NEW EVERYTHING (Arrow Saw, Components & Arrow)

NEW EVERYTHING (Arrow Saw, Components & Arrow)
Dan is building new bullets with the MODSAW, Easton 4mm 1/2 outs and Easton X10 Parallel Pro’s! #elkshape #ABT

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What's up guys welcome back to the Channel today we're going to be building Some X10 parallel pros from eastn and I'm testing a new saw that you're going To want to check out and we'll see if It's legitimate we're going to go over The new 4mm components that Easton's Offering build some arrows bring you Along here we go so I ordered these 300 Spines the GPI is 9.5 you see that it Comes as shafts no knocks no components So the rest of that is up to us which I Kind of like First things first is we need to put a Knock in it I'm going to run the ip4 From aee and then we're going to get a Measurement to figure out where the half Out sits over because again it's going To slide over get that measurement pull The shaft back take in account that half Out hangover and get a mark cut them We're going to show you how to square Them and we're going to show you how to Spin them so that you can get them Aligned just so perfectly so they're True as you want them him and the more Details you cover usually the better Groups you'll see down range let's go so This is the eastn 75 grain has a Aluminum steel combination we're going To it's got this little orange o-ring Type thing to help make sure that it's Square and center and lined up basically It's a half out with a built-in collar

There's several different options we'll Go over all of them down the road in This video but for now we're this is the One I'm probably going to run so we're Going to check the fitment Looks good let's silver Sharpie right There and pull this off and see how much That takes up pull that out if you guys Can tell we made a silver Sharpie Mark And measured it 5/8 is what we need to Keep in mind when we mark this so I'm Going to throw a knock in grab my bow Pull it back have my little assistant Lovely mark this arrow for me so we know And I want to cut this thing as short as Possible CU it'll increase the stiffness It'll also make make it so that I can Shoot a faster projectile I like to run My arrows as short as possible ip4 knock Like a glove Mark about right in the Middle of the Shelf uh whatever you Mark I got to keep That in mind as far as the half out Sticks out 5/8 does that make sense Okay thank you Jeff so guys so I'm going To cut right there remember this is Going to end up being about there which I should be able to get with because you Marked it right down the middle um if You didn't mark it down the middle and You marked it closer you'd have to Account for that 5/8 so just know that this goes slides Over the arrow and again out of

Everything when it comes to components In my personal opinion some sort of Collar is what's going to help you Resist impact failure impact damage that That's where the weakest spot is on the Arrow and obviously e knows that and the Engineers thought of this so we're going To cut it right there let's get a Measurement on this and so I'm going to Take the knock out to do all my cuts and I strongly recommend that you do all Your Cuts carbon to carbon no knock in Let's go check out this device here this Is called the modsa they sent it to me To do a video on and Test I think it's important for you guys To know that when somebody sends me Something I did not pay for it um but I Also told them I'm free to say whatever I think about it and they said that's Cool so when it came out of the package It was just in a box like an arrow box And all these little doodads were slid Up in here so it's kind of a modular System hence the name I'll just walk you Through some of the things this is your Saw this is your power button this is Your dust cover this is where you'll put Your power source in right over here You'll want this guy to be about 8 in Away this will 8 to 9 in right here the Blade will be going this way you'll be Spinning your arrow that way that's Important so the arrow will be held here

And then there's an indicator here to Give you the exact distance I know my Arrow is going to be somewhere right Around 25 A2 they all slide in this Groove you just can loosen and tighten So I'm tightening them up right now over Here which is part of the process is These bearings these bearing posts slide Up and down so that you can spin your Arrow and then right here we'll get Closeup but there is a wobble indicator So you'll be able to put your arrow when You're done cutting it I'll show you Guys and I'll be able to square it Against this sandpaper the Sandpaper Will you can turn it so that you don't Just like Square all your arrows on the Same piece of sandpaper and they get Provide replacement stickers so this Threads out and you can put a new little Circle sandpaper I don't know the grit I Haven't done an arrow yet this wobble Indicator is super cool cuz what I'm Going to do is I'm going to cut them I'm Going to Square them and then I'm going To put the E component on not glue it in I'm going to screw in a Broadhead Probably an Iron Wheel and I'm going to Spin it with that black line indicator And if I see any wobble which we will I Will just move the whole component Broadhead a quarter turn and I'll just Keep doing that until I find where it's Marked where it's not wobbling and I'll

