My Whitetail Arrow is Heavier Than my Elk Arrow

My Whitetail Arrow is Heavier Than my Elk Arrow – This is a follow up video to some of the viewers wondering why Dan uses a heavier arrow for whitetail archery hunting. #elkshape #abt

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Oh I got a 425 Arrow killed two elk with It now I'm going to hunt white tail I'm Going to go up to 475 to 485 people were Like what that doesn't make sense maybe Can you explain to them why maybe it did [Music] That bison Burgers didn't somebody tell You a comment on a video that you shot That you shouldn't talk on behind the Camera that wasn't very nice well a lot Of them aren't very nice I got another Light over there I can pop on any good YouTube comments lately that you were Like oh I like that one like um God I Had one that was actually it was just on The the video that came up Monday of Going over the and I talked about my elk That I didn't kill that somebody else Shot and mentioned that I had 26 in of Penetration and the arrow Broadhead was Directly above the heart and at the Angle I shot him at there was nothing Vital to hit mhm and there was a comment That said you know if your AR was 100 Grain heavier you probably would have Killed that Elk you're an idiot idot like did you Not so 26 in of penetration ain't enough Like really give me a break like that Was that was ridiculous but people are Dumb like they hear they hear a little Part of what you said and run with it no Different than you get the heavy Arrow Argument you get one little part of it

And then that's all you think about You're ignoring all the other steps of This that are really relevant and that Are going to change like this is all Going to change a lot like 10 years from Now you're not going to find people Shooting 800 grain arrows you it won't No no there's enough out there and Enough proof of it going that way Farther and farther and farther that it Will stop yeah you have some people who Like physics that are going to argue With you man well I don't disagree with That but those same people at one point Were probably using a th000 grains and They're going to use 800 grains the People that were using 800 grains are Going to use 600 grains and the people That using 600 grains are going to use 4 Or 450 cuz there's logic to it it's a Progression no different than our Conversations over the years you've Progressively gotten lighter every year Because you've seen the proof in the Pudding you've seen the evidence you've Seen the examples of it and it's no Different than other people in in that Same position as time goes on yeah I've Basically dropped about 20 to 25 grains Total Arrow weight on elk every year cuz I'm willing to go a little more and then Go hunt kill a couple Bulls be like well That worked pretty good so next year who Knows what next year what if I'm at like

400 that's pushing it and it's but it's It's a reality I mean if you if you test It and prove it and see it then it's Relevant right Y and it's it's as long As you're not sacrificing spine or tun Spiner tune and the type of Broadhead You use has everything to do with Penetration it does it's not physical Arrow weight we're talking small Percentages okay it's not impossible and It's not you know drastic it's small so If you go 200 grain at a whack you're Gaining like 5 to 10% more penetration For 200 grains 200 grains is a lot after Your next bite will you explain to my Audience why I in my brain I was like oh I got a 425 Arrow killed two elk with it Now I'm going to hunt white tail I'm Going to go up to to 475 to 485 people Were like what that doesn't make sense Maybe can you explain to them why maybe It did that so the whole reason we're Talking about these lighter arrows for Elk hunting is is because it's elk Hunting and you're not shooting just 20 Yards or just 30 yards you're shooting Anywhere from 20 yards to 80 yards Depending on your skill level or your Ability and in those scenarios the Amount of time to Target becomes more Relevant the amount of movement becomes More relevant how flat your trajectory Is like I I had three people this year That the elk moved they shot and they

Missed by a lot with a heavier arrow That lighter Arrow isn't going to miss By as much when that happens like Everything about shooting a lighter Arrow is a benefit other than Penetration but it's not as big of a Difference as everybody makes it out to Be and that's the problem with it now When you're in a tree stand ground blind 20 30 yards Etc right the weight doesn't Matter as much the speed doesn't matter As much cuz you're shooting a known Distance or close to a known distance There's not as big of a difference there So you're not as fixated on oh my God This is a 55 Yard shot and the animal Took three steps a 20 yard shot in the Animal takes three steps doesn't change A damn thing it's not different but you Got start getting out there in the drop Off points and it really does matter a Lot so shooting a heavier Arrow out of a Tree stand or a ground blind I'm very Infor positive about like do it it's not It's not going to make a difference Right you're not going to you're not Gaining as much all of the sudden cuz It's a close shot you know how far away It is now if you're sitting in a tree Stand shooting 50 60 yards now we're Back to a different conversation again Sure thing yep right you can shoot a Heavier Arrow up close I shot 500 Something grain Arrow last year just to

