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Okay we are live in Montana Thompson Falls sitting next to Dan Evans on a Podcast what's up Dan Never thought it would happen did you Six years I know I reached out the first year Because I'm like oh I know Dan Evans I'll get him on the Pod and uh that got Shut down pretty fast [Music] Yeah we haven't it's been a while Haven't been to get haven't gotten Together for a long time You're doing great man you look healthy Family is healthy everyone's growing up Fast business is doing well Nothing's really changed man you love Elk hunting Nope just older yeah yep things some Things change I've noticed when you get Old yeah no doubt I think for me getting You on today everyone wants to hear About elk stories and stuff and guys We'll get you some maybe but I want to Get to know the real Dan Evans so where Were you born where did you where Were You Raised While I was born in Ontario Oregon but My dad was a a pastor all the time so I Was a preacher's kid so we moved quite a Bit so basically even though I was born In Oregon the first four years of my Life we lived in Alaska And uh I don't remember much of that of

Course since I was that age but when When I was four we moved back down and Lived down and near a little tiny town Near Boise Idaho for a few years and Then I kind of consider my main growing Up area as Salmon Idaho so that's and That's where I know Jared Lyle from now It's starting to make sense Jared and I Went to grade school together in salmon And I lived there from the time I was Seven until I was 12. knowing how Obnoxious and and I mean that in a Complimentary way Jared Lyle is as an Adult male right now like I give him a Hard time I'm like I can't believe You're a CEO the way you behave and he's Going to listen to this so Jared I love You buddy but how crazy was Jared Growing up in grade school Well it's funny because My family nobody hunted in my family and Jared's family hunted and trapped and Everything so I love to be around that So every chance I got I would hang out At their place and I can remember one little quick story About Jared of course he grew up with That and so his dad liked to trap and I Remember being over there one time and His dad wanted him to flesh out some Hides I think it was coyotes or Something and I was all about that oh Let's do it in Jared he wasn't too Excited at all because of course then he

Had to do that all the time that was a Chore But Yeah no we We came from kind of totally different Family Lifestyles but Jared and I hit it Off from the time we were young then and Then we kept in touch off and on after I Moved away from there All the way through until I called him One day with when I was with trophy Taker the first few after the first few Years I was at a point where I needed Some help and so I called him and I said Hey would you like to come work with me So he worked with me for 14 years and We've Been great friends our whole life Basically it's it's a it's a great story When you can work with one of your best Friends and come out of it being good Friends at the end too yeah you're right Salmon's beautiful Um how long did you stay in Salmon did You graduate high school there no I was Only there until I was 12. and then we Moved to Elgin Oregon and I lived there For a few years and then moved up to Ione Washington you lived in high my own Yeah holy smoke so we lived there for a Few years so like I said we moved around A lot my dad was a pastor really yeah For until I was six and then I think he Was tired of us being dirt floor poor

And he's like I'm gonna get a real job So I do remember a little bit of PK Pastor kid days uh but it's tough yeah You know you do have congregations and All the ins and outs of that and people Think maybe your parents are more strict Than other parents and they probably are But all in all is good it was good but You didn't grow up in a hunting family Do you think some of that time around Jared's family like planted a seed Well it's interesting that I was always Interested in it you know I thought Coming from the background I did You wouldn't think I would maybe get an Interest but I loved shooting bows from The time I was a little kid my uncle Gave me my first bow it was just a Recurve I still have it upstairs Actually and I can remember you know Going out behind the house and hiking Around the fields and stuff with that Bow and Years later I went back to salmon and I Stopped in at a little Sporting Goods Store that I used to go to and the lady Working there still remembered me she Says oh you're the kid that always would Ride his bike in here and buy one Arrow Every every time I had saved enough Money for one Arrow I'd head to town and Get one really that's great I think uh Salmon is one of my favorite areas just It's beautiful