Just use the Sharpie and that's where I'll Hot Melt it in which is pretty cool And then from there this little guy I Just slapped it in it's got a thread for A screw so I'm going to screw this down To the wood and then at the very end Here there's two more holes to screw it Down and I'm going to do that right now So this will just keep it pretty Stable Good she ain't going anywhere and right [Music] Here okay so we're tight we're good to Go now here's one of the coolest Features right over here is an inch and 3/4 hole and you can attach a shop vac To it which I'm going to bring my little Shop vac cord up here see how it fits I Don't care if to use duct tape whatever But when I turn the saw on I'm going to Turn that shop back on and suck all that Nasty carbon dust into the shop back and Not have a mess on our hands should be Pretty cool I think that's creative um He did provide me with a replacement Blade but he made it sound like it this Blade's going to be really tough to wear Out which we'll find out without further Ado this is the mod saw let's cut a Dozen arrows 25 and 5/8 beautiful Indicator here let's see what that looks Like on our line so we're going to be Here and you can See I'm giving myself a little bit of

Real estate there probably could go a Little shorter like Advertised I think we're going to stick With that So this Blade's going to go this way and I'm just going to hold this the arrow in The grooves here again remember we're About 8 in from the blade with this post And then I'm going to spin this way While the blade goes the other way Hopefully that makes sense on the first One I'm not going to turn the shot back On I want you guys to hear how quiet This saw Is are y'all [Music] Ready So there's our Arrow we're just going to put this on Real quick slap this On before we cut any more arrows and Just make sure I didn't royally screw up How's it look Jeff how much real EST we Got plenty of real estate plenty I could Have cut it shorter right Yes you're hanging off of your Riser a Little bit okay I'm going to take Advantage of that information and I'm Going to cut it shorter cuz I want to Make this as light as possible and the Current arrows I'm running are eastn Axis long- range 4mm match grade that's A mouthful and they're at 9.4 so I Really want this Arrow as light as

Possible and I could have gone to 340 Spines but generally I Spine down just To be safe all right guys we went with 25 and a quarter saw is on everything's Tight I'm going do one more check cuz we have A dozen of these to cut hopefully I Didn't get too greedy there perfect Though beautiful we're going to cut them And then we'll come back here in a Second and we'll show you our squaring Process and then we'll geek out on all The components that East came out 2024 which will be cool pull that out Rest in piece of that O-ring it's Already gone um they're probably not Meant to be doing that but it's all Right for the video and just for SGS let's weigh this Arrow without Anything on it yet so 236 plus a knock plus a 75 grain Component [Applause] So here is your saw this is your battery Bank this is where the power goes in This is going to be where you're going To square your arrows so you can loosen This tab and rotate inside here is your Sandpaper basically and you can kind of Keep adjusting it or screw that take it All the way out and replace it with Brand new sandpaper these are the Bearings so you have an arrow spinner Right here when it's time to square

These arrows which were at that step now I'm going to loosen and I'm going to put This all the way up against and tighten Pretty easy to use and that'll help us Get a good Square this is like I said Eight about 8 in from the blade this Post will help stabilize the arrow as You cut it right here is a middle peg This is kind of like the center balance Point to just keep it straight 30 you Got your measuring tape and then down Here so this is your other bearing it Slides as well it's modular you can Loosen it and slide it just to Accommodate your arrow size and then Right here is the in piece where your Arrow will go take your knock out and There's a little indicator to the exact Measurement will get you a tight of that So that you are precise and these Tighten and loosen so give me a top view Of that and a top view of this close Black line I'm going to give you some Light you guys can tell I silver Sharpied all the way around around here And I'm going to sandpaper the silver Sharpie off you don't have to do that I Like to do that I'm going to loosen this And slide it all the way against there I'm going to sandpaper or rotate the Arrow I got my sandpaper tight and I'm Going to spin the arrow this way so Right now I'm squaring after we cut it's A very important process it's kind of