Try it but it was 20 yard shot known Distance known effect right and two Steps ain't going to change yeah and Then I sit there and look at it and I go If I can shoot a 400 grain Arrow out of A 70lb bow with a mechanical Broadhead At 32 yards on a 1000lb animal and I'm Getting a full pass through what do I Need here like how heavier of an arrow Do I need now if you deliberately want To try to shoot something in the Shoulder and that's your plan like if That's literally your some guys that Then I agree like if you want like like I'm going to shoot that thing quartering Towards me right in the shoulder okay Let's get you the heaviest thing we can Find and that's fair for like Urban Hunting out east and like you know you Got like you got to kill this deer in Someone's backyard it's legal yeah man Put it through the shoulder go heavy I Get it like there's it's always there's Always exceptions get yourself a big not And I wouldn't go wide I would go Smaller I'd use like an iron will solid Beefiest thing you can get titanium Hardware not not necessarily a super Heavy GPI Arrow but heavier although Most solid combination you can come up With and durability and put as much Weight in the front as possible so when It does hit cuz even if you end up with Like let's say you go a 12 GPI Arrow

Versus a 10 GPI Arrow same spine yeah Right you're 12 GPI Arrow you can't put As much weight in the front to end up With the same projectile the more weight You put in the front the less it'll Deviate when it hits something hard aha That's important right so if your mass Is equally spread out throughout the Arrow and it hits something hard there's More mass back here when it wants to Turn left because of the way it hit to Help pull it that way did you ever see Tim con footage of when he shot a deer With like some tube blade and I don't Know what the hell his setup was but it Was like pretty tight quartering too and Then it exited out a hip or something That video is on my channel that's the Only reason I still get people getting Comments and mad about that video but I Always wondered like man how light was His arrow and what was it wasn't it was Heavy was it heavy yeah it was Heavy it Was like 500 or something it was a TW Blade which is which was the argument When we first started talking to Bill About it it's like I've seen a tube Blade deflect a lot more than a three Blade M cuz it's not a flat surface Right a three blade separates your Angles right right so it's harder to Push it that way or push it that way When you hit something yeah whereas a Two blade if it hits the angle just

Right and this is not every time but It's sometimes sometimes you hit the Angle just right and hit a hard object It'll deflect easier and we kind of went Back and forth about that but he did Kind of acknowledge yeah I guess if it If everything is just right yes it's More likely to happen Fair um and his is Going to do at the least because of the Way his tips designed the way the blade Angles are but when you shoot a a Elongated two blade you have a greater Likelihood of deflection than a three Blade so that's really why I like a Three blade and the whole pattern lining Up after you shoot through it and I can Show you a good visual on that if you Want to see it we're going to get you at The very end of the video Josh is going To like keep it simple stupid and just Give you some best practices so that When you're considering building your Arrow for 2024 that you're not confused And you know some things some take hes But first let's build a boat did you Shoot that Buffalo yeah yeah 400 400 Grain Arrow three blade mechanical Broadhead uh 45 yards complete full pass Through wow but I need a heavy Arrow Though that is a real or a short on our YouTube channel and is the most viewed Short yeah Josh is definitely like hey Man there's people out there that rub You the wrong way I know I rub some of

You the wrong way and I'm sorry that I'm Not sorry Josh is going to rub some of You guys the wrong way and I guarantee He's sorry that he's not sorry but you Got to just know that sorry that I'm not Sorry you like that it's a nicest way All it's a respectful way to acknowledge That hey man I am who I am and you are Who you are and that's okay but just Know at the end of the day we're trying To inform educate Inspire and maybe even Entertain a little bit so yeah and Finally as promised at the end of the Video we were starting to confuse some Of you at the beginning talking about Arrows I want to dumb it down the bottom Line is when you are in the market for Arrows guys should never really go weak They should always air on the side of Being stiff always air on the side a Stiff componentry don't ever use Anything aluminum Titanium or steel Aluminum fails titanium steel don't if You're going to put weight in your arrow Put it in the front don't put it in the Back I.E less fletches wraps with the Exception of a lighted knot cuz God They're just cool yeah no doubt and then Honestly when it comes to GPI it seems Like you've converted me so I'm just we Tend to lean or gravitate towards those Lighter gpis and put the weight where we Want it if you're shooting a 300 spine Arrow gpis over 95 are just going to

Make everything really hard so I under 95 GPI on a 300 spine allows you to Build an arrow with a good FOC that Doesn't end up stupid heavy guys we Appreciate your support separations in The preparation we'll catch on the next One

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