Post Whitetail Season Antics | New Bowhunting Gear, Trade Show Season, & Fun with Celebrity Hunters!

Todd & Justin update us on what they’ve been doing since whitetail season ended! Updates from the ATA Show in St. Louis, the NWTF Show in Nashville, and the results of their trip to the Lancaster Archery Classic!

Hey guys welcome back to yet another Episode of bow hunter die and I tell you What it has been a busy busy 3 months Justin yes sir we got to we got to like Kind of rewind reflect we got to kind of Like go back in time yeah we got to Reflect we don't need to reflect like Way back but we need to at least reflect Back to gosh I would say January with The ATA show and bring people up to date Some of the stuff that you saw I was I Was sick I wasn't legely sick it was Real I even sent you videos to prove That I was legitimately sick yeah you Were just in your underwear it was a Little weird and at one point I thought Like I was the only one getting the Underwear videos until I think I was Talking to PJ maybe at at the show and He's like Todd sent me this weird video Of him and his underwear I was like oh For there for a while there I thought it Was like special like I got the good Video but he was just sending it to Everybody hey you send that to all the Guys no I'm just telling you we went to The Bahamas life was good I we got home and man Sony went down First and I was like okay I didn't get This baby I went I did like this big Hard 60 mile bike ride I was feeling Really good and I'm like you know what Babe I'm going to head out to the farm I'm driving out to the farm I was going

To go hunting I remember and I and I Like I me I got like within a half hour Of the place I'm like oh boy I'm not Going to be going Hunting and you didn't leave the farm For a week I was sick it was bad yeah But ATA that's why it wasn't ATA it is real They even show the underwear shot here Yeah ATA I don't know I don't know it Was eh it was eh I would say at best There was just nothing that I was Excited I think probably did it dude St Louis wasn't as bad as I thought it was Going to be minus the gunshots and like Police cars you know and that was real I Heard that from multiple people but I Mean the the the venue was pretty good Loading in was good loading out was Pretty good we kind of got yelled at the Guy's like you can't go out that door And I was like well we're leaving anyway So here we go but as far as just you Know attendance and cool products to Look at it was just kind of lackluster In my opinion you know I just I didn't See anything that I was like super super Excited about not that I didn't see Products that I thought were were cool Or nice or neat or whatever but you know ATA I think is that you have you go in With the expectation of like I can't Wait to see what's there like there's Going to be something there that's going

To change the way we do something and How many years you been going to that With me uh this is the first year I Missed in 20 years and I've been going Longer than 20 wow I think 2005 might have been my first ATA show So next year would be 20 but obviously We missed Co when it shut down or Whatever but I don't give me wrong it Was still cool it was still fun well I Mean I think what we need to do though I Was talk about a couple cool videos Justin I mean you know what we you did a Really good job with the you know with The Broadhead Roundup I me I think People every year are always interested In different broadheads and what's Coming out you can definitely have Unhealthy fascination with broadheads as Bow hunters in my opinion we we just we Can't get enough broadheads it's like Ammo to do with guns man I'm sorry but It's like it's like the one thing man That you just every year you're screwing On you're getting ready you're putting Them on your arrows dude it is what it Is I Know it is what it is love broadheads Saddle gear we released that video but Listen I mean Justin I I wasn't there so I didn't get the first pick but I was Lucky enough and I'm going to bring this Thing out because I tell you what man I'm pumped I love this baby and I'm

