New Archery Releases for 2024!

We take a look at some new archery releases for 2024.

00:00 – Intro
00:16 – B3 Archery Hawk Pro Swivel
01:43 – Scott Archery Fusion
02:36 – Scott Archery Solus
03:20 – Stan Lynx
04:18 – Trufire Rivet
05:13 – APEX Tellus Open Hook BOA

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[Music] The archery release game has changed Dramatically over the last decade with An interesting shift in the style of Release AES that many Hunters are now Using in the woods as well as on the Target line from wrist straps to Handhelds here's a look at some of the Best new archery releases for 2024 the B3 archery haulk Pro swivel release the Crew at B3 archery set out to deliver a Super clean and crisp wrist style Release with an open hook design in Their allnew Hulk Pro swivel the single Sear release features a 440c stainless Steel open hook that's offered in a Black anodized or white serak coat Finish both are really sharp looking Finishes that each feature b3s own Splashing color that's common across the B3 gear lineup the Hulk Pro is available In either the flex connector or swivel Connector both of which allow plenty of Adjustment in fact with the turn of just One screw you can make adjustments on Both releases to give you the perfect Custom fit on your hand the release Comes with a large diameter neural Trigger but it's also compatible with a Wide range of neural size options and Configuration so you can choose the Exact fit and feel that you're looking For you want a bigger or smaller setup They've got you covered with the neural

Options and components to meet your Needs the release was built with no Spring under the trigger to give you the Shooter the best possible feel when Executing the shot and the auto return Hook and Trigger gets you on the d-loop Fast without fumbling or all that Panic That often comes with trying to get your Trigger reset and on the string for the Shot adjusting trigger travel is also a Super quick fix on this release with the Simple turn of a screw located behind The trigger on the swivel connection You'll find the tabl lock design that Lets you flip the release back over on Your wrist to get it out of the way While you're working with your hands Climbing in and out of tree stand or Other jobs while you're in the woods and Finally a newly designed wrist trap Provides outof the- boox comfort with The strap that's super thick and feels Really good right from the start without Having to struggle with the break-in Period the hul pro swiv was priced at$ 139.99 the Scott archery Fusion release Scott archery is calling their allnew Fusion release the most customizable Back tension release on the market it Was built for the shooter that's wanting To experiment with the back tension Release without the worry of an Accidental misfire thank to a tech style Design that delegates the load during

The draw to the strap you'll find plenty Of customization in the design with Features giving you the option to choose From two three or four finger designs to Achieve the best fit in your hand you Can also choose between micro adjust Click and fire or shoot without a click Regardless of how you like the release To sit in your hand you'll find all the Adjustability you need with NTS Connection to the strap providing Infinite adjustment options for the Perfect fit you'll also have adjustable Three and four finger extension options That can be adjusted up to 50° it's a Perfect release for the transitioning Archer allowing for index shooting and Working your way into a full handheld With a strap ultimately removed the Fusion is priced at just $229 the Scott Archery soless release the soless Release from Scott archery builds off The Brand's open hook release Style with A new design that's even easier to Handle with its simplified build that Lets you load and unload the release Without having to touch the trigger grip Ridges built into the release allow for Greater consistency and repeatability in Your draw cycle a crisp and clean Release comes standard with the soless In part because of its heavier trigger But also from the 100% string clearance Achieved thanks to its inline connector

That reduces string torque you'll find Plenty of adjustability in the release Including five adjustable length Positions for the perfect fit in your Hand as well as micro adjust travel and Tension for your trigger giving you the Ability to fine tuna releas to the exact Sweet spot you prefer the soless is Priced at just $119 the stand links Release the latest release in the stand Lineup of hinges brings a smooth and Simple design called The Links you'll Find the links available in multiple Options including a lightweight aluminum Or heavy metal as well as four size Options including small medium large and Extra large the release features a Perfectly balanced handle allnew clutch System and all the adjustability you Could possibly need for perfect shot Execution including an adjustable finger On the end that can quickly be Repositioned to give you the exact Leverage you desire the stand links was Designed to deliver even pressure on the Finger bits for a smoother draw while The clutch system keeps tension on the Moon during adjustment to keep the Process fast and easy it's the unique Design that really simplifies the Process of getting the release set up to Your particular liking you'll find Simple customization with the Interchangeable thumb post mount and

Hand filler to give you the perfect feel And the interchangeable double-sided Moons offer you the option between slow Medium and fast clicks or no click at All the links is priced at $1.99 the Truefire rivet release TruFire continues To deliver affordable archery gear That's built surprisingly solid despite The budget friendly price tag you'll Often find you'll see it in their latest Offering the riv handheld release the Release was designed to deliver a Similar experience archers would expect From a sear style handheld button Release without the increased price tag The rivet handheld release utilizes a Unique link style trigger system that Offers greater accuracy and performance In an easy to use design the release Features a thumb post that opens and Closes the release for a fast and easy Shot and reset the handle looks smooth With its flat gray finish and Sleek Design built to maximize control comfort And consistency you'll find ample Adjustment throughout with the abil Ility to easily convert the releasee From three to four finger with a quick Drop and swap of a single screw want the Comfort of a wrist strap no problem Rivet is built to easily accept a strap Or rope connection for added Peace of Mind Best Yet the rivet is priced at Just $99 the Apex telis open hook boa

The Apex telis open hook boa release Delivers a perfect blend of precision And shooter friendly design the boa fit System wrist strap gives you a solid fit That's perfectly tailored to meet your Sizing needs the release features a Crisp searless firing mechanism for a Smooth and clean shot release it's Repeatable shot after shot anchoring in The D lit comes easy with the open hook Design that easily Finds Its place when The shot arises you'll find a forward Trigger position that enhances control And accuracy paired with a Sleek design With a black polished steel jaw and Trigger the torque free rotating Pivoting head contributes to shot Precision ensuring consistent and Accurate results even better the Tellis Open Hook is affordably priced at just $84.99 we hope you've enjoyed this first Look at the great new releases hitting The market for 2020 24 be sure to Subscribe to the channel so you don't Miss out on any of the great new gear Launches coming soon

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