LIGHTEST ARROW FOR ELK? – We are talking New Arrows for 2024, Some Old Arrows too… all 4mm plus components. We also chat arrow builds for elk and lighted nock options! #elkshape #ABT

1:45 – 6:00 – Tour of MFJJ’s man cave & Lighted Nock Chatter
6:01 – 6:50 – Jake Webb interrupts filming
6:51 – 14:14 – Measuring and Cutting Arrows
14:15 – 14:52 – Component Weights & Hot Melt
14:53 – 18:19 – White board comparison
18:20 – 25:45 – Fireside Chat about Arrows for Elk
25:46 – 100K Sub Giveaway Announcement

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Hey tubes what's up y'all we are heading To spane Valley R Tre today we're going To hang out with Josh to talk about Lighted KNX uh I've been running Nocturnals here and there he's talking About Halos want to look at some options And look at some different arrows that We haven't talked about on the channel Before and some newer stuff coming out And some components I think it'll be a Good overall tinkering video uh next Time you see me I got to run a few Errands then we'll go to Spokan Valley Archery and connect with mjj and drop Some know on different arrows components And lighted knocks let go like I Promised we're at uh Josh's man cave we Got some things to do we're looking at a Couple different arrows for 2024 we want To show you guys those and the Components and possibly compare them cut Them weigh them look at the components Strength weaknesses Pros cons and lastly Let's talk about uh light and Knox Because I like light and Knox for seeing The arrow in flight and Josh has got a Strong opinion and you guys do too and We're going to go through that right now Let's go all right so we got East x10s We're going to cut it we're going to put A component on it we're going to weigh And compare it to ultra Centrum limiteds We got some components that come with Them let's take a look at those we got

Some day six with some day six Components I guess they don't make Pro Comps anymore but I got my last dozen Pro comps so we're going to run down to The shop cut some arrows we'll come back We'll glue we'll weigh and I want to Look at some different component systems For you guys was today years old when I Found out that Josh has 30 grain tit AUM Half outs that work with his collar I've Been using his 30 grain half out on one Of my setups I didn't know a collar fits So we're going to go over that that's Going to be a great option for you 5 mil Homies let's go the shops how far from Here uh 150 yards okay 150 yards yeah Hey Josh what's over here a mess this is Where Josh edits yes he knows how to Edit double Screens that's elk blood yeah that's the Arrow I shot that upk with actually yep Yeah that was the full inch L three Blade got some hair on it still still Got blood on it saber supers mhm and uh 300 spine rip xvs titanium inserts there Should way this I thought I know it was Around 400 gra 30-in draw um so you do a Podcast with Tim Connor is it your Podcast or his it's ours it's oh that's Cute and is this where you guys do it Yep it's really organized and dialed Right Now yeah he said this is the worst Looking place I've ever seen I'm going

To show it to the world so that's grains Hang on 4019 you dirty doggy should have gone to $3.99 just to been able to say right and This is that practice fatal steel that Comes with it yeah they come with the And it's actually the same on most of The broads that's their practice one That's what I shot uh the white tail With in uh Minnesota and the blades bent So I got real hesitant to use that again But this opens just like a schwacker Does right oh that's from um yeah this Is a Slick Trick slick tricks yeah it's It works just like a schwacker where This is what opens it and it's supposed To open internally but this actually Opened before it got through the ribs Cuz I had marks on both ribs on both Sides got pass oh yeah full passer that Wasn't that wasn't a concern at all and It it's it's reinforced my philosophy of Why I keep pushing back into something Like this is when you shoot through Something with that hole as as the Animal runs the hide and the hole move Right cuz the hide's not attached to the Inner body it's like loose there's like A fat layer right in there right and so If you have hole that looks like this And it moves like that there's nowhere For the blood to come out but if you Have a three-blade hole they can move a Pretty good amount around each other and