Going to talk about it okay and I know You you you you know what this baby is And I know we did a video at the ATA Show on this revolver camera by Stealth Cam I mean this this thing is slick I've Been testing it I've been using it I Didn't get one to test conveniently Enough because you don't use cameras as Much as I use cameras I love material Cameras this is an accurate stat I have A problem and I'll fully admit it but I'm telling you what this baby here is Like R2-D2 you put this looks like R2D2 You put this thing out in the middle of A small plot or even a large plot and When this has multiple sensors okay You're talking six sensors when when an Animal triggers this you get a full 360 Shot we're going to put up a couple Videos here what's the benefit of that So so let me just say I'm going to so You're not really facing the camera in Any direction don't even worry about That doesn't matter so a deer walks by Over here I'm a deer I get my picture Taken can I just stop it for one second Sure imagine that scenario right there But think of it this way this one camera Is six cameras think of it that way way Yeah know I get it gets motioned here You get that photo that photo this photo This photo and this photo there zones Right but I think you can adjust it so If you mounted it let's say on a tree

Yeah you could adjust it to where it's Only doing like 180 in front of you I'll Tell you what though I got this one set Of photos of this dough and then all of A sudden you see like holy moly like Dude if I would have just had this Camera where I thought the deer were Kind of feeding but then you start it's Like you're like oh my gosh there's like There's like 15 Deer over there I mean It's like that's the stuff that just Completely your that you get yeah Because I've always said this like trail Cameras are covering such a narrow Little space and we put so much stock Into either the pictures we're getting Or not getting and and I use this as an Example a Lot most of my hunts nowadays that I go On Are probably within eyesight of of a Trail camera let's just face back dude Almost everywhere I go I could see one Of my cameras somewhere even if it might Be the other side of the field I could See a camera and a lot of those times You go out and hunt and you may see six Seven 8 nine 10 deer in a hunt and not One of them was in front of your camera Yeah but if you're going just based on Trail camera data from that let's say You're not hunting that night you're Just at home and your trail camera Checks in at dark and you're like oh man

It was a slow night tonight there wasn't Any deer anywhere but in reality I saw 10 of them toight it was a great hunt it Just none of them were in front of my Camera I think this does address that to A certain degree because it gives you so Much more a coverage area we'll put this Up while we're talking about Jus but Take a look at this here so this is Right from the app you can see here this Is the shot that triggered it okay so Zone 4 triggered this really nice fck That's that's a great deer it's a nice Nice Survivor for next year but now you Can go click on Zone one and be like Okay check that out there were two deer Over there nothing in that zone doesn't Look like any in that zone that was the Photo that triggered it now watch this Whoa look what we got here one two three Four five six deer you know and then you Got this dild that's just going around The back deer is the same is that deer Yeah yeah it is it is it is but I mean This is just one example of where this And look at the size of this particular Field if you have this thing on top of a Ridgetop with a nice food plot or or Maybe even just putting this thing right In the middle of a water hole or Something like that I mean just what you Could get is going to be cool there's Going to be a lot of cool content for Yeah I think it's going to be I think

It's a maybe not an ultra specific use Case but I definitely think this thing Is going to shine in a field or on a Field Edge or something like that why Don't they going to be taking pre-orders On this baby it's coming quick it's Coming quick we're we're we're working On it but it's coming it's coming I was Told today I could mention it so I'm Mentioning it oh well pre-orders are Coming soon I believe production cameras Are July scheduled to be shipping in July so right about the time when the Bucks are putting on the racks we're We're going to be getting them how many Batteries this thing take is it 12 well Listen I mean speaking of batteries I Mean have you seen the new feature they Have too with the lithium battery option Too have you seen that that will not be Available for this camera it will be Available other Trail C which is going To be pretty cool yes it'll be a Rechargeable lithium battery pack that Goes inside of like your cell cameras I Think they increased all the cell Cameras to be how many 16 batteries Batteries and the cell Camas yeah yeah So that'll be pretty nice cuz they'll Last longer I don't know about all I Think the new models just the new models Just the new models for this year with The exception of this one this one will Not have the lithium battery packs but

