September Deer Hunting Chores

September is go time and here are the chores that you need to complete to be ready for opening day!

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Well we will immediately get into Deer Chores but um Dylan run number 11 right Yeah buddy so a lot of people don't Realize when we shoot these videos we're Shooting them basically in a day or two And then we're getting them out within a Week sometimes the next day Um so pretty close but we're on number 11 and I think we have a goal of Four more after this maybe a fifth one Yeah buddy so we'll try to get Dylan on The road but we just shoot these we Don't have time for like uh Much we start and stop a little bit but If there's any bloopers we just water Water you said you said water and water Food and food oh sorry food and food Kind of keep going we have one take and We don't have time for any more but That's why I like using the white board Sometimes I ramble more outside but I'm Gonna ramble more of the Whiteboard too But at least I keep on track and we need To do that when it comes to the deer Chores each month because there's a Laundry list of things to do And we're getting into September and I'm Excited this year and I hope you are too We've gotten a lot done this year more This year than every other year any Other year especially I would say more Than the last two years combined we've Had a little team you know Wes that's Our full-time uh salesperson and worker

On the property with me he does a lot of Behind the scenes things with the Property and Company and uh so he'll be Going to clients uh in the wintertime December January February and then back To seed but bottom line is between Jen And Wes and I uh Dante's helped out a Little bit too we have a little team and So we've been able to get a lot done And uh tomorrow supposed to be 101 Degrees we will be spreading urea Rye on Our back plots that we can't get to After this week we don't want to and and Then urea on everything all the brask Anyways we have all our trail cameras we Have an enormous amount of trail cameras Out we have a lot of solar panels and We've updated them up we have full HD on We're starting to run full HD on almost All our trail cameras that took some Updates uh so we're excited we've got a Lot done but there's still a little bit Left to do including that's why we're Working tomorrow on 101 degree heat to Get things done because this is really Crunch time number one right here all Trail cameras a go I love what it gets This time of year because I do play Around with trail cameras in April May Looking for turkeys it's always cool by The end of June July you can start to Recognize individual bucks We've had some really cool bucks that I Think we've seen lucky there's a little

Debate about that I don't think he has Split g2s this year but we'll see bottom Line is we've seen uh bow and Berry Which are tremendous bucks we have Another one we call Junior That's around we have a low wide 10. we Think we've seen them before we have Some of the eight points back some huge Eight points that are five years old or Older And uh and we're still waiting for a Couple other bucks to show up so we have A lot of deer that um that we recognize From years past we've been able to get Glimpses of them and that's the thing We're playing around during the Summertime because we get a glimpse here And there But pretty soon when it gets into September and October and we have that Annual Whitetail shift which we'll talk About a little bit They're going to move over and it's Really game time right now we're looking For those bucks that are going to be on The property and sticking to the Property regularly Uh our Target box you know Barry and bow Our top various top bow second junior is An incredible four-year-old so we are Not targeting them this year he's Definitely on the do not shoot list we Have a neighbor that shared one with me It's a typical 12 with uh splits on

These 14 points he's a four-year-old and That's definitely on the do not shoot List because those are we have some that We can get to older age around here we Have a good chance of getting them to Five especially with a lot of Neighbors On board which they are so kind of a Special area where we can do that you Can't do that in all areas I know people Waiting until they're six or seven and They almost always get them And they'll even look at somewhere I Think at any of the Year they'll shoot Them at seven we're not at that stage But we're in between and we're pretty Excited about that but it's time for the Cameras and we like to load them up we Have uh 14 cameras this year with cell Cameras with the solar panel we have Lithium battery packs in them solar Panel And one of our friends attacked cam Ben He's been running a set of those cameras For over two years now with the solar Panel lithium battery pack and they're Still going strong and so we expect a Strong portion of those 14 cameras that We've outfitted and taking the time to Do so to keep running we have them in Key spots that we don't access very Often Can point him towards the Sun so we're Really excited about that but bottom Line is we have a lot of cameras ready