Um I own Washington's probably not one of My favorite areas but uh it's a it's Beautiful Um you're right there what is that the Uh what rivers runs through ion there It's at the Ponder Ponderay up high yeah Yep up high there and it is still good Country I don't make it up there as much As I I'd like to but Washington's fine Well your family upbringing they nobody Nobody hunted nobody ate meat I would Assume in your family either nope my Family was vegetarian growing up so my Dad had eaten meat went younger in his Younger years but At some point I think when he was Late teens or early 20s he quit eating Meat and my mom was a vegetarian from The time they met so I grew up Vegetarian I didn't actually start Eating meat until I was in high school Really yeah Did you have to like sneak eating meat Is it well no not really I mean I went To boarding school for high school and So I was gone from home most of the time After My sophomore year I actually took home School the first year because I was I Was into training horses at that time oh Really yeah so I actually started I actually got interested in horses to Impress a girl

That I liked and she was really into Horses so I started getting into horses For that reason but then I did that work By the way no I I ended up with the best Girl for me though so that worked out Yeah so but No but the horse thing kind of caught on To me for a while and so I actually Trained horses that's how I earned money Going through school I did that for Quite a few years and actually trained Horses full time for a couple years After college even before I before I Really kicked into anything else that Makes sense man you remind your story Kind of reminds me of one of my one of My best friends his name's Josh and he's Seventh day his wife's a vegan or a Vegetarian and he basically is also but If he kills animals he's a hunter he'll Eat that but no one else in the family Will touch it and then his boy is in Boarding school right now and he's like I think a freshman and it seems like Maybe that's kind of like a general like Parallel to you well that's the that's My dad was a Seventh-Day Adventist Pastor okay and that's yeah so that's What I've grown up in and that's why I Went to boarding school went to one of The our church schools and so yeah There's and that's fairly common in our Church there's a lot of vegetarians but There's a lot that aren't too it's not a

It's not a church doctrine that you Don't eat meat but but it is very Prevalent no that makes sense well when Did you decide I guess To go after archery a little more Serious like when did I mean A recurve's one thing but like at some Point you got hooked into archery well When I I lived in Elgin Oregon from the Time I was 12 until I was 15. and my Neighbor Was kind of a backyard archery dealer Back then there was quite a few of those And so he didn't have an archery shop But he had some kind of a system set up And he's the first one that ever took me Bow hunting so he had a son that was my Age and they loaned me their my first Compound really it was a Martin warthog I don't know if you ever remember seeing Those bows but it had a wood handle and So I borrowed that from him for A while I think probably a year and then I bought my first one through them after I saved up money I bought a Martin Tiger But anyway uh that neighbor his name was Dale thamert and he took me hunting for The first time and I guess that's where My trophy hunting mentality started Because I I distinctly remember our First encounter where he actually called In a bull to me and how old are you at This point ah that would have been I Would have just taken my hunter safety

And stuff so I was I think I was 13 Probably It may have been the last year when I Was 14. so 13 or 14. and Anyway when he he called there was a Spike and a raghorn five point And the spike came right in to within 10 Yards but the whole time all I could Think about was that five point that was Back there and I just waited well after It all blew up I don't remember exactly What how they spooked but I remember him Coming up to me and he goes what's the Deal You had that bull right there I'm like Yeah but there was a five point back There who cares he says yeah dude you Deserve that that's that's why you hunt And that's why I hunt we all hunt for Different different ways and different Yeah things and obviously even right now Present you and I a bull you wouldn't Even look twice at is definitely Probably a pool I'm gonna like maybe go After it's just a different deal but It's still cool that we like hunting Yeah no we all gotta hunt for our own Reasons I don't think everybody It never should be that we all fit in The same mold it's whatever you're after You know and I've hunted for the most Part all these years the way I like to Hunt and the way I feel like I would Hunt whether anybody knew about it or

Not yeah and that's that's worked well For me But I mean I know it's easy to get Caught up in Letting other reasons enter into your Equation but that's the way I think it Should be hunt the way you want to hunt Don't worry about what else or what Anybody else thinks yeah There is that's interesting I do think We'll come back to that a little bit as Far as the Privado and the ego and Hunting because your resume is pretty Deep on killing big bulls but if you Hung around Dan I mean you're the last One you're a very humble guy I guess is My point of that which I really respect Um Anyone who is ever coming up to me and Showing me something uninitiated on Their phone I just remember when iPhones Came out and ATA show is like look at This this this look at this like I don't Know I'm so like that is uh I just have A bad taste in my mouth but if there's Someone like you where I gotta like Basically beg you to show me a picture And you're like okay that's the best When they're like you're just humble About it you're modest and I just There's not enough of that right now I Didn't I didn't really realize you were Supposed to take hunting pictures to Trade shows uh but I I did figure out

