it doesn't matter if we Want to work with that company and they Don't want to work with us we'll just Keep working with that company we're We're stubborn that way um that's Product we want to use that's what we're Going to use because we think it's the Best and we want to use it so we've been Very very fortunate um you know we've Let me see what time it is um we got to Go pick Jackson up oh my goodness we Gotta go y so we'll wrap this up uh I Hope you guys enjoyed you know this Banter back and forth a little bit more Personal Glimpse uh we'll have more

Strategic topics in the future we just Kind of wanted to set the foundation for This um you know you can comment as you Want below but I can warn you when you Pass that idiot Factor then I just block You from the Chanel I've probably done That with about 25 30 people so feel Privileged if you've had that done to Yourself but they're they're really dumb Comments you just I don't need to see That or whatever I just like we have the Channel to teach and to discuss and uh Sometimes you have a bratty kid up in The back of the room that you just have To fail and get out of there that's some Of you but very very very small Percentage we have such great Subscribers people on here so we thought This is a way of you getting a glimpse Into our lives and what we do that's What we want to start out with the Personal side whether it's our family or What's going on um with the land things Like that going forward a little bit of Our experience with the hunting industry And kind of this basis so we hope you Like this going forward and uh now the Most important Time Jen's got jokes Jen's got jokes uh Let me let me let's give the people a Refresher um it was a a potato chip you Know variety joke that you said a long Time ago kind it wasn't it was a Dorito Yeah that was a okay so uh this is kind

Of you know just to build this up to to Jen's jokes and her time and this is her Special time yeah tell that joke first Okay what did one Dorito farmer say to The other Dorito Farmer Cool Ranch yes see these are Brilliant right I think they're great Jokes yeah okay so this is the kind of Joke that you've waited this whole time For if you came here just for the jokes Then you're either very frustrated right Now and disappointed or you can't wait For the next 30 seconds and the next J Take it Away where did the white tail deer go to School oh is this one we can say out Loud yeah yeah we sure can where where Did the white tail deer go they went to Buck you Wow where'd you get that one you told me That one and it was just so funny it was So stupid I made it up it was do you Really of course I laughed so hard one Those dad jokes I got a mug around here It's not here right now but it says Dad Joke champion and so I'm official you Sure are see I have the the score like I Have the score you know the the mug for The jokes and stuff that's because your Daughter felt gave you a Pity mug I Think but you do have good dad jokes Yeah whatever anyway any one out of 10 So anyways uh thank you guys uh thank You for subscribing for watching these

Um every Thursday this is going to Replace one of our weekly strategy Videos uh we're actually shooting two This week so we have one for next Thursday the following Thursday we'll We'll shoot a bunch so we have them in Advance When I'm Gone on client trips That was another thing too we'd I'd be Gone on client trips and to shoot a Podcast it was tough and so um this is Different because Dylan and I shoot one Less video per week um so we do this Together and uh and then he's editing it So that's kind of nice too he's throwing In where we need edits he'll throw it in There for Boll um but uh anyways now we we got to Go pick up Jack we're late and I think He had a good day I think so he kissed His first girl today so or did she kiss Him she kissed him I know that's Terrible this he's getting he's getting Old fast oh my are they going on a date No oh wait he's not even two so anyways Um signing off thank you guys I Appreciate you guys watching the YouTube Channel but I don't know if everyone Knows everything that we have to offer Whether it's on white tabat Our website our whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can Check out I'm very active on Instagram Putting strategies on there photos of

What we do every day uh much more active There than Facebook but our seed web Classes books clients articles I have Over 600 articles on wh habitats everything whail strategy Of course we have hats on there and then Make sure to check us out on Instagram Again but lots of stuff to offer we're Always coming out with new things and This isn't the end of it we have more Things coming soon make sure to check us Out

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