LIVE TAC Big Sky Givaway PLUS 4 Pairs of CRISPI Briksdal MTN GTX

LIVE TAC Big Sky Givaway PLUS 4 Pairs of CRISPI Briksdal MTN GTX – Congrats to the 4 Winners, we can’t wait to shoot with you and shout out to: @totalarcherychallenge and @CrispiUS

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I did yeah well we just pulled your name Out of the Hat bro I got three things to do today Fun I need to figure out who's shooting Total Archer challenge with me we're Doing the giveaway today hey this Message is for Marcus this is Dan with L Shape we picked you to shoot with us at Total archery challenge Big Sky 2023 but I need to hear from you ASAP Hey Pastor Jesse this is Dan Staton with Elk shape Your call has been forwarded Travis Yo Travis didn't get a hold of anybody I Sent an email didn't hear from him I Sent another email and now I just looked Up all their phone numbers one of the Guys didn't list his phone number which I don't know how he got around that I Thought I put that in the sign up sheet You had to put your phone number for This very reason so then I left them all Voicemails so now we wait number two When I was at Bear Camp last week I was Shooting with the subscribers we were Sending long bombs at 100 yards and I Had to dial to 106 and a half to get my Elevation proper so my sight tape albeit Preliminary we're breaking up and I'm Gonna date a new one so I got to use the Calipers and figure out which site tape For the canyon pounder on the phase four That should be a hundred yards God That's good 23 and then the co-siding

Sight tape for the backside let's cut Those out 23. Now we've got a site tape out to 140 Using the bottom pin Number three I need to build some tack Arrows I'm going to do that and I need To shoot some long bombs with my tack Set up because that's coming around the Corner and my mind's still on bear Hunting because I ain't killed one this Year and it ain't for a lack of effort So I'm gonna bust out my attack bow dust It off and shoot a few long bombs see if I can start honing in on my sight tape [Music] Foreign This is it I got 21 target arrows we're Gonna get that 100 yard mark on that Target bow and that's all I get I'm not Building any more so if I lose all these I'm going to have to shoot tack with a Hunting setup Got a rangefinder Number four which I didn't include I Need to tell you guys about the crispy Brick Stall Mountain and I want to give Away four of them actually I'll give Away whatever pair these subscribers Want but whoever I get a hold of and has Come and attack for the giveaway I'm Gonna give him a certificate to pick out Whatever Crispies they want so I'll Cover a review on those as well today We're doing cool stuff at Oak shape

We're gonna talk about the brick stall Boots I've had a chance to wear them in Idaho for five outings some turkey Hunting a huge fan of Crispies because Of the lack of break-in period you Literally can put them on and go when They first told me that I didn't buy That I was like there's no possible way That's a thing but it is let's talk About these new brick stalls because People are asking me what are my Thoughts I'm just going to shoot you Super straight it's completely synthetic Microfiber synthetic material making it Very light it is durable it is very Durable and it dries out really quickly And it breathes really well the way that This lacing system works it's super red Because it's an all-mountain boot Weight's always a concern but this boot In particular is extremely light it's Got great ankle support I have skinny Weak ankles I've even broke this ankle So that's a huge deal for me but it's Also not very stiff it's um crispy does A great job as far as having a boot Rating it's one through five five being The stiffest this is going to land right In the middle of three versus like my Other favorite like the laponia is way Down on the flex rating this is going to Be that mid-range but it's very Versatile we think this boot is very Comfortable and it fits like a glove so

I strongly recommend it and I'm going to Wear it all week here in Canada while I'm doing some bear hunting these are The brick Stall Mountain Gore-Tex you're Going to love these these fit awesome I Highly recommend them hey guys so I've Emailed the four winners of the attack Giveaway and only two have responded and I actually emailed twice left voicemails I mean I'm I'm trying to get the guys we Pull the name out of the hat to go but Only two have responded so I'm like I I Am figuring out who's coming with me Ta-dai here we go I'm going straight Down the next pull out random list it Looks like a Dalton is the next guy so Let's give Dalton a call here and we'll Do this live Oregon it's Oregon Hello hey is this Dalton Yo Dalton this is Dan with uh elk shape How are you How are you Good just calling people up on a Sunday Heck yeah what are you up to on this Holiday weekend Unfortunately having a Sorry to hear that dude yeah he uh he Passed away last October during rifle Deer season doing what he loved so I Can't ask for anything better than that That's the way to go out right there man That's yeah okay well on the flip side Got some good news maybe uh pulled your Name out of the hat to come shoot total