The other ones will yeah so yeah I'm Excited like my cameras I didn't make it To ATA but there were some cool products We got a lot of videos that we still Haven't put up yet we're kind of going To bleed those out you know through as The here the thing I where I and I don't Want to like seem like I'm poo pooing Everything kind of started po pooing it Just saying I mean there's a lot of Products where like if you already have A product a lot of the stuff that came Out May not be like eh I want to upgrade To that it may be incrementally better Than what you had but there's a lot of Really cool stuff out there where like If you're not into saddle hunting or you Started saddle hunting 5 years ago and Now you want to upgrade to some of like The new gear that's out like there is Some badass stuff out there it just like For me I was like wellow there's some Cool stuff out there but it's not that Much better than what I already have so Maybe I won't upgrade but if I got Something that's 2 three four years ago Or I'm just looking to get into saddle Hunting today like the amount of cool Saddle hunting stuff that's out there Today versus just a couple years ago is Astounding like that category is just Blowing up and you've more options for Climbing sticks and accessories and Platforms and Saddles and saddle bag

Attachments and just all sorts of stuff At all sorts of different price points Too which is nice now so again I don't Want to seem like I'm coming off like There's just nothing out there like There is no there's stuff to buy some Stuff to buy for sure there's definitely Stuff to buy but you know I I I mean the Saddle thing has been proven to just Being a real effective way to hunt I Mean it's just according to PJ PJ said He doesn't like it well PJ sticking with His tree he's just too old just too Old I am smart enough to know a wise man Is smart enough to know when to shut his Mouth so I'm going to shut my mouth and We're going to move on to the next cool Event that we did Justin Wow wow I'm gonna start off by just Saying I don't think I've ever seen that Much mossy oak camouflage both on men And women in my life un compared until We made it down to Nashville To the nwtf show which was a hit wow I Think I want to say I got an email after The show was over and I think it was North of 880,000 people unbelievable Through that event in what was it three Days Thursday Friday Saturday and uh Yeah to your point holy cow like it was I haven't been to a consumer show that Was that packed in a long time like to Where you can't even move down the Aisles it was an awesome show we got to

Meet tons of fun it definitely kept us In the booth because it was sa for Staying in the booth go to the bathroom And I was like oh my i' look down the Aisle like oh I got to go walk through That to go to the bathroom yeah it was It was great to get out and and and Obviously meet a bunch of people from The South and you know just just see the Crowds met people from all over the United States I met people from Maine People from Florida met a guy from the Upper Peninsula people from Ohio Wisconsin like there was literally People everywhere that came to that show I was amazed if you haven't made it to That show you know what what's good About the venue of this show and I and I Think a lot of you know families are Just kind of embracing it is just the Location where it's at being close to Nashville everything about it was good It was good yeah it's at the it's at the Opy Land Resort and Convention Center think It was called something like that like What an amazing place like giant hotel Yeah restaurants on site like I think There's like a water park for kids like It was it's got It's an amazing place so Yes if you're looking for like an excuse To go on a vacation to Nashville and Your wife's like man I really don't want To go to the turkey show but you're like

Babe it's in Nashville it's at this Awesome place we can go out at night and Do the Nashville thing like what a what A great excuse to be able to go to like A fun show in a really cool place at a Time of year when there's really nothing Else going on yeah it's like what was it February mid February it's like hunting Seasons are over shed season hasn't Really started turkey season's not here Yet it's kind of that perfect L time Where it's like yeah let's go to Nashville and have a good time check out The guys at bow hunter die booth and and I'll tell you what it was even More I don't know maybe a little Depressing it wasn't depressing it was Depressing Because I don't know if this is really Depressing that's not the right word but It was depressing because I wish I would See more deer like we saw on our hike Justin KH mea going on a hike the one Morning and dude how about it how many Bucks did we see on that hike well we're In like a park doesn't matter okay what Park can we go to around here and see Almost 20 deer name it they whacked them All around out of our Parks here we used To be able to do that sharp shooting Baloney I mean it stinks but how about The number of deer we saw yeah like it Was it it was cool it was it it was Super cool of course one of the biggest