To go and in the field and just waiting For that shift and uh and we'll be ready We look at a lot of times we're Outfitting these cameras right now we Expect them to last until December January and sometimes into April May so We have a really good track record of That with the tacticams and the reveals Doing that and so this is an exciting Time because we've been playing with Cameras all summer and testing some out Testing different versions and so now It's go time and it's time for you to Get them in the woods right now and Really when I say go time I want to see You get them in more towards your Hunting spots we're putting cameras in Areas where we don't expect a lot of Buck movement right now but we sure do Late September October November when the Shift takes place and Bucks shift their Home range they shift on average of a Mile mile and a half I don't know if you Know that but not always but the Majority of the time you can never say You know 100 of the time we're looking At like an 80 shift rate where they Completely shift fall range and it might Be just from one wood lot to another but A lot of times it's about a mile mile And a half and we're creating another Video about that today Late tree stand installs where people Say wow this is getting late for tree

Standing saws we're not cutting shooting Lanes we have one in particular I think It was actually in a bedding area we're Not going to hunt it until the end of October early November we're going to Stick a family tradition ladder stand in There that lateral stem will go against A red oak there's a white oak in front Of it there's a branch coming out from The White Oak that we want to keep we're Hoping to use this cover but once we get That set we can just walk back on a Lane Stand already together lean it up Against the tree really quick We put a safety strap that's the line That goes around the tree back to the Stand and then we strap it to the tree Climb up there put a safety lifeline on It a ball rope and we'll be all set to Go I mean literally something will take Us 10 minutes or less once we get in There it's just walking in walking out We'll do it on a windy day And then we'll won't be back for six Seven weeks after that so that's the Kind of late install I'm talking about We have another one where we can tip a Tower blind over it's on the outside of Cover right against the field Edge we Can put it on a trailer we can pull it Away with a truck put it in a new spot We're not going by bedding areas we're Not even going by feeding areas because It's the middle of the day that we can

Get this done we'll do when it's windy So there's a little noise out we won't Talk So there's a couple that come to come Off the top my head that we're getting We have plans for and then we also have A water hole install I talked about an Instagram hope you guys are following me On Instagram but I offer a lot of Shorter tips and pictures and photos and Videos on there but um we're putting a New water hole in in Wisconsin uh maybe Two and that'll be on September 5th and When we do so we're putting two new Stand locations we already scouted out Both trees we know exactly where the Water hole is going and so we're putting A 300 gallon in that location that'll be Two stand locations and then we're going Around the corner we're probably gonna Replace another one 100 gallon with a 300 gallon and then it'll take filling Those things which is going to be up and Down that Hill filling them Several times we'll have to go back There but anyways That's how late we're going and and We're putting that water hole in we Don't expect to hunt that until late October November and into December Either of those water holes so you know Where they'll set back or hunting a Little bit but six seven weeks later I'll be forgiven when it comes to Deer

Herd rye and urea we actually have a Back plot right now we have our fall Power greens they're doing really well And Um Dylan did you end up taking video of That fall power greens I don't remember Okay cool I thought you did I thought You were out there but 67 yeah yeah on The back 67. so you can see they're Coming in really beautiful and the way We the way we geared that planting is You want a little bit of space left so That we can layer right into it and so We've geared that planting where there's Peas buckwheat tillage radish light oats And it's a very very attractive blend For the early season deer hit it pretty Hard about the time they're hitting it Very hard and they're letting the brass Grow right next to it which is really Thick up there then we're filling it in With Rye so that's we're doing it's on The early side right now but we have Enough opening and the plants are Getting big then it'll be a perfect time To add the Rye and then we're not back There until we hunt and so it's crazy to Think about I told Dylan yesterday we Were pulling out of that area and I'm Like man it's kind of sad this is like The second to the last time we'll be Back here because we're used to riding All over the property doing whatever we Want now off season I really enjoy the

