My Public Land Buck Broadhead Results…

Public Land Buck Results… AS PROMISED…We are going over our results of using the Ironwill Wide 150 grain for the first time on whitetail deer. As a bonus, we are showing you a 101 caping and quartering tutorial over at the @ELKSHAPEGEAR channel!
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Welcome to the channel Let's do an after Action report of the iron whe wide 150 Grain versus a white tail here we go Picked myself up a little bit thanks to All you folks that reached out and Encouraged me to stay on my grind I went Back out to that public land got myself A white tail on public land and this is The arrow that I used didn't have a ton Of blood on it but still sharp shaving Hair on my arm so this arrow is 474 Grains this is an iron wheel wide single Bevel to the left 150 grain with the Eastn titanium 4 mm half out that weighs 55 grains with the Easter axis 4 mm Match grade long range with this Elkshape wrap which good news we are Going to offer these on the website Coming soon I'm working with or archery On that AE hybrid HP veins that weigh 17 Grains total that's all three wrap Weighs eight grains and this wrap is Specific to this Arrow which is kind of Cool we're going to offer to the Specific spine and arrow that you select That way that you wrap exactly just what You need no overlap and that it weighs The least amount so only eight grains in The wrap a AE ip4 knock I shot this Buck I didn't film it I know a lot of you out There can relate to the public land Which is why that's what I grew up doing I just didn't want to film so I didn't Uh but I am going to give you an after

Action Report because I did promise to Do that so here we go so the shot was a 21 yard shot I shot it off the ground in A ground blind so I think they Arrow was Still kind of rising when it made Contact I aimed for a little bit off the Shoulder it was um slightly quartering Away I wanted to hug the shoulder but I Actually felt like the shot was a little Bit away from the shoulder shot the deer With probably 30 minutes of daylight Left so it was nice to see a deer in Really good light and made a good shot And um then I went out and got the arrow And I didn't see a bunch of Blood on the Veins but this Arrow was buried into the Ground quite a bit bit and pulled it out Of the ground and I didn't see like Bright red blood some meat and I was Like uh so I just played it safe went Back in the blind waited for an hour Which was painstaking you guys all know If you have to wait for an hour it sucks But I just wanted to be sure and then The blood trail was mediocre because it Was snowing it kind of covered up some Of the blood but I did see enough blood And the lighting on the video is Terrible it's hard to see what I'm Seeing but there was good enough blood Where I could walk pretty fast and I Found that deer about 58 9 yard away From the shot so it didn't go very Far

Blood Blood couldn't have gone Far there he Is All right guys we're tagged out in Washington public land Mountain buuck Whel freaking awesome double long back Of the lungs we will go ahead and show You guys right now kind of where an Autopsy uh did I hit ribs did I not uh What I went through where to aim on deer Let's get into the after Action Report Guys what's up we're uh here with Tyler Who runs the oak shaped gear Channel and Is a he's a paramedic and I'm going to Have him talk about after action report On the Iron Wheel now that we got the Hide off exit Hole pretty did probably hit any ribs or Not H but X looking cut with the Bleeders and then on this side is the Entrance it's not as profound not as Profound but um in a x shape and it Didn't look like you hit any ribs on That side either didn't really hit ribs That through and through low lung Normally you want to hit somewhere right In here is your goal a lot of times you Aim a little low on deer because they're Going to drop generally they're going to Drop when you shoot from the string Noise so if you're aiming here they Don't drop you still get low uh heart And lungs if you hit here it's a heart

Double lung uh they don't go very far if You think about their this is basically Center of their lung cavity which is Here so this is back on the lungs but Still double lungs and then their lungs Tend to go right in here so it's back of The lung still good that's also why you Aim here cuz if you end up a little Forward it's still long area but that's Right center of the Boiler Room the Strengths the pros with this is that it Is wide so it is going to make a big Hole um or slit for more blood to leave The container um and it still has that Iron Will design engineering for in my Opinion some of the greatest penetration Out of all broadheads best materials Heat treatment made in the USA Engineered by um bill from Iron Will who Is a mechanical engineer and uh I think It's a great design the bleeders are a Must and even though most of the animals I've killed with single BS don't bleed Much they sure seem to die fast so I do Think this is a great option for Elk Especially in my previous video with the White tail with the build on this I Compared the standard versus the wide I Think the wide is going to be a better Option I have hit bull eyes at 80 yards With this that's the furthest I've shot This arrow is 80 yards and absolutely Smoked bull eyes with this without any Planing so if you're doing a good job do

A good tune have the right spine your Setup's doped I think you can get out There some good distance I think this Would be probably a good option for me For Elk next year and uh I'm going to Keep kind of running with it and seeing What I think about it before next year That's down the road as well I've used Iron wheels on a few bowls and had some Good success I've also really liked the Grim Reaper micro Hades 3 blade I like The Grim Reaper micro Hades 4 blade cuz That thing definitely opens a big hole But I do like the sever quite a bit I've Used that and this is that standard all In all this is a great Arrow it's a Little on the heavy side for me 474 at My draw length it's 27 in uh I shot the Buck with the lift at 75 lb mods at 80% Let off I use the UV slider with the Vertical pin configuration that is not Out yet and you guys need to hound them And let tell them you need to make this An option another good option is that Dark owl scope that's a really good one To put on the UV slider as well this is The after Action Report comment below if You have any questions that we can maybe Do a follow-up follow-up video we just Always try and include you guys on our Journey and then as the offseason Approaches please consider doing some Small game hunting um rabbits but small Game hunting will really help your

Practice and get some reps in the Red Zone join a winner League shoot some Indoor get a number and a score on paper Shoot dots so that you can measure and Manage your score and just do whatever You need to do that you are continually Working improving so that when you Finally are out in the field you're a Predator you're confident in your Equipment and you're ready to go so Depending on your taxidermist you're Going to go straight down the spine up To his The back of his head I always do from Here do a y one to this pedestal one to This pedestal you may talk to your Taxidermist beforehand some of them like To go from here to one pedestal and then Straight across the guys I've talked to Said either way I find it's easier just To go straight do the Y at the top of The Head and on around the pedestals you Want to get as much of the Hide up on Underneath so I usually start at the Skull plate and go up underneath the Pedestals like this and then work your Way all the way Around once I get the nose peeled back As far as I can then I go back and Finish caping out to the nose from the Eyes down this is Tyler denam one of my Best friends in the entire world he Helps me we pretty much runs the oak

Shaped gear channel the cool thing about Tyler is we both grew up pretty poor yes So we both know about how budget Friendly items as well as high-end items And things in between so we cover a Gamut of gear and try to help you guys Make informed decision to have like more Successful hunts so subscribe to this Channel if you're into gear very Unbiased very biased but really genuine Guys who want you to have more success And help you so check out this channel To catch you on the next one

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