That that that was expected by a lot of People I guess but I used my hunting for Promotion of my products because Obviously I got into that business so I Did take my hunting photos to trade Shows usually they were on my graphics And stuff you know But yeah I don't I you know I've never Looked at it as a competition Against other people I think hunting is A it's a personal thing I mean I have Seen a lot of people kind of make it Into a competition it seems like but Boy it'll humble you in a hurry I mean If you get if you get caught up in it I've put a lot of pressure on myself Sometimes just by setting my standards a Certain place Or realizing that my standards are Unrealistic for where I'm hunting and it Can get disappointing in a hurry you Know so I don't know for me I try to keep the bottom line bottom Line as enjoying the hunt for what I Like out of it and it doesn't have to be What somebody else likes out of it the Reason why I do think you're arguably One of the best elk Hunters I know Is because you've averaged 50 days in The field For 30 years straight Yeah it's been a lot of days and that's What people don't see of course I don't

Feel like I have a A set of Skills that are way better than Everybody else I feel like I've had a Set of circumstances and combined with Skills that has worked out well I feel Like there's a lot of people out there That if they had had The same Opportunities I've had well they'd have A trophy room that looked probably Better than mine you know so I've been Very blessed to be able to spend a lot Of time and a lot of money over the Years I mean hunting you know my first The first 10 years or so that I hunted I Didn't have hardly any extra money but I Spent a lot of time And the last 20 years or so I've had More money I could spend and I've still Spent the time so that's a big Combination but As you've seen too you you meet a lot of People Because there's a lot of people that Have big dreams from especially elk Hunting but I've I've seen a lot of Times over the years where There's good hunters and they get a lot Of opportunities but they don't put the Effort in to learn to shoot well enough To capitalize on them And then there's guys that are great Shots they put a lot of time into

Shooting but they don't know how to hunt They're they don't get opportunities Because they don't have a good shot they Don't have a a good You know plan and system well if you can Put both of those together and be a a Fairly good shot and Know your equipment and then if you can Learn the hunting end of it I didn't Have anybody teaching me so I had to Spend a lot of time But you can also do it other ways you Can pay pay to go with somebody that Knows what they're doing you can go hunt With a good Outfitter and that's going To shortcut your your learning curve for Sure I never really did that so it I had To put that much time in yeah and that's Kind of what you and I have always kind Of had this bond is that I knew I knew you right in the middle of my elk Hunting learning curve is when I first Met you And I was hunting country that you no Longer had hunted you had graduated as I Call it graduated oh you just got smart Uh but I was hunting you know that thick Nasty steep deep North Idaho country and I was always picking your brain always If you don't remember I can rely I'm Always hounding you for I wouldn't say Like hey where should I go but like how Should I hunt these yeah I need tactics And you were always super encouraging

Um and motivating to me just if I talk To you just put that spark that fire to Keep after it not give up and I was like You I had a lot of time in the field Like didn't have a lot of money it was Expensive to buy an out of state tag but I had the time I mean I would quit jobs For elk hunting oh yeah and uh that was The killer for me but North Idaho was Training grounds and you've said the Same thing earlier today like that was Your that was your training grounds yeah What is it about the place well That was just where I was that was the First place that I started finding elk You know because I of where I lived I Lived close by so I remember the first Time going on a little scouting trip Back into northern Idaho and a friend of Mine and I were Way back in on these roads we were Pretty much lost And I spotted a great bull I mean it was A bit one of the best Bulls I had ever Seen at that point and I thought man I've got a hun in here well the next Year I ended up getting an Idaho tag and I had never killed a bull at that time So this was 1992 and I went to find that same place which of Course this was way way pre-gps days and Stuff so I went to find that same place And I went to go up the road that we had