They still line up so that's part part Of why I believe this traditionally Gives you a much better Blood Trail than Like this this will put a bigger hole in Something but if the tissue moves at all You're going to have a hard time or Harder time finding blood which is why You see that with two blade broadheads I Believe but hey what do I know um most Of the stuff in here is my dad's Actually uh when he passed away I got All his mounts and whatnot and Everything on this wall or all deer he Shot in his life uh he took a trip to Alaska and shot a caribou he was there For like a month almost uh those are his Three bull elk he's killed in his life He didn't ever kill a lot of elk he went To Africa once so there's a leopard and A baboon and a couple of uh Dyer I Believe they call that little thing at One point that little guy right there Was actually the world record with a Boow uh Impala shot that in Hawaii when I was uh in middle school that's a Kimono dragon that mu deer is my mu deer Actually that's the nicest white I've Ever killed my dad's killed a couple Bigger some little extras too he's got a Little bit of funk I uh I gross scored That at 154 and 3/4 yeah he's over 150 All day yeah oh yeah that's a decent Buck that's our early season deer oh Yeah it was it was like September 6th or

Something like that was early those are All young stuff from my dad hey go weigh That uh nocturnal and uh Halo for me Boop boop okay oh yeah that falls out Stay on there 24 23.8 21.3 2 and a half three grain yeah No that matters and then the G version Of this is smaller cuz there's less mass In here there's less mass in there I Want to say they're like 18 so to order The four Mill in the Halo you got to Order a specific it's called it's called Micro micro okay got it so when you when You click and look at the link for the Halos or the sale ticket there's a multi Fit and a micro micro for 166 size Arrows or GX size how do you prevent From getting ripped off made in China Stuff that's not actual like well so Halo has actually gone through with like Amazon and proved their ownership of This product so nobody can actually list These other than them okay so the only Ones that you will find on Amazon are From them period though nocturnal has Gotten a lot better about this but um Honestly the best way to buy a nocturnal Knock is to make sure you're buying from An American distributor me black Ovis Lancaster mik Archery uh there there's 20 of them in the country or so um Cabella's basspro Shields Shields that You can buy you can feel safe buying it Off Amazon because they're the only

Seller like you won't find these for Sale that aren't from them and they're The ones selling it to you directly or Buy it from you know a a United States Based distributor hello hey what's going On uh people on YouTube ask all the time Where's Jake Web so I'm filming right Now where is Jake Webb I'm Working trying to make money trying to Make that money were you just in Canada With your girlfriend possibly how was it Um it was really good the food wasn't That great but um it's a cool place Hey Jake this is Josh I heard you moved Really close to me did I hear that Correctly I moved probably five minutes From you where you at right off right Off a 30 second cool deal I'll have to Figure that out after well 30 seconds a Big long Street 30 town so like if You're going to go to Safeway don't say It now you're on video you're on video Well after the call after the call Anyways guys just tell the viewers I That you say what's up hey everybody What's going on there you go Jake Web That's me so what we're doing right now Is trying to figure out how long the Overlap is on all these adapters cuz Every arrow has a different adapter and It's not like a uniform thing for how Much covers the end of The Arrow when You're starting to deal with 166 arrows You'll find this on almost everything

You touch very little arrows don't come Over a certain amount so the easiest way I like to do it is slide it on the Arrow Grab a silver Sharpie cuz it shows up Really good on black mark the edge of it And pull it off and that's how much your Overhang is you can see where the light Edge is measure that that looks like About a/2 inch and so that's how much we Have to add to the length of the arrow So this adapter doesn't hit the launcher When you're cutting them down and every Brand's probably a little different so You got check them all uh day six is I've I've from what I understand are Relatively durable anytime you have a Sleeve over and internal component Inside of it it's going to be more Durable than just a flush piece but what You make the component out of changes The durability a lot which is why I make A lot of titanium Hardware cuz titanium Is harder to bend and it's not super Heavy so now this goes over like really Tight like I got to push that on and Then this one's kind of going to be a Butt to get off these are the ultas so If you ever get it stuck in there just Screw a fuel point into it put it in the Vice and go so that's your overhang on This one if we compare these so you Can't just blindly go at a half inch and You're good you have to actually measure Each component well there's about to be