Land And uh but anyways we're putting 150 Pounds of Rye per acre over those power Grains and then we're hitting the uh Nebraska right next to it was 75 to 100 Pounds of urea per acre we're doing that On all of Nebraska in anticipation of Some rain they're forecasting Monday and Or Friday and Sunday which will keep our Fingers crossed on that but it's that Time of year And September typically is right at that Window where it's four weeks later with Nebraska you want to add that urea that Gives them a great jump start to the Middle growth phase of the Brassica and Then that rye around Labor Day is Typically when we're adding that rye to Our fall power greens and then any Failed plots a lot of you out there have Experienced excessive drought instead of Taking small plants that you're waiting For rain And you're hoping you get some volume A Lot of times brass you're not going to Get volume in September unless it's Already established around early August Mid-august depending on and then Southern areas you really need good rain In September so just just a waiting game But at the same time don't ever look at Like wow this is a failed plot I'm done I can't have a plot now 150 pounds of Rye around Labor Day to mid-september

Depending on where you're at and then You could add three to four weeks later Another 150 pounds of Rye if needed At that time and then we like to kill it In the spring Use clathidine with which is a grass Specific herbicide Roundup kills it Really fast and cheap and uh so we look At killing that in spring or mowing Before it gets 18 to 20 inches high you Never want to go to seed you never want To turn into a stiff batch take years to Break down and actually takes from the Soil at that point so that's why you Terminated earlier in the year number Four last mowing we mow as many trails In to our stand locations as we can so We're coming from a lot of field area Going and mowing into a stand location Not all the way but at least to get us Through the fixed grass a lot of times Switch grass we're mowing a trail Through to get into the woods and allows Us to leave a clean scent Trail going in I'd rather have the chance of a deer Following us on that trail and even if We have to crush it down with our feet And walk in it eventually makes a trail But having a mold path allows us to walk In without leaving a lot of scent on all The debris and brush allows us to walk In quietly and so to me that's a better Balance and a better use of our time and Resources than not doing it and then

Leaving a scent Trail in the tall grass That rubs against our legs against our Boots makes a lot of noise going in so We mow a lot of our Trails luckily our Land owner over in Wisconsin he's mowed The trails over there too on the main Access road so it works out really Perfectly for us getting it out in and Out but last mole of the year which is Crazy a lot of these last last tree Stands last trail cam sets last times Are going out the fields and areas and Uh it's sad because again I love the Property and being out on it but man We're excited for this year uh water Holes this is a time where you know There's a lot of drought out there a lot Of water holes aren't full we've noticed This year especially When our water holes are placed low and They're below ground level it's amazing How when you get an inch of rain it'll Fill up five inches of the water hole Six inches of the water hole and we're Talking 300 gallon tanks so even with a Little rain they can fill back up if the Lip is not above the ground a lot of Times I'll see people put in a water Hole in and that lip is just above and We've done that we've we've done it Ourselves we've dug in hand dug in a lot Dylan's hand dug in a lot that's a pain And so when you get it down there it Looks pretty and the lip is even an inch

Above you're thinking oh this looks Great It's hidden in gear won't care the Bottom line is when you get that an inch Below the ground level now it sets up as A big saucer and funnel to collect a lot Of deer or a lot of water and uh and Fill up that tank so really look at not Only getting water in there if there's Not enough making sure it's below ground Level you can even do that right now and Then like us we're installing one on September 5th we don't expect to hunt Until late late October at the earliest So there's still time to get a water Hole in and what I do is we like we like Spreading our green Max traffic blend It's a mix of grasses and clover Specifically designed that I put Together we were buying one mix and Another one and combining them last year And so this year we made our home and uh And and they're all the pieces that I Want it's a low forage very low value Forage because as rye grass in it Kentucky Bluegrass shade tolerant Grasses one Clover Birchwood tree foil But it's designed to hold the soil And so what I do is I take that and I Mix that with oats so we'll put Um one bag Plants a half acre and so We'll take that bag Add it to what the green Max trap blend Added to oats so we end up putting one