Gotten in there and there it was gated Because I went through some Timber Company land I guess and so I spent a Bunch of time trying to figure out how To get in there and I ended up having to Backpack back in to get to the area Where I'd seen that bowl long story Short I did end up killing a bull that Year At about five or six steps in the Alderbrush and when I walked up to that Bowl I do remember though getting Terribly rattled on that first that First bull I still remember coming to Full draw because I was shooting fingers With a compound and when I came to full Draw I suddenly realized that I was Anchored up here by my eye like a Traditional shooter which is not the way I was normally normally I would anchor You know But I realized it before I shot at that Distance it may have worked anyway but I I still remember thinking wow this is Really rattling me you know and then When I walked up to the bull after I Killed him I was by myself and I remember thinking Man this is what I like to do yep so he Was a a little over 300 inch six point Really nice really nice Bull and I was hooked So It Begins so up again Yep yeah you did catch some of that North Idaho Heyday hunted it for 10

Years 10 years when along those 10 years And I'm staring at your best Idaho Bowl Right now North Idaho bowling yep he's a Dandy when did you when did you figure Out how to make an archery rest Well I designed the first rest Basically because I had had problems With other rests on the market so I took Engineering in in school in college but I took civil engineering didn't have a Lot to do with Product design But I was always interested in Design and I had a couple of Arrow rests break on Me at inopportune times not hunting but Actually just just shooting And I started looking at some of the Rest that I had been using and I thought Man they're using awful small screws to Hold important components together and Things And then I started playing with Fall Away type rests now I I can't take Credit for the Fall Away design because There had been Fall Away rests before But nobody had ever built a good one so There weren't any on the market Currently when I when I started working On my first design anyway and I had seen There was a couple other people Glenn Berry he was shooting a fallaway rest I Think he was the first one I ever saw it

On somebody's bow and he was just taking A a golden key TM Hunter rest and Reversing the the spring so that it Would pull up you know connected to the Cable on the boat So I thought well that's an interesting Concept so I started modifying rests and Shooting but then I I was thinking the Same thing the durability issues so That's when I I actually just sat down I Had just gotten married Karen and I got Married in the spring of 97 and we Bought a little house over by deborgia Montana just over the pass over here and I started just drawing Arrow rest ideas because I wanted to Make a better at first I was going to Just make a A kit to modify an existing rest on the Market but then I got to thinking well Why should I why would I do that just Make a kit for that rest let's just see If I can just build make a whole rest so Anyway long story short I got it Designed up drawn up the way I thought It would work that winter and I Approached a machine shop and Made a first prototype if I remember Right I think I spent seven or eight Hundred dollars to make this prototype And it didn't work oh no but that's fine It gave me a an idea of what I was doing And it wasn't long until I did have it Where it worked and Karen and I scraped

Together all the money we could and we Made 200 Arrow rests you gambled oh we Did wait on yourself yeah I want to say It cost us about six thousand dollars I Think and Anyway make long story short I it took Me Most of two years to give away and sell Those first 200 Arrow rests but It started to catch on you know I was Shooting 3D Quite a bit and Karen was too and we Were doing well and traveling to a lot Of shoots and so we would show up and And do well and get to know people and People would notice this on my bow and So they'd start talking to them they'd Be like Oh well man you know maybe we Would try that or whatever So I did give away the biggest Percentage of those first 200 but In 2000 was the first year that it was My full-time business wow so what was Your side hustle I mean obviously the Rest was your side Hustle but what were You doing for real work to bring in Income well After school I actually worked for a Little while at the outdoor sportsman Josh Jones dad Mark Jones owned that in Spokane and I worked there for a little While in between things and then when Karen and I got married and moved over To deborgia we actually both were

Working a little bit for a phone company And she was more than I was and then her Parents actually helped us be able to Buy our first little house and it needed Some serious work and so then I ended up Fixing up the house as kind of the Project for the next little while and That's when I designed the rest So I never I didn't really have a Another full-time job in between and Then When we sold the first rest I started Getting big ideas and I thought well Maybe maybe I can make something go on This you know and then so 2000 was the First year that it actually was a Full-time where I actually made an Income off of it and then the business Tripled year over year for the next Three years in a row and 2002 is when I Hired Jared called Jared yeah And so J Dog I need you and you know What Jared is really good at business I Like blown away at how smart he is oh Yeah when it comes to business he's yeah That was a good hire yeah well he and I He already knew some some things on the Business end and then he and I learned Some things together as we went through It for the year over the 14 years for Sure so it was quite the 14-year run Yeah 14 years and then in 2016 Um I decided to finally take an offer from