Archery challenge with us at Big Sky yes Sir no way oh that is so cool awesome And you uh you're the number three guy So you still get to pick would you Prefer shooting Friday or Saturday and That is next month my friend uh what What are the dates for that next month Something like the 23rd and 24th or Something like that okay let's do you Said Friday or Saturday yep let's do the 24th if that's possible on that Saturday Dalton and how do you say your last name Is it Robinette Exactly it okay Dalton Robinette you're Going to meet me at 7am at the Registration Booth we're gonna sign the Waiver I'll get your registration paid For and then we're gonna hit the lift at 7 30 before it starts okay Um and then I'm gonna email you a little Surprise but I'll just tell you what it Is now I'm getting you a gift Certificate to crispy so you can order Whatever pair of boots you want and I Just ask that you bring them Um to tack and wear them okay will do Okay man um I'll shoot you an email and Uh we'll be in touch on that day just Meet me then at 7 A.M this is a real Deal this is no scam and uh we'll shoot The mountain together Awesome hey is it possible I could maybe Bring my little brother to do some Videoing for me yeah they're gonna

Charge you a fee for any extra bodies so Just be prepared for that yeah yeah no Worries I'll do some research and I'll Uh he'll either show up with me or he Won't so okay that sounds good Awesome awesome well thank you so much Enjoy the rest your weekend look forward To shooting with you yeah you too all Right man take care bye bye one down one To go all right random generator Justin Laganger Let's give him a call Hey is this Justin Yes it is Justin what are you doing How much is this uh my name is Dan uh I Run this YouTube channel called elk Shape How's it going That's weird that you're calling me Right now well why wouldn't I be man you Put your name in the Hat didn't you I did yeah well we just pulled your name Out of the Hat bro No No I'm not playing I just was calling to See if uh you could shoot with us yeah Dude yeah Yeah okay do you do you know the dates For the total Archer challenge at Big Sky yes roughly Okay there's a Friday I think it's the First day And I got a ticket for you to shoot with

Us if you want and it's going to be at You'll meet us at the registration table At 7am to sign your waiver I'll get your Ticket paid for and then you're gonna Shoot with me in mfjj in the squad Yeah dude that's awesome cool where do You live Oh you're in Montana Okay cool Um short trick for me man dude perfect Uh yeah we I actually drew two other Guys names out of the hats emailed them Both twice left them voicemails and I Went to Canada bear hunting came back Still haven't heard from him so I Scratched them off because I wanted to Know today who's going with me so You just locked it in man that's the Last spot so congratulations That's amazing that is this is so cool Yeah and I got one more surprise man I'm Gonna email you a gift certificate to Crispy boots and you're going to be able To pick out any pair of crispy boots you Want I just ask that you bring them on The trip and wear them on the mountain I don't kid man I'm I'm intense and Serious guy remember so you are yeah Straight shooter man well for sure so What bow do you shoot Um I actually just picked up a ventum Sweet so it's it's a hood I know you're A Matthews guy but I'm an archery guy so That's cool I love that right on that's

Awesome man all right well I look Forward to meeting you you know where Big Sky is you know what time to be There you know what day to be there and Then you're gonna check your email inbox Or spam I'm gonna email these out this Afternoon and so you should be able to Order your boots today Yes yes amazing I'll be there with with Crispies on man I was gonna say Bells But yeah cool man well congratulations Uh we'll see you Big Sky I can't wait to Hang out with you Me neither this is gonna be awesome and There we have it our four subscribers Shooting total archery challenge with us 2023 thank you for everyone who entered There was like 3 000 of you That's humbling I love giving back to The channel I know that my channel has Fluctuated with some of the cast but You're always going to get me the guy Who just wants to sell you hard work the Guy that wants to lead by example and The guy that wants to rise the tides and Get everyone successful working hard and Leveraging elk hunting thank you all tap That sub because we're gonna do more Giveaways in 2023 God bless you all We'll catch you on the next one

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