Another number two open so this new System that they're making and we'll Show you one of these comes in multiple Different materials and this is a Two-piece sleeve this part changes Diameter all right so on this whole System this little piece right here is The only thing that changes when you put It on a different arrow and it's all Based off of what Arrow it's going on These are all for 166 components and Then you can get the internal shank in Different materials and the external Collar in different materials they make This in steel aluminum and titanium and There's a whole combination of Weights You can come up with on these but this Along with this little indent right here I can't put this all the way on the Arrow cuz it's not the right diameter It's a four that's a two give me a four It might go on let me see one for Filming purposes there you go this is a Number four all aluminum so the lightest One they make is a 55 Grain but we'll see if it'll slide over The arrow it's probably too small but We'll see what we come up with since This this is the arrow we're Using and that is so snug and that does Go on even though the chart says it's Not the right size but that goes right On and it's just like the Alura where it Goes on really snug so the neat thing

About this little rubber dealio here I'll show it on this table here as you Put it in all right it forces the uh it Forces it to align when you're putting It on right so it's snug like no how Much is going over uh it's probably the Same it's probably a/2 inch we're going To mark it measure it and see but that In my opinion is probably the most Durable adapter system made if it's made Out of the right material and that's What your overlap is about a/ quar inch Which is what my collar for my 5 mm are Is about a qu in let's look at those Before we get to cutting all right so Some of the componentry that I make this Is a 4 mm titanium it doesn't call her Over it's the same diameter right it's a Good option and it's 50 grain so that's About as light as you're going to get in There it does fit well um and then my 5mm stuff which is what I use cuz I like 5mm arrows more than 4 mm arrows largely Because of componentry and knock fitment In choices knock fitment yeah how the How knocks go inside the arrow right you Start running into the small stuff and You can run into some odd fitment so That's your 30 grain titanium 5 mm and That's the 5 mm collar that goes over The insert and what that does is it goes Down 1/4 in over the top of the arrow so That to in total weighs 45 so then you Could go like 125 or if you want to go

With a heavier Field Point or heavier Broadhead it's a it's a way to maintain The same weight it does go on the 50 Grain as well same thing it does yeah it Just collors over about that far so it Collor over 1/4 inch for people who want A collar you can take it on take it off So you get a half out with a collar That's pretty sweet and this makes it up To a 5/16 so when you're using a 5/16 F Field point it's the same diameter Without this if you run it just like This if you're trying to keep the weight Down this is a 1760 force or 5 mm size Same as the regular awesome when you're Comparing Arrow lengths you have to go From whatever your string is going to Touch your knock right cuz that's going To be the consistent length you can't go From raw shaft so throw this might be Different on different arrows so you Have to go to throw to the knock so I'll Set throw to the knock base at zero and Look right there and that is 25 and just Over a half yeah so these were probably Cut with the other knock in them and They're 25 and2 yep I bet right so That's super close to that so all we're Going to do is mimic that with these Arrows plus the difference of that so This guy your day six looks like it's Got about 5/8 of overhang so we need to Take 25 and 5/8 Plus 5/8 it's

26 inverted 26 and a/4 that's the day Six so we know how long we need to cut Those the ultas right from saddle we're Running so that is just shy that's like 38 yeah I'd say that's 38 overhang so We're 25 58 + 38 so that's even 26 cut from the Saddle right and then the x10 doesn't Have a knock in it so what knock you you Going to shoot out of this uh the Halo Okay you have a pack of green or a pack Of blue which you want green I've got 30 Each of those on or be here next week so So maybe support the guy who helps you Guys with Information just thought huh so that is You can see it's smaller right so we can Weigh this if you want to get a we on Where's the and gigles SGS shits And Gigs if it's under 20 I mean I might Lose my Mind1 go it's light like it's I mean It's it's like it's probably nine grains Heavier than a knock or eight grains Heavier than knock it's light so if You're going to use a 4mm that's hands Down the right one the micro right get The micro I got to put it on a string I Don't jack it up it's that's going in Tight give me 10 minutes and uh I'll Give you a call back so that was the Ultra 2558 plus one quarter so 25 and

78 we'll cut this one first cuz we're Just cutting one so we need to measure That out to be 25 and 78 so we no longer Need this we're now doing this from your Saddle 25 and 78 so that's the cut there For that one these the ultra is 26 even So we're going to look at the saddle on The line to 26 even that's the length on The Ultras and the day six it's 26 and/ Qu I'm recapping this for the Layman so We took my arrow here as the we're going Off these specs that I like and then all Josh is doing is making sure we're Cutting these new 4 mm shafts and then Making sure we're counting for the Overhang of each arrows components so You have to but you have to do a little Bit of math and I was impressed at Josh Adding fractions that fast comment below If you could add fractions that Fast we literally took the tape off of Our saw so you couldn't cut them wrong So you had to measure it and stick it in There I love It so they're all different length but To the back of where you need them at They'll all end up being the same length Gangster you have a Girlfriend let's go ain't nobody going Him like me I'm a mix of a man and Beast The way I stomp when a random beat I got The drip and I plant the seed put work And expand my reach I keep my cool like Antifreeze if they don't want to clap

