Rakk Fuel Tombstone and Six Shooter Food Plot Seed | ATA Show 2024

Rakk Fuel has released two new unique food plot seed blends that are designed to be easy to plant and attract deer to your plots. Six Shooter is a combination of rape, turnips, rutabaga, cabbage, and Swiss chard designed to be planted in late summer or early fall that produces a ton of leafy foliage. Tombstone is a blend of brassicas and clovers that also produces a lot of leafy greens, but the clover will return the following year to help provide Spring nutrition when the deer need it the most.

What's happening guys Justin's are with Boh hunting.com we are here in St Louis At the 2024 ATA show checking out all The great new products we've got some Fun stuff from our friends over at Rack Fuel when it comes to food plots these Guys are leading the way in Unique Blends that attract deer and provide Lots of nutrition so we've got two new Ones for this year we've got Tombstone And six shooter both of these are going To be your late summer early fall Planting so we're going to run through The six shooter first I'll tell you guys What is in this blend we've got some Rape seven top turn-ups Viva turn-ups Now the unique stuff for this blend We've got rudaba Ethiopian cabbage and Giant Swiss chard which if you don't Know what that is it looks like a giant Piece of leafy Roma lettuce huge big Green leaves that the deer absolutely Love hammering so this is going to be an Annual plot that you're going to do late Summer or early fall so this is going to Come in a 5B package just like you see Here it's going to be one one acre is What this is going to plant now we're Going to move over to the tombstone this Is going to be a blend of both brasas And clovers so let me read to you guys What's in this one we have three Different types of clover Frosty buram Crimson and I don't know how to say this

Balansa Clover now we are going to move Into Our radishes daon radishes hybrid Brascas forage kale and giant rape seed So again you're going to get kind of a Variety of different things now the Clover of course is going to be a Perennial whereas your turn-ups and Rapes and stuff like that are going to Be an annual so again this is going to Be a late summer into early fall Planting you're going to get a bunch of Different stuff that's going to come up So this is going to be attractive to the Deer from early season through late Season now going into year two your Clover is going to come back but all of Your brascas are not because those are Annual so going into year two with this Seed what you'd want to do is maybe Frosted some Clover on top of it year Number two you're going to have a lush Clover plot year number three you might Want to change to something else so You're going to get multiple years out Of the tombstone one year out of the six Shooter both of these again are 5B Packages uh and each one of these is Going to do about one acre in your food Plots prices are going to range from $40 To $50 depending on the blend that you Guys want so make sure you check them Out at Rack fuel.com

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