Third of green Max two-thirds of the Oats and the 35 pound earthway spreader Bag and uh holds about 35 pounds 30 Pounds right around there and then we'll Go spread it but bottom line is we have The oats we can add Rye to it that'll be That green crop for this year now that We're looking at a little food plot There we just want to hold the soil and Then that grass and all the goodies Explode next year that we want we just Mow it and keep it and that's the whole Idea we want something we can mow Clover Doesn't stand up to hide your traffic so When you put Clover around the water Hole we learn the hard way the deer just Hoof it down and and uh it goes away Washes away breaks it up so you really Want that grass component and then you Add a little bit of bird foot true or Foam Clover because they're shade Tolerant and a little bit of diversity Anticipate the shift What I mean by that is that this time of Year bucks move from their summer range To their fall range now some are even Located in areas where either you have All the food in the area so that rep and You're in a big Wilderness setting Wooded setting and that represents where Bucks are at for the summer and the fall But that's very rare others of you are Located in ag areas where there's hardly Any woods or cover and sometimes two

Miles in any direction so you have 40 Acres of woods well in that case when You're surrounded in AG in every Direction you might have the only cover So you might have bucks that stay there During the summer and the fall But those are the rare exceptions for The most of the rest of us we're waiting And anticipating the shift we're looking For bucks we recognized from last year From the year before we know they're Coming in and we can't wait and so that Happens late September mid-september all The way into and I see even when they're Turning hard horn in early September but All the way through mid-october that's That big time where they're shifting And what we find on averages are Shifting around a mile to a mile and a Half and you see that consistently we Watch deer around here all the time all Summer long so you'll see them in one Spot and they end up over here for the Fall you think about the reason they're Shifting isn't just some random thought It's because the food and the cover that They rely upon for the summer time Unlike white unlike those Bucks need high overstory and shade they Can't smash their velvet into very thick Cover the thick cover they prefer in the Fall and winter they have to have in the Fallen winter they actually avoid during The summer time also they have summer

Food sources those summer food sources Are gone and so what do they do they Shift for cover and food over to their Fall range because their range is Several times more than a doe then They're willing to travel a lot further Those will shift a property border or Two bucks will shift miles at a time so Big big difference anticipate it and What we notice is those bucks aren't Usually coming over and shifting when It's 85 degrees and windy just like they Move in October November December during The hunting season they're looking for Cooler conditions calmer conditions After storms we notice that all summer Long when you get a big cold front the Big bucks pop up on camera supposed to Be 101 tomorrow 99 today So we're not seeing much movement on Camps we have a lot of cameras out and We're not hardly seeing any bucks any Movement we see raccoons we see a lot of Doles and fawns that are the little Local ones that are just here and there But as far as the big bucks go we're Waiting for that next cold front to Start to get a good look on them which Will be this weekend so anticipate that Weather movement it'll help you plan and It'll help you hunt later in the season And then look for that shift to take Place and that's why I want to get these Cameras out right now

Number seven shoot like heck this is the Time Um what we've found really nice is we Can shoot inside our pole building so we Leave our bow up there arrows out and we Leave the target unblocked and basically Anytime we want to shoot when we're up There even five or ten arrows at a time It's better to go up there and take five Really really good shots Than it is to ship sit there and shoot 50 wear yourself out and get into bad Habits and so I'm not advocating you Only take five shots I I like working up To where I can shoot 50 to 60 arrows at A time and not be fatigued and make 50 60 good shots and so that's the point Just good shots again you're better off Making five good shots than you are 50 Bad shots or 40 good shots followed by 10 bad shots because you're getting Fatigued know your limit but consistent Shooting every single day even a few Arrows in the morning few arrows at Night Now's the Time we're actually going to Canada fishing we're bringing the target We're bringing our boat after that we go To a family Bear Camp in northern Minnesota we're bringing our bowls we're Bringing a Target it's that time of year It's really really important Also Broadhead time great time you know The cool thing about broadheads a lot of