Like an ampute me against the world Guarant see like Tupac I used to party In the street with a boom box kept the Good tree sucked in my two socks and got St like I looked at Medusa I'm a change Man got my T put on my b my P I hear hat CH from the cheap seats I shake hands [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] TBD so guys this is the arrow before I Put veins on it essentially so let's Start with this all ult ra we have their Aluminum aluminum two-piece threadable Insert it screws together in the middle It looks like a relatively decent system Other than it's aluminum it's before I Have a fill point in Broadhead it's Going to be should I add what I'm Actually going to use for a Broadhead so Without veins and Broadhead it's 327 I'm Not trying to be a dick but it's like Ooh day six there's a percentage of People that want that but the percentage Of people that are wanting that's Getting smaller and smaller because the Reality of it is if you want a heavier Arrow use a lighter GPI Arrow go to a Stiffer spine and put more weight in the Front good formula 359 for the day six Look at that GPI 11.2 they took the Title oh there's heavier but out of all

This stuff like these are the popular Arrows today for the most part and this That's why I threw some of these other Ones up that we didn't include um just To give you an idea of what the actual Gpis are and what's why maybe some are Being used X10 parallel Pro with the 50 55 55 new component from Easton I can't Believe you had them yeah I just got him Two days ago 3 11 Mhm you could bump up to the 75 grain Option which would give you no aluminum The 75 is still an aluminum internal and Then like a steel collar if I remember Right what's the 100 the 100 steel steel If I remember right talk to me that's a Lot of weight though so if you're going To I'll go 100 G Broadhead okay you can if you really Want but you had said you wanted the Weight in the Broadhead not the insert Ideally but in this situation there may Or may not there may or may not be more Options for this coming from them off That system soon but not right now they Would probably fit that bill a little Bit more but that has yet to be Determined let me do some calculations So let's just throw 125 cuz that's the Broadhead of I've been using the last Few years so what's that going to weigh 452 I'll let you Josh is a calculator or Hold on 60 84 and then how about that 31 with 125

Is 4 uh 3 6 436 that's without Fletching So add another 20 30 depends on and this One includes a lighted knock yeah that One's got a lighted knock which 15 gra Instead put at 450 yeah I mean this so That's part of why I like like from here Down so what do we got personally um Just that if you're in this Weight thism you can build an arrow that Has a good FOC that isn't stupid heavy These are these are all 300 spine yeah This is winning the weight uh one we Didn't put down here is regular VAP and It's like 87 too so there's these are All relatively light but if you if you Follow the trend these are all Relatively new arrows I mean that's new These are these have been around for a Long time this one is new this year but They're new to making arrows in general Yeah right so they only have a couple Different options this is new this year But it's it's the revision of the pro Tour or Pro Comp sorry not pro tour that Was a Target Pro Comp so it's very Similar it's a different construction It's slightly less expensive but at a Higher higher capacity higher tolerance They said so it's supposed better arrow For less money I want to say they're 250 If you look at the weights that we're Seeing now they're all getting lighter All lighter all lighter like the Platinum Pierce was the a pre to this

And it's quite a bit heavier VAP tko's Been around forever they were only 95 to Begin with so they were already at what I call the heavy breake threshold I Don't want to see an arrow and a 300 Spine heavier than 95 I just don't like It's you're you're going to have a Really hard time making a decent let's Go to the fireplace and finish this Conversation you guys podcas in here Well this has been going for a while we Start the fire and sit by it so it's It's not been going for 2 hours all Right let's recap this video this is um I'll damp it a little bit this is the Podcast trying to get Flames going cuz We walked away from it so when it comes To arrows I used E Axis till about 2020 It was the last year I used them and Then I completely went full s with RI TKO and went as light as I've ever gone And then each year from 2021 2022 I've Gone down it seems like last 2023 I was Hunting with a rip TKO that weighed 425 And killed everything with that Arrow Minus one white tail I use a e AIS long Range which was in our conversation Which is also 93 it's similar weight 93 It's 4.4 different so when it comes to The 4 mm a lot of guys are just going to Not want to do it they don't want to Deal with it I think you need to rethink That because I think I'm seeing some Pretty cool components there's a lot of

