SEVR VS SWHACKER – Is One Better Than The Other?

SEVR VS SWHACKER – Dan’s whole family joins the fun in testing a few of the best broadheads on the market! #elkshape #abt

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Hey guys welcome back to the channel Today we are doing some fun testing with Ballistic gel ballistic gel and test is Not like my favorite thing to put in the Same sentence because I think ballistic Gel is cool you can see but it's not an Animal the best test is to test on real Am animal but I want to shoot four Broadheads head-to-head the first one is The shacker I bought this from Cabella's Paid full retail and this one is the 2 In Cut I believe so pretty standard it's 125 grains and it's on a rip TKO total AOW weight 425 I have Josh Jones's Titanium 50 grain halfer this is a 300 Spine rip TKO and I'm going to shoot it Out of a bow that shoots these at 300 ft A second The next one I'm using a sever 175 I love that it's titanium and it's Got that locking mechanism so we're Going to test that then I have probably The Broadhead I've shot the most elk With which is a grim reaper micro Hades 3B blade made out there over in uh Salt Lake City this thing heat treated uh Chisel tip 125 grain it flies incredibly Well for a fixed Broadhead and then I Have the iron whe single bevel solid 125 With bleeders I shot both of my elk in 2023 with this and I have had a few People ask me why did you use this over The Grim Reaper and honestly I can't Always get this Broadhead to fly crazy

Good at long distances but for whatever Reason with my current setup these are Flying like field points like out 100 Yards plus and I hunt solo a lot so if I Do call a bull in and I have to shoot Him in front of the shoulder frontal or Behind the shoulder quartering two or Quartering away I know that this is Something that's going to get through Just about everything that is really Important to me but I think both fixed Broadhead options are incredible going To hunt some axis and I want to try both These on real animals and do the real Testing but enough Chit Chat let's get To the test Wa that's so Cool wiggle wiggle wiggle Wiggle guys so you tell the viewers Which one went the furthest in um the Top one the top one that's the schwacker Which one went the second furthest and Then those two are equal the mechanical And the they're equal yeah How hard is that what about the third One the very bottom one went the least [Music] Distance okay kids which of the four Arrows penetrated or went the furthest Into the block the mechanical one this One the very top one yep that's called a Swacker say shacker called shreer shreer Or schwacker shreer shre should be a Shreer okayer which one with the second

Furthest uh the one below it yep and That one's a sever mechanical sever Sever mechanical okay which one went the Which one got third place this one the Third one the iron whe yeah okay and the Least is the bottom one yep that Darkness M okay Avery will you measure To see how far they went into the Gelatin or whatever it's called Ballistic gel there's your tap me Happ If he eat it or how far did the top one Go in um it went to the 13 in 13 in how About the second one um 12 and the Iron Wheel the third one a 12 also and then The last one the Grim Reaper um 11 okay Now Avery and Tristan look at the hole That the Broadhead would do in the Animal which one has the craziest wound Channel I don't know I can't really you Can't see watch out I need to see from Over here I'm going to go with the Bottom I take the mechanical one because Like it opens up inside and then it like I isn't the arrow spinning the arrow Spinning so then when it goes in it like Creates a Bigg Ho the schwacker wound channel is Insane but it didn't it doesn't open up Until about there so the technology Behind that is it gets through the hide Maybe rib and that's got it's got like a Wing blade and once that Wing blade goes Through it pushes back and then opens up These virgin blades and then these

Virgin blades you can see opened up There and just wound channel the sever Has a giant wound channel from the word Go like it gets through and just giant The Iron Wheel I know it cork screws cuz When I cut open animals I can see where It like was a screwdriver like um it Acts like a drill motor when I'm cutting Open animals I can see where the single Bevel just kept drilling its way through The animals vitals and I can't tell if It did that here but definitely not as Big wound Channel I shot this at Literally 6 ft I used my 75 yard pen the Tried andrue Grim Reaper micro Hades 3 Blade so now that I'm looking at this I Can tell the the diameter of a sever is Insane and uh this Arrow went in not Like this one so you can't compare it Apples to oranges cuz the wound channels This way mhm but as far as consistency Goes this this wound Channel started a Little late and then opened this wound Channel started way late and then huge Iron whe wound channel is equal across The whole way and then same with the Grim Reaper with the three blades this Has got the bleeders on it you were Saying entry hole so I always thought This um schwacker would have like a pin Hole but it's actually those Wing blades Actually put a decent slit if you will Mhm the uh the entry hole on the sever Is pretty good too like if you look at

That mhm pretty good little bit better Than the schwacker but not like Earth Shattering and then the Iron Wheel That's pretty standard like sometimes You'll get a slit like a kind of a like A slap cut a little bit but and then the Grim Reaper does the triangle effect Which really gets blood coming out on The entry which is nice let's pull pull The uh Grim Reaper out how hard it one Through you can still see it Grim Reaper Iron Wheel that one comes out Easy it's pretty Sharp all right that is Deadly Grim Reaper micro Hades 3 Blade With the Chisel tip I would recommend Shooting these virgin never you know Don't shoot these through a Target and Then put them in your quiver the Chisel Tip I've gotten through scals good Broadhead It's Made in America very Affordable Broadhead still stand behind It Iron Wheel this one to me will Penetrate better than them all through Different angles because there's nothing Mechanical involved it's a little bit More of a safer bet my opinion sever Made out of titanium that is a really Good design the Chisel tip I would be Confident in using that and we're going To test these on animals and then this Guy the schwacker which is just it is Probably one of the sickest names ever All right all right guys hopefully you

Enjoyed just the visuals that was fun This is not like a scientific test we Are going to do some down the road I'm Still working on what would be the best Thing to shoot through besides obviously A real animal I think there needs to be Some hide involved if you're going to Use plywood maybe a/4 inch or real bones Ribs a real shoulder blade uh maybe even With flesh on it and I do like the Ballistic gel for the visual when it Comes to Mechanicals this is just me a Guy who doesn't use them very much I I Use them on Turkey there's four or five That come to mind when I think when I Think about expandables and I want your Opinion if we are going to talk Expandables I haven't used a ton of Expandables um I've used the Grim Reaper Fatal Steel on a bear in Alaska and that Worked out well uh I've used the Evolution on turkeys and it's been Incredible but the mega meat from G5 Seems to be like a good one obviously The schwacker I think has got to be way Up there and as well as the sever uh and Then what about this Beast one from Bart We got to probably test that one so we Are going to do some testing we're going To figure out the best way to test we're Going to rent some Phantom cameras and We're going to test all sorts of stuff Which is going to be awesome when it Comes to fixed broadheads I there's a

Ton out there I will tell you I love Grim Reaper my Hades for the flight and I love the iron whe solid for the Confidence of the penetration and the Sharpness to get through stuff so yeah Guys no nothing controversial here we're Not having an intense conversation about Broadheads today we're just kind of Having some fun tinkering before we head Out and then I'll report back what I Find after I get back from hunting some Axis [Music] Deer

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