MY 2024 BOW SET UP – Top to Bottom

MY 2024 BOW SET UP – Top to Bottom
Here’s a quick breakdown of all the gear we’re currently running on my set-up. We field a lot of questions regarding this topic so we made a quick video to go over our choices and why. #ElkShape

Behind The Scenes:

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🚨Video Production🚨

Hey guys I want to go through my Matthews lift everything on top to Bottom this is the elkshape uh Stabilizer kit that we do with AE They're on the website the reason why I Don't run the bridg lock is because I Love a 10 degree drop you can't do that With a bridg lock I do like bridg lock Bars they're awesome but this is a 15 Inch we have two four 5 o in the front Three four five six on the back that's An 8 in bar the new EXO engage leg limbs This is awesome I keep those on I shoot With them on I shoot with them off They're great I have the Matthews Two-piece this is a low Pro so it runs Super tight to the bow I like to keep That on there you're around four five Six arrows if you want I usually only Run five with The Gap right here as far As the rest goes kind of the most Important part to me is qad MX2 and then You can see right here I'm using qad Wedge looks like this I just love that That sucks in to your Loop material and Then you can get that to where it'll tie In so that's something a little extra I Do you don't have to do that but I like It these guys are super important to Make sure everything's quite you don't Get a lot of Arrow contact and then Obviously in the MX2 now has this Dampening which is super handy I'm Actually running the matte strings these

Are the original strings I got this bow In August you can even see like I have a Backup set that I've ordered with the Bow and I still haven't put them on Because these strings are settled They're dialed and going to keep running Them until I need to replace them and Then I even have backup ABV strings Those are loud but I haven't had to swap Out the matte strings so I'm really Pleased with the strings on the grip These are the elk shaped grips that we Sell with Shadow Creek they're on the Website and then I have little Skateboard tape right here that I always Do on the back and just love the texture Of that that's good for about 3,000 Arrows and then I'll just put a new Strip out super simple as far as the uh Site goes this is the UV slider which I Just absolutely love their platform and The ergonomics of sliding dude I mean This is a flip and the wheel is perfect It Glides no slop it doesn't have a stop But that doesn't stop me from not having To accurate and putting where it needs To be and then you can see I put my own Dark owl archery scope this is a three Pin vertical and the pins are set those Three pins are set to my arrows feet per Second and my shot radius and so that is Literally 20 30 40 I'm going to hunt With that I like a vertical sight Picture you guys may or may not like

That if you're interested look hit these Guys up they can get you set up on that This is that new Earth Riser tone which Is great Ambush green limbs on top I'm Running the 75 lb mods with 80% let off I could run I did run the 80 lb mods for Elk season I will probably do that but For right now it's kind of off seon I'm More interested in getting reped so I Just back down five pounds on the mods We will ramp back up in August and throw The 80s back on and kind of start Fine-tuning that elk Arrow I get a lot Of questions about this this is paracord 550 with just a simple knot I just Measured it to where I can get my hand In there you can see that it's through Here this really comes in handy on steep Downhill shots got a quarter-inch peep Up top and then I have the bowar nose Button right there Loop material this is What I'm using let's talk about Releaseing Arrow I know you guys are Into this so this is the two simple I've Ran it the longest I like a handheld I Feel like a handheld for me is a Consistent anchor and then once I'm There there's no movement I'm just Pulling and depending on how you I grip Like this so This thumb touches my index And then I slowly open my hand and Pull And it I get great surprise releases This knob does not come with the release If you buy it off my website this is an

Aftermarket X oy knobs this dudes on Instagram he makes badass knobs look him Up but this is what I use I love the Shorter neck because a short draw length Guy like me can maximize his draw length With a short neck as opposed to some Most of them will come out to here so I Like a short neck that's why I love the Two simple and it's a three-finger uh For hunting versus Target I do all my Target practice with an East axis long Range I have shot a white tell or two With this and had great results this Weighs 447 you have an elk shaped wrap That I cut the wraps go down to about Here I cut this much off the full size Of the wrap weighs eight grains but when I cut that much off I get it down to Five grains these are aee hybrid HPS They are helical to the left crazy ip4 Knock and then down here I have an eastn Titanium half out they still make those They're 55 grains they look like this I Just hot melted in and then this is 125 Point from Smith Bros out of Oregon and That is my practice Arrow my actual Hunting Arrow where I'm going to shoot Animals this year will be an X10 Parallel Pro with the 55 grain half out With collar this weighs 55 grains yes It's aluminum but I shot the mountain Li Twice with this arrow and it performed Awesome and you can see I still have a Wrap I have a Halo knock on here for 4

Mil and same veins in this arrow is Exactly the same as this Arrow the front Of centers are very close as well Because this both of these are 55 grains The lengths are the same they fly and Impact the same I just want to save These for hunting these are really cool Arrows and fancy and these are a little More like I can beat them up and shoot Them through targets and whatnot and Finally people ask me about broadheads For 20 24 we do not have a decision made I'm probably leaning towards an iron whe Wide non-vented uh but those only come In at 150 something grains uh in the 125 Department I like the Slick Trick Magnum For blade I like the Grim Reaper micro Hades four blade or three blade four Blades do seem to put a better square Hole um that's what we're probably Leaning towards and then also qad Exodus Whether it be swept or regular those are All like we've narrowed it down to those Ones so please don't tell me your Suggestions I appreciate it but I'm Doing my own Journey you do yours find Out what gives you the most confidence Thanks for watching separations in the Preparation

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