Options and they're finally really Addressing the component problem and Whether it's um you know certain Aftermarket options existing and selling A lot of them or uh it just simply being Addressed to them a lot they're aware of It and they're aware that it needs to Change and when I first started making My componentry I told you I've probably Got two years I've probably got two Years where this will be popular because They're all change they'll all realize That people will pay extra for something That actually really works and doesn't Fail and they're really all starting to Address it and east's in my opinion is The nicest one I've seen the new version Which I'm trying to remember what they Call it but it's it's multiple different Sizes multiple different configurations Multiple different two-piece system that What's going to come with X10 so I buy a Dozen X10 shafts what am I I don't think they come with them at all Like I think you pick your component and I'm excited to see this as it goes Forward my hope and I I was talking to Um Jason at Victory about this is stop Selling the component with Euro cuz People are buying different ones anyway So if you want to be competitive stop Including the price of your comp I hated The the stuff that came with the rip Tkoos what what terrible uh it's it's a

TL two-piece it was like why have you Include these but dude most of what we Just glued together are very similar Things to that yeah true and that's cuz That's what they make that's cost eff That tends to hold up okay like it Doesn't break doesn't break the end of The Arrow they see my component's bad But my Arrow's not cracked so I can take Component off thr away gun to your head Yep and I'm going to do the same Question myself build me build yourself A 4mm arrow from start to finish and Then go to a 5mm Arrow right now oh Jesus can you go first yep 5 mm right Now I would go with a rip TKO with your Half out that's 30 grains titanium I may Or actually I probably I would do a Collar Maybe maybe maybe not I did not Use a collar at all it depends on the Animal like I used that on analou Without the collar but if I ran into elk I would probably really say I throw the Collar on so I'm at 45 grain plus a 125 I'm I'm going to be around 430 to 440 uh In the 4mm world right now I gosh that X10 looked pretty sweet I'm not going to Lie I I have never tried the VAP tko's I Need to but I would say that e X10 with Those new e components have my attention As well yeah and a lot of that I I want Say most of that sold as a separate Thing anyway so and the East that new e Component is available in a size for

Every brand oh so you can use that on Anybody's arrows it doesn't have to be An e product and that's the first time They really addressed that they wanted To make sure it would go on anybody's Arrow so they made five different Diameters of the internal size for that The caller oversized so they they'll Make one for everybody you just need to Figure out what your OD is that you're Looking for um which that system is Really really cool um so gun to my head Um I used rip XV I have a lot like I I Recommend rip tkoos to people those my T Arrows well it's CU I don't want people To break an arrow and be pissy that Their Arrow broke I accept the fact that My arrow might break fair and I'm not Going to be upset about it because I Know I'm pushing the envelope of speed So I can get the best FOC at the Lightest weight and I've proved it very Well to myself like two years in a row Now like I shot a buffalo and a passrs And a bull elk shooting a three blade Mechanical Broadhead at with a 400 grain Arrow at 70 lb the Buffalo was 80 but I Shot the the it was probably a 270 280 Bolt Mature adult bull with a 401 grain Arrow At 70 lb not excessive weight 30 in Straw 30 in straw 70 lb and full passer Like not hanging out the backside Arrow Kept going I wouldn't shoot an X10 and I

Wouldn't shoot an X10 sorry guys cuz I Have had a really bad experience Shooting aluminum carbon arrows at like When I went to reading i b four arrows Just pulling them out of targets and It's the same Arrow I shot X10 Pro comps So because of that I just I don't feel Good about shooting something that can Bend the only way you can confidently Use that arrow in my opinion is if You've never shoot those arrows until You're shooting at an animal I good idea Complet different set of arrows build Everything uniform and concentric and That's fine but do not practice with Them or shoot them one time I'd love to Ask bod Turner cuz he loves those arrows And he shoots more arrows than anyone I Know see what has been experience the Other thing that is a reality of it Which he's also short the shorter your Arrow the harder is to bend yeah right So you cut that thing down to 25 in it's Way harder to bend than my 28 inch or 29 In true story right so so I wouldn't Shoot that Arrow I would look really Hard uh I like the axis long range I Really do I think that's a good arrow in Their line it's very concentric it's Very consistent it's not ridiculously Expensive it's a reasonable weight but It's still a little on the heavy side um The X impacts are intriguing to me but They don't get enough they don't um and