Them I like the hybrid broadheads we're using The Mazi troll car hp's And what I like about those we can just Slap them on and go try them and even if They're one and a half inch low right we Know where they're hitting and we can See that consistently when you're Shooting over and over again now is the Time to practice with your broadheads Not when you first get your bow out in May and now you have it dialed in you Know exactly where your arrows are Hitting you can call your shots you know If your dot was a little bit to the Right and low when you let off you can Say well I'm an arrow I think hit an Inch and a half low right at 20 yards so You can really see exactly where those Broad heads are hitting it only takes a Few shots for you to know practice out At long distance too with those Broadheads it's really nice to know Where they're hitting at 20 but really Step back see where they're hitting at 40 50 60 70 however far you feel Comfortable know you can keep it on the Back but that's critical so there's a List of what I'm doing and what we're Thinking about and it's time for a Dylanism and we'll see if he's on track With some of the things we're doing or Is this totally out of left field I I Can't believe you left me this low

Hanging fruit man If we already won all three of the good Stuff yeah I know you left me a good one I feel like that's stay out So get this get this stuff done and then Get off your property and let your core Area your food plots be the sanctuary in The area as the neighbors are still Cutting their shooting Lanes working on Their food plots hanging their stands And those bucks Um are shifting their habitats they're Losing their velvet and let them move Into your undisturbed habitat and stay There man that is like a whole concept Chore work you know mental everything Yeah that's a really good one and and That is especially true when you get Into the rut and gun season it seems Like people are they're hunting in the Rut so they're scouting mid-october Third week of October it just happens And it just builds ramps up to the gun Season and so and I do find And even looking at when we go to Clients And our clients are some of the most Passionate hard-working Hunters that There are and they love this stuff That's why they're having us come out to Help them But I would say out of all those as far As staying out of their core and not Spooking deer as best as possible on

Their property now given the number of Hunters they have and and their lay of The land but um I would say it's a very Very small percentage of even our Clients that are protecting the core I Would say five percent or less 10 or Less as a whole right yeah absolutely You'd see that too I you know this might Be a good actual chore draw or you look At your property on a map and draw where Your stands are and how you're getting There and just see how much of your Property you're actually staying out of And how much your property you're Blowing out and this is this is Something we do a lot with our clients Is there's our property they have big Food plot over here maybe a little Hunting plot here a little honey plot Maybe water you know maybe water hole Something like that let's say this is 60 Acres and they have access from this Side so they can come in they can go to Stand locations based around these food Or around water holes around this area And then maybe they have access even From this side so they can come in and Then go here here and it's different if They have a cabin in the middle And there's a road coming into that Cabin well then they can hunt out from Here but even in that cabin Example where they might have a couple Stand locations here

They still have an area that they're not Going into On both sides and that's it includes Their food plots but this area right Here On both sides is that percentage of Efficiency that you're giving to the Deer that's the efficiency of your Parcel there's not any parcel out there That we go to that's less than 50 Percent efficient the smaller Parcels Are harder to be efficient unless you Have roads by them and you can just Access off the road but the bottom line Is you need to have at least 50 percent We get to the larger Parcels of 80 to 100 acres or more then you have to have At least 60 70 percent of your land Efficient you don't need every person You know every percent of your land to Be all year all the time you can't you Have to access your land and there's Lakes there's other concerns there's Driveways going into cabins obviously This whole driveway area in the yard Area takes away from that efficiency but Bottom line is kind of like Dylan's Suggesting most the properties we go to There's probably zero to ten percent of The entire land that's geared towards All whitetails all the time so get yours In that 50 60 70 range do it now and It'll pay big dividends when the hunting Season gets underway so a lot of chores

To do in September we're super excited Because we're just winding down to a few Here and there we're checking most of Them off the Box this week and uh and Then it's literally go time I appreciate You guys watching the YouTube channel But I don't know if everyone knows Everything that we have to offer whether It's on Whitetail habitat Our website or whs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can Check out I'm very active on Instagram Putting strategies on there photos of What we do every day much more active There than Facebook but our seed web Classes books clients articles I have Over 600 articles on Whitetail habitat everything Whitetail Strategy of course we have hats on there And then make sure to check us out on Instagram again but lots of stuff to Offer we're always coming out with new Things and this isn't the end of it we Have more things coming soon make sure To check us out

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