Really Cool Big Ole MI Deer Blind! #deerhunting #shorts

I love big old deer hunting blinds and hope you like this one too!

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Now this is my 20th season designing White tilil properties around the Country and it's over 1500 Parcels close To 1600 126 States and I get to see a Lot of cool things on those lands and One of them are the deer blinds I just Recently saw one there was a truck cab On uh in Indiana but uh this one was a Really cool property in Michigan it's Way back in the woods we had to go Through a lot of water with the ATVs but They're really proud to show me this It's been in existence since 1997 they've shot over 50 year out of it Some year they even shot they gutted Brought them back in hung them up they Said they've had three or four hanging At one time up to four guys hunting out Of this blind and wood stove propane Cook stove lots of graffiti all good Stuff good family stuff and it was Really cool to be a part of this uh big Old deer blind somewhere in Michigan Just a little while ago

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