May Deer Hunting Tip

Here is your May, deer hunting tip of the month. Not hunting deer in the month of May? Well that’s a good thing because, this tip is to help you prepare and hunt for deer this Fall…

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Now I wanted to talk about our May deer Hunting tip and obviously when it's off Season like this then we're coming up With tips for planning and strategy and A lot of people when you're planting Your stand locations don't take Advantage of some of these lower Elevation spots to look at it like if It's down low in Hill Country the wind's Always swirling and you're just not Going to be able to take advantage of This down here without spooking deer Because the wind's always swirling That's not always true now if you're in A bowl and there's really no Outlet Except one you know it's a steep draw Going out and a lot of times that wind Can swirl but as long as they're an Outlet what I mean by that where This ground right here is pretty even Going this way with my back up generally Uphill it's going this way this comes Down almost a point where we have in the Woods all the way down here at the Bottom we have level ground going this Way and then we have a draw extending All the way uphill here That means if we get wind coming from Over the Top up there which happens to Be in Northwest Direction A West direction that wind comes over The top up here It circles in the morning and goes back Uphill over here

Very important concept now like look at This point and bump down here And then as that wind's coming over It's coming through here and going back Uphill I hope that makes sense to you This is a great feature that you can Take of advantage of in in lower areas Like this now that's for a morning hunt We get this great wind that's whipping Around going back up hill in the morning It and what we're doing here is we're Keeping this is all open Timber through Here We're never going to cut this we don't Want to cut it we want to remain open so That we can go up and down this access Road and get into this stand location Right here and not spooked you while We're getting in and out and so that's a Really critical point to this that you Know you're not spooking deer so whether You're finding a location like this on Public land private land I'm looking an Area like this we actually have a point Coming down here we have a big drawback There draw over there so you have a lot Of features inside here that hold deer Hold bedded box it's very very remote we Actually have a food source right over Here a couple hundred yards we take Advantage of that's on the neighbor's Property as a side note you never want To have food on your property border Because if a hunter is is half a hunter

And those deer living on your land in Your bedding area every day you could Take advantage of that movement and that Food places deer on your neighbors That's a very bad thing because then Your neighbor gets to look at those deer Almost the entire day and as most people Over hunt their food plots then you Might get to see those deer all day long During the daylight you're the one that Has control because of their food plots I hope that makes sense this happens to Be a big bedding area like that so if You're finding area that wind swirls Over the top goes back up there That's for those morning hunts And so for an afternoon hunt Jen shot Her Buck down here in the afternoon I Shot my buck in the morning Yes thermals are rising in the morning They go back uphill we already have a Plan for that They fall in the evening the problem is If it's super high winds down here you Could have winds that are Northwest They're still going to keep tailing up Hill until it gets closer to dark and Then thermals will pull them down into That Ravine where you don't expect to See or experience deer movement that's a Very good thing because as these winds Are swirling around going uphill Towards evening they're settling down That way and not right over here at the

Water hole that we're looking at hey Thanks for watching the video and we'll Be right back but this is very important It's very important announcement We have our camp kicking bear event we Have it on Father's Day it's more of a Habitat day we're going to see a feature Of habitat improvements how they will All relate to a bedding area a water Hole food plot bedding Point morning Sands evening stands and then we get to Take a tour around the majority of the Property too bottom line is 350 dollars Per person times 50 people we highly Encourage you to bring your kids after All it's Father's Day 50 of those 50 Spots always sell out very fast on that Same day it's from 10 o'clock to four O'clock in the afternoon we have Speaking events all my sponsors kick in For that so we'll literally be giving Away a Matthews boat a gilly blind and So one person will win each of those for About 13 14 people to win really good Prizes I could list them all but check It out we also have our 100 times 100 Hunt raffle to a lucky Hunter that'll Come hunt with us the end of September For three nights So really check out all that information Look at the link in the description you Can ask Jesse she'll help you out with Any scheduling of that and look forward To seeing you guys there it's a great

