Scentlok Saddle Hunter Mid-Weight Jacket & Pant | ATA Show 2024

ScentLok has expanded its line of saddle-hunting apparel with the new mid-weight saddle hunting suit for 2024. Much like the original fleece Saddle Hunter, this mid-weight suit features a tapered collar that won’t interfere with shooting your bow and pockets placed higher on the front of your jacket to avoid interference by your saddle bridge. The Saddle Hunter pants feature built-in knee pads to help you sit more comfortably without needing to bring pads with you. Both garments feature Precip-X for moisture resistance and will retail for $179.99.

What's happening guys Justin's are with Boh here at the 2024 ATA Show in St Louis as you can see we are In the sent lock Booth checking out all The new gear for this year first things First we've got a new midweight saddle Hunter suit so you guys may have seen me Uh talk about the original saddle Hunter Suit they came out with a couple of Years ago it was a heavier fleece Insulated suit great for that cold Weather late season now we have more of A mid season option uh for when the Temperatures aren't so cold so it's Going to have most of the same features That the original fleece Hunter has Built into it I'll run you guys through Those real quick uh first things first We've got a high collar up in the back To protect your neck a little bit lower In the front so it doesn't interfere When you're shooting your bow one of the Most important things on the jacket is It's got the pockets higher so for those Of you that saddle hunt you understand Your bridge is right where these Pockets Usually sit on a jacket can make it hard To get into those Pockets by moving them Up on the Garment they're more Accessible while you're in a saddle uh With that bridge kind of in the way We've got nice tapered arms so they Don't get in your way of shooting your Bow as we move down into the pants one

Of the most important features here are Going to be the built-in knee pads on These pads or on these pants I should Say when you guys are in a saddle a lot Of times when you want to get into that Seated position you're going to put your Knees into the tree which obviously can Be really uncomfortable you've got two Options you can either a deal with it B Bring knee pads with you which you know Can be cumbersome one more thing to Bring into the woods or you get a pair Of these pants with the built-in knee Pads and you don't have to worry about It what's cool about these is these are Removable pads they go on the inside of The Garment so if you don't want to use Them let's say you're going to hunt out Of a tree stand one night but you still Want to wear this suit you can pull Those pads out and then just put them Back in the next time you go saddle Hunting speaking of which this jacket Also has a harness slit on the back of It so it is multi-purpose right if You're going to bounce between a tree Stand and a saddle like I'm going to do And you like to wear your harness Underneath you can still wear this coat It works perfectly fine in a blind or in A tree stand or in a saddle it's really At home anywhere so you know it's a a Multitude of uses uh this is going to be Like I said new for this year we're

Looking at the mossy oak Tera Outland Pattern which is what I've been wearing Last year super happy with it the jacket And pan are both going to be $179.99 each uh they will be available Later this year so make sure you guys Check them out at sent

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