Questions got answered at that show too Which was important to know was it Really important to know Todd well I Think the way that you know you asked The question of the people you know who Was a better hunter or who shoots bigger Deer me or you I mean I'm not sure I Asked that question to anybody I don't I Think we put some people on the spot That really felt extremely uncomfortable With both of us standing there at the Same time not really sure who was the Winner of that contest you'll have to Wait to see we'll see when we post that Oh do we actually have this like on film Oh we do of course we do why wouldn't we Of course Todd wants to put it out there Now that we've done this I am sure Justin will come up with some sort of Way to get me back but oh he already did In the video yeah I guess he Did who's the better who Sho bigger deer Me or Justin probably you that's right all Right what I've seen who's the better Hunter Guys that's me I'll answer it for you That is that is true he did mention that You'll have to wait to see the video but You know what Justin you know what Conveniently now that we're done talking About nwtf somehow we Forgot we forgot I forgot the Lancaster Archery classic you keep bringing up PJ

But I mean let's talk about the Lancaster Archery classic talk about Another venue that has done nothing but Grow yeah I I mean I took a break from It but I came back with Vengeance this is like we just call this Episode The Todd Victory lap that he's Doing it doesn't always work this way it Doesn't always work this way but man I Went there with some calm Nerves you shot well and I I did not I Did oh boy I'm going to get in trouble I'm not I apologize for that jeez Todd Sorry well listen talk about another Great venue big Caster classic yeah but Neither one of us qualified to shoot the Next day so we both lose but Todd did Win this year next year I Promise I won't let it happen again I'm Sorry to everybody who I let down all of My three fans out there that were Cheering for me three fans all three of You I apologize even I have more than Three fans it was a good time though at The spooky Nuke you never been there it's a pretty Amazing place I was a little Disappointed though no Whoopi pies this Year at the nuke they talking about yeah But our one friend brought us some I Know I understand that he's going to be Hurt if he sees this and you just said That that is not that is a that is a False acquisation those are great Whoopi

Pies don't get me wrong but the ones at The nuke every year this gentle cinnamon One cinnamon oatmeal ones at Spooky Nook They that's the greatest thing I've ever Eaten in my life it was replaced by the Pretzel Factory they they were selling Those pretzels they weren't that great So you did have one I had a piece of one All right I had a piece of one well Spooky nuke never fails tons of people Tons of archers do you think they get Mad when you call it the spooky nuke Instead of the Spooky Nook spooky n yeah O boy Lane Caster Lane Lancaster Lan I Don't know something about the whole Area the spooky nuke and the Lancaster Archery classic I don't know Comment below if you think they get Cranky with us saying the name wrong They have to know right they should they Somebody came up with the name with the Name like that you got to have like a Halloween party nuk like they had to Know people were going to say spooky Nuke Maybe it's me just mispronouncing things Again so no it is Spooky Nook Nook Because every time they say it on the PA System sounds weird to me all right Well at least you didn't stop the whole Event this year that's always a positive H do you think there will ever be a time When that doesn't get brought Up in my in my lifetime maybe not

That'll be like uh in my eulogy when I'm Dead This One Time Justin broke an arrow In a Target at an archery tournament Shut the whole thing down for five Minutes while I had to get a new Target Out I mean if you want attention there's Other ways to do it dude I mean you to Do that all right I just don't Know My Own Strength Todd can I say well we have One more uh show coming up we have to do Yeah this is going to be a good one Though Justin because I mean this is Close to our hometown we're heading to Wisconsin to Wisconsin Dells we're going To be going to the Open Season Sports Show so this should be this should be Good I mean this is next week what are The dates next week 20 20 something 22nd this is going to be the 24th thanks Brando for the hand signals back there Appreciate the cahari Todd and I are Going to go to the water park we're Going to go together we're going to go Down the water slide I one of those two Person Tes really we doing this is that Where we're staying no um hey definitely Stop by see us this is going to be fun It's been a few years since we've been To Wisconsin show more than a few years Maybe almost five or six years oh longer Than That I'm pretty sure the last time we Did like a Wisconsin show would have Been like 2016 can you remember those

