Rapid Deer Parcel Transformation Strategy

It should only take you 1 season to change your hunt on your small deer parcel, and here is how. By sticking to these core principles of high-end deer parcel management, you will be well in your way to finding a great hunt THIS season! Make sure to follow these core principles, right now…

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Now how long does it take to improve Your habitat and hunt on your property I Think there's a lot of misinformation Out there that it takes years to build Your property to get it to that Potential you know we talk about in my How to design your way tail property web Class I talk about where you should Direct your energy and where you're Getting the most benefit from your hard Work we call it the 8020 rule where You're spending 20% of the amount of Total work time on your property to get 80% of the results and really how long Does it take to actually transform your Property in your hunt it takes one Season and if anyone tells you different They're not doing it right because most Property you focus on Hunting strategy Hunting strategy alone and that's the Lowest hole in the bucket you start Plugging that first if you hunt your Property well and you base everything Off that hunting strategy everything you Do then you're going to find success Immediately and I'm just going to take a Little corner of our property right here And I'm going to talk about the success We've had here but really what it really Took and behind Dylan we have a food Plot we call it the blade plot and blade Plot has been a huge success right off The bat first year when there's snow on The ground there's never been a food

Plot here never been anything here any Kind of switch grass anything so what we Started right off the bat is we put Switch grass edging along with the food Plot now for season 4 we expanded the Food plot right here cuz we want a Little bit more food in this area but That was four years down the road and it Was just complimenting what we already Did I shot the blade Buck right over Here in the first year there's a little Plot off the side of the blade we call The Kermit it was just an extension of This a little hunting plot why do we Call it the Kermit because I shot 170 in Buck we call the Kermit the first year Here last year sitting with my son Jackson out of the redneck over here I Had Junior walk all the way across here Come up to within 30 yards of the Redneck with a loud kid you know toddler Less than 2 years old making noise in Here and I could have shot him if I Wanted to he's a beautiful four-year-old TenPoint with a big brow TI I was able To pass him up the food plot year one Establ the switch grass here year one we Eventually put a water hole off to the Side we call it the blade water hole the Blade water hole we actually stuck in Here the second year that allowed during Our second year for Tyler to come in our Hunt winner for our charity event he Shot a beautiful eight point over that

Water hole the second here we added Cuting over here in the woods for Bedding area so when we come down here In this little this little Lane before we had this cut out through The weeds we added more switch grass to This Location so in total within a couple Years we had great switch grass edging We had our redneck blind established the First year we had the food plot Established the first year we had a Little hunting plot in there with a Stand location that was was able to Shoot Kermit by year two we're able to Add the water hole right back here year Two we're able to put a switch grass Line under all these power lines here Dylan has video of me Frost seating uses That clip quite often the second spring We were here so we have beautiful switch Grass all the way up and down this power Line we had the bedding area cut on the Backside those are all just in the first Two years but when you talk about Success by hiding the redneck right here And making sure we had good access Behind These weeds by not spooking out This food plot we're able to shoot two Giants on the property right in the First the very very first year it Doesn't take a long time and when you Add the features we've added since the Water hole behind Dyan the switch grass

The bedding area there the bedding area On the back side then all these changes Right here we bought the property in June of 2020 June of 2020 started Spraying the food plot planting it Getting areas ready for switch grass Putting up the stand locations make sure We can hide in and out of here changing The access from what they had in the Past there had never been food here the Food complemented this entire area it Led to two giant bucks a six-year-old And a four-year-old Beauty out here year Two we started adding more things but The amount of immediate success we had By changing how the land was hunted and Not accessing right along the food plot Spook and deer out not driving over here During the season in the first place by Adding a little hunting plot adjacent to This and then controlling that access That's really all we needed for this Location to have a great hunt and really Changing the hunting now that next Winter which would be 9 months at 10 Months after we bought the land we were Cutting bedding in area in here that Following spring we're putting switch Grass you know later we expanded the Food plot but think about all those Changes that were made throughout the First 365 days and we talk about lot on Deer chores but between the mock strapes You put out the water holes which was in