But honestly the the victory VAP is 87 Right it's it's light it's been made Forever it's consistent it's not stupid Expensive and once again I don't really Care how durable it is as long as it's Reasonably durable I'm not gonna be mad If I shoot through an animal and then my Arrow breaks after I go through them all Right well here's I'll finish this video We will continue to do these types of Videos all year long and confuse you but We're just trying to give you all this Information but here's what you need to Do at the end of the year and we did it In this video you go to Josh and you say What did you actually shoot your elk With and we just went through that arrow And we did that with my arrow so we'll Recap what arrows we use this year on Elk and then next year about September 1st we promised to make videos being Like this is what I've decided on so That you know like all this exploration Has a reason behind we're trying to Figure out what works best for us and we Encourage you to Tinker to figure out What's going to give you the most Confidence so again Josh killed his Bull With a XV yeah it's uh there that's the GPI the whole arrow is 400 grains and my Had a 30 grain titanium insert in it 100 Grain dip uh they're eight something They're low eights or high sevens They're and now was a 300 or lightest

It's the lightest 5 m mm Arrow made and It was a 300 spine it was a 300 yeah I Shot a 300 spine Arrow so I'm not I'm Not going to sacrifice the spine no like I'm going to shoot a stiff enough Arrow Yep and it it's it's to try to prove my Point my point has been and always is The arrow weight doesn't matter the type Of Broadhead that you're shooting Through it matters and adequately spine Tuned equipment matters the physical Weight is not very important it's a Small percentage of the equation the Broadhead being the largest percentage Of the equation which is why I've really Particular rules on what broadheads I'll Use and which ones I won't awesome Iron Will Bill if you're watching you're Supposed to let me know when we can come Down and test with your Phantom cameras Levi Morgan if you're watching you're Supposed to invite us to come down and Test with your a we just want to test Guys holler otherwise Josh and I are Going to take a small loan out and we'll Get some Phantom cameras and do our own Damn thing you ever use that yes oh God That was miracle miracle works better Than the other one hot tub in the Mornings now yeah hot tub in the morning And the evening oh yeah Tristan in the Evening 30 and3 get a cup of coffee First thing in the morning I come Downstairs pour a cup of coffee go to

The bathroom walk out get in the hot tub In for 30 minutes answer some messages Or emails or something or some mornings I'm just not awake you enough yet to do It so I just sit there I wish coffee was A good idea right now but it's not why Isn't it cuz I won't be able to fall Asleep all right really you got that Problem I could probably drink it at 9 And go to bed here we go guys that's the Last part of the video that I just Remembered we're getting close to 100,000 Subs which is a pretty big deal And I didn't get this far by myself I've Had help from guys like Tim if you go Way back you'll see Josh without a Mohawk uh Jake and all sorts of clim um All sorts of people have helped us get Here it's not just me but it's you guys And so once we hit 100K we're going to Do a giveaway and the giveaway is I'm Going to buy you an airplane ticket I'm Going to fly you in Spokan I'm going to Pick you up and I'm going to make you Work out with me and then we're going to Come down here and you're going to pick Out a bow would you build it sure yeah I'll build it let make sure it's done Proper well yeah I don't mind I'm happy To do it yeah just pick out all your Gear go through the wall decide Everything that you want and uh fit it To you help you site it in and and then Go shoot the 3D course as a group we'll

Shoot the course I'll cover it and it's Just a way of saying thank you so once We hit that 100K we get that little Trophy um we're still going to stay on Our grind even though it's just a number It is good to stop every once in a while And smell the roses so we want to Celebrate with you guys and we want to Hook somebody up so be on the lookout We're getting close to that and I Thought you guys should know what we're Doing Peace and Josh's girlfriend's going to Be There

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