No Flashlight For Deer Hunting?

When it comes to spooking deer in the dark, a flashlight may be your biggest culprit! Does a flashlight spook deer, or not? Make sure to watch this video so that you can avoid one of the most common deer hunting pitfalls…

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You know Whitetail habitat Solutions That's Whitetail habitat and a lot of People make the assumption that this Channel is only about habitat and it's Interesting we have people that come Here just for habitat And hunting and then we have people that Come here just for hunting you know this All goes back to my hunting base uh my Hunting Roots I love to hunt and I've Been hunting a lot since the late 80s in Fact every career option I've ever had I Asked myself okay if I work here can I Get time off for hunting you know I Worked at a bank for eight and a half Years as a branch manager of a bank and A loan officer so mutual funds annuities All that kind of stuff and uh different Branches kind of worked my way up and uh What I really liked about that is not Always but in the branches or a lot of Women and you know even on the channel Here I think we have about 10 percent Women viewers somewhere on there but it Just happened that at the bank the women That were there didn't hunt and so it Made it pretty easy when I went into the Bank to try to request time off and I Know that's changing we have a lot more Women Hunters which is awesome Jen hunts You know I I love hunting with Jen that She's my best hunting buddy but the Bottom line is at that time I could get A lot of time off and that allowed me to

Go out hunt get half days off when I Wanted to so every career choice along The way hunting hunting hunting Everything when I decided you know okay If I want to go away for a weekend and Hunt and I had a young family I knew I Couldn't go away for a week so I went For three days at a time two days at a Time I had the flexibility with us being Self-employed at that time as a real Estate appraiser that I could get two Days off to hunt three days off on and Only hunt the best weather because I Wanted to kill my target box so it Wasn't about I want to go away for a Week and spend a Time spend a week on Rutcation with my buddies and hang out I Purely wanted to go when I went hunting I wanted a great chance of killing a Buck and that's why it boiled down to Weather and making sure I took the time Off and worked that between family a Really busy career and it's still True To this day even though I'm in the Hunting industry this is I love hunting So this channel is all about hunting and I want to offer hunting advice and so That's what all we do and Dylan probably Knows this you know the habitat stuff's One thing but if I can get out in the Woods I like being out in the woods to Shoot these videos sometimes it's better For the white board when we're making Lists but I like being outside this

Happens to be a it's 60 degrees today Beautiful breeze it's there's cloud Cover I can wear a sweatshirt sweatshirt Weather is perfect for me so when it Comes to hunting I want to offer good Hunting advice this approach right here And we talk about access to our stands All the time the importance of while We're hunting doing things right so We're not spooking deer this access is Premium It comes from below down here down in This Ravine we access through a Switchgrass field back there that is Typically devoided deer it's right next To the AG field and deer like I talk About all the time don't like bedding in Just pure grass and so that's a good Thing because we use as a blocker to Access we come through the switch Through the woods right here then There's a giant brush pile right here And what's nice is when I'm coming in Here this brush pile blocks The View Obviously of out here and what's in Front of me now I don't normally like Hunting out of a on a food source in the Morning so I'm looking this as a morning Approach right here and I'm coming into This spot right in this location so when I'm coming into the spot in the morning You know everything would have to be Right perfect this is just a little Hunting plot but it's connected to a big

Plot is there a giant Buck moving right Through here is this more of a staging Area in the morning when they're coming Off the AG Fields it could be likely not A spot that I'm going to hunt in the Morning but if everything goes right I Clear out these sticks right here which We usually do I walk through here very Slowly I have my access blocked we have A box elder in front of me when I'm Getting up here And I'm coming up to this stand so let's Say this stand this redneck blind I Wanted to hunt here in the morning for Whatever reason I'm getting the Intel So I get to this point right here I'm completely blocked from the field in Fact we have switchgrass out here that It's end of June that switchgrass is Going to be six to seven feet high by The end of summer so after the switch Grows up this is completely blocked Coming in here you know how I mess it All up and I'll start climbing up this This blind right here and let's say I Can get up here and usually these Rednecks are very quiet when we have This secured at the top so once we Secure this right here and we make sure That's not moving then I can get up here You know how I mess this all up so let's Say I got to this point quietly nothing Saw me I snuck in perfect for a morning Set and then I turned this light on

To actually climb into the stand And these lights right here Are one of the biggest ways that people Bust deer and if I'm using this and I'm Getting in here really really bad I Shine this at the light now the deer That are 200 yards out into the AG land They see me Let alone the deer that are right here On this hunting plot Should you use a flashlight getting in And out to a stand You know obviously if you have trouble Walking in the woods if it's a real Thick area completely different I'm Coming out here to an open area we Started discovering in the 80s when we Used a flashlight to cross a half mile AG field to get back to what we called The five Acre Woods and then the 10 Acre Woods was behind it we would spook deer A quarter mile away they couldn't see us They couldn't smell us it was in the Pre-dawn hours But they could see our flashlight and They'd blow and blow and blow and it Didn't take very long before we figured Out hey if we don't use the flashlight We had mini mag lights at the time that The deer wouldn't blow all the way Across the field because they didn't Know we were coming in they didn't see The light flashlights ruined so many Hunts I tell the story about opening day