That spring of the second year within 365 days we had set the table for Success not only for year two three and Four like our fourth hunting season here And being able to pass up Junior Jen Also shot her Buck this year out of that Redneck blind with a crying screaming Baby so we set the blind up so that we Could actually hunt out here without Spooking deer even if we had a kid along We could also bow hunt out of the water Hole but again a lot of those changes Took place in less than a year and we Expect success even with buying the Property in June that very season just a Few months after so let alone the work We did in the year it doesn't take long To transform your property should always Take one year or Less because when you're adding food in The right place and you're planting the Right forage to complement your fall When you're changing access when you're Giving yourself multiple stand locations Or blinds that allow you to hunt either Morning hunting afternoon hunting you Have that entire compliment it Complement existing land features where Deer bedded we knew the by putting the Food right here we'd locate Do's right Alongside we didn't even care if we went Down to the bottom down there to scout We didn't need to because we knew that That bottom would hold mature bucks if

We had food here doze here and we didn't Display any hunting pressure down there In the bottom we knew those mature bucks Would be there without doing anything at All over the years we've complemented That same structure but establishing That structure in less than a year and Expecting success the very first year of Your Property is what it's all about and That's done by establishing that Structure of how you access the land Where your food's at how you can get on And off the property without spooking Deer giving yourself afternoon evening Stand locations morning afternoon stand Locations that can all be done that First year and if anyone tells you boy Buying land to really get it right it's Going to take many years then I will Agree up of Michigan where I was at in The up of Michigan what was a lot Different about that is I had to build a Deer herd in the first in the first year We had one rub one scrape and I got Pctures with a lot of pictures taken of One Spike back in 1999 we would walk the Sand Trails after a rainstorm not see a Deer track for five for 5 days or more So there's hardly any deer in that area There's hardly any habitat so we add to Add the food plots fast forward 5 years In that case 6 years seven years then We're passing up 11 Buck shooting two

See in 17 bucks but it was a big Journey From nothing to something and that took Place in a few years but for most of you Out there you live in an area where you Already have a deer herd now if you Don't have a deer herd like I didn't up There that's another another story but If you live in an area that already has A deer herd you could take advantage of Whatever is in the neighborhood in less Than one year and by year two you've Really built something into something Special and it takes very little time to Do so notice I didn't talk about Planting any trees we did that in year Four or year three didn't talk about any Planting any shrubs sometimes it's great To get screening lines established maybe Food sources diversity Pockets but There's so much you can do by just Structuring how the deer move beted on The property how you move on the Property your food sources always Dictate how you get on and off your land And then everything falls into place From there with dough Bing buck beding And you're after afternoon and morning Stand locations and when you just think That structure first and you focus on Those priorities you'll capture 80% of your potential with only doing 20% of the work and that's the name of The game try it in this off season if You've been beating your head against

The wall following a lot of tactics or Strategies that hav't been working for You really get back down to the basics Of locing locating unpressured food Dough betting adjacent Buck betting will Follow if there's enough room control Your access in and out keep from Spooking that food source out give Yourself a morning afternoon stand Locations in this case are about 300 Yards apart and enjoy the hunt because Really that's all it takes and it Doesn't take very long to transform your Property overnight just follow all the Tactics and tips on this channel we'll Try to keep them coming all the time It's the basics and those Foundation Pieces that you can apply anywhere a White tail Rams and if you're ever Interested check out how to design your White tail web class your white tail Parcel web class people really like that Web class we've sold a lot of those and It's a good step in the right direction For designing your own parcel without Having to pay Dylan or myself Kevin Joe West to come out to your property and Design it in person that's a lot more Expensive than that web class and hey if You don't want to spend any money at all You always have all these free videos That we try to put out for a week I Don't think I've missed one since the Summer of 2019 and I don't have any

Plans to do so in the coming future so Again doesn't take long make sure you're On the right track to have a great hunt This fall you don't have to wait a lot Of years this fall I appreciate you guys Watching the YouTube channel but I don't Know if everyone knows everything that We have to offer whether it's on white To habitats solutions.com our website or Whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company Also Instagram you can check out I'm Very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats solutions.com Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then make sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this isn't the End of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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