North Idaho Lion Country || ElkShape

North Idaho Lion Country || ElkShape – Mountain Lion hunting with hounds in North Idaho with Clark Fork Outfitters. This is Dan’s second time ever hunting lions and they spend the day on a hot lion track in the Idaho backcountry.
We are able to select a mature male, pay fee’s that go back to conservation, harvest the animal with a quick and humane bow shot, then take the bounty home to process and consume over the remaining months of winter. #ElkShape

Behind The Scenes:

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🚨Video Production🚨

[Music] Two perfect Shots Dan made a great shot dogs did Their job we got a kitty down in Idaho Baby Max Is that's right here look right here Look where your nose in come on right Here right here right here right there Right there yep good boy [Music] Yep [Music] Oh see that shot such a giant animal Man hello hey Tyler quick question for You sir sure if uh there was a guy who Wanted to buy tags in rathum or athl Where would he go like to buy a mountain Line tag on the way to go kill a Mountain Line uh my mar have you had a license Here before Yes I want to see a smoking hot [Music] Track all right so the dudes are above Us they just they let them out cut the Track there's a road that parallels this One we kind of got lucky we were going To meet them up top but they're already On the cat and uh we got the numbers Code so we can track them on the Garmin They're 500 yard we can hear the hounds Right now so hopefully they're on that Cat and getting them in a tree kind of Close to the

Road Okay check out this [Music] Lion yeah I got you so I did cut the Track coming down on the main road but Then looks like Max and KUSI are just Running down but I need to see where it Bail off oh 104 so it like hit the tire Tracks or something I suppose you were Probably just cruising coming in I Weren't really wouldn't have noticed it Anyway huh yeah we were just cruising so I'm going to see if I can find it then Go get them if and get them back Up basically we might have ran over the Cat track so we got to get the dogs back On the freshest track so right now he's Looking for the cat to see where it Dumped Off [Music] Right Here Than KUSI Max come on Max here Max come Here come here Max good boy come here Come here come here come here Max Max Right here look right here look put your Nose in come on right here right here Right here right there right there yep Good boy yep ma right there yep KUSI Come on KUSI come on come on right here Right here come on KUSI come on dog they're cruising now Come on I don't know what her

Name yeah go ahead she's like I think That puppy that Lexi puy just hit the Road got my purple collar on are you Tracking that one I'm petting her I'm Not tracking her but she just hit the Road right by the truck you're going to Find me the kitty come on Lexi let's go Find that kitty here Lexi Lexi here it Is Lexi here Here Lexi Lexi here it is right here Right here right here come on come On there it is yep good Girl [Music] Looks like they came down where we Jumped them off the road and it's Definitely a lot of pressure so Wonder To see what they did if it went up there And made a Loop up toward the main road on the Other side over There back to the road gotta yeah yeah It must have just went up there and made A loop and come back down or something Hopefully it's not giving them a hard Time not one the tree yeah it looks like They're just paring the road and heading Down the creek still looked like pretty Good to I mean he's doing smart things Yeah oh he Definitely being Smart yeah cuz we started at Clear two Canyons over if you go over the top of That mountain basically we were two

Canyons that side of that Ridge line Where we started out they're about ready To come across the road [Music] [Music] Yeah there's that's the Cat Max Here Max Max Ki right here right there right Here right here right there come on Andy [Music] [Music] How hot was this track Like It's pretty Fresh I mean it's hard to say didn't Have any snow in it so it made after Daylight today you know I Mean I would think they got to be I Thought they jumped it you think they Jumped it maybe I don't just down in the Bottom cuz Down Under that tree PA door On that side was like fresh I mean There's no snow in it at all came back Down running up the road yeah I came Down right here and I was just walking Around the corner and that one that Fresh dog you put on she come freaking Barreling down that Hillside it's right In the bottom even slightly on that side Of the creek according to my map do we Want to go down and just hit the creek And walk it up I hope those dogs are Still full of stoke oh there it was like I probably just missed that cat coming Down across the road you think cuz like

I was walking up the corner like just to See where it came and that fresh dog That Leon turned loose was just like she Came off that open spot where I was Standing just freaking hauling we don't Know if it's a male or female yet do we It looks like a ni it the track looks Like a Tom track I think we're well We're treed and so we're driving around This other Road and uh where it's not as Steep and we're going to walk in Probably the creek and Hopefully release [Music] Check [Music] Black But you [Music] Good [Music] N [Music] Oh holy Sh And he Stopped right in the Creek y dude I just saw blood go Everywhere I'm going to need a you guys I had to Get I had to Go I had to shoot up and that first shot Money and then they said get another one In them I went up there and I saw the

Other green Green knock just blow through him so There you got pretty crazy right now and Then he just fell and died in the creek Did you get That Crazy [ __ ] Jeez crying Him Freak getting nerves man that second one Even hit him I don't know if it hit him I think he went right up in that thing I Was sure the second one hit I yeah oh Yeah there that's the first isn't it no That would be the first one based on the Angle yeah the first shot dude I I was At full drop forever but my bubble kept Going far right I'm like all right back Out back out but it's a Tom yeah oh yeah Yeah dude two perfect [Music] Shots Just a such a giant animal man like Pound forp pound so dense muscle bound All they eat is protein and we're going To eat this thing it's awesome we saved Some deer we saved some milk we're with Leon Clark Fork Outfitters we're going To figure out a way so you guys can do What we just did and go with Leon and The squad they're awesome top shelf They're just North Idaho Bros are kind Of people the cat fell from the tree

Right into the creek Oh man it was awesome Jacob pulled out Of the creek first shot this is actually The second shot this is the first shot This is the angle shooting straight up At it we used the uh sric Magnum SS and That probably did it but I got a second Shot Leon was like put another one in Them I said yes sir and that was the Iron Wheel single bevel dude both those Broadheads just absolutely awesome so Now we got to get this thing out we're Fighting daylight it's snowing uh Awesome Adventure thanks for coming with Us and checking it [Music] Out [Music] [Music] [Music] What are you eating Ground mountain [Music] Lion mountain lion [Music] Burger

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