Days with the Madison Show like eight Years ago I remember going there and Holding the little bear cubs yeah you Got the picture out there I know I like That picture I mean this is going to be A good show I'm looking forward to Wisconsin seeing all our peeps going to Know a lot more people of this show for Sure so that's going to be fun come say Hello and when Todd asks who the better Hunter is just say Todd because that's What he wants and that that helps him Feel better about himself you might get A free Todd likes to put me down to make Himself feel better so let's help him Out guys you spend a day here with Justin trust me I'm constantly trying to Pull myself back up Okay what can we be doing now Todd That's a great question what can we be Doing now well listen the goal is always To become better at what we do for me I I can't really I'm not going to go too In depth on this right now because man We're going to kind of ruin it I I I got Property updates coming to kind of bring You up to date with what was kind of Failures from last year and what was Successful this year so we're going to Be filming that on Friday I think we're Heading out to the farm we're going to Do some photo shoots and do some Different things so we'll save that for Down the road but more importantly man

We got turkey season right around the Corner dude what more can I ask for you Turkey hunting who you bringing turkey Hunting I know you're going turkey Hunting I heard you say it today I well I'll bring my kids at least one of them Maybe two we'll So for Youth Season unfortunately our First the first youth weekend is Easter Weekend I know so we only get Saturday Um Mom is not going to allow us to go Hunting on Easter Sunday we already Asked so we will not be doing that and Then we have if we don't kill one on That Saturday we'll go back the Following weekend I'll probably bring Both of my boys with me this is kind of An easy one we get to sit in the Blind And and hang out and then that's Yesterday at lunch I actually managed to Go snag a first season tag because they Went on the sale for the over the- Counter tags yesterday they went on the Sale so I grabbed one because nothing Else was available by the time I got There so I grabbed firston avilable uh I Think they're all gone now I think they Sold out already um I man kind first one Yeah there was a few hundred tags left For our County out there but they went Fast so I got a first season tag so We'll see I don't know I got my tag I'm Good you got a landowner tag though so You get to hunt every

Season right So we shall see I don't know I don't Have the greatest turkey hunting Farms Like there's birds on them don't get me Wrong but they're not like amazing by Any means so if if we can manage to kill One with the kids I'll probably be Pretty happy with that I think so Perfect we'll see I don't know Contemplating letting see if my little Guy wants to try to shoot one if his Brother gets one first we'll see maybe I Don't know having decided is that a coin Flip kind of a plan what kind of no the Older one will definitely go maybe my Little guy's seven he really wants to Shoot something so but I may I may make Him wait a little bit longer I don't Know still a little bit young but he's Going to tag along with us I'm sure You'll make a good call turkey call well Listen I don't think we drag this out Any longer I mean the reality is we Wanted to kind of bring you up to date Share with you what we've been doing Where we've been going what we're Getting ready to do we got a lot of good Stuff planned for this season but we'll Save that as for a future episode fair Enough I guess that's it I don't know I Was just reading through through the Rest of your notes Brando you got Anything for us come on Brandon what do You got for Baby Goodbye you got nothing

For us Brandon goodbye come on I am not A robot you enjoyed the pee video we Should probably share that do you pee Out of your tree stand yes who is there Is there people that don't so there are Some weirdos left out there there are a Few of them and the girls and the girls A little more Awkward for a girl it Could get it could get dangerous thank God safety strap are high you on the List most people wear them now hell yes H yes yes sir every time multiple times All day 100% that's not even a Question uh yeah sometimes if I can make It work yeah if I absolutely have to AES It's hard I thought it was going to be Enough Absolutely yes yes absolutely every time 100% all right we'll see you next time B 100 die baby smells good you smell that Popcorn do how is that just how's that Smell just coming in here so Good oh my God are you Okay I love Pop smell

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