Nice that this is all in one I didn't Have to buy a separate tool like from G5 I just silver sharpied it and I'm just Getting off a little silver Sharpie Making sure it's really Square The Next Step will be to spin test it with the Components we're going to use that'll Ensure no wobbles we'll do it with a Broadhead I'll show you it is awesome This is just a couple steps you can take To really ensure that you're making your Arrows the best that they can be um These are X10 parallel Pros they got rid Of the pro comps basically they just Migrated to this so this is like a high Strength fiber bonded to a 7075 alloy so You kind of got carbon an aluminum this Is the arrow that it wins all the Tournaments worldwide and you can cross Over and hunt with it and it's got the Like the tightest tolerances when it Comes to spine so that's kind of what You're getting for when you invest in X10 parallel Pros um and I'm definitely Going to give them a shot I might hunt With them I'm definitely going to go With these or the uh E Axis long range So uh the cool thing made in USA and I Don't know any other AO company that can Say that man America America all right guys so now what we're Going to do is we're going to set this Up where I can go

Here Nice and then what I can do is show you Guys I'm going to spin test it if I Don't like it I'm going to take it I'm Going to rotate the Arrow right Here That's definitely W so then we take this and we spin It all right guys so we we've done a lot At this point let's finish building this Arrow so you see I silver sharpied I Need to Hot Melt this bad boy in so We're going to go ahead and uh pull it Out So we're going to Hot Melt With the uh No more torch mix it too hot no more gas We're going to go back to the old Electric heat gun we going to Crank It Up This is the 75 so what we're looking At is mostly aluminum with the steel Right here for your Collar the 55 grain all Aluminum hence the Weight the 100 mostly still with some Titanium 100 grains I like the materials And then you have the 150 for maybe your Traditional or maybe some guys that are Like heavy arrows 150 All Steel so we're Going to heat this bad boy up try not to Melt your Silicone o-ring that centers It Oh yeah like a Glove that's Arrow Elegance that's Arrow

Magic that is a sense of Pride like You're doing everything you can to make Your arrows money dude We elected to use the 75 grain 4mm half Out option from eastn again we hot Melted it that allows us to index we Indexed made sure our arrows were Spitting true so recapping cut them with The new mod saw then we squared them Then we did the wobble test and made the Adjustments it's pretty good steps so Here we have this all set up this is Mostly aluminum with a steel collar All-in-one system the 55 Grainer again Is all aluminum the 100 option is steel With the titanium collar which is a Great option and then the 150 All Steel Hella heavy y' if you're into that That's totally cool you have the option We're going to throw the knocks in these Are the IP fors from aee huge fan need a Couple Nick from AE I'm getting low hint Hint you got my credit card on file and Don't recommend that all right let's get This fletched up we're not going to run A wrap on this one we're just going to Go straight Up two white AE hybrid HPS High-profile yes I buy them by the 500 And a yellow no primer pin needed cuz They're hybrids let's get them fletched Yellow will be my ha vein and then we'll Get a weight on this bad boy It's a good looking era slap this bad

Boy on let's get a total Arrow weight Look at That okay 463 and then if I elected to run this 55 Grain half out it'll drop us down to 436 which is a pretty good spot too so I Don't know man I didn't want to be in The 460s if I'm being a little Complainer right now I'm kind of Complaining cuz this a right here is What I've been running and shooting Consistently and it's at 447 if I'm Going to run two sight tapes it's going To be because there's a significant Difference but I can still do that we'll See the x10s are obviously the best Arrow in the ENT ire world so it's up to You guys to see if like what you want to Run I definitely want to test them if I'm shooting tighter groups with the x10 Uh I'm probably going to roll with it uh The titanium is what I'm running right Here on this half out east still makes That but if you want to this new sweet Collar system you're going to have to go With aluminum to stay at the same weight Or bump up to the aluminum steel which Is what I elected to do and if you're Not worried bump up to that 100 steel And TI titanium combo or ball hard and Go 150 All Steel so guys that's my new Arrow build we introduced you to the saw We're just doing a little tinkering Figured you guys would have like this

Maybe learned something separations in The preparation we'll catch you on the Next one

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