An investment group that there had been Several of them knocking on the door There was a lot of that going on in the Archery industry at that time So I finally decided to sell and it Worked out well for for Jared too Because at the same time he got the Offer to go to hunting fool and so It worked out well without me needing to You know I didn't want to leave him high And dry either so it worked out great to Have that timing yes of when his job Came and then I think that's worked out Well for him oh yeah he's killing it He's got an awesome team and so in 14 Years of running Um a rest company you'd mentioned Earlier today you were like you know Just kind of a knuckle dragger at the Beginning but really adapting and Learning and understanding like studying The Top Line not the bottom line in the Rest business and money was coming in And that's great and we're doing but man You had a ton of overhead you spent a Lot on marketing and r d and yeah all The stuff and Um that stuff's tough to learn through Reading or a class in college it is Um Jared had taken more business stuff in School so he did he did know more about The business end of things than I did And I was learning as I went

But Yeah so we we learned a lot through Through the years but yeah the the basic Thing I learned is the bottom line is What matters much more than the Top Line When it comes to running a business And if you doesn't really matter how Much money you have coming in It's how much you have at the end After all the expenses and I I Understand I mean it's I've experienced That I'm kind of a I'm not a very good Business guy but I've been self-employed For so long that Um I think I've gotten lucky to be Honest with you I'm not really strategic When it comes to a business plan and all This stuff but bottom lines are Important but in your neck of the woods In your space like there's a lot of Stressors too like in the archery Industry like somebody's always suing Somebody about some patent you copied me Copied that did you have any Confrontations anybody coming after you Do you have to go after anyone when it Came to that that end of the business Well I did have some there was a I never Have sued anybody over Anything involved in the business but I've been sued Um you know there was a big lawsuit There was a guy that thought that he had A patent that covered all follow ways

Basically Which it didn't and I kind of blew it Off at the first you know now knowing Now what I he got a whole the first time He got a hold of me he said hey I've got Your arrow rest ins on my backup bow and It works just like the one that I have a Patent applied for on well this was Clear back in the early days when I also Had a patent applied for at the same Time and so he's like I just want to see If you got yours protected you know Whatever and I said yeah I do and that was it and I'm thinking He's got my rest on his backup bro I Mean this guy how serious is this guy You know well come to find out as it got Down a few years later He actually found an attorney that took It on some kind of a contingency plan I Don't know what the deal was but he Filed suits against every at that time Back up just a little bit when I first Introduced it there weren't other rests On the market other follow arrests right But I did not have a strong patent on it And like I said the following concept Had been done before so I couldn't Patent the following concept the way it Worked I just patented my design and it Was a very narrow pattern So over the first few years when it Started doing well other companies Started building their version of course

And so by the time this guy came and Filed a lawsuit there was a lot of Followers on the market so he didn't Just sue me he sued all these other Companies but there's where I learned Another lesson Since all these other companies had Built most of them had built copies of My rest not all of them there was a few Qad I think was one they did their own Thing that was not a copy of my rest but Pretty much a bunch of the other ones Were copies of my rest and so I was kind Of I wasn't happy about that so I did Not want to join forces with all of them To fight this guy on this lawsuit so I Chose to fight it on my own and they all Joined forces which was smart looking Back at it now I should have joined yeah At the end of the lawsuit I had spent a Half a million dollars on representation And I think they as a group had spent a Little more than that but it was split Up 12 ways oh man so that was a lesson I Learned Um that's a fun lesson we did win it Basically got to the summary judgment Stage and they threw it out basically They said that their patent was not Valid was basically It got to the point where they Ran out of money anyway and but I Learned a big lesson on that that it's Better to join forces with somebody that