In in Wisconsin a few years ago deer Blowing and running towards me 400 yards away and Across The Big Valley Someone with a headlamp was getting Settled in for their morning hunt on Opening day Looked all over the place just shining His head lamp all over the place and you Were running from him didn't even know It probably because he's working on his His blind And so I want to caution everyone when they're Going out to a stand I use flashlights Especially back in thick cover And I want to show you the difference Here Not sponsored by this flashlight company Or anything but I just like it because If you do reviews on flashlights which I'm kind of a flashlight nerd then this Is a good it's an old light a really Nice flashlight they have all kinds of Different brands but what they have is They have on what they call moonlight Moonlight when I'm going out to my stand I'm going to show you guys this this is What's on there now Actually it feels warm on my hand it is So bright terrible Dylan don't look at It but this is very very bright and you Could add deer could see that from Across the field right now during the Daylight

Maybe a thousand lumens 1200 somewhere On there they have a Moonlight version Which goes down to A half Lumen or one Lumen so you can Still see the light on my palm It's just enough in the dark to actually See sticks branches you're walking on And even then I still keep the light Right down on the ground when I'm in the Woods there's no need to be going like This all over the place Now people talk about filters Red green deer can't see in different Shades I have yet to hear of a Flashlight or find a flashlight where You can shine it anywhere you want and It's bright and deer can't see it I've Had green I've had red look at the Infrared bulbs on a camera if you have Infrared glowing bulbs On a digital camera at night dear see Him and when it's on video it's even Worse because those lights just stay on The entire time and deer can see them They look right at it they wouldn't look At that camera during Any other time they wouldn't notice it At night other than they're looking Right at those lights they can't smell It they can't see it they see it because Of the lights so even when we're going Out with our quiet cats in the morning We're using no light we're going out Across the AG fields we do go slower

Dylan can't stand it we've both ended up In the corn before Ripping across Fields okay I wait for Dylan to catch up sometimes I do Probably go faster but he has camera Gear I just have a bow or a weapon not a Big deal so but uh but bottom line is I Know the road's a little bit better so And that's the point I mean obviously if You need light you have to use light and That's when I love like a Moonlight Option again this one you just hold it Down and Moonlight comes on two clicks And it gets really bright really fast That's that's the highest it goes I'll Use that Moonlight though and I'll point It straight down the ground again just Holding it on comes on and that's how Used to walk in and out I don't use the Red lens green lens because I can't see As well you know I'd rather have just a Normal light and what I find is is when I'm shining something very light just Down on the ground and this one with my Mini Maglite days back in those days I Had it I actually would take my thumb like this And let's say we'll just go this on Maybe setting two like in the middle That's not the brightest but it's in the Middle I put my thumb over it like this And I just let a little light out Just on the bottom on the trail so that I could just let a sliver out now they

Have these newfangled lights were Again you can just hold it down and it Clicks right onto the Moonlight but Bottom line is that's enough to see your Way in in the woods I don't worry about Too much because that light's not going To get out out in these Open Fields Terrible if we're ripping across there Dead quiet scent free and quiet cats With the wind in our face But then we use these big headlamps and Headlights to get to a stand we spook Out the entire field we would smoke out Hundreds of Acres at one time doing so Rest assured let alone if I take the Risk let's say it's opening day of gone And I'm seeing a big buck come through Here we have a mock scrape right over Here with a reveal on it let's say we Have a giant coming through here coming Off fields in the morning I want to take A chance my wind's blowing back this way On my Approach I think everything's Perfect I sneak in through here leave walk in From that direction over there go Through the switch grass Stay low get behind the brush get into The stand and right when I'm getting in I turn the light on and we even have Lights inside the redneck and you know What they're blue light But we've had deer blow and snort from a Quarter mile away when you turn those

Lights on imagine you're waiting for Someone to get out of the blind over Here You can see the light come on in the Blind whether it's a flashlight or the Lights that come with it with LED and This deer over here is blowing at them And running because they see that light Turn on and instantly They run that's what can mess up a lot Of hunts I think before a hunt even Starts opening day at gun season your Favorite rut hunt your rut cation you go Out to the stand for the first time Using that light and clearing all the Deer out of the area before you even get There whether you have a green lens on It a blue lens a red lens whatever color There is Be very very wary using flashlights Again in the woods I try to keep it as Light as possible meaning as little Light as possible Moonlight is awesome But again I can wreck this entire hunt Before my opening day even begins Legally within legal shooting light by Using a flashlight to get into that Blind especially when I'm working around Inside the blind get get in a little bit Earlier take your time getting stuff Ready really considering dimming down Your lights when you go hunting this Fall for a better hunt this year and Beyond hey folks I really appreciate you

Watching and I want to invite you to Check out our main website Whitetailhabitat I'm going to miss all these but we have Seed to offer hats articles web classes Books consultations and even a new Podcast I think we have 17 podcasts out There right now for you to listen to so We have a lot to offer most of all if You don't want to buy anything I'm going To keep offering free videos free Articles we have over 600 articles on The site and most of all thank you very Much for watching reading listening Being a part of white habitat Solutions If you want to check this stuff out Awesome links are in the description

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