Event every dime that's earned goes Directly to Camp kicking bear and even a Little extra on top of that so look Forward to seeing you there that's how We use this with an evening wind and Then we use this with a morning wind now If we're down here and it's light winds If it's southerly they're going to come It's clean sky right there meaning There's no soil so that wind's just Going to go right up in here right into The bedding area it's going to swirl Around here when it starts to quiet down It'll saturate this entire area So I hope it makes sense that we're Using wind that's basically off our left Shoulder looking downhill coming over The top that'll swirl up at an angle Angle in angle out uphill and then the Evening it'll angle especially with Those higher winds will just keep Blowing hard and eventually tail off That while we're watching this movement Right here so it's something that you Can take advantage of down in these low Terrain areas a lot of people don't Think about that but whether you're Planting it and like we have a water Hole set up we have food plots Everything where this is a very remote Location or we're finding it on public Land this is a train feature that you Can plan your hunts around going into This fall it'd be a very important

Feature for you too because a lot of People again look at it that boy it's Down here low and I can't hunt it so Then you know we just stay up top So I'm going to add a different uh Different layer of this you know this is How we're looking at this is how we're Putting it together so you find this Feature first In on private land and you say you know What I can make this better So that's where we're never blowing our Scent up into this way we cut bedding Area for about 250 yards back we have Bedding area here bedding area and Another bedding area so they're really Layered through there into that bottom We choose to put that water hole on this Outside edge we're also coming into this Location where the hillside goes up a Little bit so it's almost like we're Coming behind a bank all the way down This hill we're not projecting our our Motion for accessing the stand back into The woods over there we have a trail That's actually a logging trail that Extends through there that's a that's an Important feature there where we want to We don't want a food plot down there we Don't want a food source on that trail But we want green to hold that Soil down we want to actually absorb Moisture in the soil we don't want to Get rotted up we want to be able to

Mullet but it ends up making a great Deer Corridor that extends in that Bedding area and brings those deer right To this location mock scrape is right Behind the water hole over there so Again we're walking through an unlocked Area someplace we never plan on Timber It's good turkey roosting habitat for us Some of the little turkey app really big Mature Timber areas and turkey roosting That we have on the property and we're Just coming to the edge of habitat Whether you're hunting on public or Private land walking all the way down Getting to a spot like this where you Know what your winds are and that's a Lot of times what we're looking at is I want to hunt this location whether Topographical feature on a map on public Land Or it's that same feature on private Land that I can actually expand and work On you're finding that feature first Knowing I can get in and out here let's Get down there and see what kind of sign There is and a lot of times what you Find an area like this when you're Planning your approach your planning I Can hunt this habitat feature right here I can hunt this corner I can make sure my wind's not there Then you'll recognize these movements Down here that are taking place Naturally and you're just expanding and

Adding to that with the features that You add on private land or again you're Finding this feature on public land and Hunting it so a lot of ways you can Improve a spot like this but bottom line Whether it's private or public land You're looking for a feature like this Again almost look at this as a shelf Going this way And then going up the draw right here so It's almost like a corner of that Terrain we're hunting right down here on That corner we expect the wind to come Up high like this and leave that way and You know we've had deer right down here That we haven't even spoked so a lot of Times in the morning The Thermals are Racing uphill so fast it even goes over Their heads for deer that are quote Downwind of us so a way to fool deer's Nose but definitely way a way to hunt And plan for hunting whether you're Scouting in the off season or you find This in public land you find this type Of feature going into this fall right Before the season so either way a great Way to hunt and we're staying down here Low getting away from the tops and that Paid off Big Time For Us last year times Two and we'll see what happens this fall Now I don't know if you've checked out Our main website lately but we've Really had a lot going on including hats

Books our web class and certainly our New seed company whs Wildlife Blends When you click on seed on our site it'll Take you right to our brand new site for The seed company we have all 12 Blends Available so check it all out though I Encourage you I appreciate you checking It out whether you buy anything or not Really appreciate you visiting the site And seeing what's going on and continue To watch because we have big things Coming later this year

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