You're not necessarily on the same page With sometimes to share expenses when it Comes down to it yeah man that's tough So how I've sold a couple businesses nothing Like trophy taker That's your baby dude was it hard to Sell or was it like a was like tell me About the emotion involved in the cell Like you had built this thing up from The ground well It it was a little different though in My case because at first I was not gonna Sell it Until it came up when we were already Kind of in negotiations and it came up To the point and the company I worked With was actually very good to work with I mean they did everything they said They would do I After some of the stories I had heard in The industry I was I was paranoid yeah You know but they were actually good to Work with Um but when we got down to the bottom Line they said well we'll Pay this much And I'm like yeah I wouldn't I'm not Gonna sell it for that much but then They said well here's the deal we're Just basing things on sales the last Three years of sales So You have some new products

That you've just designed I had just Introduced the options site and the Equivalizer Well the first year that I introduced Those products I didn't make any profit On them really yeah so they're looking At the numbers and they're saying well These products aren't making any money These products are You can keep the products that aren't Making money if you want and I said oh Really So you mean so you you're willing to pay The same amount and I keep the option Site in the quivolizer and they said Yeah I said okay now I'm interested That's so yeah no one knows that that's So cool to hear so So it wasn't quite like giving up my Whole Baby as you say you know I mean the Trophy taker brand was of course my Brand but Liz in my mind it's you with The bull as the logo but I kept the Products I was most excited about at That time so you know the arrow rest I'd Had for a long time and There wasn't a lot setting it apart from What was out there otherwise yeah Because I mean you look around at the Rest even a lot of them are still around Now and they what do they look like well That's what they look like and that's Fine I mean I guess they say flattery is

The How do they say it it's the best Compliment or something anyway imitation Oh yeah imitation yeah okay well anyway So because I was keeping my new designs That I had patents pending on and that I Was really excited about And then since that time I actually had Patents issued that are very strong Patents on on the option site I've got a Patent that covers removing pins from Your view basically yep So like there's no other products on the Market that work like that that give you That option and same thing on the Equivalizer I've got a patent on Basically combining a quiver with a Stabilizer on the front of your bow like That and so there's no other products Like that on the market either So That is where option archery started so I didn't feel like I it wasn't like I Was jumping out of the whole Market you Know yeah and that's the truth you Weren't you Got to do the more exciting part well Yeah I mean I signed a non-compete when I sold but the non-compete was only for Arrow rests and broadheads Which didn't limit didn't limit me I had A sunset so yeah that's pretty exciting And that thing expired recently that's Cool to hear let's talk about option

Archery the equivalizer definitely guys Check that out uh Dan runs it and um [Music] We got a train in the house but I would Say that the canyon pounder is what I Really wanted to kind of chat about a Little bit and then obviously finish With some elk tactics the You sent me this site a while ago and Then I knew I wanted to I knew it was Going to be a candidate for me for elk Hunting I'd hunted with a two pin Vertical last year Love the sight picture kind of went from A fast Eddie to a black gold dual track And I just really like that platform but It does not bode well for elk hunting Where elk decided to step out when they Decide to step out and you could get Busted ranging adjusting sliding Whatever already be at full draw they Come in but you don't get the shot and They run out and stop at a certain Distance that you ain't got a pen for I think you know that you've killed over 40 over 20 25 Bulls over 350 inches all All of them like public land self-guided The dude is like I said you're one of The best outcomes I know It's not gonna work for me so I knew I Had to come back to my roots Four or five pan and I talked to you and You're like dude I think you really need To look at this Canyon pounder and I was

Like what'd you call it and you're like The canyon pounder what a name well I Mean Jared and I used to sit around and talk About ideas for product names and stuff And of course we always Jared I'll turn my phone off Or is that your fault that's you or is That you that's me okay Um Let me silence it here there we go Anyway we used to always get a kick out As rolling around ideas for names and For some reason I've always enjoyed Names that can be taken wrong or can be Had fun with yeah which is fine but I Mean the big thing with the canyon Pounder obviously it's more of a term Used in long-range rifle yeah Um And this is probably a good place to say Because I get messages all the time and Comments on posts and stuff of people That think that I'm promoting long-range Hunting which is not true I'm I'm Promoting Long-range practicing and that's what I Believe in I believe in practicing it Twice the range or even more than twice The range of what you're going to hunt 100 yeah so The canyon pounder is is for exactly how It sounds for long bombs for practice

And there may be times where you need it For a follow-up shot in hunting too but From a hunting point of view that's Where you know personal ethics need to Govern govern what you're going to take On shots you need to not take shots that You're not 100 confident in And that knee there's a lot of variables That enter so shooting at game at the Ranges that we're practicing is Not Practical in pretty much any scenario You know I've done 25 something elk Shaped camps in the last five years and I said this in my last podcast I'm going To briefly just cover it because it Applies to what you're saying we have Them tell us their effective range like Their maximum range that they're willing To shoot on an elk and then when we First get to camp we don't even know Them there's 30 to 50 of them we're like Grab your bow grab one Arrow I gotta I Got it all printed out I'm like all Right Dan Evans you said your Mac your Maximum effective range was 75 yards Step out to 75 and put one in the 10 Ring yeah and they got to do it in front Of me Joel all the instructors and 30 Campers and we make a half circle around Them I do it on purpose Because I've bet 10 percent Actually hit what they thought was their Effective range and it's a stressful Situation right you're yeah perception

Is that all Everyone's Watching and uh Man so I do think a lot of people need To understand that If you want to extend your effective Range truly you have to practice I love Shooting honestly Dan I like shooting as Far as I can actually shoot I shot a Target at 300 yards on YouTube but I Mean 100 plus yard shots 120 yard shots I'm never gonna take those on the animal But that sure makes 60 seem like a Chip Shot which is crazy right yeah no that's Exactly true I mean at any time we feel Pressure Yeah I always think at least for myself Whenever I am feeling the pressure Really pressured it cuts the effective Distance in half at least shrinks it Yeah and I feel pressure just like Anybody else does you know I mean even The hunting when I'm in hunting Situations it's probably a good thing I'm the only one there usually because Then otherwise everybody would know that I was shaking Too you know but you have to learn to be Able to control that and let I know you Guys work on your in your camps and Stuff and with Joel Turner or Joe Turner On the executing the shot so I find when I'm nervous whether it's shooting in Front of somebody or whether it's Hunting I shake you know a little bit so But I can still execute a clean shot but

I'm not going to be able to shoot as Tight if I'm shaking and then I've also Noticed I tend to do that a little more As I've gotten older too you know what I Think there's a reason why they set the 50-year cut off for the senior class Yeah well I do think the canyon pounder Like I'm going to give it a go I have it On a bow that I can consider elk hunting It just makes a lot of sense and if you Guys listen to this podcast we are Making the dopest YouTube video clam Over here is going to edit it and this Is day in the life with Dan and it's we Have we have him break down every little Thing on this site that he designed here In Montana so be sure to I'll leave a Link in this to check out that video and See for yourself it's pretty cool but Speaking of shaking you said you had About a Target Panic yeah and you were Used to use handhelds and now you've Moved on you still could use a handheld But like you're like I don't compete Anymore I'm going to use the release Aid That I use hunting year round but take Us through how you conquered Not Conquered that's not the right word how You mitigated the target Panic what year Did it sneak up on you man yeah well I Started shooting in 3D In the mid 90s and the first year I went Back to the IBO World Championships was 96.

Pretty sure if I remember right Well by 97 I had my target Panic was Starting to get the better of me enough And for everybody that has fought with It you know that you'll hit a point Where pretty soon you realize that You're not in control anymore and so it Got to the point where I couldn't I Couldn't even get my finger on the Trigger so I'd have to my finger would Either be behind the trigger or I would Try to try to work myself through it so I would lay my finger on the trigger Have my wife standing there hollering at Me in my face you know trying to get Things like I see Joel Turner really and Anyway I was really having problems Um especially whenever I'd go to a shoot Or whatever and I was still doing well At the shoots but I knew in my head it Was catching up with me and I was Getting to the point where I was Shooting when it wasn't before the pin I Was past shooting basically so I'd have The pin going past and then punch it as It was going past what I wanted to hit And I actually shot pretty well doing it For quite a while but I knew it was Catching me so that winter I thought man I've got to do something about this or I'm not going to have any fun shooting Anymore at all Foreign

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